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  1. Actually they say they'll put a flag on it preventing it being traded. Don't think it'll concern old events however. Pretty sure it'll be rudimentary as said by @theSLAYER even if that can be the problem!
  2. Looks like they decided to do something against hacking. Don't know if it's a good news.
  3. I found a new one in gen6 : Friend Safari Lickitung and Mandibuzz. Status: Debunked, Mandibuzz was surely confused with Vullaby which is present in Friend Safari, there was only one mention of Friend Safari Lickitung in Reddit, without any proof. In Ruby/Sapphire: the Unown Mystery Status: True. Two new forms of Unown were discovered by the time, it was later revealed in FRLG. In Emerald: the Relicanth Mystery. Status: Unknown. I need to investigate
  4. Hi, did you know Pokemon rumours didn't stop past generation 2 and still rarely occurs nowadays? This topic is to find and documented them all. Here's few I remember: -gen 3 Jirachi at Mossdeep City Status: Debunked. It was just a stupid white stone. -gen 3 Deoxys at Mossdeep City Status: Debunked. The countdown was a just a timer for days played. However it'll inspire ORAS events. -gen 3 Lotad Swarm thanks to Mixing Records Status: Debunked thanks to Metarkrai in 2015; even if the mechanics was only discovered recently. -gen 4 DP Swarm Tangela and Safari Tropius Status: Partially debunked. Even if there's nothing in the final version, it could be interesting to dig over DP Beta versions. Plus why any Tangela at Mt.Coronet? Tropius was found later in Pt Safari so who knows? -gen4 DP Volt Tackle Elekid Status: Debunked. -gen 5 Hidden Grotto Eevee in B2W2. Status: Debunked. Was a FunFiesta event mission in fact. The "proof" however needs more researches (especially the metadatas). I also remember rumours about Relicanth in gen3 but I can't say what was the purpose exactly, need to do some researches. Do you know any other rumour Pokemon I missed/you remember (past gen2) ?
  5. Waiting for that one day, maybe, we find a bug/glitch that allow us to get it "legitly" here's my Murkrow obtained through Rage Glitch Murkrow breeding (but only with Pkhex help because the legit one don't go through Poketransporter as I mentionned earlier). 198 - Cornèbre - 8F3520C28807.pk7 Searching for it I found one very hard to get in XY (which I'll study) and rumours about Volt Tackle Elekid in DP that were totally false.
  6. Here's 3 cool projects you can help us: Project 1: Extract all party and in-box "debug" pokemon from the last Japanese DP Debug ROM. Difficulty: High- Pokemon data structure; offset, ID species are not the same from what we used to know. Project 2: Find a way to get Punishment Murkrow in USUM thanks to a glitch. Difficulty: Medium- Rage Glitch Murkrow with Punishment doesn't go through Poketransporter, have to find a similar glitch in Gen 6+ in order to get it. Project 3: Transfer XD Munchlax in PalPark. Difficulty: High - The Pokemon is not fully coded and doesn't really appear in any circumstance. Maybe in a ROM Hack, once evolved with an item like XD Bounsly? Edit: Here's what I got. Notice that actually we're missing its original encounter level/moveset/PID I had to recreate them. Don't ask me why it's in the Pound area it took me 15minutes to figure it out. 446 - MUNCHLAX - 92338A35CD3C.pk4
  7. Here's some developpers test Pokemon from FRLG and Emerald. I wanted to get E-reader test options to work in Proto Emerald like in German Ruby Debug but I forgot how to do, if anyone can help me. Pretty sure there are hidden secrets there! Source: https://tcrf.net/Proto:Pokémon_Emerald/Test_Menu 373 - ボーマンダ - BAEC4427D8AC.pk3 038 - キュウコン - 7669A886DD02.pk3 252 - キモリ - 0CA8A221D683.pk3 260 - ラグラージ - DC81D0684724.pk3 282 - サーナイト - C92C5C0772F6.pk3 test.wc3 001 - タマゴ - 81DD7911F572.pk3 019 - コラッタ - F78CE1A1E43A.pk3 172 - ピチュー - D90B0BB98FF4.pk3
  8. Here's my list for Gen8 before DLC: corviknight lv36 route 7* wailord lv39 route 9 vanilluxe route 10 lv45 jellicent lv39 route 9 drapion lv38 route 8 butterfree lv7 rolling fields ninjask rolling fields lv15* diggersby lv14 north lake miloch* nuzzleaf lv7 rolling fields* shield quagsire lv15 west lake axewell* lanturn bridge field lv26 hippodown lv26 giant's mirror* golurk lv40 watchtower ruins rhydon lv40 dusty bowl glalie lv40 watchtower ruins lombre dappled grove lv13 shield toxicroak lv28 stony wilderness shield Cannot be apparently obtained: gothorita giant cap lv29 sword DLC have some very interesting too: Palossand lv32 Toxapex lv20 Malamar lv26 Talonflame lv32 Volcarona lv42 Braviary lv26 Amoonguus lv26 Scrafty lv26 Crustle lv26 Drapion lv22 Drifblim lv26 Crawdaunt lv26 Whishcash lv13 Sharpedo lv16 Octilley lv13 Quagsire lv20 Kingler lv20 Alolan Marowak lv15 Magneton lv26 Poliwhirl lv20 Golduck lv26 Toxicroack lv26 Mandibuzz lv26 Dragalge lv40
  9. I forced myself to play SwSh regardless of Dexit but I realized I can't get any underleved of these games now Wild area Pokemon are all level 60. So yes I'm done with the franchise. I began a list of underleved in SwSh tell me if you want I release it or not. Also Nincada can't be obtained anymore in Go, yeah good job Niantics!
  10. @Starf Berry What a nice collection, too bad some are shiny locked (GSC Rapidash for example). Technically you can get shiny in-game trade from Japanese versions and transfer them. At least you should try. @Qaaz Actually I don't think it's a really interesting thing to do for underleved, maybe we should make a list of moves exclusive to Let's Go, it could be great. The reason is technically the moves don't disappear they are just not usable. That thing give me hope to be allowed to transfer purify Pokemon to Home (and maybe Go exclusive moves). I'd love we finally find an easiest way to get lv1 Ninjask, Luxio, Luxray, Klang, Klingklang from GO but I personnally gave up. Note that with the recent politics of GF I'm gonna leave the franchise soon, I can't tolerate what they have done. Really sad they destroyed our franchise like that. Sorry to let so much mysteries unsolved.
  11. I have updated the list with the recent changes: -Regigigas lost Avalanch, -New shadow mons (note that we still don't know if we'll be able to tranfer purified Pokemon to Home) -New moves for old Pokemon.
  12. On my side I gave up with the Shinx/Nincada families. I hoped too much for Nincada last week during the Montreal event. And now I even struggle to see any wild Litwick/Deino or Ferroseed. Not counting the Mime Jr case in 5km eggs in Europe and the recent cluster changes I'm gonna leave soon I think. Can't enjoy that mess anymore.
  13. I saw that, such a shame, I'm starting collecting gen5 lv1.
  14. I updated with all 7 upcoming new exclusive moves from Unova Pokemon I found + 4 "rare" others. Tell me if I forgot one. High chances they'll patch for most of them but for example Earthquake Bonsly is still a thing today.
  15. Not for the moment unless we found the cardriges used for. @BlackSharkfound in game text mentions about Hoenn Pokemon in hidden grotto which is a discovery but that's all we can do for now.
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