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  1. Let's see what you have! Rules Nothing inappropriate. No discussion, just desktops! How to post your desktop: Press the Prnt Scr key on your keyboard. Go into Paint and press Ctrl +V. File > Save As > .PNG Go to http://www.tinypic.com Upload your picture there, and post it here! PLEASE USE SPOILER TAGS ( ) WHEN POSTING YOUR DESKTOP Mine:
  2. Ok, now I figured, writing is great but not just facts lets have fiction! So I figured we are creative right so lets have a thread for it I don't see why not. Plus I really wanted to post a story too so I made this thread. Hope to read all your stories and I hoped you liked mine! Chapter 2: coming soon Hope you liked it! Please comment or post your own story!
  3. So I have recently lost all of my collection of accumulated brushes and styles for Photoshop and I am wondering what people would recommend or just plain love. So post all your favorites right here.
  4. This thread is for posting your sprites you made, recolored, or spliced.
  5. ok so i have for trade a: Lugia lv 26 (hacked but wont effect game at all) Ho-oh lv 28 (hacked but wont effect game at all) Celebi lv 26 (hacked but wont effect game at all) Suicune lv 26 (hacked but wont effect game at all) Charmander lv 1 not hacked with fire blast and flamethrower now heres some things that im looking for any of the johto starters of any of their evolutions A Donphan preferably lvl 30+ a Lapras any lvl Jirachi Groudon (the ground ruby legend pokemon i probably missed spelled it) theres a few options im also willing to accept other offers but theres a good chance that ill have the pokemon:bidoof:
  6. Hi! This program allows you to convert between *.DUC and *.SAV files, using a custom Game Name, Save Name and Save Description. Please make sure you have the .NET framework (3.5) installed!! Changes List: ARDStoSAV's Official Page Download Links: ARDStoSAV.zip
  7. Hey guys, I'm Hiddenub, I'm new at this forum. I have some experience with Pokésav, but i cant make Pokemon from scratch yet(I'm close to it:wink:). My favorite game is Pokemon Platinum and my Favorite online game is Jamlegend. I completed Pokemon Pearl twice but never completed Platinum cuz my rom broke. Grtz, Hiddenub
  8. I'd like to say hey and cheers to everyone. I like the community you have. I have not seriously used a pokemon game since crystal. Which I loved. I'd love to play some of the newer games like pokemon diamond, or the new hg or ss. My only problem with these is of coarse, I want to use my old team. Which is a lot of hoops to jump through. I'm all for hacking and that's fine means for me however, I'm running a mac that has os x (obviously) and 64bit windows 7. instead of really just tinkering and tampering with everything and learning how to. I was thinking I might just pay some one to do it. One of you, since I understand that you guys do this sometimes. (this project pays 15$) (paypal) but if more than one person is interested, we can have a reverse auction where someone will do it for cheaper and cheeper. (we'll see what happens) I do however have a few things that I want; -The six pokemon requested will have legit stats. (high but not hacking detectable high) -I get a file that is compatible with Visualboy advance. (which shouldn't be a problem) -A save file from both pokemon Heartgold and either Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. That's it. I believe that all my pokemon have legal moves that are appropriate with them. if anyone is interested in making some money, though not a lot please respond here or send me an email at fmbarrientos@gmail.com I really appreciate it guys. Hopefully everyone has a great thanksgiving.
  9. Before I try to do something and mess up my game, I would like to know how the pokesav works with he AR. 1) Do you need anything else besides the AR and Pokesav? 2) How does it effect the game in terms of pokemon placement when you activate the code? 3) Is there anything else I should know about before I jump in and try something that could potentially ruin my game? Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.
  10. Well, I made some good leads and I would like to show you them.If you can, please post your own lead to share your ideas with us. Here is what I made: Metagame: UU [sprite]124[/sprite] Jynx@Choice Scarf Timd Nature Forewarn 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe ~ Trick ~ Lovely Kiss ~ Ice Beam ~ Focus Blast This lead is simply awesome.I use lovely kiss at the start of the match(most of the time) to cripple the opposing lead and not let it set up stealth rock.Trick is another crippling move and will ruin tanks trying to set up.Ice Beam and Focus blast hit everything for at least neutral damage except for shedinja.I take about 55% damage from ambipom fake out, so it is not a big problem.Well, this lead is designed to cripple at least two pokemon, and hit hard with a perfect coverage combination moves. I have more! Metagame: OU [sprite]450[/sprite] Hippowdon@choice band Adamant Sand stream 252Atk, 44Spe, 212HP ~ Earthquake ~ Crunch ~ Fire fang ~ Ice fang An unexpected, but powerful force, this lead will take out everything except for roserade in one(or two in swamperts case) hit(s).EQ is my STAB move and it ohkos metagross, shuca berry tran, jirachi and infernape.Crunch has power to ohko azelf and rotom formes.Fire Fang will ohko scizor, abomasnow(I won't get ohkoed by blizzard) and forretress.Ice Fang is for gliscor, it is more of a filller move lol.212 hp evs make it a very bulky pokemon, while 252atk and adamant nature give it maximum power.44 spe evs is a little twist, it allows me to outspeed mixed swampert and ohko with EQ.Sand Stream will ruin azelfs and napes sash, so this lead is extremely effective. Post what you made!
  11. RANDOMSPOT555 EDIT: To stop the random complaining, while at the same time able to maintain some humor in here, all gimmick teams can go in here. As in, teams that would in no way function outside of being complete jokes. Sound good? Okay. Introduction So are you tired of fighting those ugly uber teams unprepared? Well, I devised a team that's foolproof and will ALWAYS defeat. Ready? The Roster [sprite]129[/sprite] Magikarp@Focus Sash Flail Sweeper 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed Jolly Nature - Splash - Tackle - Flail - Bounce With Magikarp you're going have a blast! So here is the idea. Since it rains in ubers thanks to the abundance of Kyogre, Magikarp's speed will double. Then Magikarp will get hit by Thunder, and Focus Sash kicks in, absorbing everything. That Kyogre will laugh so hard he will begin setting up, while Magikarp proceeds to Flail the fish, becoming a 5-4HKO to a max HP Kyogre with 1 HP while Calm Mind does 0 damage to the Red fishy! Take that! It's also 25.73% - 30.12% against a minimum HP Kyogre... so it's a guaranteed 4HKO! Also, a max HP Arceus is 6HKOd while the Extremekiller's Swords Dance will do ZERO damage against the fishy! This wonderful fish is gonna own people tonight! [sprite]011[/sprite] Metapod@Leftovers Physical Wall 252 HP/252 Def/6 SpD Impish Nature - Bug Bite - Iron Defense - String Shot - Tackle The premier physical wall of this team. With + 6 defense, he can take an unboosted Arceus's Extremespeed for a total of 12.17% - 14.47%! And he can take him down with a 63HKO Bug Bite while Arceus can only manage 0 damage with Swords Dance! That Bug Bite can also eat off a Pinch Berry... so if Metapod gets Salac or Liechi Berry... they're in for it! [sprite]014[/sprite] Kakuna@Choice Band Choice Bander 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed Adamant Nature - Poison Sting - Bug Bite With Choice Band, expect things to die horribly. Max HP Steel-type Arceus is a 25 HKO with a Choice Banded Bug Bite! In an environment where Psychics are prevalent, a Kakuna can easily switch into a Swords Dance or Calm Mind and kill off stuff with Bug Bite. To give you a perspective Deoxys-A can be 2HKOd if its negative natured. This Kakuna will NEVER get walled, EVER! [sprite]266[/sprite] Silcoon@Leftovers Physical Special Wall 252 HP/6 Def/252 SpD Careful Nature - Iron Defense - String Shot - Poison Sting - Bug Bite A backup bug... walls stuff like NOBODY else can do! [sprite]268[/sprite] Cascoon@Choice Band The Tanky Sweeper 252 HP/252 Atk/6 SpD Adamant Nature - Bug Bite - Poison Sting - Tackle Walls stuff AND kills stuff! This thing kills stuff like NOBODY has ever done before! If you are unfortunate to meet up with this member of this team, just hope his awesomeness Cascoon will spare you from the wrath of his evil eye! [sprite]349[/sprite] Feebas@Focus Sash Magikarp's Ugly Stepsister 252 HP/6 Attack/252 Speed Jolly Nature - Mirror Coat/Hypnosis - Protect - Waterfall - Flail You thought Magikarp was awesome? Just wait until you see the ugly stepsister! With Focus Sash, she is not OHKOd by the likes of Kyogre and WILL reflect it back with her UGLY stare (Mirror Coat), frying that poor killer whale into dust. If you opt for Hypnosis, the opponent WILL be outsped by the ugly stepsister in the rain and will be hypnotized into sleeping thanks to her UGLY stare and continue to Flail them and STAB Waterfall in the rain. This one's SURE to cause stuff to die horribly! FEAR the UGLY STARE! Any comments? Please rate!
  12. We have released the first version of the pokedex. For now it only includes data from platinum and we are missing a few things like egg moves and platinum tutor moves. Expect frequent updates. http://projectpokemon.org/pokedex/ Discuss your opinions, suggestions etc here. Please explain with as much detail as possible.
  13. pls legit......and pkm files
  14. Off Topic and Spam posts will be removed by moderators. Users responsible will also receive infractions from moderators. Please read this entire post before posting. we will make HeartGold and SoulSilver requests aswell. since benngy's thread was over 1000 posts it was getting a little too much, so this is the new thread you can post requests at, i only ask of you that you will follow the rules. Rules: 1. please use the request form. 2. please use proper english so we can understand what you requested. 3. if you have any questions, or anything else that dosnt concern requests, please pm us. 4. please use spoilers (example in the request form). 5. Post On Topic Request Form: [noparse] [/noparse] if you need any other codes such as: wonder cards, items (in your bag), etc. please specify what code you want (within pokesav limits, if the code you want cannot be made with pokesav we will tell you). if you have any questions or prefer to pm the request feel free to pm me. Secret ID: if you want to know whats your SID (secret ID) there are a few ways to do that: by trade (trade me a pokemon that you caught in your game), code: there are 2 codes 1 for platinum and 1 for D/P, press L+R to activate it and it will change your money (in your trainer info) to your SID. SID code for D/P: SID code for platinum: *the ID,OT,SID only makes your pokemon obey to you at any level (dosnt matter how many badges you have) and it also makes it appear that you caught it in your game*
  15. In this thread one leaves it Friend code. So that it is easier to battle people online. I searched to find a thread bout this topic, but no results. So this thing to work one needs to leave his/hers Name, FC (obviously), and leave the names of the people that the user has registered in their Pal Pad. Name: Angel My FC is: 1677-0876-0206 Thanks for reading. Hope to battle you soon.:cool:
  16. Well, it was inevitable, and this place needed one, and I didn't see it. Post a picture of your gorgeous self! <3 None of that whole "ohmagawsh i'm so ugleh" crap, it's cliche, but you really are beautiful in your own way. In all respects, I know for a fact I'm not exactly pretty, at least in the conventional sense, but a few of my guy friends have told me I'm gorgeous, because I simply respect myself. I know you all are beautiful... As for guys... You're all.... Errr... Handsome is the word, I guess? So, post up those pics and let the love begin! Here is me, being a camwhore in front of my webcam a couple weeks ago. My friend and I were sending stupid pictures of each other back and forth. ^.^; I'll post a better pic when I get home from school tomorrow. I know I'm skinny, leave me alone! D:
  17. Yeah i know this doesn't display any vital points, but it's incorrect, when i view my profile, it states that i have made 57 post, but i have clearly made 111, well if this post counts then it's 112.
  18. This thread has been locked for archival purposes. Please redirect all messages intended for this thread to: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2640
  19. PLEASE READ THE FULL FEATURE LIST BEFORE POSTING OR YOUR REPLY WILL BE REMOVED. If you have a request for a feature that hasn't been spoken about, or does not look apparently obvious on the interface of the program, please suggest it here. If you make ridiculous, spam-like suggestions, then I will make sure that when YOU import YOUR pokemon, your game turns into a bad egg farm. I will also scold you, and email your mother. So please do not act childish. Do not ask for E-Reader capabilities because I have no freaking clue how that crap works.. Do not ask for CodeBreaker output because if you still use that thing, you should uninstall life. Do not ask for music in the program, because I tried it and promptly ripped my eardrums out of my ears. Do not ask when this will be finished... thats not a feature. Do not ask if I can release the source code... thats not a feature either. Lets hear those ideas!
  20. I'm sure there are others out there who have various collections of stuff, be it movies, manga, comics, toys, whatever. I thought it'd be interesting to see everybody's collections. I'll start My toy collection: I'll upload a better one later.
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