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  1. Ah. I see what is happening in the equation now. Thank you for clarifying. The wiki link was very helpful too.
  2. Not to bump the thread, but I was curious how PID and ESV was related and I came up to this thread. I read what Kaphotics said and I tried to comprehend the equation he put, but I am having problem understanding the symbols. I expected to see * (multiply), / (divide by) but rather I am seeing >>, &, ^. 1. Is >> mean "greater than" and ^ mean "power of"? I guess & is just "and"? 2. If PID was 58AC9E92 (for example), I guess it is greater than 16? 3. Also, what is 0xFFFF. I know it is hexadecimal term but is it referring to value of 0xFFFF? Basically, I am trying to change the ESV value (by changing PID and whatever is related to it) to my TSV value so that hatching in-game will net me a shiny. I guess the easy way to cheat shiny is to click the star button PKHeX to make pokemon shiny, but it won't change ESV, which translates to OT and TID being incorrect, ultimately leading to not legal pokemon.
  3. Ah. I see. Thank you for the reply. (I wish there was a "Give Thanks" button)
  4. Am I allow to ask to further clarify or specify what "4. Bad hacks" are? Otherwise, I will delete this post.
  5. It is out now. I just download mine from eShop.
  6. I just downloaded mine right now. I am ready to transfer all legendaries and shinies.

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>Thanks for all your contributions. I can imagine what pokemon event page would look like without you.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>So! I hope you can continuously contribute so that people like me can appreciate your well-deserved credits.</p></p></p></p></p></p>


  8. I see somepeople getting more than 2 pokemons per day. Like 15 dreamworld pokemons or 7. I thought you could get 1 dreamworld pokemon per day because you are not allowed to go into the forest again. Plus when I try to wake up a pokemon and try to tuck in another pokemon to get 2nd dreamworld pokemon, game sync runs out of energy and i have to wait for another day. How to i get a lot of dreamworld pokemons in one day? Why is there 10 pokemons you can take to your game in friend board when you can only take 1 per day? Also, i waited 3 days after planting a berry and it only turns to a young leave form? does it take a week for a tree and ripen berries? I am so confused over dreamworld. Someone help me plz.
  9. Kaphotics, thanks for the answer but how do i check 0x42 = 01? Do i just put pkm file to hex program and c the 42 spot?
  10. I am sorry but what does it mean by "0x42 = 01"? and how do I check if it is "0x42 = 01"?
  11. You know what. It just makes me more confused so I am going to wait until someone else figures out PID relationships with pokemon stats, until PokeGen out of beta (patched), and until Legality checker for black and white comes out. Thanks for your replies.
  12. Thanks for very quick responce. So I guess when I change pokemon's stats with everything kept constant except IV, EV, Nature for GTS or Wi-FI battles, I can freely change IV, EV, Nature without changing PID and it will still be legal pokemon. right? Furthurmore, when I change pokemon's stats with everything kept constant Ability for GTS or Wi-FI battles, I must change PID along with ability and will make pokemon still legal. right? 3) PID has nothing to do with hold items and pokemon names? I know this but confirming it just to be on the safe side.
  13. I read half of most recent threads in SAVES sections and came up with following questions of what PID is related to. I am sorry if this question is already answered and I would appreciate someone would redirect me to a thread. I already read a lot of threads but I couldn't find any specific info related to PID 1) Is PID related to pokemon's IV? [Yes/No] Beucase I read someone say yes and someone say no (Remembering quote from someone in the forum "change the IVs to whatever you want. don't change the PID." meaning PID value is not affected by IV value) 2) Is PID related to pokemon's Nature? [Yes/No] I know PID is related to ability and I know that PID in Black and White is different from previous versions, but I appreciate your best answers/explanations you can provide me.
  14. Hello, I was wondering if you guys had the save files for the US version of HG and SS. I would really appreciate if no cheats were used. If not, please make as Cheatless as possible. If the thread already exists that answered this question please provide the links for me. I don't really mind the progress of the game as long as the game story passed Beating of the Elite 4 once. Thank you for reading this. :wink:
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