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  1. Does it actually do these calculations while the ball is shaking then? or is it all done as soon as you throw it?
  2. wow I was away for ages and I totally forgot I even made this game, well I guess I better award the victors... lol 1st place goes to the one they call Mewtwo Ex, congratulations, you can forever feel smug, but not quite as smug as... 2nd place goes to pokemonrulz who is awarded double smugness. Im really glad this got to the end but we should now start round 2, DING DING (same rules apply bla bla bla, something about smugness, bla bla bla) I'll let someone else start with Victini and we can end with Genosect, and that has nothing to do with me forgetting how to post sprites... what, who told you that...
  3. I would love to see V remade again, it was always one of my favourites, I kinda see V as everything III should have been, but I think some people will disagree with that.
  4. OK thanks for the speedy reply aquaguy34, I really should know all of this by now lol.
  5. Doc

    First Gen V Shiny

    How long did it take you to get that shiny Darumaka?
  6. Wow thanks for this one guys, I was hoping I would get a V-Generate Victini, i've got a couple of questions though, is there any indication that this event will be happening around the world? and is this Victini still anti-shiny?
  7. Doc

    First Gen V Shiny

    Sweet, but if I were you I wouldn't let it evolve into Dragonite, I think shiny Dragonair is much better looking.
  8. Welcome to Project Pokemon babes lol. Thanks Toffeuy, im still using that sig you made for me ages ago, i was thinking about asking for a new one myself as well, Mew has lost his allure
  9. Doc

    First Gen V Shiny

    Oh my god another shiny, i've just caught a shiny Piloswine at the Giant Chasm whilst looking for high level Audinos. It was a double battle with 2 Piloswines so i wasn't sure which 1 to kill so i just did my weakest attack on 1 to find out which was which. Its got a naughty nature so it not actually that bad. Thats 2 wild shinies i've seen in Black now.
  10. Has anyone got any idea?
  11. OK i wasnt sure where to post this but i think this is the place. I wanted to add the WC for Deoxys to my Diamond game, i know how to do this but when i added the pgt and pcd i thought i'd click the edit pokemon button just to see what it looks like when still on the wondercard, i noticed that the Region/Version was saying Johto (Gold), does this mean that the wondercard was ripped from a Heart Gold game and i need to change it to Sinnoh (Diamond) or do i just leave it as it is?
  12. I believe that kyurem is the broken remains of the 1 dragon pokemon that reshiram and zekrom once were. I thought that perhaps he will only be capable of learning one of those hidden moves at a time and then with this move, and a special hold item, his type would change accordingly, if he knows ice burn he becomes dragon/fire and if he knows freeze shock he becomes dragon/electric, maybe not exactly like that but i think perhaps he will somehow have the ability to be all three type combos (dragon/ice, dragon/fire, dragon/electirc), but after the split, reshiram came off with his fire powers, zekrom came off with his electirc powers and kyurem crashed down becoming a weak shadow of his former self, losing his control of fire and electric and therefor losing his ice burn and freeze shock moves, and now he hides away in that cave waiting for a way to regain his former power and kick reshiram and zekrom's butts into next week. or something like that.....
  13. Doc

    First Gen V Shiny

    OK here goes, my first real attempt at a shiny egg using the masuda method, ive got a german ditto and im breeding it with my jolly charizard from sinnoh holding an everstone, i heard that the everstone trick works with the masuda method in B/W. COME ON! I transfered both of these pokemon from my platinum game into my black game, will they still be ok to use?
  14. Doc

    First Gen V Shiny

    Nice, I tried soft resetting for cobalion and kyurem but i gave up after a few hundred tries.
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