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  1. Yeah man you were right, I didn't know what I was in for >.< but I did get my Turtwig 100% legit shiny ::kikkoman:.
  2. I got my Shiny Turtwig in Pokemon Platinum at 2:31 P.M. today after about 400 soft resets in front of Rowan's briefcase ! It has a serious nature. (It's a Grotle now). EDIT: KyoMcFizzle was right, I nearly tripped out and killed my Platinum, it took 3 days >.< RE-EDIT: It was my first 1/8192 shiny.
  3. Top 5: Mewtwo Strikes Back The Power of One Spell Of The Unown Celebi: Voice Of The Forest and the "Pikachu's Vacation" short.
  4. My first level 100 THAT I TRAINED was Blastoise in Blue Version <3 Blastoise. I haven't gotten one in Platinum without cheating haha >.< I believe the word lazy comes into play here.
  5. Thanks to above posts. I watched a Youtube video that said it took about 6,000 for them lol.
  6. Yeah I can see why, chances of getting a Shiny are like 1 in 8000.
  7. Thanks, I saved right in front of the case before I choose. Thanks for the luck and whatnot
  8. Mm thanks lol, I have a question though. When I enter the battle with my rival I should be able to tell if it's shiny then correct?
  9. Alright thank you so much, okay here goes my first try >.>
  10. So can you at least manually input codes, or not at all?
  11. I didn't do the event, I don't have time to do that stuff nonetheless I'll find a way to get one . @ above post, MAKE TIME lol.
  12. I write, and I love it. If you feel inspired to start then you should go for it .
  13. Alright, I reset my Platinum version and I'm not moving any further until I get my shiny Turtwig. Wish me luck ;D
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