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  1. Probably another serial code I guess. Can even be by local trading or via another special Pokeball +.
  2. According to Corocoro leaks a special Mewtwo will be distributed via serial code in Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee with a CP of 1000; We should expect a Mew distribution later too in July. Note that shiny Tapu Bulu distrib was delayed due to bugs on Pokemon Global Link. Source: Serebii.net
  3. Finally got in hand that beauty. I also got a Earthquake Bonsly and the Mammoswine. I also added Body Slam Clamperl as a rare move. I'm still working on trying to get the few missing underleved (Kanto Golem, another Magmar, another Seadra, another Gloom and another Poliwhirl). Will probably need help here when Mime Jr. will release.
  4. Here the screenshoots of the datas of a wild normal Gastly and the Marowak ghost. As you can see few datas differs. I try to force datas around d057 but it didn't work. Unfortunately it's poorly documented for that. So you have to dump the datas of the Marowak and paste it on a wild pokemon, at least for the moment. Don"t have time for more explorations for the moment sorry. Ghost Data Gastly datas
  5. Yeah you have to change both if you want to change the ghost into a normal one. I put them in pk1 in order to be easy added into Pkhex only but that format doesn't exist in gen1. You can make a .dmp of the wild pokemon like I did but you're not forced to.
  6. That a solution or you can change the battle type from ghost to normal (D057 and D05A). Just look how do those 2 things work against a normal wild pokemon and force them against the ghost with a Gameshark code.
  7. Wild Pokemon RAM datas from ghost to another one (not the best method I know) here.
  8. Such a missed opportunity. I noticed many interesting things in the few datas published, will list them later (Marowak-Kangaskhan theory was right wrong for example, some Pokemon at some weird locations ...).
  9. Great news everyone there is a project about Pokemon green prototype "recreation". However this is just a ROM-hack (base on assets dumped from the ROM according to @theSLAYER) so beware. Having the real prototype ROM would have been much more interesting however I won't complain about people working on it. Red_Green_Blue_Prototype_Assets(2).zip
  10. I'm waiting for a safe hacking method that works with the last version too in order to upload the underleved I collected so I guess all we have to do is to wait until better days. But I don't think the demo will stay online forever that's why I request to download it before it's too late. At least they downloaded it and gave us access to it not like XY demo.
  11. Well the button is there but you can't use it. Before thinking of RAM dump maybe with walk through wall cheat codes we can force it? If someone can download both for studies, even later, it'll be great too.
  12. Finally be able to download the demo of Let's Go, unfortunately you can't download them if you already have Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee (shame). It's almost identical to the version I tested in October except they removed the time limitation. Please if someone can extract the 6 members of the teams in each version and catch the exclusive wild Pokemon I'll be grateful. I took some pictures of the Pokemon I found inside. Demo.zip
  13. Great news everyone the demo of Let's Go has released today! Can I ask to someone with a hacked Switch to dump the Pokemon inside (team ...)?
  14. Well actually using the toogle I'm able to force the TID to 270 for example but if I try to force the SID to 1420 it doesn't work (both from G6 and G7 modes) I guess the SID must have something special?
  15. @thatonekid I'll surely break a myth but actually it's a random marowak just female only in gen3 and uncatchable in all generations (ghost battle) but it can even be shiny for example in gen3 the only thing is that because of the ghost battle you won't see it if it's so I saw french shinyhunters first used glitch pokemon to turn the battle mode from ghost to normal to then check if it was or not.
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