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  1. Version 1.1.8


    Obtained by either breeding with shiny ditto or by wild encounters (lua scripts) Hope you guys enjoy! (Silver save) Shiny Pokemon in the save: PARTY: Feraligatr, Crobat Shiny Box 1 (aka just Box 2): Magikarp, Pidgey, 2 bellsprouts, drowzee. rattata, venonat, hoothoot, abra, geodude, scyther, pinsir, stantler, vulpix, both nidoran genders. marill, zubat, furret, psyduck Shiny Beast Box (Box 4): Entei, suicune, raikou, lugia Shiny Box 2 (box 5): umbreon, dragonair, oddish, slowpoke, quagsire, arbok, sudowoodo, caterpie, krabby, tentacool. flaaffy, gyarados, yanma, miltank, tauros. meowth, espeon
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum, and new to the use of pokegen. I will happily take a redirect if my question is not in the appropriate forum. While I have used several tutorials, I have only generated a few pokemon. I have come across no issue in generating normal pokemon-- save for "legal" shinies, and "legal" shiny legendaries. I'm looking to generate a shiny celebi next (for collection not for trade or battle) and am wondering how to do so without error. I do not have an original ID to use, so I am borrowing those from other sources, or generating my own false ones. Because of this, Pokecheck often returns the message that the ID/SID is illegal. What does this illegality mean exactly? Does this affect Pokebank deposits, and how do I avoid it?
  3. Here are some event Pokemon I will be offering Key: (male)=The OT name is blue colors for the events that had multi-color names (female)=The OT name is pink colors for the events that had multi-color names UT=untouched,never raised or have and exp. *blank*=i'll give it for a good offer **=A somewhat valuable offer ***=Vaulable offer ****=Offer must be very worthy to its ranking *****=Don't be f***ing joking.Only extreme offers can get you this PKMN. NFT=NOT FOR TRADE UNLESS THE OFFER IS EXTERMELY VALUABLE! NEW!=Newest Pokemon to enter in my list Unhatched= the event PKMN is in the Egg Stage Slash =Pokemon is not up for sale,pokesav'd,hacked,etc. Here is the list: Events: Movie Jap Darkrai UT *** Aura(female) Mew Lv.43 ** MYSTRY Mew UT **** TRU Manaphy UT *** ROCKS Metang UT *** Gamestp Deoxys UT **** Hadou(female) Mew Lv.20 *** Ageto Celebi UT(with PokeRus) **** MATTLE Ho-Oh UT 3x and Lv.100 UT=**** Lv.100=*** Jap MATTLE Ho-Oh UT and Lv.75 UT=**** 100=*** WISHMRK Jirachi UT *** Movie 11 Regigigas UT **** 10 ANVI Celebi Lv.71 *** Hadou(male) Mew Lv.21 *** Wishing Star Jirachi Lv.36 *** Aura(male) Mew Lv.10 raised a little **** Hadou(male) Mew UT **** 11th Movie Shaymin UT **** ALAMOS Darkrai UT **** Jap. Battonage Darkrai UT **** My Pokemon Ranch Mew UT(Both Eng&Jap) *** 10 ANNVI Entei UT *** WORLD08 Lucario UT **** 10ANNVI Ho-Oh Lv.70 trained a little and Lv.100(06227) *** TRU Dragonite UT 11/08/08 ***** Hadou Regice **** Hadou Registeel **** France ALAMOS Darkrai UT *** JEREMY Growlithe ***** (Info not given to prevent hackers!) Tanabatta Jirachi UT *** PC Tokyo(07207)Charmander UT ***** McDonalds Pikachu UT **** Shiny ALAMOS Darkrai(0738) UT NFT Nintendo Zone Pikachu UT ***** 10th Movie Deoxys UT **** Pokemon Sunday Tropius UT ***** E4ALL Manaphy UT *** PC Tokyo (07208) Charmander UT ***** Concert Chatot UT *** Pokemon Center Eevee UT NFT Shiny WCS Milotic UT NFT X2 NEW! Daisuki Club Magikarp [02226] UT ***** Daisuki Club Magikarp [03126] UT ***** Daisuki Club Magikarp [07076] UT ***** Daisuki Club Magikarp [12226] UT ***** X2 Saikoyu Dragonite Lv 50. *** Shiny Movie Shaymin UT NFT DOEL Deoxys UT ***** High Sp.Def IVs! Shiny Ruby Zigzagoon UT ***** High HP & Sp.Atk Iv's! Shiny Sapphire Zigazagoon UT ***** High HP, Def, Sp.Atk, & Speed Ivs! BABA Flygon UT ***** High Def Ivs! PC Yokohama Pikachu UT NFT Collo Pikachu UT **** Distant Land (DL) Suicune Lv.41 *** Yuknia Meowth UT NFT Birth Island Deoxys UT *** JEREMY Tarous UT NFT Kyrocia Bidoof UT NFT Kyrocia Starly UT NFT 12 Annviersery Pichu (EGG Form) Unhatched NFT! NOA Seth Heracross UT NFT Shinge Psyduck UT NFT 10 ANVI Charizard(00010) UT *** PC Wishcash UT NFT JEREMY Psyduck UT NFT PokePark Celebi UT **** 10 ANVI Lugia UT *** Saikyou Milotic Lv.50 **** Palcity Mew Lv63 *** Distant Land Entei **** UT Shiny Distant Land Entei ***** UT Almia Darkari UT ***** NEW! Kyle Riolu UT ***** NEW! Platinum Pokemon(all Jap): Regirock UT *** Articuno UT **** Palkia UT **** Dialga UT **** Rotom UT X2 *** Giratina UT X2 **** Giratina Lv.49 *** Regigigas UT **** Zapdos UT **** Moltres UT **** Heatran UT *** Members Pass Darkrai UT X3 ***** Shiny Memers Pass Darkrai UT NEW! NFT Shiny Giratina UT NEW! NFT High HP IVs! Shiny Pokemon: Abra UT ***** 3X Ho-Oh Lv.70,82,100 *****(ALL) Palkia Lv.52 *** Dialga Lv.76 *** Machop UT *** Groudon UT(nickname:QUAKE) **** Shuppet UT *** Magikarp UT ** Seviper UT *** Muk Lv 38 *** Major Wants: WCS Milotic(need other dates) 10ANNVI 10 ANNVI Movie Events Shiny versions of events Regular Wants: Anything else I don't have. Looking for events that I don't have. FC is in my sig
  4. I would very much prefer a highly experienced Pokesav user. I don't want my game to go kablooey on me >.>. I already have Action Replay so I can put in the codes myself, I just don't trust myself to make the codes on my own since it is apparently easy to do it wrong. If there's something I didn't specify in my form, that means I don't want it/don't care, so don't worry about it. I also find it oddly fun to EV train myself, so my codes will probably be easy to make. Also, it'd be groovy if you could PM me the codes as my internet isn't stable and I don't want to lose them should this thread get buried, haha. Thanks Oh - one more thing: I plan to trade these pokemon from my Diamond to my Platinum game. I'm paranoid of horrible errors, so I bought a used copy just in case. Not sure if hacked pokes are tradeable, but I figure this is a significant thing I should mention. Its not that I don't trust your abilities, it's that all the horror stories make me wary. . Another note: I like to train my pokemon from the ground up, probably because I am OCD. So my shinies are requested in their pre-evolutions, with normal stats and legal abilities and such (except for Milotic, I'm out of Wiki Berries ). Oh, and could the nicknames not be in all caps? It bugs my ocd. .
  5. In this thread, I would like people to post PKM files which are shiny (not hatched), in-game gifts (eggs like Happiny or Mareep and pokemon like eevee), in-game legends (like Darkrai), in-game trades, or other special Pokemon that are not wild. If you have a legit chain shiny Pokemon, please post it as well. Please post 3rd generation Pokemon as well! And please ONLY Pokemon caught by you. I need the Pokemon in every language!
  6. Hi, Im looking for Level 1 shinies ( must be untrained ) that are hacthed from eggs. I can offer a shiny Lv 1 totodile which has hardy nature
  7. Wait a minute. Doesn't that mean that there's a chance to get Celebi shiny and LEGIT? (drools at the thought.) I mean it shows up supposidly when you purify all the shadow pokemon. Edit: And have the Japanese bonus disc. But I've been hearing rumors about the american Jirachi to the same effect. That it can come off the bonus disk as a shiny. I have yet to come across a Legal copy of one, and Always seem to come across hacks that don't pass legal checker.
  8. I checked them already in the Legality Checker but it's always best to have others verify it. One thing I'm unsure of is Celebi's, Arceus's, and Groudon's type. I'm not sure it is correct. Please keep in mind that I tried to make all my shinies have the highest IV's with that specific nature while staying Legal/Legit. If the type is incorrect and you would like to notify me please tell me the changes. I would like them "the best they can be" while still not classified as "hacked." Shiny Pokemon.rar
  9. Well, i'm trying to breed a Shiny Riolu with an Adamant Ditto and an Adamant Lucario. I use the Instant Egg Hatch, Fast Egg Hatch and Shiny Pokemon codes. However, I dont get an Adamant natured Riolu. I've hatched atleast 50 eggs by now, and yes Ditto is holding an everstone. Best nature ive gotten was Jolly, and natures I usually get are Bold,Modest,Quirky, and Quiet Help? Anyway I could get a Shiny (specific natured) pokemon using the AR codes on this board? I'd use pokesav to create one, but I get confused making a Shiny PID.
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