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Found 56 results

  1. Did I do something wrong?
  2. Hi Can somenone please make a action replay code for the movie arceus for the japanese pokemon platinum version????????????
  3. Hi i usely have my dslite but right now(of all times.) i dont have it it is in another state and i was wondering if some one can trade a legal movie 12th arceus to me? i offer most ds event some gba events and iam also the creater of the first in game curse or ???? type arceus that you can get with out rom editing i cn make one for you or send you one of the ones i already have in my game if i make you one it will be posted here .. as i can not but anything in my offical game card yet. i can only do this trade during this hour texas time 11:17
  4. hello guys, ok i wanna the pokemon arceus and pichu from the pokemon movie 12th i can offer: , very much shinies!!! please contact me. friend code: 1075-5413-3076 msn: robe_hyper@live.com.mx:smile: see you guys!
  5. Hey there, I'm new here so be gentle. I just want your guys's opinion on this. I read the website here and this is all perfect for my plan to get those event pokemon that I cant get for obvious reasons. I just want to know if I am doing this right. I am planning on buying an Action Replay DS and then downloading Pokesav in order to get the event pokemon for my retail version of platinum. Now as a noob to this process is there any helpful info or other insights that you people of a higher intellect can bestow upon me? Anything would be helpful at this point.
  6. i was makeing an arceus on pokesav and i opend it up in a hex editer and i left it on and forgot about it and the next day my little brother was missing with my computer and i told him to stop after that i loded my aarceus in to my game (by action replay codes) and some how it turned into a curse arceus i dobnt know what happend but it worked purfectly on all my ds games (oh and for the people who dont know. No the ??? plate is not a real item.) Warning if you plan on keeeping this arceus dont put a plate on it!!! it will go back to normal if you remove the plate !!!!! It works in battle but transformes as soon as its sent in. after battle trough it is back to curse form.. when traded it is still in curse form nothing happpens it hasent been tested in the gts or being traded over wifi. it dosnet stay in curse form when in the pokemon ranch but when sent back it is in curse form i need some one to test it in battle rouvltion. heres the ar code for us pearl and dimond its in box 11 like in the pics iam requesting help to help me keep it in curse form in battle so far we have thorys that its the abillity that makes it transform. arceus werd.pkm Arceus Unknown wind slayers.pkm
  7. Is it possible to hack Pokemon types? If so, I'd like a shiny and non-shiny ???-type Arceus both with at least curse. Those are really the only requirements so the rest can be whatever would be normal for an Arceus Trainer - Jonvi ID - 31712 Secret ID - 62479
  8. Since the event has started today, I will ask this again. Does anyone know the Action Replay code for the TRU Arceus Event?
  9. Hi, can somebody trade me a Movie Arceus dated July 5th? Plus the Pikachu Colored Pichu? I am willing to trade Celebi and Jirachi. Both legit
  10. hi i am searching a along time for it and i cant find the code for it, so can somebody please give or make a action replay code for this movie arceus for the japanese pokemon platinum version??????????thank you
  11. How do you remove seals from the game? not take them off the capsule but get rid of them entirely
  12. Hi Guys, Does anybody have ar codes for legit movie 12 arceus and pikachu colored pichu which i can pick them up in the pokemart.I have english version platinum.I want both pokemon japanese.Thanks in advance
  13. So the movie looks pretty awesome from the few previews that have been released. My question is do you think it'll be the best Pokémon movie so far? What are you thoughts about the movie?
  14. Im looking for TRU or MICHINA arceus, im offering a milotic VGC, Lucario World08, Weavile World09 and PCP, please someone give me one
  15. I need the event Arceus pkm file and the pickachu coloured pichu pkm file. Cheers. EDIT: I solved everything, converted save, tweaked no$gba and now i'm playing heartgold on no$gba, which supports AR codes fully. Just did the arceus, celebi and pichu events... awesome...especially the arceus event, best event ever!
  16. Hi, I'm new here. I need some help, I lost my party, a friend released the pokemon and save the game. :mad: So, i created some .PKM files on Pokesav, they're exactly as the one i have, well, except for the IV's and EV's. I can offer some legit event pokemon in return, i have a TRU Arceus, shokotan Pichu, etc. I can post the AR code for the pokemon, just tell me where i put them (party, box1, box2, slot 1-20) Thanks in advance!!!!
  17. Somebody lend me a hand! A finger? I just can't, for the life of me, get the Arceus event to work for me. I suck at MG edits, don't have a clue what to do there, and the menu's look really goofy. I don't have the right equipment, this computer is janked (please, PLEASE, don't make me go into the specs :tongue:) Can someone save me a lot of time and spoon-feed me an action replay code for the Japanese Arceus event? I'll love you forever. And wash your dog. By the by, if you're curious, my one attempt at making the Arceus code ended with me receiving a Bad Egg from, not the green Pokemart guy, but a Blackbelt. Yeah. I know. Don't even ask me what the heck I did.
  18. ive traded a couple of these event arceus already so i thought id start a request thread for those without pokesav/AR, post your fc here and ill trade as many as i can, ill be on for a good few hours now. to stop any confusion ill start the trades. my fc is 2235 4619 9612
  19. Hi i usely have my dslite but right now(of all times.) i dont have it it is in another state and i was wondering if some one can trade a legal movie 12th arceus to me? i offer most ds event some gba events and iam also the creater of the first in game curse or ???? type arceus that you can get with out rom editing i cn make one for you or send you one of the ones i already have in my game if i make you one it will be posted here .. as i can not put anything in my offical game card yet. i can only do this trade during this hour texas time 11:17
  20. I search the wondercard the arceus tru, can you please upload the file? thank you:kikkoman:
  21. Does anyone have a spare TRU Arceus to offer? I can't trade all that much for it, but maybe you can trade it to me anyway. I went across the border yesterday (I live in Canada) to a TRU in New York state, only to find out the event was cancelled. I decided to come ask on here if anyone had a spare to get over my disappointment. Please know you'll be making me very, very happy. I can tell you which Pokemon I have, and maybe we can arrange something. ~MM
  22. Hello, i joined this forum just recently for this purpose, i would appreciate any help anyone can give. the legality checker you guys have here is really superb, but i was recently questioned about the accuracy of my checker, the checker provided here. the reason being is that the checker found 2 mov9 arceus' as hacks, we went to an outside source to decide the legality of the arceus'. turns out he feels they aren't.... now i know newer pokemon can be out of the checkers reach until a new update, and this is why i come to you guys today/tonight.../morning. long story short i ask for your help on a few subjects: 1. the legality of the arceus', if possible by different programs, with as many opinions as possible. of course you'll get the arceus', i shall post the pkm file here 2. why the legality checker failed these arceus', if anyone could shine light on this, thank you 3. learn other ways to do checks, i would like to learn a way to do this manually if possible, and them make decisions of my own, and not trust a checker, no offense. one of the arceus' is calm the other: Quiet (and they should be attached if i didn't screw up) mov9 arceus Calm.pkm mov9 arceus quiet.pkm
  23. Im stuck. Cynthia will not move out of the way.(i used arceus event code) What are the requirements for her to let u pass? like do i need all badges and beat elite 4 or national dex? help please
  24. i am looking for the legit event arceus given out during the 12th movie preview. cheers to whoever can get it for me
  25. I thought I'd mention that what is unlocked in Platinum by having the Movie 12 Arceus in your party(see here:http://www.serebii.net/platinum/arceus.shtml) can also be unlocked using the Arceus from the Hall of Origin, which you can, of course, get by using ARDS to get the Azure Flute. I kniow this is right because I just did this myself a few minutes ago. Mods: If this happens to be in the wrong place, I appologize. Feel free to move this if needed.
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