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Found 13 results

  1. Okay. So...is it possible to have every contest stats (Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, Tough) all maxed at 255? I mean, would maxing every contest stats makes it legit? e.g. 255 Cool, 255 Beauty, 255 Cute, 255 Smart, 255 Tough, 255 Sheen. Or am I suppose to have only one contest stat maxed along with the sheen? e.g. 255 Smart and 255 Sheen. I really some clarification before I can start enjoying my team on Platinum.
  2. for some reason i can no longer click the stats edit button on a storage pokemon using the platinum pokesav or the platinnum compact pokesav, can anyone help?
  3. Wasn't sure whether to put this question in the R/S/E section or Fr/Lg, since I'm asking about both sets of Gen III games. I was hoping someone could tell me at what point in the game the stats of the roaming Pokemon are set... for Latios and Latias in R/S/E, and the Legendary Beasts in Fr/Lg. Is it after you first beat the elite 4... or upon your first encounter with them... does it vary betweeen the games? I'm asking because I'd like to know at what point I should avoid saving if I want to soft reset for different specimens of the roamers.
  4. Alright, so I'm new to this whole Pokesav editing thing. Please be gentle. What I want to do is hatch a Buizel from an egg with the stats of a Floatzel... I don't want anything else boosted in him. But I want to hatch an abnormally strong Buizel that I am not going to evolve. Is this possible? Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my ignorant request. God bless.
  5. Ok, first post here. When I save a .pkm file with pokegen v3.0.4, I receive it in-game and the stats are set to zero in my party, and set to what they should be in the pc boxes. And when I open the .pkm file in pokegen, the stats are set back to normal again... any way to fix this?
  6. Hi guys vould you all please help me could u make me a level 100 legit look like Movie 12 Arceus I am asking you all this because i dont have a AR. So the date has to be July 18th 09 and has to say Pokemon Movie 09 it has to have the event moves and ribbon has to say A ribbon that proclaims love for Pokemon. Please help me :'( Thank You Guys
  7. Hi guys, im new to this forum, so i apologise if this is in the wrong place, as i couldnt find a suitable sub forum. Anyway... when you see stats on smogon, how do you mirror them into pokesav so that you can have exactly the same? Because when i go on smogon, they only have the numbers for the main stats that the pokemon are made for... im very new to this stuff, so please help me im terrible when it comes to iv's and ev's lol
  8. Hello all! I recently tried out the Pokesav application and was pleasantly surprised. I love WiFi battling but hate when I have to train up a brand new poke... even if it's just to test out a hopeful team... I successfully created my team of six pokes... but for some reason their stats do not match up with the identical poke on Shoddy Battle's Team Builder. I'll take one of my Pokes as an example Scizor EV's 255 Speed ... 255 Attack @ Choice Band Jolly. For some reason when I made his stats max... his speed stat was right on track with Shoddy battles... but his attack stat was much (10+ points) higher then the identical poke. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I do not want this poke to be illegal in WiFi battles (I.E jacked stats). Would it be easier to manually adjust my stats through Pokesav, or leave them empty and just input their EV's? I know these pokes won't be "legit..." but I'd like to play with them and not have to worry I'm being unfair! Also... for whatever reason their I.D. is showing up as 00000 even if i generate it... any suggestions? Thanks! PN01!
  9. In pokesav, the limit is 999 can i break the limit? i wanna make it over 9000!
  10. Is there any way around that? I don't want to restart my game without saving every time I do an IV check, it gets annoying.
  11. I used my PokeSav Platinum to display the stats of Giratina with all 31 IVs. I did this so that when I captured it in the game I could make sure it had good IVs before I saved and went on my way. But when I used the IV Checker code it says its IVs are totally different than what I thought they were. Has anyone else had a problem with the PokeSav or IV Checker not showing the correct stats? Or did I just do something wrong? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi guys. Just for kicks, I wanted to make an illegal sandslash. I want to make his stats insane, but even when I'm maxing everything out, nothing will go above 300ish. Is it possible to make a stat customized? (like typing 999 or something?) How can I make the stats as high as possible (not legal). Yes, I know all about IVs and EVs.
  13. I want to be able to edit how some pokemon evolve for my custom pokemon Black rom.
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