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  1. Hello, I've been looking into a project where I import certain mechanics in generation 6 into the gen 7 games. Specifically, I am interested in the following (in order of importance): Returning the ability Parental Bond to its glory and making it deal 1.5x the amount of damage instead of 1.25x Returning the ability Gale Wings to its glory and making it give priority to a flying-type move regardless of whether a pokemon is at max HP Allowing Prankster to be used against Dark-types Returning Soul Dew to boosting Latios and Latias's Special Attack and Special Defense by 50
  2. Ah okay, it seems my game at times wouldn't allow me to even view my party, at times would but the pokemon would show up as banned. So there were internal inconsistencies when altering the banlist with how the game was registering that a pokemon was banned (either the individual pokemon would show up as banned or the entire party box would not be selectable, depending on the battle format). But I think i solved that today after discovering how to remove *literally every* restriction, but first: @deadmza I didn't get to look through every file to check file a/1/8/9, because there is at
  3. 1. The Magby and Elekid were bred from a Magmar/Electabuzz + Machamp w/ Cross Chop. They were both hatched from an egg in-game around Goldenrod City. I have not changed any of the moves since evolving them. The Magmar and Electabuzz attached are carbon copies but leveled up with Rare Candies, and nothing more. According to the new PKHeX, the Magmar and Electabuzz are flagged as illegal, even though they should not be since the Magby and Elekid are legal. 2. The actual PK2 files are attached. Obviously this is from a Crystal game (Gen 2), and I know that everyone will probably be uploading
  4. I just tested this in the Battle Maison (after removing the banlist restrictions). Gave Arceus Protean, moved it to battle box, and when doing a rotation battle it would not change types when using a move. Thought this was a battle box thing (or maybe a rotation battle thing) but as it turns out my Arceus with the Protean ability would not change types regardless of where it battled (even tested against wild pokemon). Double-triple confirmed that Arceus did in fact have the ability Protean while in-battle. I thought this was very suspicious and decided to test other abilities, like Wonder
  5. Hey so a lot of people have over the years asked me about my save files and some of them have been made obsolete/deprecated. I had a lot of time this year to fix/polish some of my older save files, and then I got overwhelmed with all of the Pokemon files on my Desktop so I'm just going to dump all of what I have into a zip file and make it public for all of you to use. Some Pokemon players want to own every single Pokemon and have it be the best version it can possibly be (competitive movesets, shiny, events, pokerus, all ribbons, etc etc), so ever since 2015 I decided to take this to the
  6. @RedFordWhite Hey! Sorry for taking a while to get back to you, but I was able to solve your conundrum just now if you're still interested! If you go back to the original thread: You'll see that MeroMero mentioned the files within a/1/0/6 for PWT (files 33, 34, 35, and 36). Now, these files are referring to actual .bin files that you get from decompressing the actual narc file (the file with no extension named "6"). This can be done with a program called "Tinke" which you can get from the release section of their github (click on "Assets" all the way at the bottom of version 0.9.
  7. Thanks for that info @Smile! I got a chance to look even further into this and as it turns out, there's an ENTIRE set of hidden "02"'s and "01"'s (and I'm almost positive there are others) scattered around the a/1/7/0 garc that basically dictate all Battle Maison restrictions, opening a ton of more doors for additional research if anyone wants to pry them open. Following your suggestions, I think I did a flat Control + Replace (CTRL + R) on all 02 -> 00 which led to pretty much unbanning Soul Dew in the Super Double Battles, Super Triple Battles, but normal Triple Battles was somehow random
  8. I am so sorry!! I've literally been coming back slowly to Pokemon and I did revisit this project. It took me about 20 hours, but after a million attempts at hex editing and rebuilding, I FINALLY discovered the proper way to removing the Soul Dew clause: Long story short, unbanning Soul Dew is a matter of changing a few "02"'s to "00"'s at various offsets in the a/1/7/0 garc. For my own convenience I won't list the exact offsets of every bit, but here's a list of them you need to change to 00 which you can find at the specified row (just set HxD rows to 16 and you'll find the offsets):
  9. I noticed that in Pokemon Black 2 / White 2, Pokemon that originate from the Gen 5 games will still be marked as Legal when given Contest Stats and/or the Ability Ribbons. As it turns out, I did some looking-into this stuff and from what I've read it seems there is no actual way to obtain *any* ribbons in these games, there are no contests, and therefore there shouldn't be any way to have a non-zero stat in any of the contest categories. I tried to find bug reports on this issue but it doesn't seem like anyone has brought this up. Should this be changed/fixed in a future PKHeX update? Jus
  10. Hello! I have a question about the World Ribbon that exists in Gen 3: PKHeX says it is legal to have in a Gen 3 game (in this case Emerald), but when I drag the .pk3 file onto a Gen 4 game it's flagged as illegal because the World Ribbon is apparently invalid: "Invalid: Invalid Ribbons: World" How can a pokemon be legal in one game but when the same Pokemon is transferred it is illegal?
  11. Ah my bad lol. Looks like from the projectpokemon discord there are some people who still play XY and already people working on finding the GARC for that. I also want to point out that this method does not unban Soul Dew from ORAS. Soul Dew removal is possible, and it took me quite some time to figure this out. I started by continuing the search for those bytes in the rest of the GARCs, nothing. Then I went back to a/1/7/0 and slowly hex edited every piece of data to "00 00 00..."s. My Slowbro holding a Soul Dew was still banned (lol). Then I hex edited some of the stuff in the beginning
  12. Can confirm this works on Sun and Moon as well (I knew it would, but just confirming that it in fact does). the garc for SuMo is located at a/1/3/7. Just replace all instances of that code once again with 0's (including the "E0 01 07" bit). If you're doing a Ctrl + F or Search and Replace, I would start off with "C0" rather than the bunch of 00 00's. There are only 14 iterations of that code, which is very very unusual because there were 29 instances in ORAS and a different amount in BW2. So I guess the moral of the story is that it's all encrypted, and there is no rhyme or reason to the "numb
  13. SUCCESS!!! Replace all 29 instances of that ^ with all 0's in the garc located at a\1\7\0 and you will be able to use your Mega Mewtwo's and Primordial Groudons to your heart's desire in Battle Maison (Ignore the "E0 01 07" for ORAS games I guess, as well as X and Y). Have not tested this yet for Sun and Moon but if it was as easy as it was for ORAS then it shouldn't be difficult. I'll bet it'll be the same for Ultra SuMo as well, if not similar.
  14. Hmm.. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work. I've tried editing both the entire exefs.bin as well as the code.bin, replaced those respective bytes you mentioned with all 0's (rather than 01 00), and it didn't change anything. In fact, the proof that it didn't change anything lies in the fact that when looking at the banned pokemon which in Sun and Moon is made explicit in a display list, all the Pokemon that are banned are still listed and it continues to recognize those marked as legendary as banned. I did put a lot of thought into the idea that there could be a list of banned p
  15. Hmm, I'm not sure if this gets us anywhere, but I was able to successfully edit DllBattlePartySelect.cro and have the game run without the game crashing. The bad news is I got rid of a segment containing "FE FF EB" without any significant changes to the game, which makes me think this is not the likely culprit. Here's what I did... 1) I replaced offsets 000005D0x08 through 000005E0x07 with all 0's 2) Copied and pasted the cro_tool.exe file in the romfs folder, copied and pasted static.crr from the .crr folder to the romfs folder, then clicked and dragged this file onto cro_too
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