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    I recommend RNGReporter.
  2. Pokémon Crystal Gets VC Release

    Most likely they will modify one of the stats like speed to always 15, or all of them.
  3. [PK6] All Vivillon patterns

    Also we have every GTS Event Vivillione in our gallery.
  4. SM USUM - M20 Charizard (Korea)

    Thank you! If you have a good picture/video of redemption, that would be amazing too.
  5. SM USUM - M20 Charizard (Korea)

    @Kirzi, anyone else you know just in case?
  6. I would take an area of all 00's, and change one value to 01 and see how PKHex recalculates checksum. Then change it back to 0, and change the next offset to 1 and see how that changes the checksum. Then change the value back to 0, and change another 00 to 0x2 or 0xF, and see how that changes the checksum when PKHex recalculates it. You will find it is arithmetic and you will be able to easily find a pattern of changes to get the checksum you want. Good luck!
  7. It is done automagically when you save.
  8. You have to change data in that block so when the checksum is regenerated by PKHex, it is 0xF500.
  9. member

    Here is a hot link to the .NET Framework 4.6.1 Installer.
  10. Looks like there will be a Korean Marshadow (serial code) distributed on 12/21/17.
  11. I would like to have each individual male/female pokemon. The promotional ones haven specific TIDs IIRC (and SID is 0?). And the PID is a specific algorithm (or is it normal gen 5?). I also would like to recreate a full forest, which looks fairly straight forward (albeit tedious). I am not too familiar with (and understand if it matters) where each pokemon goes in the forest. Regarding the music, that sucks.
  12. Illegal mark for most untouched WC gift PM in ORAS

    Hack WC6 files have memories when they shouldn't. This is a safety measure built into the wondercard editor. If you saved a wondercard using the wondercard editor, even if it wasn't modified, it will generate illegal memories.
  13. Worlds 2008 Lucario .pcd error

    @Kaphotics, any idea why wc4 would not save as a pcd/pgt slot properly? Is it possible PKHex is not encrypting the Pokemon template when saving back to the file? @gclarke86, I assume the wc4 imported into PKHex at the pcd/pgt slot shows the proper icon and info?
  14. Pokewalker PID restrictions

    Thank you for helping with the research. I think @Kaphotics has already added this to PKHex.
  15. Checking an SID

    Ask someone who has a hacked game to trade with you. I think there are other ways to find out your SID too since breeders need to know this even while playing legitly.