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Found 22 results

  1. I would like to know people's opinion of whatis the most prefered Pokemon, for example, mine are Gengar and Tyranitar.
  2. In HG and SS, just like the originals, you can go to Kurt's house in Azelea town and have him make you a specially made Pokeball out of apricorns you find in trees. Which one is your favorite? Kurt can make you the following. Lure Ball The lure ball is made by using the Blu Apricorn. It has a 3x catch rate on Pokemon that were hooked when using your fishing rod. Level Ball The level ball is made by using the Red Apricorn. It's catch rate depends on you and the wild Pokemon's level. If you have the same or lower level of the wild Pokemon the catch rate is 1x. If it is higher than the wild Pokemon's level then the catch rate is 2x. If it is double or more than the wild Pokemon's level, the catch rate is 4x. If your Pokemon's level is four times or more than the wild Pokemon's level, the catch rate will be 8x. Moon Ball The moon ball is made by using the Ylw Apricorn. It has a 4x catch rate on Pokemon that evolve with the moon stone. Heavy Ball The heavy ball is made by using the Blk Apricorn. The catch rate depends on the wild Pokemon's weight. If the wild Pokemon's weight is under 100kg it's catch rate will be 0.5x which is lowering the catch rate. If the weight of the wild Pokemon is between 100 and 200kg, the catch rate will be 1x. If the weight of the wild Pokemon is between 200 and 300kg, the catch rate will be 2x. If the weight of the wild Pokemon is more than 300, the catch rate will be 3x. Fast Ball The fast ball is made by using the Wht Apricorn. It has a 4x catch rate on Pokemon that flee (Such as the legendary dog Pokemon) Friend Ball The friend ball is made by using the Grn Apricorn. It has a 1x catch rate and makes the Pokemon captured with this ball have 200 happiness after its capture. Love Ball The love ball is made by using the Pnk Apricorn. It has an 8x catch rate if your Pokemon has the opposite gender if the wild Pokemon.
  3. mine would probably be empoleon, electivire and giratina(origin)
  4. Ever since Pokemon made it's first video game there were also cards to go along with them... So the question is ''What is your favorite Pokemon Trading Card?'' Be it nostalgic or new:rolleyes:, feel free to post it here.:smile: My favorite is - Neo Destiny - Shining Mewtwo Holofoil - Ultra Rare Holofoil It was really really hard obtaining it. Considering that my country had no more that bout 50 boosters. And noting that it is an out-of-set card made it even more difficult. I got it from a guy that sold it to me for about 8-9 dollars. Awesome card that is in 2 protectors, keeping it mint.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  5. I like Floatzels. Which one is your favorite?
  6. What's Your Favorite Pokemon? The good ol' classic question: What is your Favorite Pokémon? Since I'm sure most of you have several favorites, this is going to be done slightly different. First I'm going to post a Type and you can comment on your favorite Pokémon of that type. The current Pokémon type will change after a few days, so post your favorite quickly. You may also save the Arceus pictures that have been recolored. In case you are confused, here is an example: Current Pokémon Type - Dragon Person #1 chooses Dragonite Current Pokémon Type - Dragon Previous Types: Fire Dark Grass Water Psychic Fighting Flying Electric Ghost Ground Ice Rock Steel Normal To Learn How To Post Sprites, Click Here.
  7. What is your favorite type? Please post a comment and only one vote please.
  8. I was originally intending on posting a poll but the poll would include 34 choices so I decided against it. My favorite legendary believe it or not is NOT Shaymin. My favorite legendary would definitely have to be Ho-Oh or Celebi respectively. What is yours? Post it here
  9. Ok, so the title pretty much explains it but whose your favorite character? Please post why! Mine is conway because of his intelligence. His style with pokemon battling is also excellent. With his defensive type moves and using normally neglected moves to perfect effect.
  10. I noticed that people were arguing about the looks of some shiny Pokemon in the other threads so i decided to make this one. Rules: -Say what your favorite and least favorite Pokemon are. -State your reasons. -Try no to be to offensive because other people might really like your least favorite shiny Pokemon. My favorite Shiny Pokemon id Metagross, just because it looks awesome, and my least favorite shiny is, well i dont really have a least favorite, but i really don't like the Shiny Pokemon that are just a slight shade different than it original counterpart. EX: Articuno, Meowth, Bulbasuar, Squirtle, Oddish, Seel, Dewgon, Togetic, Togekiss.......ect....
  11. What is your favorite item in the games? Be it TM, HM or a Key Item or a certain Barry maybe even a kind of Mail.] Write below your favorite item in the Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum version games. My favorite item:
  12. Very generic question I have here, which is your favorite? Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald?
  13. Hi guys and girls whats ur favorite legendaries to fight and catch? Mine is Giratina Origin form.
  14. Advance Wars: DoR/DoC What's your favorite CO of the game and why? I'm going to say Isabella. The power increase isn't great but she is very universal, easy to build CO Power and it's great too.
  15. Yea, you could have 15 favorite bands for all I care. If there is/was a "Favorite band" thread already, my bad. I'm just bored, so: RED Three Day Grace Demon Hunter Disturbed Skillet UnderOath Diecast Those are my main listens.
  16. What are your top 3 Favorite Pokémon Types? Copy and Paste Format: 1. 2. 3. Mine our: 1. Steel - I love how so many are resistant. 2. Dragon - Some of the most powerful Pokémon. 3. Psychic - Moving objects with your mind is awesome.
  17. tell us your favorite dragon type and explain why
  18. I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about their favorite games. Which one it is and why. Mine would have to be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness. I love it because you can be a pokemon, and there are so many upgrades from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue. Its got more of a plot, more pokemon, more everything! Don't get me wrong, the original trainer battles are nice but it was such a breakthrough into pokemon gaming when you could actually become a pokemon! So, what about you?
  19. What's Your Top 5 Favorite Pokémon? Choose your 5 Pokémon you really like, whether it be based on design, strength, etc. Here's my list: 1) Metagross 2) Jirachi 3) Manaphy 4) Speed-Form Deoxys 5) Typhlosion I love Shiny Metagrosses. Especially how a Metagross can float.
  20. What is your favorite spin-off game? Reply if I left off any games (I probebly did). [edit]: I would change it if I could edit the poll, but I don't see how with vBulliten [edit 2]: RULE UPDATE!!! DO NOT VOTE FOR Pokemon Ranger 1!!! IF YOU WANT TO, VOTE FOR Ranger 2.
  21. Attempt Number 2 Go Mew!
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