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  1. If/when PKHex supports it, it should give you the items and create the record. Otherwise do it manually.
  2. I think so but it may not be perfect.
  3. Are you changing the secret ID to match?
  4. The main issue is missing information about the distributions themselves. Held Item, Moves, etc.
  5. Staff could modify the campaign.. so anything is possible. I know of one person that got the Mew (shiny). We are currently recreating the machine data to distribute Gen 2 for video.
  6. They won't know because the OTG is random and linked to PID/IV. The algorithm for that is not in any software.
  7. The seed is limited to 0->65535. You won't have good IVs unfortunately. Also I caution anyone reproducing Gen 3 Pokemon because PKHex doesn't have all of the legality info so you could get false positives even with a correct PID/IV.
  8. @Ammako, I am not aware of anyone that has a non-shiny Mew from PCNY. Also the percentage was: 98.5% Celebi 1% Shiny Celebi 0.5% Shiny Mew So not many people got it.
  9. Sorry for necroing this post. We have new information about Gen 2 PCNY and are collating it now. One thing I can say real quick is that Mew was shiny, and only shiny. The DVs for shiny are limited too.
  10. Almost all distributions except PCNY have a met game of Ruby. It's static. Here are all 430 Mystry Mew: https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/tree/master/Released/Gen 3/ENG/Toys R Us/MYSTRY Mew Your Mew must match exactly!
  11. In the past we distinguished wc and wcfull based on what was on the server vs what was saved. Starting with LGPE, the cards are not saved, so there is no distinguishing. Therefore it's just wc8
  12. Wow! I would love to get a copy! This is super important! We had a lot of hypotheses about how it worked based on testimony from people who have gotten the event. I have determined part of the algorithm based on actual Pokemon from the event. But there are lots of unknowns that we would love to figure out by reading the code. I've been looking for this disc for 12 years!
  13. If they are all used up then just DM me. I'll post more tonight or tomorrow too.
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