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  1. All my Master Balls have been used on shinies, which would comprise a grand total of...one. Having to chuck 99999 other Poke Balls at a roaming legendary is nothing compared to the potential pain of losing a shiny because it might teleport, or explode, etc. The only exception is on Greevil's Shadow Lugia in , but ONLY because it is impossible to encounter a shiny in that game.
  2. Oh, my bad, I was only looking at the English Gen V events. It looks like the only Gen V events that can either be shiny or not shiny are Japanese so far.
  3. Zowayix

    PKM Conversion

    What save editor can create 3rd gen PKMs? I've never heard of one (then again my knowledge of 3rd gen hacking is very minimal).
  4. Which ones? The Event database doesn't appear to distinguish this.
  5. I'm fully aware that Mystery Gifts in Gen IV cannot be shiny unless they are programmed to be always shiny. Is this still true in Gen V? I've checked a number of sources and gotten some conflicting info, so I'd just like to get this clarified.
  6. Thanks! I see that the old PokeGen only supports creating pkm files, not actually editing save files. That's OK for my purposes.
  7. I know there was a link to something involving Gen III support (besides PokeGen) somewhere on this forum, but I searched for it (several times, both through the forum search and Google) and can't find it at all. Maybe the post/link was removed? It would help if I could remember what it was called...I think I last saw it like 5 years ago. (Funny how there's editing support for every generation except III. I and II have such simple data structures that Gameshark codes can do just about anything with no bad repercussions if you know what you're doing.)
  8. I remember way back on PokeGen before even 1.0 came out, there was some sort of preliminary Gen III support. However, it was later removed (and apparently not documented in the version changes?). What happened? I know that some editing programs exist that work for Gen III, but they all seem to have vanished like 5 years ago. The ones I do remember only worked for Japanese Gen III games. Can anyone provide more information on this subject?
  9. That was a mistranslation from Japanese wordplay. Tin (the actual metal) in Japanese is "suzu". The name of a certain type of ceremonial bell in Japanese is also "suzu". They sound the same but (in Japanese) are spelled differently. The translators mixed them up.
  10. I only use my Master Ball on shinies because of their rarity, and only then if they are about to faint for whatever reason. Everything else, even running legendaries, aren't worth it.
  11. My other thread on this topic died before I got a straight answer, so I'm remaking it. As far as I know, the following were definitely obtainable in the USA outside of hacking: - Eon Ticket through e-card on R/S - MysticTicket at 10 ANIV event on FR/LG/E - AuroraTicket at movie theater event on FR/LG - Eon Ticket through mixing records only on Emerald (If any of the above are wrong, let me know.) What I'm not sure about: - Was the AuroraTicket obtainable in the USA on Emerald? During the movie theater event, Emerald hadn't been released yet, and I've heard no news of any AuroraTicket giveaways during the 10 ANIV event. - Alternatively, the AuroraTicket was definitely obtainable in Emerald in Europe since NOE had an event where you could mail in your cartridge and they would put all 3 of the tickets in your game (only the Eon Ticket if the game was R/S). Was it technically possible to send in a USA copy of Emerald to get the AuroraTicket this way? - Was the Old Sea Map ever obtainable at all outside of Japan? I've heard various scattered reports (most likely false) that you could also get the Old Sea Map during that NOE event mentioned above. - Probably very unlikely, but would it have been possible to bring a non-Japanese Emerald cart to the Old Sea Map event in Japan to get it that way? (I don't think they're compatible though). If anyone could confirm that the first three statements are correct, and give me any answers to the last four questions, that would be great. Any sources or news reports from people who have actually attended these events would also be great.
  12. I have the latest version of Pokesav Platinum and a EZ-Flash V Plus flashcart with a Platinum ROM. When I try to edit the save generated by the flashcart, it gives me a "Wrong File Type!" error. The save is 512KB. How do I fix this?
  13. Is it possible to back up a save file from a retail GBA cart using only a Slot-1 flashcard? If yes, how?
  14. Can someone upload the English version of this program?
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