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  1. Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Updated

    Pokemon that don't pass: Crystal exclusives (Celebi, Odd Egg Events and Water Gun Phanpy) Unused Egg Move (Charm Bulbasaur and Snorlax, Special Staryu - but Smoochum is ok and Oddish too) Stadium 2 Farfetch'd Edit: Extrem Speed Dratini is ok !!! Same for Stadium Gligar
  2. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    USUM is full of Uncatchable (Totem, Ally, UB, Necrozma fused ..) and Underleved. @BlackShark What tool did you use to RAM dump?
  3. The 3 mythical Pokemon that will be distributed are Manaphy, Meloetta and Hoopa. Still no Genesect for Japan. And still no shiny Volcanion distrib too.
  4. Under Level Collection

    With USUM datamining I noticed new Underleved very exciting: -Jynx SOS Battle lv9 -Lanturn SOS Battle lv10 -Octillery SOS Battle lv10 -Crawdaunt SOS Battle lv10 -Volcarona SOS Battle lv41 -Salazzle SOS Battle lv16 -Xatu SOS Battle lv21 -Golbat SOS Battle lv20 -Flaffy Pelago lv11 Did you see other new?
  5. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Don't think they are lazy for that but in my opinion it is asked by the community especially shinyhunters in order to softreset. Plus, today Tomy teased a new Pokemon (probably the unknown mythical Pokemon).
  6. USUM Line Rotom

    According to a Rotom will be distributed by serial code at the launch of USUM for Line app users in Japan. theSLAYER Edit: You can collect 5 Pokemon a day by simply chatting up Rotom. (it appears spamming works) Once you get all 15 Pokemon, you'll get the Serial Code. Thanks @Kirzi for the heads up!
  7. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    And from the Japanese Blue 029 - ニョロゾ - 933D.pk1 031 - サンド - A673.pk1 068 - サンド - DB78.pk1 128 - おマル - 1CF0.pk1 012 - ぼアゥ - 0BD9.pk1 028 - サンドパン - 2DAA.pk1 059 - ウインディ - F48A.pk1 005 - へおド♀ - 90CD.pk1 020 - ペ - 3959.pk1 008 - カメール - 8554.pk1 043 - ぎ - 95E3.pk1 082 - レアコイル - 96A1.pk1 100 - ビリリダマ - FFA2.pk1 003 - ニョロゾ - D6D8.pk1 058 - む - 3DD1.pk1
  8. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Finnally got the Slowbro, in Pokemon Yellow US but against another Slowbro. That means that there are more Pokemon to get like that (in Japanese Blue and in Yellow). 080 - SLOWBRO - F1BD.pk1 Edit: I got all from Pokemon Yellow so next step is Japanese Blue and of course the 2 missing from Red. 058 - GROWLITHE - E80F.pk1 115 - är - ACC0.pk1 117 - SEADRA - B5A1.pk1 112 - RHYDON - 5615.pk1 117 - 3TRAINER - BED2.pk1 105 - 4 - 52EF.pk1 085 - DODRIO - 54AA.pk1 072 - TENTACOOL - BF34.pk1 010 - CATERPIE - BBF7.pk1 130 - GYARADOS - F764.pk1 039 - 4{ - 99A0.pk1 019 - RATTATA - 4E46.pk1 141 - KABUTOPS - 42F7.pk1
  9. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Hi, back in business for 2 new projects if you're ready: -first, Chickasaurus GL made a new video talking about glitchy trades in gen1, most are just useless but some are interesting (for example Rhydon vs Cloyster). Here the link to glitchcity forum informations. Of course, Pokemon obtained like that will be a bit glitchy. There are 13 Pokemon to get. Edit: I got Abra and Hitmonchan for the moment. Now the Cloyster. And the Marowak. The Golem now. The Moltres now. The Rhydon and the Golbat. Got another Hitmochan for Underleved hunters ^^. And the Paras now. A Marowak now. Another one (2 missing). 046 - × - 110E.pk1 112 - RHYDON - 2E5D.pk1 042 - IKU - 30A0.pk1 107 - HITMONCHAN - E698.pk1 146 - MOLTRES - CA44.pk1 076 - × - FE56.pk1 107 - HITMONCHAN - 0D72.pk1 063 - d - 6490.pk1 091 - LA - B1C1.pk1 105 - EL - 85B2.pk1 105 - y - 527E.pk1 Edit 2: The 2 missings are Marowak vs Muk (not working in Pokemon Red) and Missigno vs Slowbro (crashes the game). -then researches on B2W2 unused scripts can lead to the discovery of unused or unreleased in the West Funfiesta missions, anyone interested to investigate?
  10. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Don't know but it looks exciting: a new evolution? Hum low probability but wild Glaceon/Leafeon/Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon surely.
  11. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Here, in french, I allow you to cry. But more undiscovered things are in the games according to them (probably a new mythical for example).
  12. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    @Holla! @theSLAYER They confirmed that no new Alolan form will appear in another interview. And Team Rocket returns will be logical with Mewtwo universe.
  13. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Mantine Surf Points are used to pay Move Tutors Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. [Question] Pokémon of older games with exclusive moves

    I have done a short list today, I have surely forgot some interesting ones so let me know: 1998 Surf Pikachu (Jap, Stadium ...) 1999 Amnesia Psyduck 2000 Baton Pass Farfetch'd, Earthquake Gliglar 2001 Extreme Speed Dratini 2002 Crunch Charmander,Ancient Power Bulbasaur,Quick Attack Tauros,Rapid Spin Geodude,Moonlight Sneasel,Belly Drum Wooper, Lovely Kiss (Nidoran M and F,Poliwag,Snorlaw,Snubull,Bellsprout),Sword Dance Goldeen,Confuse Ray Tentacool,Hydropum Marill 2003 Leech Seed Oddish,Extreme Speed Zigzagoon,Wish (Absol,Pichu,Ralts,Bagon) 2004 Wish (Chansey,Farfetch'd,Kangskhan,Lickitung,Drowzee,Exeggcute) 2005 Tri Attack Togepi,Psycho Boost Lugia,Baton Pass Zapdos,Refresh Salamence, Self-Destruct Snorlax... from Xd 2007 Quick Attack Charmander,Spacial Rend and Roar of Time Darkrai 2009 Endeavor Shiny Pichu,Roar of Time,Spacial Rend and Shadow Force Arceus,Draco Meteor Jirachi 2010 Eruption Heatran,Extreme Speed (Shiny Raikou,Entei,Suicune),Nasty Plot Celebi 2011 V-Create (Fusion Flare and Bolt) Victini,Electro Ball Mewtwo,Coton Guard Banette,Sludge Wave Gastly,Sucker Punch Stunky,Inferno Misdreavus 2012 V-Create Rayquaza,Blue Flare and Bolt Strike Victini,Dark Pulse Deoxys,Moonlight Lunatone,Morning Sun Solrock 2013 DW Heal Pulse and Hurricane Mewtwo,Extreme Speed,Blaze Kick,Shift Gear Genesect,Celebrate Eevee,Celebrate Inkay 2014 Sludge Wave Shiny Gengar,Phantom Force Darkrai 2015 Sludge Bomb Zoroark,Heart Stamp Jirachi,PGL Endeavor,Fake Out,Encore,Volt Tackle DW Pikachu 2016 Celebrate Charmander 2017 Bounce Magikarp,Celebrate Victini
  15. @ajxpk So in fact the only ones which are really rare and hard to find nowadays are PCNY (gen 2 and 3) because of occidental culture and some gen 1 and 2 japanese events because of the death of battery (like Pay Day event, Dragon Rage Magikarp, ...).