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Found 22 results

  1. Hello! I am currently working on a new Pokémon game, Amethyst! If anyone would like to help me, could someone give ideas for new Pokémon? Any help is greatly appreciated! List of planned in-game features: ~A new story! ~A new evil team! (Like Team Rocket or Galactic) ~Hopefully over 100 new Pokémon! ~A few previous regions, plus a new one, Morto! (Name is still TBA, but this may work) ~Dark and Shadow Pokémon! ~New Deoxys Forms (Credit: soulsilver) ~New Items! ~New Trainers! ~Editing Trainer Appearance! (Clothes, Skin, Hair, etc.) ~Online Tournaments! (With in-game prizes!) ~Online Events! ~Battles against all previous protagonists: Red, Leaf, Ethan, Kris, Lyra, Brendan, May, Wes, Michael, Lucas, Dawn, Touya, and Touko! (Touya and Touko being the Japanese names for the players in Black and White) ~Battles against all previous rivals: Blue, Silver, Wally, Barry, Cheren, and Bianca! (Blue will, however, be a gym leader) ~And more to be released later!! Just so there is no confusion, Amethyst WILL BE ON THE COMPUTER, not DS or any other gaming system, and THIS IS NOT A ROM HACK OR AN EDIT! A major pro of it being an online game is that I can update it (for glitch-fixing or just extras)! Also, Missingno and ??? Arceus will have data in my game, but only in case of glitches so that the game doesn't crash (However, I think beta testers might be able to get a working "glitch" Pokémon as a reward). Current Production Stage (CPS): Planning. Need concept art, ideas, and names. Current Projected Release Date (CPRD): March 27th, 2084; This could be lowered significantly with more help however.
  2. For some reason my PKHex doesn't work in my HP laptop, I made a download of the latest version, I think it's 01-27-15c and I've been following the steps exactly. I don't know why this is happening. And I think I'm the first person with this problem. Please someone help me. And yeah, I'm spanish, sorry if my English is bad.
  3. so im new using pokesav and i made my first code perfectly (change my characters name to RYU :biggrin:) but, now i want to change my absol and dragonite's gender to male (they're both female) but i just cant figure out how to do it, the game crashes when i use the code given, so.....help please EDIT: btw, if this thread belongs to another section please move it
  4. I'm trying to edit a Pokémon Blue ROM to make it look like an US Pokémon Green version. Right now, someone hacked a rom for me, so it would display "Green version" on the title screen. I then hacked it so it would display a Bulbasaur. I want to edit two particular blocks of text in the game. The poster in Celadon Dept. Store that says "Red and Blue, both are Pokémon!" to make it "Red and Green, both are Pokémon!", wich I've done alerady. I'm also trying to edit the block of text that contains the default names list, so I can edit it to have "Green" instead of "Blue" in the list. I'm using Pokétext, for the matter. I also want to edit the version exclusives to be the Japanese Blue's. Now, I have some problems. First off, I can't find the block of text containing the default names list. Secondly, Pokémap doesn't have Wild Pokémon data for every places. There are some routes and caves containing Pokémon I want to edit wich I cannot access with Pokémap. Well, if someone could find me a tool that would allow me to fully edit the Wild Pokémon data, that would be nice.
  5. appears to have 3 changes - -Score deactivated --Map location activated ---Read/Write BBME-IF activated
  6. I switched my mind to play the clean HG version. But when I did so, the save file wouldn't load. Just the black screen. I loaded the saved file from version 5 English Translation patched HG rom to clean HG. I kinda know that saved file has different game ID with the clean HG. I was wondering if I can load the patched HG saved file into clean HG in a actual DS using R4. I am successful at doing so at the no$gba emulator, but not with the actual DS. I tried saving game with clean HG at emulator, convert to R4 compatible save file, moved the save file into R4 with clean HG = FAIL... Anyone have answers to this problem?
  7. Hi! This program allows you to convert between *.DUC and *.SAV files, using a custom Game Name, Save Name and Save Description. Please make sure you have the .NET framework (3.5) installed!! Changes List: ARDStoSAV's Official Page Download Links: ARDStoSAV.zip
  8. Hi guys, I have a question When Pokemon D/P came out, which game did you get first? I got Pearl first and diamond a few days later
  9. Alright, I decided to share with you all my current Pokemon Yellow Version save file. Trainer Name: Troy PokeDEX: Seen: 46 Own: 27 Current Play Time: 8:39 (Hours:Minutes) Badges: 2 (I know, it's low) Current Party Pokemon: Mankey: Level 18 Pikachu: Level 20 Charmeleon: Level 20 Gyrados: Level 20 Bulbasaur: Level 12 Sandshrew: Level 8 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current PC Pokemon: Oddish: Level 12 Bellsprout: Level 14 Venonat: Level 16 Mew: Level 7 Rattata: Level 16 Clefairy: Level 11 Geodude: Level 10 Zubat: Level 9 Caterpie: Level 6 Nidoran (female): Level 6 Pidgey: Level 7 Nidoran (male): Level 6 Paras: Level 13 Butterfree: Level 11 Jigglypuff: Level 8 Abra: Level 7 Fearow: Level 20 ------------------------------------------------------- Currently working on getting all Pokemon in PC and Party to level 20, then going to Vermillion City and the S.S. Anne. Where I will then train all my Pokemon to level 30. I have done the Mew glitch and gotten Mew. I have the Gyrados that evolved from the Magikarp that you buy before you get to MT. Moon. Uhm, I believe that's about it. I know I kind of suck at badges compared to my Play time, but I've been training non-stop. Oh and I'm training in Cerulean at the moment. ------------------------------------------------------------- Rate/Hate /10
  10. see the title. My pokemon platinum is cpue-3811def6, but the codes dont work. what gives?
  11. Ill be getting soul silver, the name sounds cooler and lugia is 1 of my faves, heart gold sounds a bit cheesy and ho-oh blow-ohs. id be interested to know what versions people will be buying.
  12. Problem 1: I have completely beaten my Diamond Version. After using some codes (don't know what), I noticed that I could not access the WiFi basement in the Pokemon Centers in Sandgem Town Jubilife City. A person was blocking the escalator. So I used a code to give me 0 badges, then a code to give me all the badges. The people blocking the entrances were gone, but as a result. Professor Rowan, Dawn, and two grunts are up to the north of Jubilife, and once I battle and defeat the grunts, as soon as Rowan and Dawn leave, the game freezes. Also to be noted that Professor Rowan is not in his lab, but Dawn is standing outside his lab in addition to her being north of Jubilife. Problem 2: When you first enter Hearthrome City, a lady and her Buneary come up to you. But now, in my game, both of their sprites are stuck on top of each other and do nothing when you talk to it. If anyone knows how to fix these problems, please help me. The save file is attatched to this post. Thanks SO much! 1015 - Pokemon Diamond (U)(Legacy).sav
  13. Hi everybody, Today, for the release of Pokemon Platinum in France, I'm proud to say that I updated my blog and made available a version (1.2) producing Action Replay codes adapted to the French version of the Platinum game. To the website team: Warning, the copy of the archive that you offer to download is no longer up to date, just look for the latest version on my site and feel free to store a copy here. GruntZ
  14. Wraith89 EDIT: From now on chycorita, post your Korean updates here instead of making separate topics! Pokemon Platinum Version will come out in Korean. It will come out on July 2nd Thursday It will be called Pocket Monsters Giratina Version. The image is the same as the one for the US image below http://ruliweb.nate.com/ruliboard/read.htm?main=pocketmon&table=gr_pocket_info&db=3&num=287
  15. HOOOOOWDY! From the small country of New Zealand! Don't think I'll go with the clichéd, "Hey my name is ________" because you saw that before you even walk-- I mean, clicked on this thread link! I'm a certifiable Pokénut. All the people I know will be happy to tell you they don't know me when I start talking about Pokémon! My obsession has been around since the good ol' day of ninety-ninety-six! You know... back when tracksuits were still kosher! (Boy, I miss me tracksuits...) Over a decade later, not much has changed. (I guess I'm more fashionable now), but so are Pokémon! So huzzah! I am FEMALE! But the cell right by this post already said that My first name is Melissa; can't say I like it, but it's my name and it costs money to change it (why bother?) My favourite Pokémon is GLACEON. I love fried chicken, potatoes (but not them mashed ones from KFC. You seen 'em gone green the next day after they've been in the fridge? OMG.), steamed salmon and watercress soup! ...and Pokémon. Geez. Totally forgot to mention the obvious! I'm a typical tomboy, I love gaming, mecha, japanese figures of any kind, trading cards, comic books. Unlike typical tomboys, I have a fetish for handbags. (Yeah, I see you boys looking at that thinking, "Ew...") I just jumped on the Pokésav bandwagon about a couple of weeks ago so I'm still green and lovin' it! Imma gonna wrap this up! THANK YOU EVERYONE! You guys were great! That's me over and out!
  16. Okay, so I used the Complete Pokedex AR code for Emerald, and it only completed the Hoen dex, and it took away my National Dex too. Is there any way I can unlock it again via code or in game event? Thanks Anyone?
  17. ive been a long time pokemon fan for years. But, pokemon platinum came as a little bit disappointing. I got it and beat it the day i got it (With no hacks). just comes to show that you can't love every pokemon game. if i were to suggest this game to anyone, it's a 30%-70% chance that they would like it or not. i personally think that this game needs more potential. Well that is about it. I can't show you guys how disappointing this was for me. My Rating of Platinum: 5.0 out of 10.0 -Lord Was
  18. Is there a way to resize it? If not, then can you people at Project Pokemon fix it?
  19. Because it doesn't work. Yesterday I was building a wondercard event (did that many times on the US version of Pearl) and when I tried to load it onto the UK version of Platinum the game crashed. I thought something was wrong with the Wondercard I built but no, the same card works like a charm when I rebuilt it for US Pearl... Please what can I do? The game ID is CPUE3b823103. I can only find Pokesav's for the French version and the US one. Maybe I'm missing something on the site. Btw the card I built was for a Shiny Regirock. :biggrin: Would be super if I can make that work on UK Plat.
  20. Very generic question I have here, which is your favorite? Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald?
  21. yah im having trouble finding an action replay code that will enable the use of the new pokemon forms on platinum on nintendo wi-fi? i really would appreciate it if anyone could find the code for me and incase it isn't already obvious enough, then by forms i mean the new rotom forms the new shaymin sky form and giratina origin form which are exclusive only to platinum. i want the code for the USA version because i tried using the japanese and it didn't work. my email is: radgoku@yahoo.com
  22. I'm really not sure that this is the right place to be requesting a GBA sav editing program since the subject clearly states "Discuss Pokesav and get help using it to edit your Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum save file." but I need help. I searched everywhere for this program I've searched everywhere. I've even tried to get the Japanese version with no luck. If anyone has it please tell me where to get it or e-mail it to me at flootenkerp1@gmail.com. I really want to use it, I want to just test it out. If you don't want me to distribute it or share it with anybody that's fine, I just want to try it out, especially since GBA pokemon games are my favorite generation.
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