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  1. Tell me more about in-game trades of Spaceworld 1999; I've seen no information about them except "The Pokéfan who trades you a Rapidash asks for a Kadabra instead of a Gloom" and "Still one the topic of friends, the Onix, Aerodactyl, and Rapidash you get from in-game trades are also all female, instead of male." More interesting can be "The Goldenrod Game Corner offers a Vulpix instead of an Ekans (Gold), and a Growlithe instead of a Sandshrew (Silver).". Is it really possible to get that Unreleased Shadow Makuhita, Misdreavus and Spoink? 037 - ロコン - B974.pk2 058 - ガーディ - C41F.pk2 078 - カケアシ - D872.pk2 095 - ブルブル - 9F54.pk2 142 - プッチー - 37E6.pk2
  2. @StarsMmd Amazing discovery, maybe we'll be able to get Shadow Spoink at least. In fact I suppose the 21st card to be used for promo cards (2 were released only in Japan). Note that Shadow Scizor/Togepi/Mareep were not in the cards but with a mini event once you finished the battles. In order to get the missing Shadow mons I only see 2 ways: -get a beta version of the game which must exist somewhere according to the early build videos found -force the Shadow to appear with E-reader card (however my experience with Shadow Loudred taught me that you still need the Shadow ID in order to correctly purify it). Let @StarsMmd tell us what did he found with Shadow Spoink.
  3. I was able to replicate it via Desmume a long time ago but not alter the datas. I think you'll have to alter them twice in order to make it work: in the ROM (ex:the Purugly mission gives you Purugly) and the RAM (send Purugly to another game via wireless or IR). Hope you'll succeed.
  4. We don't know all details about species apart Eeveevolution event (which were many events in fact) and Togetic/Dragonair ... event but they planned a Hoenn one for example. Yeah lots of them were unreleased like the Pokedex one too. As far as I remember I had to almost stick together my 2 NDS in order to exchange the Purugly mission. But it was a long time ago, maybe you're right.
  5. The video can be a way to prove its authenticity from a seller to another. I studied it earlier and the RAM code won't work because Funfiesta event mission are not in the game so we can only replicate them by switching species from for example the Purugly mission to other ones. But even with emulators and it'll be very hard. And speaking about the signal it's an IR one, not special from Wondercard. Maybe we should ask help from the guy who hacked Pokewalker?
  6. I've never seen any evidence in my previous researches 4 years ago, we didn't even know how that old event worked back in time. Now thanks to your researches and many other people we know exactly what to look after however that is not a good thing too because it can also interest collectors or scammers or fakers
  7. Thanks to @StarsMmd we have now the full list of all cut Shadow pokemon from Colosseum: Spoink, Psyduck, Baltoy, Mightyena, Castform, Roselia, Chimecho, Minum, Teddiursa, Corphish, Whishcash, Porygon2, Wailmer, Breloom, Lunatone, Solrock, Electrode, Snorunt, Spheal, Sandslash, Magikarp, Kecleon, Xatu, Wobbuffet. Hope we'll get at least the cut list from XD one day
  8. The only good news about that is we have now confirmation Event cardriges are in the wild in Japan which means we can hope one day to get our hands on them by one way or another.
  9. Cheat codes (catch trainer Pokemon) or RAM dump (copy/paste to a wild poke for example) are 2 ways to do it for Yellow. Stadium can be more difficult I don't know if the game generates a wild Mewtwo or if it's just a script; you should RAM watch first what's going on during that battle, hoping the game is not crypted like Colo/XD.
  10. Nice @SwagKey, actually we got SwSH demo saves but nobody seems able to decrypt them for now (any volunteer?); I'm focusing on Pokewalker hacking on my side trying to make it work with my devices.
  11. @CryHaddock Safari Zone Philadelphia (May 8th-10th) for Rufflet and May Incense Day (May 17th) for Scraggy.
  12. Rufflet and Scraggy families were wild during a very limited time in May 2020. Got only 1 lvl1 Scraggy however.
  13. @CryHaddock Event Max Raids are at a level cap (1* is set at level 17 for example); check Bulbapedia if you want they did a good job.
  14. here's gen6 exclusive moves (some will be surely patched before release): frogadier night slash quiladin/chesnaught razor leaf helioptile discharge pumpkaboo earthquake
  15. With the recent compatibilty Go-Home almost all Pokemon from gen 1-5 can be obtained at level 1 now. Few exceptions: A-Raichu; Legendaries (except Lake Trio); Spiritomb; Shedinja; Vullaby/Sandile/Pawniard (12km eggs); G-Weezing. Also all Pokemon from Max Raids can be obtained at lvl20 without any badge + some can even be found at level 17 by event Max Raids (Gloom, Haunter ...).
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