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  1. Thank you for your reply. I have disassembled with Reflector.FileDisassembler, and find the string that need to be translated They're dispersed in the whole source code; too much work to translate and maintain translation across versions. Sad news (for me); I _hate_ Object Oriented Language. I, however, preferred that you return to a previous version, with a real language like C. Microsoft tools like visual Studio arent the natural choice for mixing with Open Source tools like SVN (they're more friendly with MS SourceSafe).But SVN repository isn't the only way to place de source code under Open Source Licence, and have guys to helps you improve your work. I don't know if it is possible with Visual Studio, and how this platform can manage multi lingual resources; but if you can extract and post .rc source file (the forms layout definition, including labels texts), some "enum" objetcs text files and messages files; I can translate and retrun the french result. However, you've made a very good job !
  2. "This program is written in C# and you'll need .NET Framework 2.0 in order to run it."Thank you, I'll read with more attention next time :redface: . Then, I think the prog is made with Visual Studio; can you confirm ? How can I help you to translate the GUI and textual datas ? With this kind of development tool, it isn't easy to expose only parts of the source code; can you consider to free the code (aka. Open Source) to let more developper help you improve, correct and translate your work ? GruntZ
  3. I dont agree :grog:I am the french translator of Pokesav, and some users tell me they also use your work. I should want to translate your prog if I can, the same way I have translated the 3 versions of Pokesav (you can see the result here : http://pokesav-gruntz.blogspot.com/ ) I download the 1.4 beta 3 and try to run it on the old XP SP3 that I run in virtual mode on my Linux PC (I havent native Windows anymore, I'm quite free :cool: ). But I encounter this error message : Can you tell me what I need to add to my old XP to make your program working (.net framework ? silverlight ? media player ? IE ? anything else ?). Then, I try to see inside the code with the same tools I used on Pokesav (ie. Resource Hacker and Hex editor), and there is no standard resources (generated from .rc files at compile time) that I can translate in the .exe file. How can I work Which language do you use ? Have you some form description source file ? Some data table in readable form that I can use ? Have you some source components that I can translate for you to giving language choice to user at run time (I have do this way in the past for Advance Map ; http://luho.kilu.de/am/ ) ? If you agree with my project, you can tell me how at "gruntz / at / sharkmail / dot / ws" Thank's for attention :smile: and sorry for my English :\ GruntZ
  4. Hi, I published my french translation based on v0.03a JP program by COM. The announcement is on the French Pokesav Blog The archive is on the download site. ------- Bonjour, J'ai publié ma traduction française de Pokesav, basée sur la v0.03a Japonaise de COM. L'annonce est sur le Blog de Pokesav en Français. L'archive est sur le site de téléchargement. GruntZ
  5. As you can see HERE (line 33), the French name for the Tackle move is Charge. I dont realy translate, I use already translated Pokesav data (older versions) to find it inside binary and replace by the french one's.
  6. Hi everybody, Someones here know I am a French translator of Pokesav DP and Platinum and I release my own translated versions. They can be found on this blog (the DL link are at left) I have started French translation based on original HG-SS 0.02 japanaise version from COM. My translation work is still in progress (as the original version, witch is very incomplete for now). I hope COM release shortly more finalyzed version for us all. Follow the "Version Française CO-AA" link in the left column if you want to give my work a try.. Anyone can take this work an use it as starting point for other translation, perhaps it will be more easy. Feel free to use and/or comment. Thank in advance if you give correct credit to reused work. (sorry for my english, I'm an old french men :kikkoman: )
  7. Hi everybody, Today, for the release of Pokemon Platinum in France, I'm proud to say that I updated my blog and made available a version (1.2) producing Action Replay codes adapted to the French version of the Platinum game. To the website team: Warning, the copy of the archive that you offer to download is no longer up to date, just look for the latest version on my site and feel free to store a copy here. GruntZ
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