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  1. VC RBY - Virtual Console Mew (UK)

    To make sure I'm understanding this correctly, the question marks only appear if either injected into Gen II, or traded when the savefiles aren't on Virtual Console? Then it's not really as big of a problem as I thought as long as VC trading is correcting the terminator.
  2. VC RBY - Virtual Console Mew (UK)

    That's an awful screw up. Though I'm sure the trashbytes could be corrected, and it probably isn't checked for transfer legality. Even if you don't care to transfer, those question marks would annoy me. Luckily I had already decided to use a fresh YOSHIRA in my Crystal playthrough.
  3. Actually, I JUST found a single Christmas Day PCNY Seviper buried among the Pokemon Box Promo PCNY Sevipers, while reorganizing Digiex's compilation save for InsaneNutter. So we can update the list, however more are always more than welcome. Anything PCNY is more than welcome, especially considering how Bulbapedia doesn't even have them all documented.
  4. Trying to view diploma again

    The Research tab under Event Flags, where you can load your before(Old) and after(New) savefiles.
  5. Trying to view diploma again

    Yes under the "Research" tab. That's what gets set after viewing the diplomas, so just reverse it on your main save.
  6. Trying to view diploma again

    Flags Set: 0323,0324 Constant 75: 97->99
  7. Trying to view diploma again

    You should compare with actual .sav/.dsv files, not save states.
  8. Trying to view diploma again

    I'll attach my modified HG save. I'd do the flag tests myself, but I currently working on a couple other projects. -removed-
  9. Trying to view diploma again

    If they're not .dsv or .sav format, try importing the save after the rom is loaded. Then save the game.
  10. Trying to view diploma again

    What you can do is find a HeartGold savefile at someplace like GameFaqs, fill the pokedex with PKHeX, make a copy the edited savefile, receive the diploma with an emulator, then do a before/after comparison in PKHeX's "Event Flags" tab. It will pinpoint the flag that triggers it.
  11. Virtual Console Ilex Forest Celebi

    I'm so glad it's confirmed they didn't bother to shiny-lock it. It makes Crystal well worth of a VC re-release, and not as much of a cash grab. I'm not too big on transferring, I prefer keeping pokemon in their origin generation. Though I'll definitely transfer a second shiny Celebi to my current-Gen shiny mythical/legend collection. I hope the other unobtainable shiny mythicals become available soon. At least we can expect the Alola legends won't be shiny-locked when we get them in Gen VIII.
  12. Pokemon Crystal Version (with PCNY event Pokemon)

    I don't really doubt Gold Ursaring's credibility either. Considering the Zubat is the only egg event that has an OT that differs from the savefile, it's a likely assumption that an undetected hack was traded to him at some point. Will be nice to confirm that though.
  13. Pokemon Crystal Version (with PCNY event Pokemon)

    I know this was mentioned four years ago by Metropolis, but it was never further addressed. Can we account for the one misspelling of a Typhlosion nicknamed "THYPLOSION" as being legitimate? As far as I can figure, it makes the legality questionable. Other Typhlosions from the PCNYb machine don't do this to the nickname string. Though I suppose the early TID(00031) may indicate a typo in the distribution rom that was soon fixed. But I'd figure the PCNYa/c/d machines would also have the bug early on since their roms are undoubtedly identical other than OT. I don't know. Just speculation, but I find it odd. I at least wanted to address it further. Then there's an odd case with the Flail Zubat. All other PCNY Egg events have a Met Location, at Level 1, and Time of Day. The Zubat has (None) for both, and met at Level 0. Since these were hatched, I can't blame it on the distribution machine. So this one is even more odd to me and more questionable.
  14. USUM - Year of Legendary (2018)

    I don't know how obvious this was, but I just realized that there are differences between the Palkia/Dialga you receive in Sun/Moon and UltraSun/UltraMoon. Different levels and moveset. SM gets them at Lv60 and USUM gets them at Lv100(+Gold Bottle Cap).
  15. @Invader TAK I wouldn't expect modification to be plausible any time soon, if ever. Even swapping a MB from 10ANNIV into Aura will cause the error due to these checksums. As said before, only BGFZ is easily modified, but since nothing generates with the same algorithm(besides JP version), it's pointless for practical purposes. And now we even have the legitimate JP BGFZ multiboot.