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  1. All I can say is that this will make editing away from the computer soooo much easier! The only thing is that I noticed either it or the original PokeSav killed my Jagged Ear Pichu. Its just a regular Pichu now lol! Oh well, once the HGSS PokeSav can edit event flags I'll fix it.
  2. Alternate Forms on WiFi 92200766 00002870 12200766 000028FF D2000000 00000000 922007E8 000001DF 122007E8 000001EE D2000000 00000000 922007B4 0000217B 122007B4 0000217C D2000000 00000000
  3. As a baby Pokemon I doubt it can breed. Nor evolve, nor be traded, though I'm sure you can use the .pkm save to load it onto other games or force evolution. I dont know how this would effect it though. As for putting it on other games, I beleive it would just be seen as a regular Pichu, or turn into a Bad Egg. If you evolve it it could also possibly go Bad Egg on you, so I'd be careful.
  4. I might go with Palkia. Pink mecha-godzilla is still kinda fun and you gotta admit the movie version of it looked better then Dialga. No to Dialga since even with it in your party you cant change the DS clock without having errors. I should be allowed to time travel with Dialga! Maybe Giratina because it was my favorite legendary out of my Diamond. And its lore of being essentially the only thing stopping Dialga and Palkia from ruining things with its Distortion World is pretty cool, not to mention its got both a use as a Wall and Sweeper depending on its form. Though obviously its quite popular thanks to Plat and origin form and everyone is going to have it... I might go with Palkia because its pretty unpopular atm, though it always depends on if I'm going to train it and use it in my party (unlikely since the event is obvious an after E4 thing since I doubt Arceus can be traded in before the nat dex) or if it will rot in my PC and have the job of looking cool. Course I also plan on preordering Gold and Silver, so I can choose two, and if I get an Acekart 2i I'll not only have all 3 starters and different saves, but I can get all 3. I'd like Palkia following me more anyways. Dialga looks a bit awkward with the huge head, and Giratina is obviously going to be super popular. Shame even with all 3 and Arceus I cant pull Team Galatic's plot and destroy the universe to create a new one and become its god. Though with Pokesav and a Flash card technically I will be god of my game lol! "I have an Action Replay, therefor I am God here."
  5. Well, since whoever follows you is in the 1st slot of your party, all of my party pokemon will follow me and anyone acting as a lead before I go into WiFi. If for fun, most likely Weavile, Typhlosion, Torterra, Feraligator, and anyone else I feel like having a walk with. I think I'll take Darkai out in the middle of Goldenrod and pretend we are chasing people around...
  6. I checked and tried the new code, but the Jirachi is being stubborn about showing up at all. There isnt even a bad egg in the PC to show if it was just a typo on my part. It could be the pokemon having missing info. If you just grabbed it off the wondercard file and saved it as a .pkm to load into a box it will have loads of missing data. Load the .pkm file into a box slot then go to edit it. It should contain everything that would show it as an event. Easier way without a DS: Get No$GBA or DS emulator and the Diamond ROM, play it till you get to a town with a pokemart, save then exit the emulator. Use pokesav to load the save file, then load the wondercard to it and enable it. Save the file, load it back into emulator then go pick up the pokemon, put it in the PC and save. Exit the emu again and load pokesav with the save file. Go to the PC and check the event poke, then save it as a .pkm file and export it as a code. Then you have the pichu, and the code to get it anywhere else. Well, people are bugging me to get on the computer, so I cant do much else today unless I go and steal battles from my friends See you tomorrow and dont worry about the code. I might just go fix my computer tonight if its not going to be a royal pain about it.
  7. EDIT: Or I could refresh to find the problem solved for me before my post. Dum dedee on me... Its no prob, I'm in no rush or anything and you're the one getting the code
  8. Yea, someone uploaded the WC for it in the event topic on page 3. In my PC, box one slot one^^ Hmm, would you like anything in return for it? I have a few legit shinies, EV trained pokemon, etc. Course you have pokesav so trading is moot rofl! ~~~ I know its not really released in the US, but people on forums elsewhere are going nuts for the ones that made it on jap carts. I'm going to clone and pass them out like friggen candy to anyone who even mentions it.
  9. AR code will work since I can manually type it in. Though I'll be using Diamond for the manual entry.
  10. Since Vista is the devil and my XP computer died, I need help getting the new events. If anyone could get me the NZ Jirachi that was released earlier today, and possibly the Pichu that should be released today that would be fantastic. I need it as legit as possible, so using the WC to get a random one will make things easier. Just make sure the met date is the 19th since I want it to be from Jap. Thanks a ton!
  11. Wow I forgot how much vista sucks. I cant use pokesav to generate a code and load it to my AR lol! Well then, off to pokemon requests to see if someone can get the Jap Jirachi with the correct date traded to me^^
  12. Looks like I'll have to wait until someone kind enough uploads it and I can make an AR code out of it since I have the english games lol! Oh well, at least its a day early for me. I thought the event was coming out on the 19th and where I am its the 18th Hopefully the Pichu can come out soon too!
  13. I usually stop watching anime after it gets so emo I want to cut myself. Pokemon has yet to do that, and sometimes their episodes are pretty good. I mostly watch them out of boredom since there is never anything more interesting on (House only plays at night unless they are pulling an all day thing). Sometimes there are episodes that are so childish I want to puke, and other times I am suprised at how dark they can be. Anyone see the episode where Ash and Co where at some trainer school and this creepy little ghost girl tried dragging someone to the spirit world? That was pretty creepy for a kid's show... Anyone who played platinum and watched Giratina pop out of the ground and drag Cyrus to the distortion world where it then flew overhead when you walked around might say the same: "That was pretty creepy for a kid's game..." line like I did after that. Pokemon can get pretty creepy, and anyone who reads the lore (mostly the older kids) find some creepy hidden stuff. The younger crowd doesnt read the pokedex, and when you catch a pokemon chances are you mash A until you can move again too. If you look for the dark side, you can find it, and sometimes it manifests into the anime. I watch Pokemon because: Bored Nothing else on Might learn lore Bored Though now I tend to watch it online at my leasure. Its no longer a "I gotta watch the new episode!" Though when they have a pokemon movie on I may watch it if nothing else is on or if its a movie I like. And then when CN pulls an all day marithon I might just watch if there is nothing else to do lol! Ash's Pika is overpowered, but it might be its level. It beats things with ease since its a level 100 rat, and only a few trainers can beat it but they are usually strong trainers like gym leaders/E4 or Paul who trains like we do lol! Paul: "Not good enough... released..." Us: "Not good enough... released..." And Paul is why I watch the newer ones. Doesnt fail to make me laugh that he can pwn without trying too hard, rarely lose his cool, piss off Ash by existing/breathing, and usually shows up to piss EVERYONE off then leave without a word! Much better then the old Ash always wins and gets what he wants, the Ash and Co team prevail again, and everyone else sucks compared to Ash. So far Ash has needed a rematch with nearly every gym leader this time around too, so you can see its going away from the Ash and Pika=pwn to Ash actually does training and works for his wins.
  14. Would be fun to catch a wild spiritomb with the stone rather then a pokeball... As for Drifloon I always thought of it as a wandering spirit who would guide the spirits of lost children to the afterlife or keep them company until they are ready to move on. Look at the hands/strings on it too. It looks like those plastic disks people have at the end of baloons to prevent them from floating up and away. As for it stealing children, perhaps it just cant really tell if a child is dead or not so tries to take them to the afterlife either way. People could mistake a spirit acting like that as evil and say it steals children to drag to the underworld when its really just doing its thing. When we saw them in the afterlife they did tend to crowd around the little girl, but didnt take her anywhere she didnt want to go. Perhaps the trainers found out how to convince the Drifloon the child isnt ready to move to the afterlife so they keep her company instead? Sorry to drag this thread up a bit, but I find pokemon lore pretty interesting
  15. What are the three legends supposed to be anyways? I remember when they first came out: Dogs Cats FRIGGEN GERBILS Anyways... They were unnamed, or just left for speculation. Could be Eevee's that were abandoned in the tower. Think about this: The three roaming beasts watch for pokemon and humans coming together as one and working together as such without strife. Ho-oh sent them on that mission, and all three are reputedly wild and rarely appear to humans. Raikou in the anime was said to be so wild it could never be caught or else it would die (or something). They could have been abandoned there in the tower, which would give reason for the manga to say they were without a name. Humans can be quite cruel and abandoning something like that is just like saying they are worthless which is also like living without a name.
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