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  1. You are using PKHex? It is as simple as going to Mystery GIft option, clicking Import, selecting the wondercard, then pressing save. Export the save, and restore it using Checkpoint or JKSM.
  2. Correct regarding trash bytes. PkHex does not emulate the trash bytes for gen 5 to bank.
  3. Sabresite


    Pokemon Ranch is not supported since PID algorithm (if it exists) is not know.
  4. If you are asking about installing CFW itself, that is outside of the scope of this website. You can find tutorials by google searching. If you are talking about InputRedirection, it is built into Rosaline (Luma3DS 8.0+). There are directions on various other websites.
  5. Sabresite

    bug in last update

    I think that was addressed.
  6. Ok upload it and we can tell you if it is hacked.
  7. You can upload and we can check. Explain how you obtained it. If you used the guide that does memory manipulation, it will be illegal.
  8. GameFreak has terrible legality checking.
  9. This has been addressed and will be fixed in the next release. Sorry.
  10. All of our Pokemon are legal. Whether the trade restriction was lifted, I don't know but I bet it has by now. It has been available for almost 2 weeks.
  11. There is no way to tie the RNG frame to date. It can be anything. And nobody knows your starting seed so it's impossible to backtrack to know if it's 60 hours for example.
  12. I will add more capability to PKHex over time. Until then, you can send them to me privately since my legality tools are not public.
  13. This event cannot be RNG'd since it is locked to 1 masterball per 5 redemptions. Too bad.
  14. Windows doesn't make it easy to use applications on new 4k monitors. This can be fixed but is not easy or high priority. You can change a setting under compatibility to make it large, but it will be blurry.
  15. Wishmaker does not share the same algorithm. The following use the same algorithm: Space C, JAA, Bryant Park, 10ANNIV, Misturin Celebi, GCEA, and EU Aura Mew.