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  1. I have one more semi-related cartridge label in need of translation:
  2. What's it say in the box above 64Kbit? I didn't see that text on the other carts.
  3. I'm going to ask a very similar translation request here since it doesn't warrant a new thread. Just want to know what all the Japanese text is saying: Edit: It looks nearly identical to the text on YoshiMoshi's cart, with only unique text in the box above 64Kbit.
  4. I've had an account there since September 2016 and don't recall any trouble setting it up... maybe its some kind of new feature? Also, yes I do use my Gmail when making forum accounts.
  5. Likelihood any of these savefiles are all long dead. Gen II events that aren't in Stadium, or already privately dumped, are lost for good. I think if someone on this forum had one they'd be willing to contribute, they would have come forward already.
  6. I always figure the main reason most people used the Stadium storage system was to back up their pokemon to start a new game without loosing them. Some may have been transferred back, some not. That's what you'll usually see in storage, tons of random pokemon. I figure some Celebis went through this process. Like you said, some people probably know what they have. Though when they no longer care, the cart will end up somewhere with a new owner, by internet or locally, whether we find it or not. I'm sure there's some out there. It's a very hard goal, but dedication usually pays off. At least, it's something we can aim to achieve within the coming years. I'm personally sick of spending money on this stuff, so I'd rather look towards finding a private collector to deal with... if possible lol... In regards to the clock message you mention, idk. My Crystal gave me clock reset messages upon boot for a couple years before it actually lost the savefile. It must have had trouble retaining the RTC data with the battery getting weaker, but with any other cartridge their deaths came with no warning. It was odd. All I know is when the battery drains totally, there's zero power running through the cart to retain any RAM, so the savefile will be gone regardless of seeing a message or not.
  7. What bothers me is that when these guys retire, many will likely completely stop caring about doing further trading/collecting, yet still keep these things under lock and key years later to be forgotten. Though those that are still into trading and have one of these, I don't think it would hurt to have at least ONE Japanese Celebi public in the meantime. If anyone reading this has one, I would be willing to negotiate a fair variety from my private stuff just to allow one Japanese Celebi to surface. Before I sold off my N64 collection, I bypassed the region lock on Japanese carts by replacing the back of the cartridges with those from cheap trash sports games: https://imgur.com/a/zCBx3 Being worth the time is subjective, as pretty much most efforts of event preservation are. I used to think buying GBA distributions were worth the hundreds/thousands of dollars. These days? Hell no. It all depends on your passion and drive to achieve that goal. I'm pretty sure a few people I know here would be more than willing to start occasionally buying Stadium GS carts on eBay. Though the real problem I see at the core of what I was recommending is the very slim chance of finding a real one in the storage. I used to do occasionally this with Japanese Gen I carts and never got lucky. It can happen though, look at the SpaceWorld 97 Mew. However since you're referring to manipulating data from the rental Celebi, personally I wouldn't, but I don't speak for everyone.
  8. @Brittany Most private collectors like this don't care about money, but I suppose it's possible. We have rare trade-worthy material, the question is if he'd accept. @fabio00 I think @ajxpk tried contacting him a couple years back and got no response. I have ideas that some people on this forum may have the Celebi anyway. A problem we face either way is they'd probably not want it to go public if we made a deal.
  9. I thought I had seen them on Ahiru in the past, but I don't think I ever figured why there weren't downloads like with the Gen III events. Thanks for the explanation. That proves my point, they are preserved and are being hoarded away somewhere. I don't think that really helps us though, because iirc Ahiru doesn't answer emails anymore.
  10. This is the HUGE problem with preserving Gen II events compared to Gen I. Most carts died many years ago, while quite a good amount of Gen I were still alive until more recent years. I think the only real chance is buying Japanese "Pocket Monsters Stadium Gold Silver" N64 carts, as it's likely the only place you'll find an original Celebi these days. Regardless, it's still playing "needle in the haystack". However it wouldn't surprise me if someone is already hoarding one somewhere.
  11. Not sure if he wants to share the price he paid, but it was found on a Japanese auction site. We try to keep watch for these things, but it seems only by luck it may have been a one-time thing. YoshiMoshi found it back in March, and I personally haven't seen anything since.
  12. As part of this year's annual Christmas releases to the Pokemon event community, today we present the first Mew ever known to be preserved from the distribution held at SpaceWorld 1997. Not only is this our first Mew from SW97, it is also the oldest/earliest pokemon event we've ever had the privilege of preserving. This Mew was recently discovered through a post on Reddit by u/salinbreezy, in which he shows the Mew on a Japanese Blue cart that he found at a thrift store alongside several other Japanese Pokemon cartridges. I'd like to give special thanks to @suloku and @HaxAras who both emailed me in late September to inform me of it, while suloku asked me to contact salinbreezy myself to counter the time and expense of overseas shipping. Thankfully salinbreezy happily agreed to ship me his cartridge to allow me to dump the savefile. After direct examination, we're positive that this Mew is very likely legitimate. This Mew was distributed like most events of the era, by a "Mew machine", which as we know distributes identical Mews with TIDs incremented by 1 to the player's party. Bulbapedia provides a bit further information on the event, stating: To be eligible to receive a Mew, players had to submit an application postcard; only 100,000 people were able to receive this Mew. While originally going to be run from November 22 to 23, 1997, the distribution was later extended to the non-exhibition day November 24, 1997. While this is the ヨッシー (YOSHI) OT variant of the SW97 Mew, one of the other known OT possibilities is ルイージ (LUIGI). This is TID 15219 of the ヨッシー Mews. Again, I'd like to thank salinbreezy for allowing us to preserve this Mew. It may very well be the only Mew we ever see from SpaceWorld 1997, as the life of the batteries retaining these old savefiles are at their very end. Japanese events from Generation I and II are extremely rare as it is, and to date the only other Japanese events from the era that we've preserved are four マクハリ (Makuhari) Mews from SpaceWorld 1999. ----- salinbreezy's image from Reddit: Dumping salinbreezy's Japanese Blue cart: SpaceWorld 1997 Mew Promotional Advertisement: In regards to further event rarities being released this year, there may be more to see tomorrow elsewhere on the internet 151 - ミュウ - 15219.pk1 Blue.sav
  13. As @ajxpk stated, mistakingly not filtering out perfect hacks is always a potential reality of event preservation. If we are going to be this paranoid, a good amount of the older events we currently have up should come into question. It's hard to say we can 100% verify the lesser documented events. It doesn't make me discount the loads of undocumented PCNYs we have, for example. We have to consider that when events like this check out legal in comparison to our research data, especially events this rare, they shouldn't be withheld due to the off chance it's a perfect hack. I trust the judgment of Sabresite and ajxpk. Most hackers don't know how to do it right anyway with out some sort of unintentional sign, much less go through that effort for a public hoax. That's just my two cents anyway, not trying to chew you out or anything. We have a ton of rarities we may never find again, I just don't want to see them held back for lack of perfect documentation.
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