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  1. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    I was thinking Assembly would be Rock/Ghost or Rock/Dark. Burst would be Fairy, Fairy/Fighting, or Fairy/something.
  2. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    I don't care what anyone says about UBs, I love strange monster/alien things, so these new UBs made my day. This also breaks the "no new pokemon mid-generation" pattern! Interesting.
  3. @theSLAYER The GBA gangwriters I've seen/heard of seem to all be refurbished DMG/GBC writers, like the one you pictured.
  4. Weavile is an Ice-type too, so they may have been planned as version exclusives in Frost Cavern, before being scrapped to just an uncatchable Abomasnow.
  5. This'll be the only public sample in the meantime, until this thing has been all paid off to PayPal Credit
  6. @HaxAras I still find it somewhat odd that no JEREMY savefile/cart has leaked (that we know of) when Mystery Mew has had several, yet both were Toys R Us events distributed by direct trade from FR carts, spanning only about two years between each other. Perhaps that can be something I'll look into after the current two projects are said and done. Though since it is a normal cartridge, it would be theoretically possible for the everstone situation. I doubt an empoyee would've given someone the extra time to do so though.
  7. Yeah, that's his other cart he mentioned to me. I think he reused the menu screen picture, because I doubt both are 39:29 on playtime, but the boxes are obviously different. Which is what he told me, his other cart had a completely different layout in the boxes. And yes, we have the cart. Legitimacy checked out fine.
  8. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    Not sure why they make it so you can't somehow get more than one "form" if you wanted to obtain them all. Guess I'll be preparing 6 savefile copies.
  9. @kyle72686 It's always interesting when people who ran old events come forward with information like this. I guess if they let you take it home, considering others were allowed to do so, I guess that could've theoretically allowed someone to dump an untouched savefile. Though I'm not quite sure if dumping was as easily accessible in 2006 as it is now. While several legitimate Mew carts have leaked, unfortunately the majority you'll see on eBay are just repros people made by coping public savefiles to any retail FireRed cart. Toys R Us in general though is known for being much tighter with making sure these carts weren't stolen, versus stores like GameStop. That's why the DS distro carts from TRU are so much rarer than those from GameStop, at least before the trash heap of thousands of damaged carts was found a couple years ago.
  10. Not quite simply a non-colored version, the head and eyes are both noticeably more rounded. But still obviously an early version of the Gold sprite. Speaking of that, we know the most obvious internals of the Mew/Celebi machines is likely a Super Nintendo/Famicom(see controller, SGB border), with a Super Game Boy 2(see border, and apparent link cable use), which contains the actual distribution cart. Which all apparently connects to a GameBoy on the end you'd stick your personal cart, as in one photo you can see what looks to be a GBP/GBC. What I don't understand is how carts were inserted and removed without the GameBoy needing to be shut on and off each time, since there's no multiboot function. I know it's impossible to say for sure, but I was always interested in theorizing exactly how these worked.
  11. My farfetch'd (illogical) hope in the past was when occasionally buying Japanese carts on eBay, that I may one day find an original event pokemon. I still guess it's possible, but not too likely. Especially the rarer events. At least Gen I carts often still save. I wouldn't bother with Gen II since the RTC drained those batteries like nothing, so the chances of finding a cart still possessing an original savefile containing an event is basically zero.
  12. I appreciate you attempting to collect all known information for this thread. It's always been very hard to find information on Japanese Gen 1 and Gen 2 events. Bulbapedia has very bare and incomplete info, but understandably so.
  13. We actually don't have pictures of Boxes 6, 9, 13, and 14. From what the seller told me, there were a few traded pokemon in one of those boxes, but he didn't tell me how many. So it's not 100% untouched as a whole(such a cart may not even exist), but the Boxes we needed the remaining lost Mews from(1, 2, and 3) are untouched. However he said there's over 400 Mews on it(out of 420), so there's probably only a few traded pokemon.
  14. If anyone is still unsure needs clarification, these Mystery Mews were distributed by direct trade from a special savefile that Nintendo injected on standard FireRed cartridges, for use at the Toys R Us event in 2006. The reason this particular cart differs from our other Mystery Mew savefiles, is that it still contains all the remaining Mystery Mews we haven't yet been able to obtain and archive. The legitimacy was verified with the seller by comparing a row of Natures with our partially reconstructed data. For this reason, and perhaps a one time opportunity, it was worth the massive expense, which the majority of the burden currently lies on me and @HaxAras Any donations are appreciated to help us cover the expense, as the end result is something that will benefit our community as a whole in regards to event preservation and legality. To clarify, donations are to be sent through PayPal, to "". Any donations will go immediately towards paying off PayPal Credit.
  15. These are awesome! Glad to see it won't be a Japan-exclusive thing. Looks like it's time to replace my long-time classic Mega Man theme.