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Found 9 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    I liked the RNGed Faraway Island shiny Mew, made as a PokéPark Mew lookalike, that was posted here last year by St. GIGA, and I thought it might be fun to have something similar for Manaphy. This is possible because the World Hobby Fair Manaphy was given out in a regular Poké Ball and without any kind of event-only ribbons, meaning that a Pokémon Ranger Manaphy can be made to look like it at a first glance, especially once transferred to Gen. V and beyond. OT: みずのたみ ID: 12226 SID: 01337 IVs: 31/27/31/31/29/31 A flawless one could easily be obtained using a different SID, but I wanted the 01337 SID, as a nod to the aforementioned shiny Mew which has 31337 as its SID (31337 might be possible, but I don't personally see the advantage as the delay required would be much longer.) Note: I haven't actually RNGed this; I didn't really care, I just wanted it for my personal collection, but I figured that other people might like the idea and be interested in having a copy of it so I'm submitting it. It should still be legal, regardless. I have included the relevant information from RNGReporter if anybody wishes to verify legality, or if you care about complete legitimacy and would like to RNG your own.
  2. Does anyone here were able to get a legit shiny Manaphy from Pokemon Ranger or atleast gen a legal one? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I was doing research about avaliable shiny rare pokemon and found somewhere in the forums that the manaphy egg from ranger could be hatched shiny if traded before hatched. I downloaded from the database a file for manaphy egg and edited it accordingly only to get this error. What should I do? Im pretty sure the pokemon is legit but I dont want to risk it. Any comments? I'll leave the pkm file down here for the download. Any comments are welcome. If any of you have a file for a shiny manaphy that isnt flagged in PKhex I would very much appreciate if you attached the file in a comment. Thanks a lot. 490 ★ - Manaphy - A5B677CB2E7A.pk7
  4. Ok, so I've downloaded the Wonder Card package in the Event Contributions thread. There are some events that weren't shared, though, and that I'd like to get. These are the following: I alerady got them over Wi-Fi from people who went to the event, so take all the time you need to get them. The reason why I'm trying to get them is so my friends and my sister can have them. I think this should be the right place to post this, according to the warning message randomspot sent me.
  5. Hello! I am searching for a way to get a Manaphy. I don't see any on GTS. None of the guides I have read say anything other than trade from another game - and the game I had one on was stolen along with my original 3ds. I suspect that finding a new Pokemon Ranger game, never played, is cost prohibitive. Is there a way that, if I were to buy a used Pokemon Ranger game, I would be able to reset it so that I could get an egg? If so, I do have access to a DSi as well as my replacement 3DS XL - would I be able to transfer the egg from the Pokemon Ranger to a copy of Pokemon Diamond, then from Diamond to get the Manaphy somehow into my Omega Ruby? If that is unlikely to work, t am wondering whether there is a way using a 3ds XL running the latest updates as well as Omega Ruby with the latest updates to create a Manaphy. If that is unlikely, then is there a web site that provides the ability to generate one? If that is unlikely, then are there other players on the internet who could generate a Manaphy for me? Thank you!
  6. Hi i was wondering if anyone could make me a ligit manaphy at level 99 that is holding an exp share that has levitate ability and knows the moves Judgement 30pp, Overheat 30pp, Draco Meteor 30pp, Brave Bird 30pp, and with all ribons and maxed out stats and contest levels (example: Coolness, Beauty, Toughness) that was met at spear pillar at level 10 and hatched in the hall of origin could you just post the code here bc i can use pokesav and make the manaphy but i just cant figure out how to post it to action replay yes i do have ar
  7. Abiezer


    Smogon recently moved Manaphy out of the Uber Tier and into the OU one, now what consequences do you guys think this will have? Personally I think it'll cause pokemon with the move Taunt, much more common, to try and stop it from resting and waking up immediately, any other thoughts?
  8. okay i downloaded the manaphy eggs files and i got was the pgt file and the pkm file of the usa manaphy egg i dont know how to properly add it in the pokesav, like the corresponding number is 0, i heard thats not good, can someone help me how to properly put the egg? again, could not find any threads that relates to my problem.
  9. Lets say I used a Manaphy Egg downloaded from the main site event downloads (which for some weird reason under Summary says obtained from mystery zone) Using Pokesav am I supposed to set the met location to Link Trade (arrived) or Link trade (met)? Next, will the fateful encounter check remained ticked? Also, if I using the Shiny code from found in the forum, Will its PID look legal? Lastly, while it is in its egg, are there supposed to be any trash bytes which needs to be corrected, and is there anything else I need to know?
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