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  1. Long story short, I had to put all my Pokemon in a new save file because I jacked up my old save file. Does anyone have the ability to edit the hex code to put my old Hall of Fame records into my new save file? Thanks if you can! (I will send you the files if you can)
  2. No, there is no way possible to back up your saves with an ARDS. Sorry
  3. Sorry, but your file had a few things wrong with it (for example, the Mesprit event). Anyone else have a file?
  4. Long story short, I jacked up my current Diamond save beyond repair with AR codes :3. I don't want to have to go through all the work again of beating the game, so does anyone have a completed save file that I could use as a basis for a new file for myself? I was able to salvage all my Pokemon, so I just need a completed file to put them on (and my trainer name, ID, and SID). Thanks a ton!
  5. Would it be possible to throw in being able to edit what the White Rock (Shaymin Event) says?
  6. OMG if you can get retail cart loading to work you will be my savior! I like my Cyclo but I still like playing my game carts.
  7. I asked this before it was released, but thanks for trying to help I found it earlier so this can be locked.
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