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Found 17 results

  1. Desperately need codes for Pokemon Platinum that contain the 3 Legendary Beasts (Shiny) from the 13th Movie: Entei, Raikou and Suicune Been searching for the codes for 3 days HG/SS codes are widely available but really need codes for Platinum (US) https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Legendary_beasts_(M13)#Suicune
  2. Does anyone know if there's a gen 3 save editor tool for firered and leafgreen which is able to view the roamer legendary beast's stats (suicune/entei/raikou)? I just thought if there's one as I'm trying to shiny hunt the roaming suicune on my leafgreen and looking for other ways of determining its stats without encountering it in the wild
  3. I'm curious about this old Suicune Event and it seems that there no indicated moves. What are the moves when you receive this old event?
  4. Lt. Lynx

    Roamer in gen2

    Could you add roaming legendaries editing in the second generation just like it is in third?
  5. The legend states that Ho-oh revived three Pokemon that lived in its tower when it was burned. The three Pokemon were also given the forms of the three beasts, but they were never always like that (seriously. Suicune could have quenched the flames and Entei couldn't have been burnt). I'm guessing Raikou was an Ampharos, Suicune maybe a Slowking and Entei maybe being an Arcanine (lets say he was crushed by the building then). They could also have been a Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon though. But Eevee's not even catchable in the wild. I bet the Mansion owner guy just buys a bunch of them and releases them in his garden...
  6. I'm currently looking for a Bold Suicune to hopefully replace my one from Colosseum who lost his Ribbon from the game with the following IVs perferably UT, but I'll accept it LV90 and under as well 31/XX/26+/26+/26+/26+ 31 HP IV, 26+ IV in DEF, SPDEF, SPEED and SPATK, I dont care about its attack IV My Platinum FC is: 0001 9201 1717 I can offers these in return Suicune LV 50 Untrained (It missing its National Ribbon from Colosseum) Bold Nature IVs - 31\00\27\30\27\29 Zapdos LV 100 Timid Nature Nickname: ZAPDOS EVs - 4 HP\252 SP ATK\252 Speed IVs - 31\02\31\30\31\31 Hidden Power - Grass 70 Hidden Power/ Heat Wave/ Discharge/ Roost Jolteon LV50 Timid Nature EVs - 6 HP\252 Sp ATK\252 Speed IVs - 30\02\31\30\31\31 Hidden Power - Grass 70 Baton Pass/ Thunderbolt/ Shadow Ball/ Hidden Power Jolteon LV50 Timid Nature EVs - 6 HP\252 Sp ATK\252 Speed 31/02/30/31/31/31 Hidden Power - ICE 70 Baton Pass/ Thunderbolt/ Shadow Ball/ Hidden Power Eevee (shiny) LV1 (male) Sassy Nature IVs - 31/31/31/31/31/31 Hidden Power - DARK 70 Tail Whip / Tackle / Helping Hand /Wish Vulpix (shiny) LV1 (female) Timid Nature IVs - 31/31/31/31/31/31 Hidden Power - Dark 70 Ember/Energy Ball Salmence LV 100 Nickname: PK Strstrm Mild Nature EVs - 84 ATK\216 SP.ATK\208 Speed IVs - 14\28\18\31\11\31 Hidden Power - Ice 68 Draco Meteor/ Earthquake/ Fire Blast/ Roost Metagross LV 100 Nickname: PK Flash Adamant Nature EVs - 252 HP\236 ATK\12 DEF\8 Speed IVs - 23\27\24\31\28\31 Hidden Power - Ghost 47 Earthquake/ Thunderpunch/ Meteor Mash/ Bullet Punch
  7. Hey, guys. I've been working on making a convincing hack for a Japanese Suicune from HeartGold. I'd appreciate it if I could get your input. The only thing I'm really iffy on is when I run it through Legal, it shows as Type 1 - Normal NDS or GBA (A-B-C-D). I successfully made a Suicune from FireRed with the necessary IVs and it showed as Type 1 (Roaming). Does Legality Checker indicate roaming legendaries the same way for NDS Pokemon, or is it fine as it is? If it's not fine, how do I need to arrange the IVs? 245-Suicune.pkm
  8. Hi, i trade this Suicune today..It look legit, but the Iv's makes me suspicious.. Cune.pkm
  9. Hi again. I am currently in need of another Pokemon. This time I'm in need of a Pokemon Colesseum Suicune. Here are the details of what I need: Species: Suicune Nickname: Suicune Level: 100 OT:Whatever is the OT in the game. ID:Whatever the ID was in the game SID:Whatever the SID was in the game IV: 31/17/31/31/31/31 (If thats possible to obtain in the game) EV: 252/0/252/4/0/0 Nature: Bold Held: Leftovers Shiny: No Pokerus: Not obtained Pokeball: Net Ball Ribbons: Any that were on the colesseum suicune Location Met: Colesseum/XD (Or Hoenn, whichever one appears when its migrated) Pal Park Ability: Pressure Moves: Rest, Sleep Talk, Calm Mind, Surf I need it as a .pkm file or a ARDS code, thanks in advance
  10. Hello, just wanted to know if Suicune to find the combat and with him is when you generate the PID (different for each soft reset) or to go and remains static at its release of the Burnt Tower. Thank you.
  11. Hello, just wanted to know if Suicune to find the combat and with him is when you generate the PID (different for each soft reset) or to go and remains static at its release of the Burnt Tower. Thank you. Hola, simplemente quería saber si al encontrar al suicune y combatir con él es cuando se genera el PID (diferente para cada soft reset) o se elige y se queda estático al haberlo liberado de la torre quemada. Gracias.
  12. i just made a suicune via pokesav, and i am wondering if it is well made. suicune.pkm
  13. Hello. I'm new here but I've been using Pokesav for quite a while. I am having problems editing a legit shiny timid suicune to have 31/31/31/30/31/31 IVs. In the legit checker, it always says "Unknown GBA Type". Can someone fix this for me? Well, it doesn't need to have those IVs but atleast with HP electric and high IVs in sp att and speed. I'll attach what I made. It's the best I could do, but it still isn't legit. Thanks to anyone who can help out. shiny suicune timid.pkm
  14. This is a Warstory by Illithian vs someone who wished to be named "Coffee Cake Plz!" I'd like to request that those who spectated in this battle keep the battler anonymous. Thank you. This is a 6-0 sweep by a Suicune. Please enjoy. Note: There is a fair amount of Misshax in my favor in this game. Lineup: Anyway, here goes. By the way, for some freaky reason, some of the sprites aren't showing up. I DON'T have the energy to get new ones, and its entirely PP's fault; I'm using the [sprite] commands, so I can't help it. Please bear with me, hopefully it'll get fixed... =( FAQ: Q. You're a noob! A. Fight me! Q. Why did you CM a ton of times at the start? A. Because I wasn't afraid of sleeping, and I couldn't do much else anyway. Q. Why did Surf do more then Ice Beam? A. See final discussion between Wraith and I Q. You're AWESOME! A. Thanks! Q. I want to see more warstories by you! A. Fight me and maybe I'll make one! Q. I want to make warstories of my own! A. Great! Do battles that are fun and/or intense and remember to put commentary. Q. This is too hard to format! A. I entirely agree! Thats why I use a program called "Warmachine" which automatically formats your Shoddy Log. Wraith89 EDIT: Added link to Warmachine ---> click me!! --- P.S. Go look at my artwork! =)
  15. [shinysprite]245[/shinysprite] Thou shalt behold of the most and rarest scenes before having to leave again. Thus, no shalt be offensive in this area or will serve consequences. Legends are legit at times and may crank up the music. A shiny legend awaits for you right here and right now! fUsCdvzaQMg
  16. I was originally intending on posting a poll but the poll would include 34 choices so I decided against it. My favorite legendary believe it or not is NOT Shaymin. My favorite legendary would definitely have to be Ho-Oh or Celebi respectively. What is yours? Post it here
  17. I have a shiny Suicune. It's legit and will seek and destroy and criminal in town. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUsCdvzaQMg
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