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  1. Here the Funfiesta exclusives thanks to @theSLAYER We learn that the event set their level at 15 minimum. Didn't change their dates as we don't know how legitimate they can be compared to the real ones. 148 - ハクリュー - 32AA357BB475.pk5 372 - コモルー - 171491BAF3B4.pk5 462 - ジバコイル - 8C22D96B5BBF.pk5 082 - レアコイル - 47AF7904EECE.pk5
  2. You're right this is an effect of the Noisy/Quiet Mission and if I compare to the event hidden grotto pokemon I have it matches. So I have to correct the underleved listing and catch all at level 15!
  3. @theSLAYER I found a weird issue with your code, it seems if for example I modify the Pokemon in hidden grotto in order to be a Magneton it'll be always set at its maximum wild level (15 for example in the first hidden grotto). Any idea?
  4. @theSLAYER the code for the japanese version doesn't work on my white2 version. Is there really no difference in trash bytes with real ones?
  5. In my opinion it's closer to E-cards than Mystery Cards. It's an event that changes a routine which can be a Pokemon in a hidden grotto but can also be a Pokedex quizz or something else. Now the question is about the re-creation of that event which still need some researches. It'll be over 2 years of dead-road so I'm open to every try whatever it was the method which was really used or not. Think that @BlackShark's discovery was not digged enough for example too. It doesn"t make any sense to have the name of the missions and no data related. Cross check with regular mission or the Glameow one if there is some kind of link between the name and the Pokemon or item that spawned. Can't really help however, I spend most of my free time for Go underleved quest and this quest is for the moment beyond my abilities. Good luck to you @theSLAYERthis quest is one of the few remaining and it can have a huge impact if solved ^^
  6. Can try for the Shinx but don't think I'll be able to get the Nincada. Pray that I got a Absol and a Mawile trying it.
  7. Nice, time to get 2 Shinx and at least 1 Nincada. (15% chance for the first but only 0.5% for the second) Note that if you got any Mawile or Absol I take ^^ Plus the legendary trio can now be caught at lv1 in the wild too
  8. Damned but good news Absol, Mawile and Nincada are back at 10km eggs. Now I still don't know how to get 10km eggs at level 1 or even it's possible.
  9. Something like 6/8, not over 10 in all cases because I wanted to keep them low in order to catch lv1 in the wild. We should do a test with a lv2 account that just receveid the egg.
  10. I only got lv2 10km Eggs for the moment and notice that you have to stay low levels in order to keep the eggs at low levels. That's why I noticed @CryHaddock Hope he got lv1 Ninjask too during that time.
  11. Good luck to do so, I prefer so much catching wild Pokemon than hatching eggs. But first we have to be sure we can get 10km eggs at level 1. Speaking about Absol/Mawile they can sometimes be hatched and that's the only way to get them at lv1 in Go but yeah that's just for lv1 collection. That's also why I want a lv1 Trapinch and 2 lv1 Snorunt for pure collection (I also have Glalie for example and Flygon+Vibrava at lv1).
  12. @CryHaddockIs it possible to hatch a 10km egg as a level 1 Pokemon? Actually I'm only missing as underleved: Ninjask, Luxio and Luxray. And whereas it's totally dead for Ninjask as it was a January 7km exclusive, Shinx can still be found in 10km eggs now. I'm also looking for myself a lv1 Trapinch, a female lv1 Snorunt and lv1 Absol/Mawile. I'm praying the new ground Pokemon event for Trapinch and saw right now that Absol and Mawile will be found in 10km eggs in May so maybe ...
  13. Great, did you get when you were searching Alolan Forms at level 1 some Togepi or Riolu eggs? Edit: Added Gen2/3/4 with all we can get for the moment. Maybe the new event will allow us to find again Nincada. Still don't know for Shinx.
  14. Will try my best, sorry I mostly focus on Go underleved for the moment but I mostly got them all (except very rare ones and egg exclusives).
  15. Finally got recently lv1 Geodude family. And lv1 Vespiqueen today. I've started to collect all the others just in case of they don't fix the issue in Sword/Shield. Actually I'm missing; -gen2: Togetic *2 (and for my personnal collection Miltank and Smeargle) -gen3: Ninjask (only by egg-don't know how does it work however, will they be lv1 or 2?); (and for my personnal collection the Clamperl family and Sunny Castform) Edit: Looks like Nincada was temporary avalaible as an egg according to Serebii in January 2019. Any proof it cannot be obtain now by that way too? -gen4: Luxio/Luxray (only by egg), Lucario (only by egg-if possible) Will need some help, especially for the egg exclusives but I'll appreciate for Togetic too especially because 2 are needed. Will share my gen1 collection when I'll be able to hack my Switch.
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