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  1. Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Updated

    Apparently new Totem-sized pokemon (Araquanid, etc) won't go in Bank, while the old ones (Raticate, etc) will. I don't know if this is an oversight or what.
  2. Well if it means anything, I dumped the Rockruff wc7fulls for my personal archives and used WFR Dumper without any problem.
  3. Your Ultra Sun / Moon Team?

    Besides the starter, I typically try to fill my team with pokemon I never used in a story-mode playthrough before. Decidueye (used in Sun) Malamar Slowbro Arcanine Crabrawler Noibat Of course, there's the possibility I'll swap in something different as I further progress. I'm thinking between Totem Kommo-o, Naganadel, and Dawn Wings Necrozma.
  4. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    I was just curious about the repeatable flag being removed for USUM. Then again, I forgot that wc7fulls are retrievable from the server without a code, so I wasn't really thinking straight.
  5. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Does that mean the Celebi would be retrievable from the server? Because I have one or two unused codes(I'll donate it if necessary) I could dump the wc7full with, but I don't really want to risk going online before Friday and risk a 3DS ban.
  6. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Datamining

    Looks like Adhesive/Poipole evolves to Naganadel like Inkay to Malamar, at least design wise. I wonder if it's triggered by the same mechanic? Anyway, I'm only greatly disappointed by the lack of NatDex, but I saw that coming tbh. Also could have used a few more UBs and/or Alolan forms, but I can live with that I guess. Glad UBs aren't shiny locked, as I had hoped. Though no excuse for Zygarde to STILL be shiny locked. New mythical and the third Necrozma form were expected, both look pretty cool. Odd how Ultra Necrozma sort of still resembles Dawn Wings, yet no features of Dusk Mane.
  7. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Looks to me like the Ultra Space legends will be battled as soon as you enter the wormhole, just like the Hoopa portals in ORAS, as I feared. I should have expected it, but I am disappointed we don't get sent to a small part of Cerulean Cave, etc, for each legendary battle.
  8. With the cart finally being completely paid off as of a few hours ago, the savefile is now publicly available here. Special thanks to @HaxAras , @ajxpk , and everyone else who contributed to help pay for this near $1000 investment.
  9. Version


    This page contains all publicly available savefiles that were dumped from original FireRed carts, which were used to distribute MYSTRY Mew by direct trade. The distribution took place at Toys R Us stores in the United States on 30 November 2006, for only three hours from 12 - 3 pm. Each savefile is credited to who supplied it online. The recently acquired savefile that provided the missing remainder of the boxed 420 Mews is credited to, for appreciation to the group effort of those that helped obtain and pay for it. The 420 individual .pk3 files can be found here.
  10. Italian 10 ANNIV Distribution Cartridge

    Exactly what I was thinking. Sounds about right considering that's fairly common to up the value of rarities. I find it hard to believe someone paid 2k this quickly, when other GBA carts have sat at lower prices for weeks.
  11. Italian 10 ANNIV Distribution Cartridge

    I replaced the images in my first post with the original, non-enlarged screenshots due to anti-aliasing and for archival accuracy.
  12. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    I'm seeing a lot of debate about the legitimacy/accuracy of the interview in that French link. I'm not saying it's true or false, but the fact this is being discussed is something to keep in mind for the time being until we have better confirmation.
  13. I'd personally be interested in this. Last I checked the Retrode still didn't support N64 save backup, and iirc all other dumpers are rare and expensive ancient hardware like Dr V64/Dr V64 Jr.
  14. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Unfortunately I think Eeveelutions are overplayed at this point, and personally have no interest in seeing any new evos. A Dragon-type Eeveelution would be the only thing I'd have the slightest interest in. Either way I'd applaud any completely new pokemon additions, hopefully more than just these three UBs and the obvious Mythical or two.
  15. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    That sounds like a cop-out excuse tbh, I don't see a legitimate reason not to include a few more Alolan forms. At least it seems to imply there could be other new pokemon besides the three new UBs. That's surely a positive. Assuming they weren't referring to returning old pokemon. Though I wasn't sure if they were saying there will be a new evolution for Eevee or what, "different possibilities for Eevee".