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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Start your Shiny Costume Hunt with my save file! This is after defeating each Colosseum once and the credits first rolled putting you into post game! Box 1 are teams that are used for Doubles while Box 2 is for the Singles format. Fresh Post Game is under File 1 labeled "DAWN" Save is synced with HeartGold This means Mysterial will use the Pearl Version Team when facing him on Sets 4 and 8 Accessories were not purchased All Level 50 Colosseum Ranks starts fresh at 1 No Rental Pass swaps
  2. Like the tittle says, i need help editing the Heart gold pl_otherpoke.narc (a/1/1/4 // are the sprites from the pokemon that change form like rotom, unown or shaymin) i really dont know where or how to start or do a thing with this file... i always use pokemon ds/pic platinum and photoshop for the sprites but with these it looks like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13479[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13480[/ATTACH] i just want to fix the palettes on the otherpoke.narc... http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo27/Aoi_Kosuke/More%20stuff/FSA_zpsknxcam6e.png http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo27/Aoi_Kosuke/More%20stuff/ASF_zpsqukxpgnj.png i used these files for the rom (the otherpoke.narc is a/1/1/4 and the pokegra.narc is a/0/0/4) http://www.mediafire.com/download/t50avzdclqvkimo/moemon+platinum.rar http://www.mediafire.com/download/ze5ftdqu88c7u05/%28Temporary%29Completed+platium.zip [ATTACH]13481[/ATTACH]
  3. Please and thank you ^^ EDIT: I added another so it's 5 now.
  4. The zombie apocalypse has came back bigger and badder then ever. 4 new survivors try and and battle it out with horde after horde of infected individuals and new special infected have surfaced along with the ever ground pounding Tank. You and 3 other survivors make your way to escape in the southern region of the U.S. From a mall, to the bayou, and into New Orleans. Discuss about your thoughts and your time playing this new game for the Xbox 360 and PC, also available on Steam.
  5. Congratulate me... just kidding. I wouldn't end a topic just like that. You saw it coming... another WALL of text [sprite]389[/sprite] Mew2 the Torterra (M) @ Soft Sand Sassy Nature Level 53 Starter Pokemon - Crunch - Leech Seed - Razor Leaf - Earthquake I could have replaced Razor Leaf with Wood Hammer... but in-game, that is not ideal. Yes people, I picked Torterra... and I am well aware Infernape makes the game easier... WAY easier. Torterra has this advantage over the other Grass starters by learning things that are normally hereditary moves naturally. Look at Leech Seed, Synthesis, Crunch... and Leaf Storm! And it even learns Earthquake naturally! That is really good! It is very defensive as well and can hit quite hard with Wood Hammer or Earthquake... and Crunch for those Ghosts (Bite in early game). His ONLY problem is that REALLY slow speed... he slows the game down too. Not used to going second all the time? Too bad, this isn't RBY/GSC anymore where your starters had reasonable speed to deal with in-game matters. After the introduction of Swampert, they started making slow starters... and Torterra here is even slower. Yeah I know... the inability to run away from Starlies early game really blows. But later on, he becomes quite the asset. [sprite]164[/sprite] Feedlstick the Noctowl (F) Hasty Nature <--- FAIL Keen Eye <--- MORE FAIL Level 52 Eterna Forest/Level 12 - Hypnosis - Roost - Extrasensory - Air Slash I replaced Staraptor with this thing... BLASPHEMY! I know... Staraptor is infinitely superior... so guys stick with Staraptor. But I like this wise owl... and I actually wanted to try it out. It is a shame though... it wasn't very useful in Elite 4... but before that, it was pretty useful for Hypnosis and Reflect... which helped support the team. But learning Roost at level 52? That's unacceptable by my standards... and having Take Down as its primary move was not a good thing either. For a special attacking bird this thing sure has a lot of physical moves in its movelist. Extrasensory came in too late to help me anyhow... when I really needed it back when Team Galactics were using stuff like Golbats and Sneasels and Houndours and Stunkys and... oh wait... most of them are dark types! Never mind ^^ Real men use Noctowls [sprite]419[/sprite] W.Fox the Floatzel (M) @ Mystic Water Brave Nature <--- WHAT THE HECK???? Level 53 Valley Windworks/Level 10 - Surf - Waterfall - Crunch - Ice Punch Ok... this is one of the better Pokemon in game... and I'm stuck with the lousy BRAVE NATURE??? BOO. I received Ice Punch by move tutor using shards. I replaced the vastly inferior Ice Fang with it. If you did not pick Piplup as your starter, get one of these. Really, they are amazing because they are really fast, are offensively powerful on both sides of the spectrum, and can learn things to abuse them like Ice Beam and Waterfall and Crunch. Its speed is even more ridiculous in the rain... doubling, making it overkill. Other water Pokemon you can resort with include Shellos or Magikarp (yes that thing becomes Gyarados), but Buizel is available to you with more offensively oriented stats. Problem is... his defenses are bad... yeah, watch out for that. [sprite]136[/sprite] Blackout the Flareon (F) Quirky Nature Level 51 Hearthome City/Level 20 - Quick Attack - Fire Fang - Flamethrower - Fire Blast Yes, I evolved Eevee into a Flareon, now stop flaming me! (no pun intended). I evolved her quite late though because I thought Adaptibility + Quick Attack was just too awesome. I mean I get to 2HKO Kadabras with that! Originally I had Bite, but I found Fire Blast too inefficient in-game because it missed a lot and ran out too often. Also it never seems to OHKO stuff that are weak to it. Come on... Flareon gets STAB on that thing!! Anyhow Flareon is surprisingly quite effective in game. It is quite the powerhouse and blows stuff up just like what a regular pyromaniacal Eevee would do. If it were not for Flareon, I would have NEVER got past Candice... PERIOD. Fire Fang 2HKOd Volkner's Jolteon... and both were evenly leveled. Heh heh [sprite]123[/sprite] Saimir the Scyther (M) @ Silverpowder Sassy Nature <--- NOT GOOD Level 53 Technician <--- ^^ Route 215/Level 20 - Wing Attack - Agility - X-Scissor - Night Slash It was all thanks to this guy I beat Maylene... and my Crobat too. The other Pokemon I had were too wimpy Anyways, this guy is one of the best Pokemon you can find in game... but the GAME GIVES ME A (-) SPEED NATURE SWEEPING POKEMON AGAIN. ARGH! They are quite rare unlike Buizel and getting the better of the two abilities is also quite hard. Not to mention they have a REALLY low catch rate. Anyhow, Scyther is just purely awesome. I kept Wing Attack ever since it got it... and it did insane damage to everything... even OHKOing many of them. How it failed to OHKO Aaron's Yanmega is beyond me Scyther is possibly my most useful Pokemon in this game up to date. [sprite]475[/sprite] spaling the Gallade (M) @ Mind Plate Quirky Nature Level 51 Route 212/Level 24 - Swords Dance - Psycho Cut - Night Slash - Leaf Blade 51 levels and it STILL didn't learn Close Combat... Anyhow I caught a male Kirlia and I wondered what to do with it. Then I found a Dawn Stone and said "Okay let's save this poor male Kirlia from all the embarassment and the cross dressing and evolve it ASAP" and I did that. Now this thing is the amazing tutu wearing gladiator! . . . tutu? Oh man! COME ON GAMEFREAK! Anyhow this guy is powerful and Swords Dance is just amazing. I wish Scyther learned that earlier... but the problem with Gallade is that it just is not fast enough. But after a Swords Dance it eats everything up. STAB Psycho Cut is amazing... and the other two moves are great too. In fact, all three have high critical hit ratio... which NEVER seems to work for me > To get Leaf Blade or Night Slash, go Heart Scale them. But frankly, the elemental punches work better... and Close Combat will do more than Super Effective elemental punches on stuff anyhow... unless the latter was 4x effective. Still, this guy is great... but he's quite fragile for some reason... even more so than I expected. A common theme in this team seems to be "strong physical attackers with sub-par speed with good special defense but horrid physical defense"... except Noctowl doesn't have the "strong physical attack" part and Scyther and Floatzel does not have "good special defense". Yes, only Floatzel... ONLY FLOATZEL survived the onslaught in the end. Epic Wins: After 2 rare candies, Scyther finally OHKOs Yanmega with Wing Attack Scyther OHKOs Heracross with Wing Attack Scizor eats a Flamethrower from Flareon... Flareon survived its Night Slash Flareon leaves Vespiquen with 1 HP with Fire Blast... oh wait, that's a fail. But at least Flareon won on that match unlike Noctowl. Floatzel sweeps 3 out of 5 members of Bertha's team (Gallade took care of Whiscash, Floatzel loses to Hippowdon >.<) Floatzel sweeps 4 out of 5 members of Flint's team... survives Infernape's Thunderpunch. Scyther OHKOs Mr Mime with X-Scissor, OHKOs Gallade with Wing Attack, OHKOs Espeon with X-Scissor (but not before Espeon hits Scyther with a powerful Psychic, forcing it to switch). Flareon's Fire Blast MISSES the OHKO on Bronzong... wait that still sucks. Oh yeah, after the Full Restore, Fire Fang 2HKOs Bronzong (O_O). So you may think Flareon's Fire Fang would do a lot to Alakazam... see below in the failures what REALLY happened. Spiritomb outstalled by Torterra Gallade Sword Dances and Psycho Cut critical hits against that blasted Togekiss Floatzel outspeeds Lucario and finishes it off with Waterfall Milotic is weakened by Floatzel and beaten by Scyther's Wing Attack Scyther OHKOs Roserade with Wing Attack Garchomp ravages through my team... wait no that's bad! Final resort Floatzel... is outpaced by Garchomp (GRRR)... but survives the Dragon Rush and OHKOs Garchomp when it had 75% of its HP left! Makes me wonder how Gliscor survived it better when it was lower leveled. Floatzel wins me the match Blunders: Scyther failing to OHKO Yanmega with Technician Wing Attack while Yanmega ate up Scyther with a single Air Slash (left Scyther with 8 HP, but thanks to Speed Boost and Aaron cheating with Full Restore... you know)... therefore I shoved 2 Rare candies up Scyther's throat just so it would. Noctowl getting walled by Vespiquen even after flinch haxxing with Air Slash... lame. Air Slash would only 3HKO and won't even shave off 50% of Vespiquen's HP. I let it get 6 Defend Orders and Air Slash's PP were depleted afterwards. Restarted right after. Drapion freeze haxxing/flinch haxxing Torterra every time with Ice Fang... and when it didn't, it would critical. Me blundering for putting Miracle Seed instead of Soft Sand... because with the latter EQ would OHKO. Otherwise it would end up with Drapion with a sliver of its HP left while I have no choice but to spam Full Restores and wait for that eventual critical hit... and Ice Fang never missed >.> Floatzel failing to OHKO Gliscor with Ice Punch (it only took like 50%ish) Floatzel failing to OHKO Hippowdon (then last Pokemon of Bertha), then Hippowdon finishing off weakened Floatzel with Crunch Floatzel failing to outspeed Infernape and failing to OHKO with Waterfall with Brave Nature... COME ON. Floatzel Waterfalling Magmortar when it had 3 HP... only to get a parting gift in form of Flame Body. Whoops Mr. Mime surviving Floatzel's Crunch... and sets up Reflect. I promptly restart because Reflect would screw me over. I switch lead to Scyther instead. Flareon survives Alakazam's Psychic and uses Fire Fang... which should have killed or gotten to red HP... of course RNG is unfavorable for me and leaves Alakazam with ~47% of its HP!!! Knowing Quick Attack wouldn't finish it off, I switch to Noctowl... to eat a Focus Blast which HITS, lowers Special Defense... and criticals all at once. Lame Spiritomb winning the speed tie on Torterra on EVERY single occassions... except once when it wasn't even that critical. Floatzel coming to revenge kill a Togekiss... who took 1 Ice Punch... had 40% of its HP left. Shock Wave didn't finish me... then another Ice Punch... which left Togekiss with 2% of its HP (WHAT??!!!) Shock Wave finishes Floatzel off. Flareon coming in to revenge kill that said Togekiss with 2% HP. Water Pulse shaves off 50% of Flareon's HP... Fire Fang MISSES. I proceed to Quick Attack... Togekiss SURVIVES. Water Pulse finishes off Flareon... and I promptly restart the game. Me letting Gallade stay in after getting a + 2... using Psycho Cut... hoping it would critical. Well, it wouldn't. Gallade was severly weakened, so you know what happened. 2HKO from Lucario's Shadow Ball. Flareon coming in to revenge kill said Lucario... only to get eaten by a Stone Edge which landed a hit on me >.> Me for getting a Brave nature Floatzel... trust me it isn't pretty at all. All the other Floatzels must be laughing at him So how was your first Elite Four experience like? You can open up the enclosed SAV file on Pokesav and see my Pokes. And no I did not name them... the members of Project Pokemon did >.> If you guys took part in it, remember 10 names? How I ended up taking down the E4 with a bunch of ridiculously underleveled Pokemon is beyond me... ok, so there were items. That's about it though. Now that I have the save archived, I will proceed to start a file where I use INFERNAPE as the starter... accompanied by only Staraptor and a few others. This will be easy I will attempt to speedrun this game. xpa-pokm.SAV
  6. As The Title Says, I Made Some Pokes From Scratch, But In The Same Time Keeping Them In A Reasonable Stats ,Etc , They Are All Migrated ( Hopefully) , And If Some1 Can Check Them For Me And Tell Me If There Is SomeThing Wrong And How To Fix It, I'll Be More Than Happy And I Also Have Two Question If Some1 Can Answer Them.... 1) Is There A Some Kind Of RelationShip Between ID/SID Or Can I Just Put Some Random Numbers There ?? 2) In The Eng. Platinum Pokesav I Can't Use The PalPark Edit Button ?? Can You Tell Me Why ?? MadeFromScratchPokes(GBA).rar
  7. Hi! This program allows you to convert between *.DUC and *.SAV files, using a custom Game Name, Save Name and Save Description. Please make sure you have the .NET framework (3.5) installed!! Changes List: ARDStoSAV's Official Page Download Links: ARDStoSAV.zip
  8. Hi. I would like to have a rebattle code for all the legendaries in pkm platinum. Pleeease Im giving the list of all the legendaries in pkm platinum. Giratina Uxie Azelf Dialga Palkia Darkrai Heatran Rotom Mesprit Articuno Zapdos Moltres Cresselia The most important codes are the one for Giratina,Dialga, Palkia and Cresselia
  9. Ok, I have a pokemon request to make. I couldn't find any place where the spoiler BBcode was mentioned so here are the 4 pokes for which I require a code. OT name = PSYCE OT number = 19321 1)Shiny Garchomp Nature: Jolly Ability : Sand Viel EV = 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spd Stone Edge Dragon Claw Earthquake Fire Fang 2) Metagross Nature : Adamant Ability: Clear Body EV = 252 Atk/4 Sp.Def/252 Def Explosion Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash Brick Break 3)Shiny Spiritomb Nature : Modest Ability : Pressure Ev 252 Sp.Atk./4 HP/252 Sp.Def Dark Pulse Psychic Shadow Ball Shock Wave 4)Shiny Spiritomb Nature : Modest Ability : Wonderguard Ev 252 Sp.Atk./4 HP/252 Sp.Def Dark Pulse Psychic Shadow Ball Shock Wave
  10. I've checked all the specs and I meet all the minimum requirements but I don't understand the video cards. The minimum specs say I need NVIDIA® Geforce™ 6600 or better or ATI® Radeon® 9800Pro or better. I have an ATI Radeon HD 3670. So will it work? Thanks.
  11. Sorry for requesting so many at once, but I really want these four pokemon. Friend Code is 3566 7741 6296
  12. My best was DPP champion battle, sick music , plus she's so cool
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