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Found 23 results

  1. Official Help/Small Questions Thread for DPP! In effort to help reduce clutter and the many threads asking small questions, this thread has been created. Forgot where to go next on Route 212? Lost on Mt. Coronet? Wondering why Shaymin won't change forms? Any of your small questions can be answered here. Well, almost. Threads that may answer your questions: EV Training Questions/Hep Here Team Building Questions/Help Here Smogon Rule Discussion Common Rules of Battling Basically, do you have a question that can inspire discussion? If so, post a thread (if one hasn't already been ma
  2. Hey there guys, first of all thank you very much for reading . Im looking for a couple of ditts to start breeding my competitive mons, also if you would like to reach me outside of this forum my Disc is Togarth#1538! As for the dittos: 1# ----- Pokemon Species:#132 Ditto Held Item: NONE Level: 100 Ability: Imposter Nickname (If wanted): Modest Trainer ID (If specific): ANY Secret ID (If specific): ANY Shiny (Yes or No): No Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Modest Pokérus Status: No Pokéball Captured In: Bis Ball EV Sta
  3. Hello, I'm a little confused about egg/relearn moves. My understanding was that a bred pokemon can inherit moves from its parents based on it's listed egg move list. For example: Cyndaquil - Moves. Cyndaquil, like many other pokemon, has a slew of egg moves listed. Nowhere in Cyndaquils' egg moves is flamethrower. Here is a Cyndaquil I bred: As you can see, flamethrower is the second relearn move listed. PKHEX thankfully sees this as being legal which it should be as the poke was bred and hatched in game. My question is, how do I know what moves can and can not be egg
  4. Did it get removed? cant find it under the trainer info
  5. Over the past couple of weeks I have been creating a chain breed heuristic. I documented on the old site how that worked in great detail, however there were a couple of flaws. I am going to write a basic layout of how an optimized heuristic should work. I will then, hopefully, release my chain breed program within a week or two. Initialization: - Organize Pokemon into lists by their egg groups. - Exclude female only, genderless, and no egg pokemon. Set up the egg groups: - Identify the two egg groups for the pokemon. - Create a list for both egg groups consisting of the everyone pokem
  6. Hello again Projectpokemon, I haven't came back to this website because I was very very busy from my life. But today's school is over, and I will be continuing playing pokemon starting now. I know it's a lot of requests but if someone is willing to help me, I will be appreciated for someone for doing it. My request is to make and breed a team with useful hidden abilities for competitive battles, so I apologize for the trouble if someone is reading this. Pokemon Species: Tornadus Gender: Male Held Item: Flying Gem (If it's illegal then) Sitrus Berry Level:50 (If it's not) Then you fix the l
  7. I would like to put my idea out there for anyone that has some experience in programming. I thought it would be useful to create a program that will "simulate" breeding, such as codemonkey's pokemon generator. I'm sure this won't be easy but if anyone wants to help me, please do.
  8. As you might know, the mother of a Pokémon can/will inherit the Pokéball to its brethren. But I've been wondering, can a Pokémon inherit the cherish ball? After all, the cherish ball is -supposedly- exclusive to event Pokémon, and it would be an interesting thing to see in bred “regular” Pokémon. Comments appreciated, - HIDE
  9. So i'm trying to breed a brave honedge with perfect ivs in attack, def, special def and hp. i wont be using special attack and i dont care what the speed is because going second is better if im using shadow claw or if i go with shadow tag it's priority. The current parents are a ditto with 6 perfect ivs holding destiny knot and a brave honedge holding everstone and has three perfect ivs hp, atk, sp atk. So far when i check the off spring of the 50 i've bred so far they all have 3 or less perfect ivs and so far among the ones with 3 ivs none were in a more favorable combination then hp, atta
  10. If the AR code for wild pokemon IV modifying (starting line: 94000130 FDFF0000) is used on a newly-bred pokemon, is this detectable in any way from hack checkers or anything else (as long as it is within legal stat limits)?
  11. this was translate from http://www37.atwiki.jp/hgss/pages/117.html by google translate. what i think it says is the power items can be attached to a pokemon with a 31 iv to generate a 31 iv on the baby pokemon eg:If you make 31 IV in attack male Gible hold Power Wrist. The baby will have 31 IV in attack followed by parents. not sure if this is true, so don't shout at me if its not New element in HGSS * o 前作まではHPと防御の個体値が遺伝しにくかったがHGSSではどの個体値の遺伝確率も同じ。 HP's previous work is difficult to value and population genetics of defense and genetic HGSS same probability in any individua
  12. To mark my excitement of completing my own National Dex, I will help others do the same. In other words, I will trade eggs. I don't need anything so trade me whatever via WiFi-Trading. Don't expect hacked stats or specific natures, but I can breed for egg moves. Just let me know: Pokedex #: Pokemon: Gender: Nature: Moveset: Friendcode: Misc.: Since it's in the egg, I can't guarantee much of anything but will go out of my way to breed for moves and to use an everstone to attempt to get a desired nature. There are a few pokemon that I can't use a everstone with. (i.e. when breeding
  13. I want to Wi-Fi trade for a Ditto to use in my breeding. If there's anything that I forgot to list, then don't worry about it. As long as everything is legal, I will be happy.:biggrin: Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm trying to breed Beldum for IVs and for a specific nature. I want to breed Beldum so I can evolve it into the very powerful Metagross. In trying to breed them I discovered that Beldum can't breed with each other!!!:mad: So I tried using a Ditto. This worked fine, but in order to increase the odds of getting the nature I want, the Ditto has to have that nature and must hold an Everstone. So I thought that I would breed Dittos until I got one with the nature that I want. Then I discovered Dittos can't breed with each other!!!:mad: I've run out of ideas. I don't know how I should proceed. Has
  15. Ever since my AR broke, I've been meaning to get a flash cart. But until I do, I'm relying on the kind members of PP to help me out. While I highly doubt anyone has a legit Arceus, that's fine. All I'm wanting is a legal one. There's a PGT posted by Poryhack over here http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showpost.php?p=38649&postcount=543 Load that up, generate it, and trade it to me, and I'll be happy. I've got a few breeding projects I've done that I can give away. Masuda Method Gold Charmander Project Parents: Male Charizard w/ Belly Drum and good IVs, event female Charmand
  16. If I get say an illegitimate lvl 100 charmander and then breed it with a ditto will the resultant offspring then be legitimate? I've read this thread but I'm not totally sure of the terminolgy so sorry if its a repeat question
  17. Ok, here's the scenario: I put a male larvitar that already learned Stone edge and earthquake into daycare, along with my female Jolly gible (holding everstone). Eggs I received, when hatched, are gibles that know both moves. Then, I took one female gible, made it hold everstone, and put it in daycare again, but this time its mate was a male dragonite that learned outrage. Supposely, they should breed gibles that know outrage, stone edge, and earthquake, all within one gible. It turned out, however, that the new gibles only know outrage move. Did I do anything wrong here??
  18. First off I aint to sure where to post this so I hope this is ok here. I want to breed a Cubone to learn both Perish Song and Screech. If I breed 1 to learn Perish Song, then have that breed to learn Screech will the Cubone know both of them.
  19. So yeah, I'm working on breeding Slaking, but tracking down the parents is being a bit of an annoyance. Basically, I'm looking for Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking with 28+ IVs in Attack and Speed, and at least 25 HP. Willing to trade legit 10 ANIV Celebis to get these. The Celebis are completely legit, Modest natured and raised to Lv. 78. I can zero out the EVs on them if so desired.
  20. So questions about shiny breeding and maybe even if there is an increased chance to get a shiny through breeding? If both parents are shiny does it increase the chance that the offspring are shiny?
  21. Hey everyone, I've been in a breeding fix lately...poochyena this time. As of right now I've got 120 newly-hatched babies in the PC, 4 whole boxes full! My question is, because I'm none too good with it, what are the best natures to look out for to train in attack? I've been doing research and it seems Adamant is the best way to go...but I need other opinions, too. And where might I go to EV train the pups? And should I use an exp. share or a power bracer while training? (I attempted to EV train a poochyena before...and failed. That's why I've got the bracer) All pups have the sa
  22. I'm not sure if I posted this thread in the correct place but anyway this is where I am going to inform about egg moves and other things about breeding. It is one of the things in Pokemon that I know a good amount about. Plus, I feel that the community may have been deprived exactly of how egg moves work. Although I think bulbapedia has some good information on this stuff sometimes their site doesn't work plus they aren't exactly always accurate and I've gathered a plethora of information throughout my web research and my own personal field testing. I will elaborate in another post, because
  23. Now, as you may know, I have written a few guides to a few things on these forums. Most of which are located right here in "The Main Series Discussion." The reason I am adding a more in depth guide to breeding is because of 4 reasons. The last guide (how I saw it to be) received positive reviews it was viewed by many people I have received some requests to add some IV information so I figured why not create a more in depth look at breeding and IV breeding for they are complex things I want my content to be used on the main site so I know it has to be good My last reason is some what self
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