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  1. Hi guys, just as the title suggests I would like for someone to pls help my son and I out. I don't have a hacked switch and would probably brick it. If someone could help me it would be appreciated 132 ★ - メタモン - 21DC00000000.pk8 151 - Mew - 090E8B22E9E1.pk8 151 - Mew - F3718B22E9E1.pk8 887 ★ - Dragapult - DA8E00000000.pk8 889 - Zamazenta - EA4E00000000.pk8 006 ★ - Charizard - E47C00000000.pk8
  2. I have the worst luck ever with this emulator. Nothing I do seems to work. It runs slow, it doesn't save, it crashes, the speed up button, etc, doesn't work. I'm trying to make ribbon master Pokemon and I don't want to have to constantly rely on other people to help me get the wifi ribbon. Using a save editor, even as a last resort feels dirty. I wanna do this legit. Would anybody be able to set up the emulator and settings and send it to me in a zipped file. That I'd be able to un-pack and set up with minimal effort? I found a complete Platinum save online. As soon as I've bred/caught my Pokemon, I can easily use a save editor to inject them into the save and then use them as needed. I have little to no patience for BS as it is and all this program has done is waste hours of my time. If anybody would be willing to help, I'd be very grateful. I could try to help you out on your ribbon quest as well. I have a lot of gen 3 stuff that will make it a breeze and I could send you my gen 4 competitive Pokemon once I've bred/caught them.
  3. After the WiFi got shut off I can't trade for Pokemon anymore on Black 2. I really want to complete the local pokedex, and I don't have an Action replay so I can't see Skitty, or Rufflet, or Reshiram. Is there a way that I can see them without trading for them?
  4. Warning: Please do not get scammed on Wi-fi trades. Anyone who offers you an "egg" of Volcanion, Hoopa, or any hacked Pokemon claiming they can be traded is lying to you. Deeply apologize if this is the wrong place for this, so mods feel free to do what is appropriate. I thought I'd post this in R&D because I have done a bit of research into these two topics and it appears to be of particular interest to many people who have questions about getting a Japanese 3DS and whether a Volcanion, Hoopa, or other hacked pokemon can be obtained by hacking the Pokemon as an egg (as a way to bypass the legality checkers on Wi-fi services). I also feel this has been asked MANY times in other threads and will continue to be asked by newcomers. Here are some clarifications regarding what you can or can't do with a Japanese 3DS and/or using Pokebank if you have the Cyber Save Editor 3DS by Cyber Gadget, and some myth-busting regarding trading hacked eggs: You will need a Japanese 3DS if you: 1. Bought a new Japanese X/Y game so you can initiate gameplay of the game and advance until you get the pokedex (or whatever the checkpoint is to enable use with Cyber Save Editor 2. Would like to trade eggs (for some reason) from your Japanese game to your non-Japanese game (Pokebank will not store eggs) 3. Want to have Latiosite, Latiasite, Soul Dew, Sacred Ash, or any of the other unreleased items (Pokebank does not allow storage of items, held items will be sent to your bag if you try to store them in Pokebank). These items can be traded to your non-Japanese game via local trade. That's about everything I can think of right now. 4. Don't care for trading permanent Mega Pokemon to your non-Japanese game, as this cannot be done via local trade. You can use Pokebank on your non-Japanese 3DS if you: 1. Have a used copy of a Japanese Pokemon X or Y cartridge that has been sufficiently advanced to enable Cyber injecting. 2. Want to transfer permanent Mega Pokemon to your non-Japanese game, as this is cannot be done via local trade. 3. Don't care about obtaining unreleased items on your non-Japanese 3DS. OR you don't care about having hacked eggs (which cannot be traded via wi-fi, more on this next). Now to bust the hacked egg trading myth: <- For anyone that really doesn't believe me when I say it doesn't work, here is proof of it, because a lot of people that come up to me about it want to know for sure (not sure if any of them read this forum).Furthermore, I think hacked eggs can in fact be sent to Wondertrade. However, I have heard that the receiving end of any hacked eggs will get a bad egg that will never hatch. I'm not sure whether this can be confirmed, but my suspicion is that wonder trading hacked pokemon was the cause of all those bad eggs floating around wonder trade last year. I really hope this helps. Thanks for readying.
  5. My friend got a dragonite on the GTS in HG. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749621 He's the one who got it the ribbons and PKRS, though. So, I was wondering how such an awfully made pkm file could even go on the GTS(Note that it said it was hatched, only I pokecheck wouldn't let me upload it like that, since "Egg recieved" was still "---", so I had to upload it as a gen5 pokémon). I took it's pkm file and opened it in pokégen with "Target game Black/White" selected, and it's name changed into Dragonite, and the OT changed into JEESE. It also lost 2 shiny leaves, which were apparently a glitch. I tried to reverse engineer the process and figured most of the info must be a glitch. However, I tried to make it look more legal, just for the lulz. It seems the trash bytes were completely screwed, so I tried fixing them with TrashBytes.exe, but they're still illegal. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749653 Any ides on how to fix them? tl;dr What's wrong with this Dragonite(pal parked)? http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749653
  6. Thankyou alot for reading my thread. <3 I need help creating a Shiny Cherish Ball Salamence. Their was an event for one in Japan a long time ago. I was wondering if it was possible to create a Shiny Cherish Ball Salamence using Pokegen. Can someone please tell what to put in the fields in the to make it look like an event. Heres what I want it to have: Shiny Salamence Cherish ball 31 Ivs in all stats Evs: 252 Atk/252 Speed/6 Sdef Hasty Certain OT and ID Moves: Dragon Claw Dragon Dance Protect Heat Wave It has egg moves so I was wondering what should I fill out in the Pokegen to make it legit for wifi. Thankyou again for reading my thread. <3 - SirMathewSexy
  7. Hello, I've been looking into making a code to allow lvl 100 or lvl 50 6 vs 6 battles on wifi, and maybe even c-gear. so far, I've managed to dig up this info by looking at battle replays with different modes in Pokemon Black (US). here are my findings: 0x0226B032: 00-Battle Subway, Single 00000000 01-Battle Subway, Double 00000001 04-Battle Subway, Multi 00000100 18-Colosseum Single, No Restrictions 00011000 19-Colosseum Double, No Restrictions 00011001 1A-Colosseum Triple, No Restrictions 00011010 1B-Colosseum Rotation, No Restrictions 00011011 1C-Colosseum Multi, No Restrictions 00011100 28-Random Matchup, Free Single 00101000 29-Random Matchup, Free Double 00101001 2A-Random Matchup, Free Triple 00101010 2B-Random Matchup, Free Rotation 00101011 38-Competition, Single, Launcher Off 00111000 39-Competition, Double, Launcher Off 00111001 3A-Competition, Triple, Launcher Off 00111010 3B-Competition, Rotation, Launcher Off 00111011 68-Random Matchup, Rating Single 01101000 69-Random Matchup, Rating Double 01101001 6A-Random Matchup, Rating Triple 01101010 6B-Random Matchup, Rating Rotation 01101011 98-Colosseum Single, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011000 99-Colosseum Double, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011001 9A-Colosseum Triple, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011010 9B-Colosseum Rotation, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011011 9C-Colosseum Multi, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011100 B8-Competition, Single, Launcher On 10111000 B9-Competition, Double, Launcher On 10111001 BA-Competition, Triple, Launcher On 10111010 BB-Competition, Rotation, Launcher On 10111011 0x0226B033 seems to be 02 if the battle is a flat battle, otherwise it is a zero? (bits are 1 for the left most, and 8 for the right most) first bit appears to be what determines if the launcher is on second bit appears to be for rating? third bit seems to be for random matchups and competitions only fourth bit appears for only colosseum and competition fith bit seems to determine if the battle is a battle subway one bits 6-8 seem to be the mode: 0=single 1=double 2=triple 3=rotation 4=multi I want to try and search these after selecting a battle mode, but I cannot get the game to connect to wifi through the emulator. if someone else could use this data to find a code, that'd be swell
  8. No matter what I read or try I cannot seem to get these guys legal using Pokegen. I generate AR codes to use and I have created Pokemon before that worked in white, so I am a bit stumped as to why these guys aren't working. I would really appreciate any help making these guys legal for random wifi. Attached are the PKM files
  9. I've been wondering about a few things regarding trading hacked pokes over the Wi-Fi Club.. How "insane" can a poke be made in Pokesav and still be traded over the Wi-Fi Club? I'm thinking about having my team superpokes (quite obviously hacked), as I dont play battles online or really mind the GTS blocking me or such things. I've searched a bit and can't seem to find an answer for my questions, maybe because they are too basic and stupid :biggrin: But anyhow, is it possible to trade a poke with an illegal ability over the Wi-Fi club, with moves it cannot learn legally, weird stats etc? And, when making a poke with, say, 999 in all combat stats, will this be normalized (brought down to legal max) if you deposit the pokemon into the PC, or will the illegal stats stick even if you do the "box trick"? Are there any more downsides about having illegal pokes in my game that I haven't thought of?
  10. Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been on in ages but i'm back now and with a new thread What are you guys opinions on using a AR to use the new pkm formes on wifi Do you not care or are you fussy about it? I personally don't mind if you ask permission first
  11. Need 2 pokemon, please and thank you
  12. ok well basically I'm trying to get this one http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/giratina under choice specs. I caught my giratina today but it had a gentle nature so I would very much appreciate it if you could help me with this Oh and is it important to know my SID? I heard if you had a shiny pokemon you could find out. But if it's easier can't you just make it so that I received it in a trade? trying for http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/torterra choice band. When do you think we can trade? Thank you so much for this
  13. Can anyone make and trade me the following?
  14. Pokemon: Infernape Gender: Male Nickname: None Trainer ID: 27125 Secret ID: doesn't matter OT: Landon Level: 100 Ability: Blaze Held item: Life Orb Move set: Nasty Plot, Grass Knot, Close Combat, Fire Blast PP usage for move set: Normal Nature: Hasty Egg: No/Received from the Daycare Couple, April 20, 2008 Shiny: No Pokerus: No Ball caught in: Pokeball Battle stats: Set to Max EV stats: 64 Attack / 252 Special Attack / 192 Speed IV stats: HP – 31/Attack – 31/Def – 30/Sp. Attack – 31/Sp. Def – 30/Speed – 31 Ribbons: None Contest stats: None Location met: Egg hatched on Iron Island, April 20, 2008 Game: Platinum Pokemon: Deoxys-A Gender: Male Nickname: None Trainer ID: 27125 Secret ID: doesn't matter OT: Landon Level: 100 Ability: Pressure Held item: Life Orb Move set: Ice Beam, Superpower, Thunder, Hidden Power Fire PP usage for move set: Normal Nature: Hasty Egg: No/Received from the Daycare Couple, April 20, 2008 Shiny: No Pokerus: No Ball caught in: Pokeball Battle stats: Set to Max EV stats: 4 Attack / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed IV stats: HP – 31/Attack – 31/Def – 30/Sp. Attack – 30/Sp. Def – 31/Speed – 30 (hidden power fire) Ribbons: None Contest stats: None Location met: Egg hatched on Iron Island, April 20, 2008 Game: Platinum
  15. Wi-Fi trade pls. Much appreciated! <3
  16. Hello everyone. I'm Corbin. I'm new to Project PokéMon, but I've been using PokéSav for almost a year. Recently, I had to give my R4DS and AR to my little sis because of DSi incompatibility. I am getting an R4i Gold in 2-4 weeks, but I can't make PokéSav PokéMon and put them on my HeartGold game cart because my little sis is stingy (and/or a brat). To the point of this thread: I'm looking for someone that would be nice enough to make PokéMon on PokéSav for me and trade them via the WiFi Union Room. I will request a lot of PokéMon, but I'll try not to ask for too much. Here's what I am looking for: Jirachi Lv 30 (Shiny and Pokérus) Nicknamed: Wish Nature: Bashful Held Item: Master Ball Friendship: 255 (I know that after trading, the friendship value is reset) OT Info: OT: Corbin OT ID: 03995 OT SID: 32959 OT Gender: Male Stats: All Maxed Moves: 1) Spacial Rend 2) Draco Meteor 3) Tri Attack 4) Softboiled PP Ups: Max PP of each move: 99 Contest Stats: It doesn't matter. I'm not going to use it in contests. Ribbons: All Fateful Encounter Met at Lv. 30 in "Johto Region" Met on May 31st, 2010 Hometown: Johto (HeartGold) If you can help make and trade this PokéMon to me, I will gladly appreciate it. My Friend Code on HG is 2193 0835 1925. Please email me at corbinraymond92@gmail.com if you can help me out. Thanks!
  17. Hey if there is anyone out there with Pokemon Diamond, an Action Replay and a WiFi connection can you please activate a code for me and trade me the PKMN, I would appreciate it. Just drop a message below to let me know you're there and can help, thanks very much.
  18. Hey, I'd like to request these 6 pokemon, please. The first 3 are for a Wifi team while the Regis will help me complete the dex. I the code as well. The code is: Thanks!
  19. I was wondering if it is possible to use a Rotom in his other formes in Heart Gold Wi-fi. I'm using a R4 to play Heart Gold and will like to use Rotom in Wi-fi but it keeps reverting back to his old forme.
  20. I need 6 Pokemon of mine to be made and then traded over Wi-fi. Thanks to anyone who helps in advance. If it matters I use Pokemon Diamond. My Friend Code is 2020 9494 3902 If I made any mistakes please correct me. We can Schedule when to trade. My friend code is above. Many thanks to whoever can help me.
  21. I want each and every one of them to be legal. They need to have legal stats and such. As long as they can be allowed in tournament battles and such. Aerodactyl (M) @ Liechi Berry Ability: Pressure EVs: 252 HP/4 Atk/252 Spd IVs: all maxed Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Stealth Rock - Stone Edge - Ice Fang - Taunt Solrock @ Focus Sash Ability: Levitate EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 SAtk IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0 speed Brave nature (+Atk, -Spd) - Earthquake - Explosion - Trick Room - Zen Headbutt Armaldo (M) @ Hard Stone Ability: Battle Armor EVs: 252 HP/128 Def/128 SDef IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/16 Careful nature (+SDef, -SAtk) - Rapid Spin - X-Scissor - Stone Edge - Aerial Ace Rampardos (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/6 Def IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0 Brave nature (+Atk, -Spd) - Earthquake - Thunderpunch - Hammer Arm - Fire Punch Tyranitar (M) @ Choice Specs Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 180 HP/252 SAtk/76 Spd IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0 Modest nature (+SAtk, -Atk) - Ice Beam - Dark Pulse - Thunderbolt - Flamethrower Cradily (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Suction Cups EVs: 252 HP/128 Def/128 SDef Relaxed nature (+Def, -Spd) - Recover - Protect - Toxic - Grass Knot
  22. The other day I did a test You know the code that lets you use the new formes on shaymin, rotom, and giratina online? Well I tried the code while trading and I traded a Heat Rotom to pender and after it traded, it stayed in heat forme even after Pender received it Seems the code does more than just allow the new formes in battle
  23. Hey guys. If any of you can do the whole making pokemon thing (hacking) whether its with AR or Save editing can you please make and send me these: *pokemon*:Starmie nickname: N/A id:61742 secret id: dunno (sorry) ot: Link level:100 ablity:Natural Cure held item:Mystic Water move set:Psychic, Ice beam, Thunderbolt, Surf (that order please) pp usage for move set: 10/10, 10/10, 15/15, 15/15 nature:Hasty egg:No thankyou shiny:No thankyou pokerus infected:Cured ball caught in: pokeball battle stats: HP:230 ATK:155 DEF:175 Sp.ATK:299 Sp.DEF:175 Speed:361 ev stats: HP:0 ATK:0 DEF:0 Sp.ATK:255 Sp.DEF:0 Speed:255 iv stats: All 31 ribbons: Effort, Beauty normal, super, hyper and master contest stats: 243 Beauty location met: Migrated from Kanto LV.50 *where*:box (and mention which box)/party N/A *request*:code/wi-fi 5327-6954-3756 *which game*: Platinum *pokemon*:Tyranitar nickname: N/A id:61742 secret id: dunno (sorry) ot: Link level:100 ablity:Sand Stream held item: Cherish Ball (unless it will skak up anyones game) move set:Payback, Superpower, Giga Impact, Earthquake(that order please) pp usage for move set: 10/10, 5/5, 5/5, 10/10 nature:Brave egg:No thankyou shiny:No thankyou pokerus infected:Cured ball caught in: pokeball battle stats: HP:366 ATK:403 DEF:256 Sp.ATK:289 Sp.DEF:242 Speed:172 ev stats: HP:0 ATK:255 DEF:0 Sp.ATK:255 Sp.DEF:0 Speed:0 iv stats:All 31 ribbons: Effort, Tough normal, super, hyper and master contest stats: 243 Tough location met: Migrated from Kanto LV.50 *where*:box (and mention which box)/party N/A *request*:code/wi-fi 5327-6954-3756 *which game*: Platinum *pokemon*:Regigas nickname: N/A id:61742 secret id: dunno (sorry) ot: Link level:100 ablity:Slow Start held item: Cherish Ball (unless it will skak up anyones game) move set:Giga Impact, Crush grip, revenge, Iron head pp usage for move set: 5/5, 5/5, 10/10, 15/15 nature:Naughty egg:No thankyou shiny:No thankyou pokerus infected:Cured ball caught in: pokeball battle stats: HP:416 ATK:460 DEF:303 Sp.ATK:242 Sp.DEF:259 Speed:188 ev stats: HP:255 ATK:255 DEF:0 Sp.ATK:0 Sp.DEF:0 Speed:0 iv stats: All 31 ribbons: Effort, Cool normal, super, hyper and master contest stats: 243 Cool location met: Met at LV.1 Snowpoint Temple *where*:box (and mention which box)/party N/A *request*:code/wi-fi 5327-6954-3756 *which game*: Platinum *pokemon*:Spiritomb nickname: N/A id:58012 secret id: dunno (sorry) ot: Raf-san level:100 ablity:Wonder guard held item: Cherish Ball (unless it will skak up anyones game) move set:Dark Void, Nightmare, Dream Eater, Hypnosis pp usage for move set: all with max pp up nature:Naughty egg:No thankyou shiny: Yes please pokerus infected:Cured ball caught in: Cherish ball battle stats: All maxed ev stats: HP:255 ATK:255 DEF:255 Sp.ATK:255 Sp.DEF:255 Speed:255 iv stats: All 31 ribbons: All contest stats: 155 all location met: Surprise me *where*:box (and mention which box)/party N/A *request*:code/wi-fi 5327-6954-3756 *which game*: Platinum Feel free to reply here and/or eMail/PM me =] i would be VERY grateful if you could do this thanks ==]=]=]=]
  24. pokeFREAK

    Wi-fi club

    Does anyone wanna connect in the wi-fi CLUB (not the plaza, the club) :kikkoman::kikkoman::kikkoman::kikkoman::kikkoman::kikkoman::kikkoman::kikkoman: ---------- Post added at 03:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:16 PM ---------- Uh-oh, gtg, but, still post, ill read it l8r.
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