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  1. I just got my first shiny pokemon last night - a shiny Ho-oh after 7 days of SR'ing .
  2. Hi! No problem . BTW, I've just uploaded a new version of the app (1.2.5) which fixes drag and drop functions with .DUC to .SAV, It's recommended you download .
  3. Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Just to check, make sure you have Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.5 installed (see here). Basically, double click the exe and when it asks you for a .DUC or .SAV either: 1. Drag and drop the file onto the command prompt window (but remember to remove the quotation marks from around the filename). 2. Type the path to the input file manually (e.g. C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\MySave.duc) Hit enter and it will then ask you for the output location, basically type in the output file path. The app should then make a .SAV file (if you input a .DUC) or ask you for a Game Name, Save Name and Save Description before making a .DUC file.
  4. Hi! That's a rather weird problem, I can't seem to reproduce it though... have you made sure that the input file has a .duc extension and that on the input screen no quotes surround the input/output file names. Regards, Matt.
  5. The ARDSi uses a different backup format... could you post the .duc your trying to convert? I can take a look at it and hopefully work on it for the next release . Regards, Matt.
  6. Hey guys, not posted for a while . There may be an update soon, although I really can't think of anymore features that need to be added (plus, evandixon's converter should really be used if you like to have a graphical interface).
  7. A DS cart stores a ROM and a save file. The save file is stored in memory which can be both read and written to, however the game (the ROM, which stands for Read Only Memory) can only be read from (which is why it's called ROM). ...I think that explains it alright-ish .
  8. Pokésav never left any traces behind unless they were made by the user. However, Pokémod (which is now PPSE) was, and is planned to be more user friendly and have more features than Pokésav, it is also replacing Pokésav as we don't have to rely on waiting for COM to release a japanese version, and then having to translate it. Sooo yeah, PPSE is a much better name than Pokésav as a whole (on these forums anyway).
  9. Hmmm... if I remember rightly, I got my copy of Box in the Colloseum & Gamecube combo (which was a pretty good deal ).
  10. Thanks for this! Now I can make some weird and wacky program for the DS (may involve a bit of converting first ). I've not had chance to look at the source yet, but, are things such as blocks implemented/planned? (Bit of an off topic question: (I'm new to DS programming) Does libfat (or whatever it's called) have a limit to how much it can read at once? Any attempts I make at loading the first general block (something around 49,000 bytes - which is quite alot) fail ).
  11. Thanks for the links! I'll have a little look in a bit.
  12. If you need any help with the battle videos, I've got plenty of spare time (if I'm not playing scribblenauts ). The only problem being my lack of saves which contain battle videos... I'm not sure if I even have one .
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