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  1. Rarest Pokemon to catch

    They are hard to catch but no very rare considered for example you can get them in many versions later.
  2. Rarest Pokemon to catch

    Don't know if it's the correct place to write it but here my top 10 rarest Pokemon to catch during normal gameplay (I'll add special gameplay later): -N°10 Stakataka in UM and Blacephalon in US (only 2 of both in one version each, quite rare but there's so much rarer) -N°8 Skuntank in Diamond (whereas Purugly can be found in ORAS and Pearl Skuntank remains exclusive to Diamond) -N°7 Hitmontop in Colosseum Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan in XD (only in one example, very hard to catch, it's the only way to shinyhunt Hitmontop) -N°4 Togetic in Colosseum (only one at the end of the game, only way to shinyhunt it) or in B2W2 during event Funfiesta mission in Japan -N°3 Celebi in Crystal (VC or Japanese Cartridge during an online event, only one, only way to shinyhunt it legally) -N°2 Mew in Emerald (legally only in Japan during an event, only way to shinyhunt it legally) -N°1 Scizor in Colosseum (only one, in Japan with e-reader cards, only way to shinyhunt it legally, honnestly which one of you really caught it?) Special gameplay: -Old Man glitch in Gen1 Venusaur, Charizard, Aerodactyl, Alakazam (cannot be shinyhunted) -Emerald Battle Pyramid : Villeplume, Jolteon, Ludicolo, Shedinja, Flygon, Shiftry, Exeggutor, Alakazam, Omastar, Armaldo, Cradily, Aerodactyl, Machamp, Flareon, Blastoise, Charizard, Arcanine, Vaporeon, Porygon2 (can be shinyhunting by glitching) -XY demo: Exeggutor
  3. Under Level Collection

    Found 3 New Underleved: Gothithelle lv34 Route 9 Black Reuniculus lv34 Route 9 White Electabuzz lv25 SM 576 - ゴチルゼル - 1AE959E67292.pk5 579 - Symbios - F887661443D2.pk5 125 - Élektek - 41639610D71A.pk7
  4. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Script location for me in JohtoMap 0x10942C. Script 542C.
  5. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Found another evidence (in french) of Glitched Swarm but still ignore how does it work. Hope it's not purely random but ... I think so. I sent a PM to Metarkrai in order to know more about.
  6. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Finally got that Entei. According to the data location the encounter should have been in Burned Tower during an event but it's hard to say precisely. 244 - ENTEI - A1FE.pk2 Next Quest: Pomeg Swarm @theSLAYER As expected HeadSmash Nosepass doesn't pass through PokeTransporter
  7. Under Level Collection

    Found a new one in USUM. I also discovered that White Flute still exist in SM/USUM but as it s not correctly coded it doesn't work 164 - Noarfang - 30FEFB8F0654.pk7 Edit: Found a new one today 020-01 - Underleveled - AE2BC6303F29.pk7
  8. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    It comes from a PM of Metarkrai on November 2015 in GlitchCity Forum. I didn't know very much about the Pomeg Glitch but it doesn't seem unbelievable to alterate the data with the glitch (event modifier).
  9. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Still focus on the Unused Entei Script for the moment but I have a new challenge for you ^^ Hope it'll interest someone.
  10. Under Level Collection

    @Holla! contributed the unfamous USUM Volcarona I got the Cofragigus and the Crustle I m trying right now to get the Purugly. Edit: Got it ^^ 558 - Crabaraque - 8C1471DA7F86.pk6 432 - Chaffreux - 82D63F05D1EA.pk6 563 - Tutankafer - B209158DD1B6.pk6
  11. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Thanks for the correction my bad I didn't check PkHeX sprites
  12. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Nice finding, now I have an idea : can you compare that script with one we already know, identify the 'ID' of that unused script and use MegaMap to do the switch as we did for Unused Darkrai event?
  13. Under Level Collection

    Got the Darmanitan today and found a new one. Will try to get the others but if you can help you're welcome. 555 - Darumacho - 8905684D4B3E.pk6 284 - Maskadra - 51D170AB98D8.pk6
  14. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Great thank you so much @Ruby Genseki for your job. I think I'll focus on Underleved for a moment but when it'll be finish I'll take back my researches about Unused Entei script. I also though a similar hidden script can exist in B2W2 for Hidden Grotto but alone I can't do everything especially with my new job.
  15. Under Level Collection

    I was surfing on Bulbapedia after my Volcarona chain broke again because of a shiny Larvesta then I discovered the holy gral for all underleved hunter: WhiteFlute in ORAS reduces the level of wild Pokemon by 1-4 levels which means there are a lot of new Underleved to get now. You can even get wild lv1 Pokemon with it, it's so great Still missing actually: Mirage Island lv 32 Cofragigus, Purugly and lv33 Crustle. Hope you'll contribute. 042 - Nosferalto - B4FA5C826F0D.pk6 044 - Ortide - 37AE4BF82F3A.pk6 073 - Tentacruel - AF55B6E27394.pk6 087 - Lamantine - DE9635A53FA8.pk6 119 - Poissoroy - 7A37B8A20A5E.pk6 168 - Migalos - 0F12A59F5B33.pk6 171 - Lanturn - 3C0644CE92A0.pk6 184 - Azumarill - FE50C015B246.pk6 232 - Underlevel - 02009B939077.pk6 264 - Linéon - ED20F62F229D.pk6 266 - Armulys - 3711BBCF5E34.pk6 268 - Blindalys - 37AC28C92FD5.pk6 271 - Lombre - D253F0B99405.pk6 274 - Underlevel - 44E7F097E704.pk6 279 - Bekipan - 02A49B64B7A5.pk6 294 - Ramboum - 459574BB4B58.pk6 308 - Charmina - 4E0AA15F4E76.pk6 364 - Phogleur - 94CAD0D520F4.pk6