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  1. Why not? Think about it? If people think that they can get a glitch going for the game or just want to play the original versions, don't you think that they'd buy it? Even failing that fact, I think that pokemon yellow has a good chance of making it into a port before x and y, and remember, it's all about nintendo making a buck.
  2. Oh, there are several ways. There's a program that allows you to broadcast from your computer, which takes an hour or two to merely set it up. You can use an AR to insert them. You can use a game genie DS to back up your save, edit it, then use pokegen or another pgram to insert it.
  3. My speculation: Nintendo releases all former pokemon gb/gbc/gba titles onto the 3ds store as downloadable games that allow any pokemon caught in them to be transfered to X and Y in the same fashion Dream Radar was. This may illiminate the resale market, but nintendo wouldn't care, as they would be getting money for more out dated games.
  4. No it doesnt. There is a special version of Action Replay that works with 3ds, and I use my game genie on my 3ds, though I've never tried codes on it, and only back up my DS games. But honestly, the only 3ds game I own is Zelda....
  5. Oh, are these needed now? I have a bunch from Dream Radar backed up. I wasn't sure if anyone wanted them or not. I just figured i'd keep them in reserve for trades.
  6. Okay a lot of people are out there going "this isn't possible" but looking at the IVs and PIDs of the pokemon, I was wondering if a shiny DR pokemon is possible? Igglybuff – Seri.pkm
  7. I'm sure i could travel across town and bribe the official running the pokemon league here, but i would have to get over there, meet him/her, bribe them, and take a three hour bus ride both ways.... and it's effing cold, so no, i don't think i can do this one. If they had more events in town and not on the other side of town (literally 45 minute drive, three hours one way by bus) Then i'd have already gotten it and turned it in to you guys here at PP.
  8. Do you think you'll be including a way to convert a save file made by the game genie ds?
  9. Wow, i got credited? I thought i was too slow to gain the credit on that. Thanks. And thanks to everyone else that contributed too. I'll be enjoying my Soul Silver version now.
  10. Did anyone try using an AR code on the new HG/SS? I've been doing research on this one, and I want to see the results against the legendaries still and the notched eared pichu event. Basically what happens is if you use the shiny code on HG/SS, for some reason they come up as Legit shinies. Now, I'm running a partially translated version with my r4, but i'll make sure I'm attaching a Wooper that i did the code with at the bottom. When you check it against Sabre's legit checker, it comes up legit. I've checked it against about 3 boxes of shinies i've used the code on and they all come up legit. Also, I'm attaching My personal Shiny Skitty. I hatched this one myself, and it was my first legit shiny in platinum. Actually to tell the truth i hatched 2 boxes worth of skitty eggs, and it was the only shiny i got without rnging or Sring. I know you said on the first post to stear clear of Hatched pokemon, but i'm proud of this one. Skitty Box 1_01.pkm 194 - Wooper.pkm
  11. Oh, what i would do to get a hold of that rom and scan through the data myself, and I don't mean the data posted where ever on the net. I mean have the distro rom in my hand and actually look through it. (Omg person, you probably know my Fiance if your from vegas.) But in the interum... Where might i look at the data?
  12. Hi guys, Long time no see. I know, I know, I've been away for a while, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Earthix, collector of Shiny pokemon. I have 322 at current, and my collection is about to get dusted off for the release of Pokemon HG/SS in march. I'm a young and upcomming programmer, still in college, learning things like binary and java, and stuff. Yeah, the stuff. I hate the stuff. Anyways, I'd like to say now that i'm back in college, I'll be trying to play with a more active role in the boards again, helping out those who are looking for just the right pokemon(s) for whatever reason. -- Earthix
  13. <p><p><p><p><p>hey sabre,</p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p>Happy belated birthday. I've been busy with college so i'm not on much anymore.</p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p>-- Earthix</p></p></p></p></p>

  14. Granted, But no one understands any of it, And everyone gets angry and starts looting and rioting. You're killed in the crossfire from the police and the rioters... Sorry. I wish I had 493 shiny pokemon and that nothing bad would happen to them or me.
  15. This is for Codemonkey. New WinRAR ZIP archive.zip
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