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  1. The GitHub page contains everything.
  2. Importing the wondercards into the save requires dragging and dropping into the mystery gift slots one by one. The wondercard database is essentially every Pokemon (no items, courses, points etc) wondercard we have on the site. You use that to generate pokemon. To add missing wondercards (let's say between releases for new ones), make an mgdb folder and put them there. Sorry there is no batch method as far as I am aware. Mainly because most people use PKHex to generate the Pokemon and skip worrying about the wondercard itself.
  3. You need to use RngReporter and select Method 2.
  4. Listening to the oncologist.
  5. PKHex should generate any files it needs. I don't know why you are having issues, sorry.
  6. After following my instructions try right clicking and Run as Administrator (shield icon) to open PKHex.exe It is quite possible you don't have proper permissions. For example, is this a work computer controlled by an IT department? Are you on a virtual profile? Is the computer locked down in any way? Do you have elevation permissions (run applications as admin?) Another example, It is common for a work laptop to need to be connected to the work network in order to access your profile from the windows server. If you are not at work then you will not have access to your profile and you will not have any icons on your desktop or be able to create local app data folders and files.
  7. Easiest is to read PKHex source.
  8. Right click PKHex.zip that you downloaded and choose Extract To... Then choose your desktop. Then run PKHex.exe (pokeball icon). Do not confused it with the ZIP file you downloaded.
  9. We have plenty of codes so don't worry. I have 20k, PM me if you need lots of them. Regarding trades, if I had time I would do it. I have three switches, so I could inject, local trade to my nonhacked one then trade online. It is just slow as hell and it's easier if you have an LGPE save ready I can use with checkpoint that has all of the pokes on it.
  10. You could use PKHex.Core and code your own. Nobody has made a plugin to do this.
  11. I am both surprised and happy that we have enough people sharing publicly that we have 90%+ of everything that ever came out (or could have come out). Many people ask me why I made my collection public and like others here, I am not a greedy bastard. I am blessed enough (after being so poor I didn't have anywhere to live for several years) to have family, resources and a real life community of friends. This website is about preservation and giving back and I am happy there are enough people to do that.
  12. Not an exploit so much as a bug in the game.
  13. Use a hacked switch and a non hacked switch and do local trading while offline.
  14. Yeah it's in some private collections.
  15. I think we should start finding a way to restore the save back to its original state. I found that the Pokemon Trades stat should be 82. Next I am going to try and see if steps and time should be reverted. One thing I am not sure is how the "Previously on your quest..." works. But that would be key to reverting the save back properly. Edit: Saves should be 240. Steps and TIme will be hard.
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