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  1. well I like the game very much. the story is interesting, the pokemon combination's and items are very wide spread. the legendaries are cool to hunt after (I caught all legendaries even darkrai without cheating) and battling/training in the mazes becomes a good way to test your abilities. and the wi-fi thing is cool where you can rescue others/send them reward/helper pokemon. AND I DO DA CHA-CHA LIKE A SISSY GIRL!
  2. on my pokemon diamond version I have legitimately caught the first 123 pokemon from the first generation and i have caught a total of 43 shinnoh exclusive pokemon including: dialga, uxie, mespirit, azelf, heatran, shaymin, reggigas, and darkrai and other commonly found pokemon native to the shinnoh region of course I plan to catch them all legitimately catch them all with some time of course and this wouldnt be possible if I didn't happen to own the games I do including the necessities to catch them all which would be pokemon: firered, leafgreen, red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, pearl, platinum, gale of darkness, Colosseum, stadium, stadium2, and last pokemon ranch. I have other games such as mystery dungeons and I have all the link cables and extra cartrages and the gamecube bottom pack enabling the play of gba games on the gamecube/tv screen so while it may take awhile I plan to ''catch em all'' ---------- Post added at 04:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:04 PM ---------- Odd enough that you say that because there was this code for the mystery dungeon game which allowed you to instantly have all of the 490 pokemon that exist in that game(darkness:mewtwo/time:celebi) but you had to edit the gender, set the levls to 1-10 otherwise it wouldn't work properly and would have a blank number space with the pokemon there and glitch your game. although it's hard, if you entered the code right you just instantly ''caught em all'' =) ---------- Post added at 04:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:08 PM ---------- I could help you with the mystery dungeon 2 save editing and the locations of certain value's data. reply to me with what you want done or just rather PM me.
  3. thanks for the code. I will experiment with it and if I find anything out I will let you know.
  4. I have been hearing many people claiming that the remakes will be DSi exclusives, and I am here to inform any people that don't already know that the Gold and Silver remakes are going to be for the nintendo ds and WILL NOT be exclusive to the DSi.(This information has been confirmed by nintendo.)
  5. I doubt that their will be a GSC remake because of the fact that if nintendo was to make a remake, then what would become of the migration from GBA games to pokemon d/p/p this would lead me to beleive one of three things no.1, they will make a fith generation of pokemon right after this game is released and after the 12th movie has aired in japan or, no.2 they might make the remakes DSi exclusive to encourage us to buy the new gaming console/product (which in my opinion would suck... and my thought might be that they aren't making GSC remakes at all.
  6. Well with all do respect I myself am not exactly perfect when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and bad spelling, but some of the other users really don't know any better. Most people really don't learn these things as well as they should, I personally don't have much trouble making sure that I have used and spelled words correctly, but it is to be expected though that if your on a forum for people to just almost go out of there way and rush through their posts and expect the up most respect for their so to say half ass work.
  7. it's a bad idea in my opinion think about how much a dsi costs and after that you spent 138 dollars on your nds lite. game stop rips people off when it comes to trading things in or return policies and it's hard as hell to get cash back from them, they try everything not to give you cash, thats why i buy and sell all my stuff online.
  8. hey can anyone help me, im having some trouble sending box data, the pokemon in the box are hacked... well at least some of them are but the reason i want to send box data is because my brother lives in a diffrent state and he wants to see my pokemon but every time i send the data and check if it's there it wont show up even though i sent the data?
  9. can anyone make me an action replay to duplicate npc's and their actions/movements for pokemon platinum (USA) version, it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. i have a question, i know that ev's are effort value's but what are Iv's? pm me plz with an answer anyone.
  11. my first shiny pokemon was a shiny caterpie which is gold instead of green and i caught it, I remember it so well... it was really close i only had 1 pokeball left and used stat lowering attacks and my only pokemon at the time was charmander i managed to get it down to red barred hp and caught it with my 1 pokeball, and when it evolved it maintained it's shinyness, i now have a shiny butterfree this is on fire red version. and on platinum i encountered a shiny ghastly but it used curse after i already lowered it's hp and it killed itself, i was so dissapointed
  12. what exactly does an infraction prevent a user from doing? and what do the points represent?
  13. hi scv i was wondering about rank upgrades, and also when a person might receive one. I am new and plan to contribute a lot when ever possible, I also plan to post action replay codes, but im not exactly sure of the purpose of the wiki or how to use it. of course im not asking for a rank upgrade, as for I am new and just getting the hang of things. I do plan to be devoted to this site for years to come.
  14. welli wouldn't necessarily be offended by the term ''hacker'' but from my perspective shiny pokemon are just as good as regular pokemon and by all means using a shiny encounter for wild pokemon cheat cant really be considered cheating at least not hardcore cheating as long as you didn't alter the pokemon's stats, level, or encountering point. for example: using a shiny encounter wild pokemon code and going to route 202 & catching a bidoof shiny wouldnt really be a serious matter in the first place. so i wouldn't really be concerned if im refereed to as a cheater & r hacker. ---------- Post added at 11:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:42 PM ---------- I do apologize for any words that I might have misspelled ---------- Post added at 12:23 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 11:43 PM ---------- Well, I wouldn't necessarily wouldn't be offended from the term "hacker," but from my perspective, shiny pokemon are just as good as normal pokemon; and, by all means, using a shiny encounter for Wild Pokemon cheat can't really be considered cheating... or, at least not hardcore cheating. As long as you didn't alter the Pokemon's stats, level, or encountering point--for example, using a shiny encounter wild pokemon code and going to Route 202 and catching a shiny Bidoof--wouldn't really really be a serious matter in the first place. So I wouldn't really be concerned if I were referred to as a cheater and/or a hacker. ---------- Post added at 12:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:23 AM ---------- that's a lot better.
  15. well i have a movie regigigas but it's japanese it works fine for capturing the other regi's for example: registeel on iron island. so just pm me your friend code and i will trade it to you for whatever your willing to give im not greedy. after you pm your fc just let me know when your ready to trade. my name is Anthony and my friend code is: 5070-0233-7928.
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