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  1. I have used PKHex before (back in November) and I have forgotten how to save the main file after I edit it. Also, for some reason, the latest PKHex keeps going to my SD card directory to find main file instead of going to directory where I opened main file last time (custom directory). Is there way to change that? because it is starting to get annoying. I have to go to desktop everytime and to my own folder where I keep pk6 files. Thank you for the help in advance. Edit: Nevermind. Ignore first question. I was too haste. I find save export function.
  2. Is PID related to Ability? and to make pokemon have hidden ability, what extra bytes need to be changed?
  3. Thank you for the save but is this save from real cartridge or from a rom (from .3ds or .3dz)?
  4. Ah. I see what is happening in the equation now. Thank you for clarifying. The wiki link was very helpful too.
  5. Actually, I was going to change ESV to match my TSV so that I don't have to trade. But I think the latter method would work too. I haven't thought about it to do it in latter method.
  6. Not to bump the thread, but I was curious how PID and ESV was related and I came up to this thread. I read what Kaphotics said and I tried to comprehend the equation he put, but I am having problem understanding the symbols. I expected to see * (multiply), / (divide by) but rather I am seeing >>, &, ^. 1. Is >> mean "greater than" and ^ mean "power of"? I guess & is just "and"? 2. If PID was 58AC9E92 (for example), I guess it is greater than 16? 3. Also, what is 0xFFFF. I know it is hexadecimal term but is it referring to value of 0xFFFF? Basically, I am trying to change the ESV value (by changing PID and whatever is related to it) to my TSV value so that hatching in-game will net me a shiny. I guess the easy way to cheat shiny is to click the star button PKHeX to make pokemon shiny, but it won't change ESV, which translates to OT and TID being incorrect, ultimately leading to not legal pokemon.
  7. Can ESV of an egg be editted using PKHeX? and although, there is KeySav and I know how to use it, does PKHeX display your or pokemon's TSV?
  8. Ah. I see. Thank you for the reply. (I wish there was a "Give Thanks" button)
  9. Am I allow to ask to further clarify or specify what "4. Bad hacks" are? Otherwise, I will delete this post.
  10. It is out now. I just download mine from eShop.
  11. I just downloaded mine right now. I am ready to transfer all legendaries and shinies.
  12. I think I need help again. What software do I use for Black 2 and White 2 to insert .pgf file? cause latest Grovyle's editor cannot recognize BW2 saves. EDIT: Nvm. Bit of searching in YouTube led me to the answer.

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>Thanks for all your contributions. I can imagine what pokemon event page would look like without you.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>So! I hope you can continuously contribute so that people like me can appreciate your well-deserved credits.</p></p></p></p></p></p>


  14. Thanks so much Guested. You are like All-knowing God in pokemon tech stuff. It took me 2 hours to figure out how to use all programs, read guides, and do little bit of trouble-shootings, but I managed to do it. Also, it would be awesome if can describe how to extract .pgf files. I am guessing I have to use Grovyle's program?
  15. Um, I don't know if this question was ever mentioned in the thread but I will ask anyway. For events that uses IR, you need like a legit version of the game, right? meaning that games in flashcards are not able to receive IR transmitted events. If this is the case, I was wondering how people extracted .sav files and hence, .pgf files from legit game cartridges. Is there like certain USB connecting device that allows one to copy the .sav file in legit game to the computer?
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