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Found 8 results

  1. So the movie looks pretty awesome from the few previews that have been released. My question is do you think it'll be the best Pokémon movie so far? What are you thoughts about the movie?
  2. for the rebattle dialga/palkia code. seems if you activate while youre already on the screen on the spear pillar, the palkia will be there, but its sprite and sprite of rowan and dawn wont show up but will talk to you. if you face palkia whether you run, beat it, or catch it, the screen will just go black and the game will freeze. you cant leave because rowan blocks your way, you cant dig/teleport/fly. i had trouble getting out, but somehow i did - i used a location modifier, mashed select button, and walked down one step - and rowan and dawn sprites showed up. i was then able to battle palkia and leave the spear pillar. strange, no?
  3. Hey guys, I am looking for the yellow forest pikachu UT dialga Lv1 UT Palkia lv 1 UT and giratina UT thats all all must be UT and Birthday chimchar I am offering Spain regigigas Eigakan darkrai PokeFeasta Electabuzz PokeFesta Magmar Palkia Lv70 UT
  4. So we got three new amazing Dragon types with some awesome secondary types. Out of the three which is your favorite? Dialga, Palkia or Giratina?
  5. Just got mine from HG does anyone want/need one I also have 3 Eikan Arceus if anyone needs/wants them
  6. Continuing with the weekly poll, we have the two titans for the first two games based on the Sinnoh region: Dialga [sprite]483[/sprite] and Palkia [sprite]484[/sprite] Dialga [sprite]483[/sprite] [shinysprite]483[/shinysprite] Type: Dragon/Steel HP: 100 Attack: 120 Defense: 120 Sp. Attack: 150 Sp. Defense: 100 Speed: 90 Advantages: + Being Steel type makes it resistant Dragon, Ghost. + Immune to poison based attack. + It can control and alter the fabric of Time. + Has more HP than Palkia. Disadvantages: - Since it is Steel type it receives super effective damage from Ground attacks. - Its signature move requires resting a turn unlike Palkia's. Palkia [sprite]484[/sprite] [shinysprite]484[/shinysprite] Type: Dragon/Water HP: 90 Attack: 120 Defense: 100 Sp. Attack: 150 Sp. Defense: 120 Speed: 100 Advantages: +Part Water allows it to learn water type moves most cannot. + Its signature move can be used without resting. + It can can control the fabric of Space and travel in/to it. + It is faster than Dialga. Disadvantages: - It is weak against its own type - Dragon. - It can be poisoned unlike its rival Dialga. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally prefer Dialga. It can control time and therefor alter it. Not to mention it has higher defense in the primary offensive type - Physical making its Defense quite good (not best either). And Roar of time (its signature move) has a power of 150 that can easily knock out Palkia.
  7. That's right I got one set for trade, let me know if you want a set. Or email me at michael _ theriault @ hotma il. com
  8. I was originally intending on posting a poll but the poll would include 34 choices so I decided against it. My favorite legendary believe it or not is NOT Shaymin. My favorite legendary would definitely have to be Ho-Oh or Celebi respectively. What is yours? Post it here
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