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  1. Emerald Event Pokemon

    You could always use the Mystery Gift tool to receive the tickets from the legit wondercards
  2. 0525 XY - OCT2014 Diancie (US) (ENG)

    Sure. The more I thought about it, I definitely remember someone mentioning it back then that there were two variants. I guess it slipped most people's mind that it existed. Card # 0525 - The Mythical Pokémon Diancie!.wc6 //--post merged--// @theSLAYER I somehow must've missed seeing the wc6 was also uploaded on this page. Though the PKHeX legality issue is still there, so I suppose I'll need to make a bug report. @Kaphotics
  3. 0525 XY - OCT2014 Diancie (US) (ENG)

    Wasn't there two wondercard variants of this event, one that doesn't force 3 IVs of 31? Why I'm bringing it up is because I noticed PKHeX marks my Diancie as illegal due to not having 3 31 IVs, yet I know it's legit because I received the wondercard myself from the GameStop code in 2014. Viewing the original wondercard data in my X it shows it indeed does not force 3 31 IVs, but this one shows that it does.
  4. Thanks! I still have Cubic Ninja for when I need to access homebrew on my non-CFW 3DS. Last time I messed with custom themes was several years ago and it was annoying/confusing, so I never bothered again. One of those apps you mentioned should hopefully be straightforward enough for me. They weren't on those sites you linked, but I found the official GS theme dumps on "that 3DS site", for anyone who's looking.
  5. @theSLAYER I suppose that's something I can test when we get the Marshadow codes here in the US in a couple weeks. So a single Celebi code will be usable with more than one game, or multiple Celebi codes can be used with a single game?
  6. @theSLAYER Would it be only the case with static serial codes like these Pikachu, or even with unique serial codes from GameStop, etc?
  7. I could've sworn I did this for a pokemon or two back during Gen 6. Maybe it wasn't for a serial code, could've been for McDonald's Hoopa, idk. Probably why it caught me off guard. I guess alternatively, the easiest way is have temporary separate copies of my savefile with different TIDs ready to use.
  8. @theSLAYER Yeah, didn't see it, we responded at the same time. I had no idea they started recording your info on the server. That's surprising to be honest.
  9. @BlueBraviary Of course. Backup save, upload Pikachu to PokeBank, restore save, take Pikachu from PokeBank. That's what I plan to do.
  10. @theSLAYER Yes, you find the theme codes that way. When I purchased Gold on the eShop, the eShop receipt had the code for the Gold theme and a Celebi. After using the code from Amazon to download Silver, the eShop receipt only has a code the "Cast" theme. No Celebi, no Silver theme. As far as I can find, we weren't given a confirmation if the European box set contains anything other than a game code. And I think all Japan gets extra is the magnet, sticker sheet, and a poster. So I don't know where these sets stand when it comes to Celebi and the 3DS themes.
  11. @theSLAYER I checked everywhere to see if I got the Silver theme as well, but no luck... I also forgot to mention the most important news, and I guess worst. No Celebi code either if it's non-eShop. I'm going to assume this applies to physical bundles, unless there's also a Celebi code inside the box. Can't really say for sure yet until people get their boxes.
  12. This is what I just figured out, sort of, and it doesn't seem to be explained well anywhere (that I know of). All I can say is I was a bit confused in the process. The "Cast" theme with the Gym Leaders is only obtainable by purchasing a Gold or Silver download code on I know Serebii mentioned this for Japan, but I had no idea until just now this seems to be the case for every region. Maybe that was supposed to be obvious and I'm just slow, but I never do downloads through Amazon. I had already downloaded Gold through the eShop, but just downloaded Silver through a code purchased on Amazon. I wasn't going to download Silver this soon, but oh well. Someone said you need to redeem the Gold/Silver code through your account on Nintendo's website to get the Cast theme, but I don't think that's necessary and I likely did it the hard way causing further confusion. I assume the code for the theme will be on your purchase history receipts on the eShop, regardless how the game code is redeemed, just as the other themes would be when you download the game directly through the eShop. Only downside I see is that you can't get all three. I got the Gold theme from downloading Gold on the eShop, but only the Cast theme by downloading Silver through Amazon. I wanted the Silver theme as well, but... this isn't even on my CFW 3DS, so I don't even know if I can obtain it the "hard" way.
  13. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    I was thinking Assembly would be Rock/Ghost or Rock/Dark. Burst would be Fairy, Fairy/Fighting, or Fairy/something.
  14. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    I don't care what anyone says about UBs, I love strange monster/alien things, so these new UBs made my day. This also breaks the "no new pokemon mid-generation" pattern! Interesting.
  15. @theSLAYER The GBA gangwriters I've seen/heard of seem to all be refurbished DMG/GBC writers, like the one you pictured.