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  1. The current version does no checking of moves.
  2. I must say that I'm really excited about this release. Take your time though, Sabresite.
  3. I'm having trouble using the WiFi/FTP and the 3-in-1 modes. In the former, when trying to dump the save file of HeartGold, it starts to backup but stops saying "Error: wrote 512, got X" where X is a variable. It managed to dump Platinum without any troubles though. In the latter, it successfully produces a save file for both HeartGold and Platinum but when opened in Pokesav, everything in the Storage is corrupt and when opened with PokeGen, it said the save file are invalid. This was run using my CycloDS Evolution and my EZFlash 3-in-1 (lite, not +).
  4. As far as I know, it's Unknown GBA Pokemon which means it's none of the types listed.
  5. It sounds interesting. The biggest bonus, aside from potential hacking, is that we'll finally be able record gameplay without relying on emulation.
  6. Eon-Rider

    PID/IV Generator

    That isn't entirely true. Different Pokemon will correspond to different types. In most cases they will be either Type 1 or Type 2. The other types are also used. For example, Type 4 is commonly used for GBA events.
  7. They won't be legal then. Pikachu are incapable of naturally learning Surf and Fly. Thanks BerserkLeon. I spent a whole day trying to get a Flying Pikachu but only managed to get several Surfing ones and Flail ones and I've given up.
  8. Thanks for that. I suspected that was the problem when it failed to work but I was too lazy to bother converting it. >.>;
  9. I appreciate your work LordLandon but I can't seem to get it to work. I do everything as instructed and enter GTS. Upon arrival and checking, the screen starts flashing non-stop for about twenty seconds then complete stopping with "A communication error has occured." I'm running on Windows XP and using Python 2.6.4 and it occurs on both my genuine Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Platinum.
  10. You obviously don't realise the games can't be backed up with those tools.
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