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Found 21 results

  1. From the album: Main Menu Backgrounds

    A picture of the members of the Expedition Society, including the protagonists, around the Pokémon Nexus.
  2. Since Vista is the devil and my XP computer died, I need help getting the new events. If anyone could get me the NZ Jirachi that was released earlier today, and possibly the Pichu that should be released today that would be fantastic. I need it as legit as possible, so using the WC to get a random one will make things easier. Just make sure the met date is the 19th since I want it to be from Jap. Thanks a ton!
  3. Hey guys and gals, It's my first time to trying to create event pokes, didn't realize it's that hard. I've been trying to create a legal Celebi. All I see 10 Aniv. Celebi, is there's other ways to get Celebi? By the way, I don't want JPN or other Foreign Celebi, just US Celebi. I have no clue about met in, date, and hex values. For Jirachi, Wishmkr, not sure where to met in, date, and hex values. If someone can help me make Celebi and Jirachi, that will be great. Thanks, Elite_Riku
  4. Dead


    game stop jirachi event can i get a wonder card and a cheat code for jiachi?? and also can i get the jirachi from the green man in the pokemart (for pearl and diamond)
  5. Look i've been trying to get this jirachi with HP fire (70), psychic, grass knot and clam mind but everytime i do the legality checker says "Hacked or unknown pokemon" and then when i'm trying to download it there are like 5 "?" signs and SMR2010 in the nickname :mad: i don't know what's going on with the ID it's supposed to be 06260 but it always changes into 6260 =S guys any help?
  6. i want to make a legit jirachi (from pokemon colloseum) through pokesav. i made the OT WISHMKR, and ID 20043, but, what should the secret ID be? Also, where should i say i met the pokemon?
  7. When I try to create a wishmaker Jirachi with EVs and better IVs it never passes the legit checker. I know to use the PID/IV generator (pokeSAV plat. version) but it keeps giving me the wrong "Type" (should be Common GBA event restricted right?) and ALWAYS gives invalid trash bytes. :confused: Halp.
  8. lm69


    Can anyone make me a legit CHANNEL/WISHMAKR jirachi with: TIMID nature, IVS: 31HP/31SP.ATT/31SPEED/ ATTACK dont care/ All The rest above 20.. PM me if yu can do this thank you so much anyone who can becuase ive been tring ages & ages.
  9. I've decided to make a Negaiboshi Jirachi. From the Readme that comes with the Legality Checker, it is type 4; restricted or unrestricted. I've attached the Jirachi with everything I've done to the best of my ability. There are three things I'm not completely sure about though. 1. The Secret ID of the Pokemon. 2. If it was a Fateful Encounter or not. I currently don't think it was a Fateful Encounter. 3. The gender of the trainer. Bulbapedia has it as half male and half female. What does that mean? I have two quite reliable sources. One states that the gender is male while the other says it's female. Another source also tells me that it can be either. If you find any other errors with it please tell me. negaiboshijirachi.pkm
  10. Hi, As The Title Say I'm Having Trouble Fixing This " Invalid TrashBytes " Of Both Lugia,Ho-oh And Jirachi, Can Some Tell Me How ?? Also How Can I Change The IVs And Nature Of Both Jirachi And Lugia While Keeping Them Legit, I Don't Want Them To Be Very High Just A Little High !! , Because Once I Changed Them With The PID/IV Button On Pokesav They Became " Normal NDS/GBA " ?? Last Thing!!, " Common GBA Event ( Restricted ) " Means That Pokemon Event Will Come Only With One Nature Always Right?? Another Last Thing , Do Any Of These Pokes Need A Hidden Value ??? Thanks In Advance ^o^ ( Hope There Is No Grammere Mistakes Lo0oL ) lugia.pkm jirachi.pkm Ho-oh.pkm
  11. I am looking to recieve the new NZ Jirachi. If anybody could trade one to me it would be greatly appreciated.:smile:
  12. Jirachi @ Leftovers (nicknamed Wish) Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP / 8 Atk / 216 Def / 32 Spe Impish nature (+Def, -SpA) - Stealth Rock - Wish - Zen Headbutt - Body Slam Thank you
  13. So, I missed the Yellow Forest event for the Pokewalker. I'm requesting a Pikachu that knows surf, and another that knows fly. I'll do this: - One Event Jirachi ( Level 5 or 16 ) for both. - Lv. 69 Spiritomb ( Naive ) for both. - I have other stuff, ask and I'll work things out. 1463-0248-1279 Soulsilver.
  14. I just downloaded the Jirachi card, imported the .pgt into Pokesav Platinum, and exported the code. However, it doesn't work on my (US) Platinum. I've done the exact same process numerous times with D/P, even with Japanese wonder cards, and it's worked just fine. Is there anything I'm missing? And by "didn't work," nothing at all happens when I press L+R.
  15. Wait a minute. Doesn't that mean that there's a chance to get Celebi shiny and LEGIT? (drools at the thought.) I mean it shows up supposidly when you purify all the shadow pokemon. Edit: And have the Japanese bonus disc. But I've been hearing rumors about the american Jirachi to the same effect. That it can come off the bonus disk as a shiny. I have yet to come across a Legal copy of one, and Always seem to come across hacks that don't pass legal checker.
  16. I been looking for it for a year ago and doesn´t know where is it if it can be captured on the game i don´t know if it´s on the space center or the amount of flights of the space center doesn´t have a purpose?? if someone know i will thank if you answer me ´cause i want to finish at 100% of the emerald version
  17. Hey guys, Does anyone have an ar code for a japanese nintendo zone jirachi which i can pick up via pokemart? Wonder Card also please! pokemon platinum english version
  18. Hey, ive been trying to create a legit Jirachi using pokesav, though i cant change the natures and IV's without the file failing the legitimacy check ive read that its down to luck and i should keep trying until i get Common GBA (restricted) but i was wondering if anyone actually has a Restricted Jolly Jirachi with good Spd Atk IVs Either Trading or .PKM would be accepted. Ty :bidoof: edit: Forgot FC 0345 6890 5287
  19. I can offer you Some PCNYs, and/or shinies for it. PM me, or post here. I'll be checking back soon. EDIT: NVM, i've set up a trade, and will probably get it on monday.
  20. I was originally intending on posting a poll but the poll would include 34 choices so I decided against it. My favorite legendary believe it or not is NOT Shaymin. My favorite legendary would definitely have to be Ho-Oh or Celebi respectively. What is yours? Post it here
  21. ok i have the jirachi that can be downloaded here but its a crappy nature, i have lots of jirachis actually, 2 wish makers with crappy natures and lots of hacked ones ive traded in, im after a legal or legit jirachi that is either modest or quiet with a decent set of ivs and not lvl 100, i tried just editing the jirachi here but then it changes from restricted to unrestricted so i guess that cant be done, if you do have one that you wouldnt mind trading id be happy to trade you whatever you want (as long as i have it) if there is a way of editing the one from this site and it staying as restricted id love to know how
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