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  1. On my side I gave up with the Shinx/Nincada families. I hoped too much for Nincada last week during the Montreal event. And now I even struggle to see any wild Litwick/Deino or Ferroseed. Not counting the Mime Jr case in 5km eggs in Europe and the recent cluster changes I'm gonna leave soon I think. Can't enjoy that mess anymore.
  2. I saw that, such a shame, I'm starting collecting gen5 lv1.
  3. I updated with all 7 upcoming new exclusive moves from Unova Pokemon I found + 4 "rare" others. Tell me if I forgot one. High chances they'll patch for most of them but for example Earthquake Bonsly is still a thing today.
  4. Not for the moment unless we found the cardriges used for. @BlackSharkfound in game text mentions about Hoenn Pokemon in hidden grotto which is a discovery but that's all we can do for now.
  5. I have to share you that huge discovery: a Japanese ad for Pokemon Colosseum showing it at a very early stage. We can see Wes without Rui, snatching a Typhlosion, battling a Blastoise with its Umbreon, having a Castform in its team (probably the shadow cut one), we can hear 2 exclusive and cut musics from the game. I'd love to get that version in hands one day.
  6. @Poke J I'm pretty sure we'll find other evidences like this in future. Just remember debug Emerald Relicanth. Thank you so much for your scan. Anyway I also asked ChickasaurusGL to investigate about Stadium 2 new debugger menu especially the legality checker inside it. So much secrets still hiding it's really exciting ^^
  7. Not at my knoweldge, Nintendo seems to be more concerned with the demo recently but not retroactively. I visited 2 months ago the french national video game conservatory and unfortunately they don't have any of them too. I should however ask them again for FireRed manuel guide if nobody have it now. Whereas I think we'll get one day RS/FRLG/BW demos because they were in cardriges and collectors will get them one day I'm not very confident for XY demo as it was a downloaded programm. But if you want to investigate you're welcome, I really miss time to do more sorry.
  8. @theSLAYERI think we won't speak about shiny Volcanion exclusive to TCG. Unless ...
  9. I come back for two news I recently got: -first the discovery of a new debug mode for Stadium 2 which includes a Pokemon editor with a legality check. The Odd Egg events failed. It could be interesting to see if it's the case for other gen2 event pokemon or even find the legality list somewhere in the ROM. -second I recently learned that in European FireRed manual guide there is a picture of a Charmander not from Pallet Town (probably used by the debuggers). Can anyone scan it here please?
  10. @Hello, it's me!You have to make a difference between the developper/beta test wondercards from the ones for everyone. What was found is a test for a public release but just think about the Azure Flute: It was planned and not released for Platinum but developper/beta test was found in Ranger demo! Another famous one is still mysterious: the Lock Capsule. Planned for BW but never released because of ??? they gave us a Zoroark instead and we still haven't find any developper/beta wondercard yet.
  11. I learned today that a proto-Pokemon Colosseum was planned for Nintendo 64DD in 1999 developped by GF itself called Pocket Monsters RPG. It was probably scrapped not only because of Masuda opinions about the franchise that should stay portable but also probably because of GS delay. I first thought it was about Pokemon Stadium but apparently Miyamoto stated they were 3 64 games planned during an interview (which I really want to find now). Edit: Found something( original and translated ) and it's way more interesting than all I was expecting! Edit 2: According to IGN Stadium was planned to have a 64DD update, probably the difference betwen the first Japanese release and the International one?
  12. I think the bad eggs issue is the same as the German Ruby Debug version. We have to find the correct PID in order to make them work. I have no idea on how to do it however as I didn't resolve the first issue. Edit: MysteryGiftEditor gives me a Zubat but with a lot of datas missing.
  13. As promised here's my results from my studies about unused held items: As you can see a lot of unused held items are just leftovers from their previous evolutions but few can catch our attention. I suggested theories for most of them but I'm open to add yours too! Plus I have no idea for few of them.
  14. Here's the link, apparently the note was from a certain SodaDog on July 9th 11:50
  15. In terms of investigations I noticed this mention in TCRF: "Pokémon: Let's Go! Pikachu & Let's Go! Eevee has unused data for held items and double wild battles." but also The Pokémon Stadium games have more debug features, or at least debug leftovers. Plus, I'll focus soon about XD shadow moves list but I want to investigate about the unused Dragonite (based upon its catch rate change) in Yellow and the Unused Pokémon Flight in Gold/Silver.
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