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  1. (SM)USUM - Korean Movie 10 Dialga & Palkia

    So much Korean events in few days, hope we'll not miss any of them ^^ A dialga/palkia distrib for movie 10 is not really interesting however, I wait for a giratina for movie 11, heatran for movie 12 or zoroark for movie 13 ^^
  2. A new event is annonced and it looks great. Any good Korean translator? Lv10 Thunderbolt, Surf, Fly, Quick Attack in Cherish Ball via Infrared at Pokemon World Festival in Triple Street Songdo, Incheon from April 27 to May 7 2018 (12 Noon to 7pm) in Sun/Moon/UltraSun/UltraMoon. Source: @iceposs2000, Bulbagarden.
  3. Ideas for a better surfing

    It's just for the portal, the first thing you see and a way to redirect visitors. Yes, black lines refers to the connectivity between each pages, the color of the boxes are also a reference to the games with Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Black. And the icons are also references: Shiny Charm for the shinys, White Flute for the Underleved, Missigno Kabutops for the glitch, CherishBall for events, Collector for Wanted, Archeologist for Research, Shiny Victini for Pkhex, AZ Floette for Unreleased and the most obscure Metronome for Pk3ds and Randomizer because the item shares the same name with the move Metronome which is a random Pokemon move.
  4. Here my little proposal of an interactive and really Pporg-like Home Page. Hope you'll enjoy or at least discuss about, PPorg is really particular in my heart and my passion for Pokemon, it deserves more attention and contributions. Of course I'm open to add more sections ...
  5. Pokemon that cannot be shinyhunted (for the moment)

    Updated with shiny sprites, gen5 soon (I hope)
  6. Under Level Collection

    The sprites are back, hope you'll enjoy. Tell me if there is any bug or whatever.
  7. Under Level Collection

    Done for the formatting, for the mini sprites can't find the source how to include them.
  8. Codename: Beluga

    Hi, I open this thread in order to discuss a bit about the rumors of the codename of Pokemon Switch games (confirmed as gen8 by Nintendo however). What a strange codename isn't? Beluga as a symbol refers as "think before act", serenity, slow acting, respect of the Nature. It's a major emblem of Inuit people. Maybe we're going to explore subartic after paradisal islands? Or maybe probably the plot will be focused on global warming and ecosystems? What do you think about?
  9. Under Level Collection

    Edit: I have it @theSLAYER I didn't remember how hard it was
  10. Under Level Collection

    I don't own it unfortunately, it belongs to @HaxAras
  11. Under Level Collection

    I've found 3 New Underleved today: -lv7 Beedrill/Butterfree in S/G Route 2 Morning -lv7 Unused In-game trade Beedrill (against lv7 Butterfree) I also updated the listing (without the sprites for the moment sorry) so if @theSLAYER can include here ^^ 015 - CHIKUCHIKU - CBD4.pk1 015 - BEEDRILL - B1B3.pk2 012 - BUTTERFREE - EA83.pk2
  12. Under Level Collection

    I finally got my own lv41 Volcarona after 6 months of researches which is my 2nd hardest underleved quest after lv1 Gyarados (I found for it a fast way to get it however now), I called it Miracle and caught it with a MasterBall. I still need help to get the lv10 Shelgon we need to do RAM dumps during the Noisy/Quiet Hidden Grotto mission in order to find how the "map" is created and how we could recreate the event one. And also contributers here.
  13. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Maybe the Charizard Pokerider too? Good luck anyway ^^
  14. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    The idea is to go in the first island by unlocking the Poke Pelago there to get the unused Pokemon: Sun Moon lv1-7 Spearow, Zubat, Shellder, Wingull, Rufllet (Sun), Vullaby(Moon), Pikipek Ultra Sun Ultra Moon lv 1-7 Zubat, Seel, Wingull, Pikipek, Cutiefly So I guess it could work after you got the Pokedex. You have to do it 3 times in Sun, in Moon and in UltraSun or Ultra Moon. The first step however is to find that Pelago flag in saves.
  15. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I cannot assure you, make a backup save before. You'll have to find that Pelago flag too, which is still unknown for the moment Good luck.