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  1. Under Level Collection

    Finally got my own lv10 Dragonite after another shiny. Now apart from fishing Underleved Gyarados for fun (maybe if I got a lv1 by chance ...). But I also think about USUM and here the list of Pokemon I want to find as underleved in the game: -Flaffy (lv6/7) -Donphan (lv20) -Mightyena (lv10) -Masquerain(lv7) -Manetric(lv20) -Kricketune(lv5) -Luxio(lv10) -Gabite(lv15) -Hippodown(lv30) -Watchog(lv10) -Liepard(lv10) -Tranquil(lv7) -Zebristka(lv20) -Gurdurr(lv14) -Palpitoad(lv15) -Swadloon(lv10) -Whirlipede(lv10) -Scolipede(lv10) -Krokorok(lv25) -Vanilish(lv30) -Diggersby(lv10) -Fletchinder(lv10) -Spewpa(lv5) -Vivillion(lv10) -Doublade (lv25) Note: just a wild one will be awesome! -Trumbeak(lv7) -Gumshoos(lv6) -Ribombee(lv5) -Araquanid(lv20) -Shiinotic(lv20) -Steenee(lv15) -Hakamo-o(lv15) And as you can see there is few Water type Pokemon because I'm pissed of hunting them! Oh and for gen8 a conterpart of Pressure effect but for underleved (for example with Rattled).
  2. Under Level Collection

    Discovered a new Underleved: lv30 Rhydon in XY Safari. I also found a method that increases your chances for the lv1 Gyarados from 1/10000 to 1/1100. Can explain it in PM if there is someone interested. Trying to get my own lv10 Dragonite I found 6 Shiny Dragonair and 3 lv11 Dragonite. I'm so salty!
  3. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I've the gen 3 yes somewhere. Will upload them later. @HaxAras I find them back ^^ StevenMetang.pkm StevenGaleking.pkm StevenAirmure.pkm
  4. Under Level Collection

    Here for HGSS. HGSS.rar The two B2W2 are: a new Amoongus from Route 11 at lv37 and a lv2 Gyarados I recently found in order to motivate you to hunt the lv1. Hope you'll appreciate ^^ 591 - Gaulet - 8732DA741240.pk5 130 - Léviator - B4E5F149ED84.pk5 And the Platinum Rhydon 112 - RHINOFEROS - 27EA3DD2DA07.pk4
  5. Under Level Collection

    Discovered new Underleved for Gen4: -Rhydon at lv41 in Platinum Victory Road -Graveler at lv20 in Cliff Cave HGSS -Hypno at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Raticate at lv15 in Safari Zone HGSS -Fearow at lv15 in Safari Zone HGSS -Arbok at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Sandslash at lv15 in Safari Zone HGSS -Golbat at lv15 in Safari Zone HGSS -Gloom at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Golduck at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Poliwhirl at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Machoke at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Slowbro at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Kingler at lv26 in Safari Zone HGSS -Marowak at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Magmar at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Skiploom at lv17 in Safari Zone HGSS -Quagsire at lv16 in Safari Zone HGSS -Jynx at lv22 in Ice Path HGSS For gen 2: -Xatu in-game trade at lv15 crystal For gen6: -Duosion lv30 in XY Safari -Gothorita lv30 in XY Safari
  6. [Question] Pokémon of older games with exclusive moves

    Well Chansey/Bagon with Wish surely. But it depends if you play strategic or not.
  7. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Code for the Steenee in South Korea: ALOLASTEW762 Source: @iceposs2000
  8. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    So bad so lost forever? Unless we get the distribution device.
  9. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Thanks. The location of this special slots (where there is Stunky and Glameow). Just to check if there is anything about the other funfest events. Apparently no because the tool is only about the sav. Hum more researches are needed, I don't desesperate ^^ If only we knew how these event worked at the time (wireless? infrared? temporary data?)
  10. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I remember a tool in B2W2 that allows you to edit the hidden grotto including the special ones (Stunky ...) but I can't find it. I want to check something for the FunFiesta event missions. Any help please?
  11. Pokemon Transporter Version 1.3 Rolled Out

    4 31IV, shyniness retained, HA and exclusive moves. That's why I hype ^^
  12. Under Level Collection

    Here my recent findings in gen2 and 5. 593 - Jellicent - 96254E7185AC.pk5 080 - Underlevel - 165AB1913B05.pk5 184 - Underlevel - AC17A0046848.pk5 593 - Moyade - 02544286AE7D.pk5 125 - UNDERLEVEL - 3BB8.pk2 Edit:1 In gen4 no lv10 Whiscash in Platinum. Here the DPPT Graveler and the HGSS Electabuzz 075 - Underlevel - 1EDCC122D49C.pk4 125 - ELEKTEK - B370CC60E0BB.pk4 And the 3 rarest underleved are: 🥉: lv10 Dragonite in SM 1/6000 🥈: lv 1 Gyarados in B2W2 1/10000 🥇: lv10 Shelgon in B2W2 Event FunFiesta totally unobtainable nowadays. Edit2: Found 2 New Underleved today Hidden Grotto Leavanny at lv20 and Muk at lv35. Got them both once but @suloku 's tool destroyed my save so I have to find back the Muk legally 542 - Manternel - DDFB78261AEE.pk5 089 - Grotadmorv - 027DFC5661F1.pk5
  13. Pokemon Transporter Version 1.3 Rolled Out

    Hype is coming and not for USUM! Source: @Event_Fan
  14. Under Level Collection

    Got them both. I also discovered that the in-game trade Poliwhirl is undereleved (nickname: Whirly). Next quest: lv5 Jellicent from Route 4 in BW. Edit1: Found. Edit2: Found another event underleved Tyranitar WCS14 from Pokemon X Korean event at lv50. Edit3: Nobody has a really interesting underleved challenge?
  15. Under Level Collection

    Got the GS Electabuzz, BW Slowbro, B2W2 lv5 Jellicent and SM Poliwhirl today. Don't have courage to do SM lv24 Poliwrath and Politoad (1/400 in special conditions). Never seen a Poliwrath anyway.