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  1. Version 1.4.2


    A Pokédex editor for DS games, with Habitat/Area editing. Features: DP/Pt/HG/SS support BW/BW2 support Area/Habitat editor Add, Remove, Edit & Move entries Language-specific naming (English, French, German and Japanese) Import/Export entire Dex as .txt Export all .bin files ready to insert Folder Mode writes data directly to a selected DSPRE folder, you'll just have to save the new ROM with DSPRE afterwards. In Classic Mode, you'll need Tinke or something similar to insert the generated files into the game. https://github.com/RavenDS/dex-editor/releases/latest/
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Includes all pokémon plus a variety of event pokémon. Originally designed for giveaways.
  3. I don't know if the topic is right, please forgive me if not. I'm playing pokemon sword and added via pkhex a shiny Riolu and a Palkia with max IVs and EVs. Is it normal that my pokedex only shows 298 pokemon? With the last one being Riolu as it is 298#. I started playing like today, so I haven't gotten to the first gym yet.
  4. Is there any save with all pokemons max iv? I found one with all pokemons, but not max iv
  5. Version 1.1.0


    My save file of BDSP, underground is not fully explored yet. * Includes: All final form Pokémon in the game with competitive sets. All Legendary, Mythical and Ultra Beast Pokémon with competitive sets. Smogon Ubers and Over Used tier teams. Sample 3v3 teams for battles in Global room (Code: 63504649) All fashion items Stocked item bag, Max Money All legendary Pokémon are caught (excluding Shaymin, and Darkrai) * Source for teams and 3v3 competitive sets: BDSP Metagames | Smogon Forums
  6. Version 1.0.0


    if you don´t want to use my save, save the pokemons and drag them to your save! legendarys shinys unowns shinys sharymin e darkrai captured in game phione shiny etc SaveData.bin
  7. This is a guide that will walk you through how to catch your own living Pokédex the fastest way possible with the least amount of playthroughs needed, mind that for the region professor to authenticate the Pokédex as complete some Pokémon are not needed, but those that are available will be covered in the guide, a list of those not available will be provided just below the strategy section. As for generations after Generation III the Pokémon are expected to be transferred forward from the previous generation so they don’t need to be caught again, but first some games are necessary. Necessary games: (Excluding spin-off games, namely Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness, if you have either or both jump down the guide and see what they cover, it covers a big chunk of the Pokédex and saves a lot of time.) Pokémon Fire Red Pokémon Leaf Green Pokémon Ruby Pokémon Sapphire Pokémon Emerald Pokémon Diamond Pokémon Pearl Pokémon Platinum Pokémon Black Pokémon White Pokémon Black 2 or White 2 Pokémon X Pokémon Y Pokémon Ultra Sun Pokémon Ultra Moon Pokémon Sword + DLC Pokémon Shield + DLC (DLC is optional) Pokémon GO (Not strictly required) Now some quick points about the save files: To get them all some save resets will be needed, mostly for the starter Pokémon you did not get at the start of your previous playthroughs. Other playthroughs do not require finishing the game, meaning that some games only need to be played until a certain point. Trades are required, so be prepared with two or more systems. In the case of emulators some offer trading and some do not, you will be on your own for this. Some games will be used as “hubs” where most Pokémon will be stored for ease of use. Optimal number of playthroughs per game version: 1 – Fire Red 2 – Leaf Green 1 – Ruby 1 – Sapphire 3 – Emerald 1 – Diamond 1 – Pearl 1 – Platinum 1 – Black 1 – White 1 – Black 2 or White 2 1 – X 2 – Y 1 – Ultra Sun 2 – Ultra Moon 1 – Sword 2 – Shield Strategy for each game and some tips: Catching every species you still do not own along the way saves up a lot of time later. Having your bag full of PokéBalls (and other variants) at all times is recommended. Tracking what you have and have yet to catch. Fire Red 1. Start to finish including Sevii Islands post game. (Generation III “hub”) Leaf Green 1. Play up to the fifth Island in the Sevii Islands post game with a different starter from the Fire Red playthrough, far enough to catch Mismagius, then trade the starter and all other version exclusives to Fire Red. 2. Play up to beating the Elite Four, with the last starter in the Kanto region to be able to catch the third legendary dog (Raikou, Entei, Suicune) which is determined by the starter Pokémon and starts roaming after the Elite Four. Trade the starter Pokémon and legendary dog to Fire Red. Ruby 1. Play up to Route 114 (after the 4th gym), far enough to catch Zangoose, trade it to Emerald alongside the starter Pokémon. Sapphire 1. Play up to Meteor Falls (after the 4th gym), far enough to catch Lunatone, different starter line from Ruby, trade them to Emerald. Emerald 1. Start to finish including the post game with the third starter line. Get one of the Johto starters with Professor Birch after completing the Hoenn Pokédex (trade the missing ones from Fire Red if needed), trade them all to Fire Red. Unfortunately two more playthroughs will be needed solely for the Johto starters because you can only get one per save file. 2. Play up to beating the Elite Four, then trade all the Pokémon needed from Fire Red to complete the Hoenn Pokédex to redeem your second Johto starter line. 3. This is a repeat of playthough two, perform the trades to obtain the third and last Johto starer line. Diamond 1. Play up to Route 206 (after 2nd gym), far enough to catch Stunky, trade it to Platinum alongside the starter Pokémon. Pearl 1. Play up to the 5th gym to unlock the ability to use the HM Surf left from Jubilife and reach Route 218 to catch a Gameow, use the second starter line, perform the void glitch for Darkrai and Shaymin, trade them to Platinum alongside the starter Pokémon Platinum 1. Start to finish including the post game with the third starter line. (Generation IV “hub”) Black 2 / White 2 1. Play up to Driftveil City (after 4th gym) far enough to get a gift Zorua, trade it to Black alongside the starter Pokémon. White 1. Play up to the capture of Zekrom and watch the credits with the second starter line, trade it to Black alongside the starter Pokémon and other version exclusives you caught along the way. Black 1. Start to finish including the post game with the third starter line. (Generation V “hub”) Y 1. Play up to the capture of Yveltal, trade it to X alongside the starter Pokémon, caught Spritzee, Skrelp and Amaura. 2. Quick save reset to obtain the second starter line, trade it to X. X 1. Start to finish including the post game with the third starter line. (Generation VI “hub”) Ultra Moon 1. Start to finish including the post game, version exclusives in this generation go up to the Ultra Beasts right at the end so there is no way to avoid it, trade all of them alongside the starter to Ultra Sun. 2. Quick save reset to obtain the second starter line, trade it to Ultra Sun. Ultra Sun 1. Start to finish including the post game with the third starter line. (Generation VII “hub”) Shield 1. Play up to capture of Zamazenta, trade it to Sword alongside the starter Pokémon, caught Appletun and Eiscue. 2. Quick save reset to obtain the second starter line, trade it to Sword. Sword 1. Start to finish including the post game with the third starter line. (Generation VIII “hub”) *(You can only get one Kubfu per save file, so if you want to have both Kubfu and Urshifu in your box you will need to play Isle of Armor twice, while buying both DLCs (Sword and Shield) would allow you to get two Kufbus and evolve one of them it is possible to get both with just Sword, you need two Switch profiles and beat Isle of Armor twice, one in each, After obtaining one it is just a matter of transferring with Pokémon HOME to the main profile. The same happens with Regileki and Regidrago on Crown, one per save file, and you can use the second account already used for the second Kubfu (that will later evolve into Urshifu) to get the one you missed on the first time completing it.) Pokémon species that are not available anywhere to be obtained and do not count towards Pokédex completion: 1. Arceus – Planned for the Hall of Origin in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, but never saw an official release for those games, would have used the Azure Flute item. Later it was obtainable as a limited time encounter event in Pokémon Black and White. 2. Victini – Originally available for Pokémon Black and White through a limited time event with the Liberty Pass item. 3. Keldeo – Only ever distributed through various limited time events. 4. Meloetta – Only ever distributed through various limited time events. 5. Genesect – Only ever distributed through various limited time events. 6. Diancie – Only ever distributed through various limited time events. 7. Hoopa – Only ever distributed through various limited time events. 8. Volcanion – Only ever distributed through various limited time events. 9. Zeraora – Only ever distributed through various limited time events. 10. Zarude – Only ever distributed through various limited time events. Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness coverage: If you have Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness these Pokémon are now available to catch in an easier manner: (Pokémon in parenthesis need to be either evolved or bred) Colosseum: 1. Misdreavus 2. Sneasel 3. Remoraid (Octillery) 4. Mantine 5. Raikou 6. Entei 7. Suicune 8. Ho-oh (uncatchable anywhere else) 9. Meditite (Medicham) 10. Bayleef (Chikorita and Meganium) 11. Croconaw (Totodile and Fereligatr) 12. Quilava (Cyndaquil and Typhlonsion) XD Gale of Darkness: 1. Vulpix (Ninetales) 2. Weepinbell (Bellsprout and Victreebel) 3. Hitmonchan 4. Starmie (Staryu) 5. Magmar (Magby) 6. Pinsir 7. Lugia (uncactchable anywhere else) 8. Zangoose 9. Lunatone 10. Roselia (To get both Ho-oh and Lugia you need to catch every single other species available in the games, thus they can also be transferred to Fire Red and Emerald instead of needing to be caught there too to save a bit of time.) This shortens the Leaf Green playthroughs by a lot, the second one meant for the starter line and it’s respective legendary dog are not needed anymore, on top of that the first Leaf Green playthrough is also shortened too. Now it is not needed to go to the Sevii Islands, but only up to Lavender Town and Route 12 where you are able to acquire the Super Rod, meaning you can go back to Route 22 and fish for Slowpokes at 5% chance. It also basically cuts the need for Ruby and Sapphire, games that were only needed to get Zangoose, Lunatone and Roselia, all obtainable on XD Gale of Darkness. This means you can trade all Pokémon from Emerald to Fire Red and reset that game to obtain the missing Hoenn starters (having either Ruby or Sapphire in hand to start a quick new game is still faster) Mythical Pokémon which are technically available but are very hard to obtain and require spin-off games to obtain: (Might not be available in their earliest generation) 1. Mew – My Pokémon Ranch Deposit 999 Pokémon in the Ranch (Requires a Wii with the game installed, the Wii online store is not available anymore) 2. Celebi – Pokémon Crystal Virtual Console Beat the game and retrieve the GS ball, use it on the Ilex Forest Shrine (Game can be purchased in the 3DS eShop) 3. Jirachi – Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc / Pokémon Channel Requires the Disc to redeem it (Not an easy disc to find online for purchase) 4. Manaphy – Pokémon Ranger Finish the egg mission and transfer it to a Sinnoh based game to hatch (Egg can only be redeemed once per cartridge, so many cartridges are already used and will never give out any more eggs) 5. Phione – My Pokémon Ranch Deposit 250 Pokémon in the Ranch (Requires a Wii with the game installed, the Wii online store is not available anymore) 6. Meltan – Pokémon GO Just like any other species you need to catch it and transfer to HOME 7. Melmetal - Pokémon GO Just like any other species you need to catch it and transfer to HOME This spreadsheet will help you along the way. If you find any error on it do not hesitate to add a comment and shoot me a message on Discord (RodrigoTR#7420), comments here on the forum work too, but I am less likely to see it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hZpVHJsvXq8vDO92utx96talexB32yUb/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=108059214759059840813&rtpof=true&sd=true
  8. So I recently decided to start a new game on HeartGold, and wanted to transfer my Pokemon from the previous save file. So... I backed up the save with TWLSaveTool, deleted my old save on the cartridge, started a new game, backed up the new save, used PKHex to transfer all the Pokemon from the old save to the new save (before getting my starter or Pokedex), restored the new, edited save back onto the cartridge, and continued to play through the game. It didn't seem to have any problems until I opened my Pokedex and noticed that the game will crash when I hover over certain entries (namely Nidoqueen, Blissey, Alakazam). However I can view their summaries in my PC just fine. None of these Pokemon appeared illegitimate in PKHex. Did I maybe screw something up by transferring everything BEFORE getting my Pokedex? Should I have waited until after? Noob PKHex user here I'm using a original 3DS if that helps. Thanks! EDIT: Just tested my theory, restarted, played through the game until I got my Pokedex (and a badge just in case), and transferred everything again with PKHex. Didn't work. Still crashes at the same point. Any other ideas?
  9. Version 1.1.2


    Cool save with all competitive fully evolved Pokémon. Also has top placing Battle stadium teams which I've translated and updated every season. Sources are in the description. Includes: All final form Pokémon in the game with competitive sets. All Legendary, Mythical and Ultra Beast Pokémon with competitive sets. Top placing teams from every Battle Stadium Singles season so far. (Teams within the top 15) (Translation done by a native Japanese speaker) Smogon Anything Goes and Over Used tier teams. All Pokémon that can legally be shiny are shiny. All Pokémon have Pokérus and max friendship. All Pokémon pass legality check and have at least 1 ribbon. (All Pokémon have a ribbon equipped) All fashion items including DLC releases. Main story and both DLC are completed with 100% Pokédex and Currydex. (All 151 Digglet found on Isle of Armor) (All 3 Pokédex complete) (Fully upgraded Dojo) Max money, BP, Rotom Rally score, Pokémon caught, Watts and at least x995 of every item. (Without the Junk Dynamax Crystals) * All Teams in BSS S- and AG run Horizontally. (BSS = Battle Stadium Singles) (AG = Anything Goes) * All Pokémon have a competitive set with the exception of some non-fully evolved special Pokémon. * Please give me suggestions to improve the save in the comments. Sources: Anything Goes teams: Anything Goes | Smogon Forums Battle Stadium Singles top teams: ぽけっとふぁんくしょん!|注目記事 (nouthuca.com) (Message me if you need help navigating the site) Competitive sets: Smogon Strategy Pokédex
  10. I'm working on getting a Living Dex in every Pokémon game, with each individual Pokémon coming from their home region. I'm doing this by transferring the Pokémon using PKHeX and organizing them by number in the boxes. So for each game, I've found some way to get the National Dex early, whether by manual save editing, scripts through PKSM, or just using cheats. However, it seems like none of those seem to be viable options for BW. I can't find any info on what offset owning the NatDex falls under, I can't use PKSM since I'm using a flashcart (had White years ago, lost it without finishing the game), and there don't seem to be any cheats that just give the NatDex. Does anybody know if there's either some way to edit the save in PKHeX, or a place where I can find the offset for having the NatDex? It's a massive help having the NatDex numbers of the Pokémon in the PC for organization purposes. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello, could someone please create a file for any of the 4 generation 7 games for the 3Ds with all shiny pokemon that are compatible with Sword and Shield? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello! Apologies in advance if this is a very simple question or if it's posted in the wrong place. I just signed up today to try to learn how to edit NDS saves. I think I understand how it works for the most part, but again I'm new to all of this. I know you can edit CGear skins in pokemon gen 5 with PKhex, and I found how to do that [here]. I also want to change the skin on my pokedex. Trying to find how to edit a different pokedex skin, [here], it says I can only do that with an apparently Japanese program. I can't read Japanese. Is there another way to do this?
  13. Hello friends, I am new to PKHeX so I will try to keep it short and simple but forgive me if I go into too much detail. I come here after trying everything for hours. I played Pokemon Emerald on VBA using a normal ROM and completed a Living Dex on it. Recently I got a new PC so I downloaded Citra and completed Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire on it. So I decided to get a shiny charm for shiny hunting. In order to complete the National Dex, I decided to legitimately own every single pokemon in it. I couldn't trade because of emulator, so I decided to legally catch every Pokemon. I caught every single Pokemon that can be caught in Alpha Sapphire. Being new to PKHeX I had no clue how to use it and not a lot of "Simple" guides I could find that were solely for transfering Pokemon. Most of the guides were for making a new pokemon and all that cheating stuff. I opened two windows of PKHeX and in one of them, loaded my Emerald .sav file. In the other one, I loaded my Pokemon X save file (.main). I manually dragged every single pokemon from one window to the other, one tile at a time. Finally I had Boxes 1-6 filled with my Original Pokemon from Pokemon X. Boxes 7-12ish had my Pokemon transfered from Emerald by simple drag and drop. I did the same for Alpha Sapphire. Basically I had all the Pokemon I LEGALLY CAUGHT in each game, now in one game. Here's where the problem began: When I Open Pokemon X's pokedex, I saw that my Grovyle was oddly colored. I opened its summary to see that its Shiny sprite is being displayed and there is no option to display his normal sprite. This was weird because the game showed I had caught "001" normal forms and "000" shiny forms which is correct. So a lot of Pokemon in my National Dex turned out to be appearing shiny when I havent seen their shiny form ever in any game or obtained them. Keep in mind all of the Pokemon in their respective form were caught legitimately using normal catching methods. No cheats no 3rd party programs involved. PKHeX was ONLY used to transfer over 150 Pokemon to one single game. Can anyone please help why this is happening and how I can fix this? Please note the Pokemon appear normal in boxes and everywhere else. Just in National Dex, they appear Shiny and no option to show their normal sprite. I actually have an ACTUAL shiny caught (legal as well). I opened it to check and apparently that one has normal sprite and shiny sprite and I can choose to display either. Would be very glad if you could help me out here. I dont have a lot of info about the program. I am willing to provide any info or files that you may require, from Save game files to Screenshots. In the images attached below, you can see the Grovyle as an example (SO many pokemon are affected) and in other image you can see the ACTUAL Shiny Makuhita I have, and the fact that I can view his normal Skin when I cant do the same with Grovyle. I'll try to reply as fast as possible so please don't give up on the topic if I dont reply in time, ty! TLDR: Legitimately caught pokemon when transfered to Pokemon X using drag and drop of PKHeX, appear shiny in dex without normal sprite available.
  14. Version 1.0.1


    This is a save file of emerald with a complete living dex,This took me 4 months to complete, i have some things to mention below. Deoxys is not caught in birth island,the one i have is from leafgreen if you want him go ahead and get it. No symbols except for the silver battle factory symbol are obtained. All the Mythicals are Hacked from pkhex, because there are unobtainable. and that's it,hope you like it.
  15. Hello! I am currently working on a new Pokémon game, Amethyst! If anyone would like to help me, could someone give ideas for new Pokémon? Any help is greatly appreciated! List of planned in-game features: ~A new story! ~A new evil team! (Like Team Rocket or Galactic) ~Hopefully over 100 new Pokémon! ~A few previous regions, plus a new one, Morto! (Name is still TBA, but this may work) ~Dark and Shadow Pokémon! ~New Deoxys Forms (Credit: soulsilver) ~New Items! ~New Trainers! ~Editing Trainer Appearance! (Clothes, Skin, Hair, etc.) ~Online Tournaments! (With in-game prizes!) ~Online Events! ~Battles against all previous protagonists: Red, Leaf, Ethan, Kris, Lyra, Brendan, May, Wes, Michael, Lucas, Dawn, Touya, and Touko! (Touya and Touko being the Japanese names for the players in Black and White) ~Battles against all previous rivals: Blue, Silver, Wally, Barry, Cheren, and Bianca! (Blue will, however, be a gym leader) ~And more to be released later!! Just so there is no confusion, Amethyst WILL BE ON THE COMPUTER, not DS or any other gaming system, and THIS IS NOT A ROM HACK OR AN EDIT! A major pro of it being an online game is that I can update it (for glitch-fixing or just extras)! Also, Missingno and ??? Arceus will have data in my game, but only in case of glitches so that the game doesn't crash (However, I think beta testers might be able to get a working "glitch" Pokémon as a reward). Current Production Stage (CPS): Planning. Need concept art, ideas, and names. Current Projected Release Date (CPRD): March 27th, 2084; This could be lowered significantly with more help however.
  16. Hi, this is my first thread and I figured it might be the best way to get what I need. First off, none of these are for competitive play as I suck at it and probably won't bother with it until S&M are out. Second, I'm online usually every day from 6am to 8am SAT-MON (I work from 5:30pm to 6am so no internet or DS ) Tue-Fri from noon till midnight generally (PACIFIC TIME -8) I don't mind HOW you get them, as long as it'll count towards my Pokedex~!
  17. I Just discovered a fued between Brock and Ash, Because Brock is in a public relationship with Misty on Facebook Here is the links to both Brock and Ash' facebook profiles.. it is great entertainment :-) Could be fun to interact and maybe solve their little issue Brock's profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010417475886 Ash's profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php...840276&fref=ts Misty's profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php...635188&fref=ts
  18. I was wondering if someone could trade me all of the Pokemon in the national dex (I will give them all back) So I could get the shiny charm Thanks
  19. Hey guys, I used PKHex and added a lot of Pokemon to my save file (150+) because I wanted to complete my National Dex and I don't have X/Y/OR. I have all the pokemon that I need imported to my game, but is there any quick way to get them registered in my Pokedex without going to the Day Care? (A DSPokeEdit software for Gen VI)? I just want to get that shiny charm ASAP. I don't really want to trade Pokemon back and forth between my friend's game and mine, because that will take way too much time. I did search for this topic, but there were no threads discussing this issue in the current gen. Thanks guys! All help is appreciated!:bidoof: I found a post that talks about the Pokedex button, but that button apparently corrupts the files... I also have no idea how to use it
  20. Welcome to the world of Pixelmon. A world mixed with minecraft characters and pixel creatures which replace mobs. Two new trainers set out on the adventure to become pixelmasters but something keeps stopping them... themselves GET GOING IDIOTS! [video=youtube;ajczuTMmezY]
  21. hello, im new to this forum first question regarding pokedex is the following: imagine i have exchanged a feebas (pokemon ive never caught before in white2) with another trainer.. it arrives to me and starts evolving.. well: do i register both feebas and milotic in the pokedex, or only milotic? (as feebas evolved right after it came) 2nd: location: location if it was obtained in emerald as an egg? day-care couple or which? 3rd: date: do i place the date i obtained the pokemon (ie i exchanged it yesterday so id put 23/06/13) or the date the pokemon was caught in other pkm version (ie i captured it 1 year ago in emerald so id put.. 23/06/12) ty for ur info
  22. First, I wasn't sure where to post this. I did look around first. :confused: Now that the update is out for the 3DS, Nintendo has it's first Pokemon title on it. Best of all, it's free. Least of all, it's somewhat underwhelming. I played with it a while this morning and I like the look of it, but I felt that I just didn't know what to do with it. The sprites that were in it look great. All of the Pokemon have AR codes which I think is pretty neat. But I have no idea how to transfer my pokedex from my cart into it. Also, it would have been nice to be able to trade Pokemon indexes via wifi with people on my friends list. All I could find was via infrared search transfer. I hope it holds more promise than I saw at first glance.
  23. This follows the same rules as the National Dex Game. Just go through the order of the Pokemon of the Johto Pokedex. #1 Chikorita [animsprite]152[/animsprite]
  24. Kind of a noob question, but how is it possible to edit what pokemon you have and you have seen on the pokedex? The thing is, I imported myself a hacked pokemon I haven't seen in game before and it doesn't show up in pokedex. How do I fix it?
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