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  1. (Legality Error) - 6th Generation Events

    @Kaphotics, I tested this and it seems like a bug with PKhex. I remember a thread about this, but I don't remember the result. Something about you are aware, but fixing it was not feasible?
  2. Does anyone have these shiny pkm files?

    @ReignOfComputer has a collection of virtually every shiny.
  3. (Legality Error) - 6th Generation Events

    @Nessus, do you have these legitly? Also do you have the WC in your save? Additionally I'll check the event gallery for German when I can. It is possible we don't have it, or Pkhex is matching against the nonribbon one first and thinking yours doesn't conform (eager matching).
  4. [Question] Colosseum Shiny Celebi legal?

    @Kaphotics, I think the point was that agate celebi shows legal but shouldn't. We should double check this and try to replicate?
  5. SM USUM - Marshadow (HKTW)

    It might not be final...
  6. SM USUM - Marshadow (HKTW)

    That is the confusion. It uses US/EU TID, but won't be released until November, and it is the first USUM Marshadow specifically. I wonder if other regions will get Marshadow for USUM! If they don't, this will be highly sought after.
  7. SM USUM - Marshadow (HKTW)

    Wow, USUM, I wonder if it will be the first Marshadow released. I kind of think this is a mess up and it shouldn't be USUM also? Also the TID is 10/9/17. but it hasn't officially been released yet? I am kind of confused.
  8. The Legality Question/Check Thread

    @Kaphotics was going to make it fishy for date checks but these days people request crazy dates for whatever reason. Because of the proliferation of dates outside of distro, or changing dates for hatching, there was no point in checking it.
  9. My 3DS XL shut of and won't turn on

    Please use the report button instead of replying We generally have too much work to do and don't clean up dead threads for no reason.
  10. So what's with all this spam?

    One person who clicks it and downloads malware is worth thousands of dollars. It is worth it to them, even for a slim chance.
  11. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Are we able to get the WCFull @Kirzi?
  12. I think morfeo's code doesn't give you a legit ticket.
  13. Not a new USUM mythical? I thought I read that they added species?
  14. Movie 2011 Crown Raikou (Shinsegae)

    Holy shit. Thank you!
  15. Pikachu Cafe Tangrowth pkm file

    You can get one by using the PGT from here: 4/Wondercards/KOR