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  1. umm, latias is now uber soo.....what would be her replacement ??? sorry for bumping the thread but im curious. love your teams wraith =D
  2. Tbird, so basically change endure for sucker punch ??? um, scizor with technician makes bug bite have a base power of 90, while x-scissor has 80. starmies priorities arent the screens, but rapid spin. its extremely important that i rapid spin.... if not my ninjask while have its health depleted by half when it enters the battle thanks to stealth rock btw mewtwo, its named red lightning because of one scizor i once saw in the anime lol. and please, i'd be flattered if you tried my team. how about the ev distribution for scizor and rotom ??? you like it people ???
  3. Intro: Well, this is the best team I've made so far. This team revolves around Scizor, the Red Lightning. Basically because I've realized he can beat almost anybody with a couple of sword's dance + bullet punch. Objective: Baton pass speed+attack to scizor, then sweep with him. The team: Celebi @ Leftovers Nature: Timid Ability: Natural Care 4 HP / 252 Spd / 252 Sp. Atk -Stealth Rock -Leaf Storm -U-turn -Psychic Celebi is there only to Stealth Rock. The rest of the attacks are to protect itself and to counter common leads like Azelf or Swampert, even an Aerodactyl. Ninjask @
  4. if this goes somewhere else please move it. dont really knew where this went i've got one question. if i use 2 swords dance with ninjask then baton pass....will it transfer the 4 stats increase (2 for swords dance + 2 speed boost) ???
  5. its not fair, i go for a weekend and you end the game >_>
  6. im not sure about that, my feraligatr has won me many battles that seemed lost. and yeah, i think i should've been used sucker punch, bullet punch and extremespeed for it, but i thought charizard was kinda slow >_>
  7. so i've been shoddy battling with this team and it went really good. but i had big problems with a belly drum + substitute charizard....it basically killed my entire team. just landed a simple bullet punch >_>
  8. dude, rare candys = no bueno. ev's and attacks please. but if you just want to have 6 pokemon thrown over there then pick one of your favorites that covers the rest of the types you are not already covering.
  9. i LOVE digimon !!!! (as you can see from my avatar lol) i loved the 1st and 2nd seasons....the third one was rubbish (yugioh anyone ???). the fourth one was good and it tried to recover elements from the 1st season (they transformed into the spririts of agumon etc etc). btw soldjermon....there are only 5 seasons lol
  10. strategy for the whole team or one by one ??? if its team-wise then....i think its basically to heavy attack (not special attack) by covering every kind of pokemon. metagross's stealth rock at the beginning to inflict some damage to anyone and from there increase the attack of the others to be sure it will be a 2hko max. Absol is key in this because its STAB night slash has a 50% chance of landing a critical hit, making it kind of a devastating attack. the only problem for absol is against a steel pokemon. arcanine howls till its attack is high enough to OHKO with a STAB flare blitz, while re
  11. i just dont understand why do you enjoy closing my threads random. you could just have told me to edit it to make it understandable.....not closing it and making me make another one >_> anyways, here it is AGAIN. Feraligatr w/Leftovers. Ability: Torrent. Nature: Adamant. EV's: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def -Ice Punch -Waterfall -Dragon Dance -Earthquake Scizor w/Iron Plate. Ability: Technician. Nature: Adamant. EV's: 252 Atk / 128 Def / 128 Sp. Def -Bug Bite -Swords Dance -Bullet Punch -Roost Absol w/Razor Claw. Ability: Super Luck. Nature: Jolly. EV's: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP -
  12. Feraligatr c/Leftovers. Torrent (if HP is below 1/3, water’s base power x1.5). Adamant: +Atk; -Sp. Atk -Ice Punch: (Ice) 75/100. May induce freeze (10%). 15 -Waterfall: (Water) 80/100. May cause opponent to flinch. 15 -Dragon Dance: (Dragon) Raises Atk & Spd one stage. 20 -Earthquake: (Ground) 100/100. Hits everyone. 10 Scizor c/Iron Plate. Technician (60% or less base power + 50% damage). Adamant: +Atk; -Sp. Atk -Bug Bite: (Bug) 60/100. Receives effect of foe’s held berry. 20 -Swords Dance: (Normal) Raises Atk two stages. 30 -Bullet Punch: (Steel) 40/100. Always attacks first (
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