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  1. Do any of you have a Rumble Blast pokemon save editor ?? From already thank you very much for the help.
  2. New info: The first images from CoroCoro has been released, showcasing the magazine's segment on Lycanroc Dusk Form. In it, it doesn't show much but does show that the new form gets both Accelrock and Counter, moves heavily associated with the other two forms as well as the ability Tough Claws. It also states that there will be a gift of Rockruff being given from November 17th 2017. We're currently investigating and awaiting clearer images to get further information so be sure to keep checking back
  3. Trailer for Gold and Silver on Virtual Console!! Excelent news!!
  4. All 3DS with Arm9 o Boot9strap Ban, no wi-fi or playing in wi-fi!! Error Code: 002-0102 If you have experienced this error code, your Nintendo 3DS system has been restricted due to unauthorized modifications to the system, use of one or more unauthorized versions of games, and (or) breach our terms of service by connecting to official game servers. This restriction has taken effect immediately, and any request to remove it will not be processed.
  5. I had no idea of this. Where can I download the demo? I've looked for it and nothing. From already thank you very much!! I would like to play the demo. I just need Rom.
  6. I found this a long time ago, year 2012. It's the flute of Azure. I know it does not exist. But ... And ... if it works inside the game, it gives you the flute in the store. Flauta Azure.pcd
  7. The one I look for is the Japanese, the pk1.
  8. Do you have the sav or pk1 of that pokemon? If you have a link to download it !! thank you very much!
  9. Rhydon editor use. I have the wc6 you provided, but not pk1. I wanted to get it, to put it in my yellow pokemon!
  10. Who has a sav with this event? From already thank you very much!!
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