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  1. You probably have the berry glitch issue. Are you using an emulator or actual game?
  2. CPU underclocking would be enough to cause weird timings. And the GC emulator may not play exactly by itself either. Then people will ask about Box emulated on PC running RS.. sigh.
  3. I updated my post above. But short answer is yes definitely. The timing on the Wii especially is most likely different enough that double emulation will give weird ass results. Try it.
  4. Mismatches are due to vBlank interrupts. vBlank will interrupt at inconsistent places depending on nature rolling and hardware/emulation used. Theoretically any Method 1/2/3/4 is possible. Stationeries are interesting because the likelihood of a non Method 1 on the actual GBA is near or exactly zero. Edit: Also it is technically broken up into several sub categories too (first party pokemon ability not taken into account). Method-1-1, Method-1-2, Method-2-1, Method-2-2, Method-3-2 (The 2 makes it Method 3), Method-4-2 (the 2 makes it Method 4) Where the second number is the number of vBlank interrupts between battle start and end of IV generation. Generally the exotic ones only happen when fishing or in caves while playing on an actual cart. IIRC, on some emulators Method-4-1 is possible due to bad timings.
  5. Oh I did miss something. The question is about the Ruby/Sapphire ROM on the Box. The playing on the big screen feature. TLDR is, dunno, would have to test, anything is possible. Maybe even Method 3 depending on timing. That is if it's emulated through the GC itself.
  6. Mismatches on GBA emulators are due to vCPU timings and vBlank. The code is not set up the same way on Box.
  7. Nope I don't. Since Box is a GC game there is no vblank. It should work exactly the same on an emulator.
  8. I think this happens cause PKSM doesnt clear up memories properly from Gen 6 and it may not be updating the HT. You would have to use batch editor to fix this. Edit: It looks like PKHex flagged the resort event status as having the wrong value.
  9. We know from Network sniffing that is just repeated through Wireless Beacon which means it could be relayed without any extra equipment. We also know through screenshots that it is most likely through a special unit that has access to special software.
  10. This is amazing! Thank you to Vezokair for going through the trouble of dumping it!
  11. That is a common technique. It is getting the modulo (remainder from integer division) to keep the values within range. 5 % 3 = 1, 6 % 3 = 2, etc.
  12. Korean events use the YYMMDD format, so it will most likely 180915. I would guess the ribbon would be one of the champ ribbons.
  13. Interesting. That website has most of the information correct. A few errors with regards to Generation III, but nothing major. According to my research with @ajxpk, it looks like the Generation III PCNY also used gamecubes and discs. The weird thing is that usually discs would get stolen. I am very surprised nothing has come up on ebay etc. They must have been inventoried really well, or there weren't 50 discs like we originally assumed. Thanks @Gold Ursaring for some extra info!