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  1. Messed stat screen in new version

    I have a 4k laptop with 250%. I can test too if needed.
  2. PKHeX 18.03.19

    Partner hat pikachu should be working since the simulated WC files were replaced.
  3. Ultra's Shiny Groudon

    There are no region locks.
  4. XY Sylveon (HKTW)

    Wow thanks!
  5. Ultra's Shiny Groudon

    Use PKHex or PKSM to inject it.
  6. event archive Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Yeah upload them and let's see.
  7. event archive Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    So we just need German to confirm! EDIT: They are the same:
  8. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    @argus1963 & @BLACKBIRD, if you two have pokemon bank, I would love to get the starter wondercards from you. Thanks!
  9. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Thank you! We now only need is German, Japanese and Korean!
  10. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    According to Djura, if you delete your saves and backups, then make a new one in the specific language before receiving, then you can get it in any language. We need French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. Thanks to Djura for contributing CHS/CHT!
  11. Pokemon bank initials with hidden ability

    @theSLAYER, it seems we need them in every language because of the title.
  12. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    I don't have a bank account anymore. Is it possible to NTR dump these?
  13. Worlds 2008 Lucario

    Are you using the newest PKHex? You should also use events from the site directly or
  14. @BLACKBIRD, I hope you can go!
  15. USUM - Year of Legendary (2018)

    It is not.