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  1. I figured I should give quick update on this to close the loose ends. Updates from Jenn were slow paced due to real life and such, but our talks have come to a close. Turns out her friend's cart was actually a Red as well, and it being a Blue must've been a false memory. The savefile was indeed erased though as I had predicted. Unfortunately, this cart has also since then been removed from the system it was sealed in, so we won't have any new pictures to archive as I was hoping for. That's about it. Now with all my questions answered, she shipped my dumper back to me a few days ago. So the savefile we obtained in January will indeed likely be the only one we will ever archive from this event, which we are extremely lucky to have in the first place. I guess now we can look forward to the preservation effort keeping up the momentum of the last year or so, hopefully bringing us more rare data to archive. Unfortunately I'm not sure how much is left sitting around with collectors.
  2. I don't mind paying the $5 a year, rather I'm thinking of longevity. I sometimes still complete/re-complete the NatDex when playing any of the older games. Come the day in 10 years or whenever and the 3DS/Switch PokeBank servers goes offline, we won't even have access anymore. I also don't like DLC for this reason, so when I buy a game I prefer it complete.
  3. National Dex. Collectors and completionists don't want to settle on it being PokeBank exclusive behind a paywall. Return to featuring more exploration options and less linearity. It makes it more fun and worth playing after you finish the main game. (eg. giving Ultra Space full potential) Less hand-holding. I'm tired of the slow and boring beginnings with forced Trainer School bullshit, etc. Stop hyping things just to end up with lost potential (eg. Ultra Megalopolis, Zygarde, etc.) Longer post-game stories. Rainbow Rocket was fun, but too short. Perhaps continue Rainbow Rocket (post-game or not), as Giovanni hinted this was only the beginning of his new scheme. Lessen the ongoing Kanto pandering, rather just have references to all regions. (Alolan forms of only Kantomon is one example of this problem) More in-game Mythicals like Deoxys and Celebi. No Kanto remakes until we at least have Gen IV and V If Kanto, make it a new story that takes place after GSC, or alternatively a prequel to GSC that allows travel to Johto.
  4. A couple months ago I had tried using @suloku's seeder with the Meteor rom, and it did not produce a shiny. Iirc, nature, etc was all identical to a Wishmkr using the same seed, just not shiny. But if a shiny Meteor is indeed possible, there must be something different with its multiboot that needs to be accounted for.
  5. So this Yellow was just someone's personal cart that had been traded a Mew, right? Because otherwise I didn't know of any Yellow carts being used for the actual distribution. But being held in December 1999 could technically make that a possibility I suppose. (You can respond in our email convo if you want, since I don't know how long you plan on visiting here again)
  6. There were no other multiboots besides the four we found. As for DS ROMs, we dug into these and found everything last January.
  7. To make sure I'm understanding this correctly, the question marks only appear if either injected into Gen II, or traded when the savefiles aren't on Virtual Console? Then it's not really as big of a problem as I thought as long as VC trading is correcting the terminator.
  8. That's an awful screw up. Though I'm sure the trashbytes could be corrected, and it probably isn't checked for transfer legality. Even if you don't care to transfer, those question marks would annoy me. Luckily I had already decided to use a fresh YOSHIRA in my Crystal playthrough.
  9. Actually, I JUST found a single Christmas Day PCNY Seviper buried among the Pokemon Box Promo PCNY Sevipers, while reorganizing Digiex's compilation save for InsaneNutter. So we can update the list, however more are always more than welcome. Anything PCNY is more than welcome, especially considering how Bulbapedia doesn't even have them all documented.
  10. The Research tab under Event Flags, where you can load your before(Old) and after(New) savefiles.
  11. Yes under the "Research" tab. That's what gets set after viewing the diplomas, so just reverse it on your main save.
  12. Flags Set: 0323,0324 Constant 75: 97->99
  13. You should compare with actual .sav/.dsv files, not save states.
  14. I'll attach my modified HG save. I'd do the flag tests myself, but I currently working on a couple other projects. -removed-
  15. If they're not .dsv or .sav format, try importing the save after the rom is loaded. Then save the game.