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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Old Pokémon Save File. Replaced my battery years ago and have been playing it for years. Though some help got it on my 3ds consoler to get the GS Ball. While the gave has been completed this is a great save file with lots to still see and do. It has a cool decorated room from Mystery Gifts items, Pokémon From PYNC event Pokémon, lots of shiny Pokémon, and lots of Pokémon that can be used for Pokémon Stadium 2. Enjoy!!!
  2. yep! i caught a shiny raticade at the burnt building and a shiny votorb at the power plant today while i was looking for the key and zapdos. can't wait to migrate them to platinum. if i can get a 3rd one today, i'm going to buy some lottery tickets ---------- Post added at 03:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:54 PM ---------- actually on second thought, i just now capture the votorb, i dropped the ds to post about this and forgot i haven't captured it at the moment lol
  3. Hi. Im new here, i decided to make an account cause its been a week now since i tried to find an AR code for marking your Pokemon to be shiny, but keep their gender. I played Pokemon White 2 version on DesMuME. I've tried using some AR codes on other website, but it end up freezing my game, and if it work, the gender is also changed. i dont mind the nature, cause i already find a code for changing nature. If anyone read this please help me. Thanks in advance.
  4. While we're not a mecha for competitive battling, and I like seeing diversity in RMT forums, most in-game RMTs consist of this: *6 pokemon +moves* *people comment on moves* *repeat* But at the same time, I know that a well balanced team can help in the main 8 gyms + E4 game. Sure, you CAN beat everything with a level 100 Caterpie if you REALLY wanted to, but it's frustrating. So, here is what I was thinking of implementing, and everyone please feel free to comment on my ideas, modify them, or suggest your own: One thread for all the typical in-game stuff. 6 random Pokes, nothing else. And when posting it, pretend you are on at least the 7th gym, so by that time your Pokemon have evolved. Of course, Battle Tower/Frontier teams can have their own individual threads. If you're making an interesting gimmick team for in-game completion, that can warrant it's own thread. Some mono type, or Luvdisc/Unown/Feebas play through. You know, some type of theme. I spent like 5 minutes thinking about this, so I'm sure you all can think of something better. Previously said by other people:
  5. Hi, I didnt find anything in the forums about it. Is there a way to generate pokemon using action Replay? I cant get my .SAV because im using a 3ds. I cant find a good tutorial for it ether. If someone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. How do you pass this place? I really hate those OP Starlies with their ridiculously overpowered Quick Attacks! I mean, seriously? 12 damage per piece? This is only the beginning of the game! I was doing well until the 9th floor... when I was greeted by two Starlies. Do they have nothing better to do than to pick on poor travelers? I mean... yikes! It wouldn't be too much of a big deal if those cut scenes weren't too long...
  7. Hi! This program allows you to convert between *.DUC and *.SAV files, using a custom Game Name, Save Name and Save Description. Please make sure you have the .NET framework (3.5) installed!! Changes List: ARDStoSAV's Official Page Download Links: ARDStoSAV.zip
  8. UnderXRay u just made me this team i just havent got it. You made me this one. i just want not shiny ones. Im sorry for so many requests...
  9. Before you ask, I'm using a clean rom, since I wanted to wait until after I find problems to get patches and all. Somehow, the Wireless functions don't work with HGSS. My friend and I tried to trade with his HGSS on Acekard 2 and it wouldn't pick up the signal for some reason. However, when trying with Platinum (J), it worked properly. Now, I just need to find a way to fix the wireless issues. Why would wireless work with a flashcart as crappy as the R4, but not work on Acekard 2? The game does recognize other people in the union room, I can see my friend and he can see me, but we can't interact with each other. At first, it worked, we could start up the trade, but at the moment it went in the trade window, it lost signal. Everytime after that, if my friend was the one talking to me, it wouldn't get any signal. When I was the one talking to him, the signal would go from 0 bars to 3 bars repeatedly. Like I said, it's not a flashcart problem, since every other wireless functions work. DS download play even works when it is disabled. We only had one problem before that. When we were transfering the Pokémon from Ranger 2 to Diamond. At first, Darkrai and Riolu transfered easily. But for the Manaphy Egg, the game wouldn't pick up the signal until a while. We did transfer these to my Diamond yesterday from the Acekard 2, and everything went fine. I'm using the custom firmware AKAIO 1.5 found on the official Acekard website. (Reason why I chose that was before nesDS wouldn't work without that, lol.) In the readme file that came along with the firmware, it said under the September 12th section that HGSS was fixed on that date.
  10. The zombie apocalypse has came back bigger and badder then ever. 4 new survivors try and and battle it out with horde after horde of infected individuals and new special infected have surfaced along with the ever ground pounding Tank. You and 3 other survivors make your way to escape in the southern region of the U.S. From a mall, to the bayou, and into New Orleans. Discuss about your thoughts and your time playing this new game for the Xbox 360 and PC, also available on Steam.
  11. I am at that wi fi club now and will be here til 5am (if you can have the pokemon hold the flute I'll understand) my name is Sid and my code is 5070 4505 0751 this is for pokemon platinum
  12. [Pokemon] Latias [Hold Item] old amber [Trainer ID] 30348 [secret ID] [Level] 50 [Nature] Adamant [Gender] female [shiny]yes [Pokerus Infected/Cured/Neither] infected [iVs]187 HP, 119 attack, 127 defense, 145 speed, 145 special attack,163 special defense [EVs]28 HP, 252 ATTACK, 228 SPEED [Contest Stats] None [Nickname] Sasha [Trainer Name + Gender] Sid (male) [Pokeball caught in] Pokeball [Ability] Levitate [Moves] hidden power, thunder, Draco Meteor, Giga Impact [PP Maxed]Yes [Met at level] 50 [Met at place] pal park [Met in Fateful Encounter yes/no] yes [Game Met] emerald [Game Region] ENG [Date Met]W/E GIVEN TO ME [Ribbons]NONE [Pokemon] Charmander [Hold Item] Azure Flute [Trainer ID] 30348 [secret ID] [Level] 1 [Nature] Brave [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus Infected/Cured/Neither] Infected [iVs] Max [EVs] whatever [Contest Stats] None [Nickname] Sid [Trainer Name + Gender] Sid (Male) [Pokeball caught in] Pokeball [Ability] Blaze [Moves] Flare Blitz, Thunderpunch, Fire Blast, Focus Punch [PP Maxed] yes [Met at level] 1 [Met at place] Twinleaf Town [Met in Fateful Encounter yes/no] No [Game Met] Diamond [Game Region] ENG [Date Met] 2009/09/17 [Egg Hatched] 2009/09/18 [Ribbons] None I am at that wi fi club now and will be here til 10am (if you can have the pokemon hold the flute I'll understand) my name is Sid and my code is 5070 4505 0751
  13. Hey, um, does anyone know a trainer in pokemon platinum that has a porygon 2? After i see him i have the sinnoh dex complete, plz plz help me:confused:
  14. Thank you (different friend code than before, just in case you see my sig and use the same friend code as last time)
  15. Please make the following pokemon look LEGIT plzzzz.. Pokemon Species: Scizor Level: 50 Ability: Technician Nickname (If wanted): SCIZOR (regular name) my Trainer ID (If specific): (does it matter if i want it to be legit?) my secret ID: Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): no Nature: Adamant Pokérus Status: Yes Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball EV Stats: 248 hp 252 atk 8 speed IV Stats: perfect max all Ribbons (If any): None Location/Date Met: nov. 26, 2009 Gender: Male Pokemon Species: Heracross Level: 50 Ability: Guts Trainer ID (If specific): (does it matter if i want it to be legit?) Secret ID (If specific): "" Shiny (Yes or No): yes Egg (Yes or No): no Nature: Adamant Pokérus Status: yes Pokéball Captured In: pokeball EV Stats: 252 atk 4 def 252 speed IV Stats: perfect all max Ribbons (If any): none Location/Date Met: nov. 26
  16. I want to erase my current save, but i have all the special missions and i dont know if i will lose them or not when i erase my game can any one help? Thanks, Cheese
  17. Well, i've recently rented Assassins creed 2, and beat it last night.Anyone need help with assassin symbols, money, medicine, weapons, shops, missions, boss battles, regular battles, or viewpoints, ask here. I cannot help with feathers, or glyphs, so don't ask. If u want to be a question answerer, than u must contribute something, and know everything about the topic. Ask These People: kunaidude34
  18. If you played Call of Duty 4, and absolutely loved it, you should definitely look out for this one. It releases worldwide on tuesday and looks beautiful. Discuss your thoughts on the game here.
  19. Attempt Number 2 Go Mew!
  20. For example, Shinx has two abilities, Rivalry & Intimidate. How does the game decide which one is ability/class 1 and which is ability/class 2 in Pokesav?
  21. 1. You know how wonder cards have ID's? How do we find them out? 2. The info for event arceus is on serebii, does this mean we can add it to the event section?
  22. Pokemon Species: Latias Held Item: Leftovers Level: 100 Ability: Levitate Nickname: SALAC {all caps} Trainer ID: 18186 Secret ID: 18186 Shiny (Yes or No): NO Egg (Yes or No): NO Nature: Timid Pokérus Status: ''Leave blank'' Pokéball Captured In: Masterball EV Stats: 148 HP / 108 SpA {Special Atk} / 252 Speed IV Stats: All 31 across Ribbons (If any): NONE Location/Date Met:PAL PARK ''2009,5,10 Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): NOT AN EGG Friend Code (If Trading): 4468-7349-9451 GAME-POKEMON PLATINUM I would Like A WIFI-Trade Please notify me ASAP ^-^:kikkoman: Pokemon Species: Celebi Held Item: Leftovers Level: 100 Ability: Natural Cure Nickname (If wanted): Shinop Trainer ID (If specific): 18186 Secret ID (If specific): 18186 Shiny (Yes or No): NO Egg (Yes or No): NO Nature: BOLD Pokérus Status: ''Leave blank'' Pokéball Captured In: PokeBall EV Stats: 252 HP / 220 Def ''defence'' / 36 Speed IV Stats: All 31 Ribbons (If any): NONE Location/Date Met: PAL PARK 2009,5,3 Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): NOT EGG Friend Code (If Trading): 4468-7349-9451 WIFI TRADE-Please put it with Latias Thanks ---------- Post added at 11:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:07 PM ---------- Oh and by the way I dont have much GOOD pokemon so if this could be for free that would be great
  23. If u could make this ASAP i would appreciate,here is a cool bidoof:bidoof: Oh And that is my PLATINUM fc,i use the game pokemon platinum//// ---------- Post added at 03:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:01 PM ---------- Make Gender Male,..
  24. Got my slot 2 card today for editing m retail platinum cart. I downloaded Reinmoon and am clueless about how to set it up or use it. Google has been no help. If there is a better or easier program for backing up save files please tell me (with instructions on how to set up and use).
  25. hi, i need a new team for naruto path of the ninja 2, and it has to be really really good, my current team is lee, anbu, gaara, and my alternate switch for the three of them is hinata. but my team looses alot of wifi battles, so please post your team, it has to be really good on wifi, too. thanx ~cbs
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