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  1. I never tried naming it something other than egg but i think you should change it, and i'm glad i helped you =)
  2. If you can load your save (From a FlashCart that is) you easily know you SID/ID otherwise trade any pokemon u caught and trade it to someone who have a flashcart, the level of the egg is 1 AFAIK, SID/ID/OT is name+ID+SID of the trainer who will hatch the egg, it will first be on the person who bred the egg but if another person traded for it and hatched it it will be his name/ID/SID, "Meet at level" + "Meet at place" should be Zero because it will change once you hatch that said egg, "Date met" should be blank and will change once hatched, "HomeTown" should be the region where it was breed Ex. kanto/Jhoto etc. and for the hidden i'm afraid i can't help you since i just played SS/HG recently so bare with me >< Hope i helped =)
  3. Hey, i have a question i need an answer for it if u can help me :3 I've been using CirosPokemonMaker for finding HiddenPower and see what iv spread to get the specific HP, my question is this, is ciros pokemon maker a reliable source for that or not ?.....and thanks :3 Ciros Pokemon Maker.zip
  4. Soo is there anything special about pokemon captured in pokewalker cousres ?
  5. Ummm yes u r right about BugBite didn't notice his ability LOL, if starmie priority wasn't screens just RapidSpin, then make him a SpecialSweeper, give him IceBeam and GrassKnot or HP Grass or even ThunderBolt Works Great Rotom is too Frail soo u better Max His SPD and SpA, For Scizor i suggest Maximise his SPD and ATT since his ur main sweeper u got to make sure nothing walls him especially bronzong and probopass...howabout some fighting move for some coverage ??, again i highly suggests some status moves on ur rotom/celebi/starmie Hope I Helped Yours, Sarutan
  6. It's really great to see more ppl creating custom sets <3 , although i have to point out some small advices for the team OK Sizor: Replace BugBite with X-Scissor, more power unless u want to eat(?) the berry ur foes holding...IDK Ninjask: Looking Good Celebi: If i'm not wrong i think celbi can learn aromatherapy which can heal ur main sweeper status ( Scizor ), Leech seed can also help you recover more health for the team if not scizor only ... Starmie: Bad choice of moves for a frail/sweeper type pokemon...if u really need a Dual-Screener, You can use articuno ( Bulky,IceBeam, DualScreener ) , clefable ( He has access to wish ) or even blastoise ( Bulky with good HP ) he is good Dugtrio: Can't really say anything about him since i don't know what to do about him LOL Rotom-Oven: I highly advise switching to rotom and give this set:- Rotom@Leftovers Evs: SpA 252 / SPD 252 Nature: Timid / Modest Moves: ThunderBolt, ShadowBall,W-O-W, ThunderWave Because ur focusing on ur main sweeper which is Scizor, Crippling ur foes with status can help raise ur success in setting up ur sweeper often Hope I Helped.... Yours, Sarutan
  7. OK !! Now I'm Even More Confused Than Before , But Thank 4 The Info
  8. Thank You But I Meant This-----> "A-B-C-D" ?? , i want to know what it means if you please....
  9. O.k. then thank you, it's just that they bugged me for a while...i thought it was hacked or something
  10. Yes i know about the "wild/normal" part but my Q. was about this letters that appears next to them, This----> A-B-C-D ??
  11. Thank You For Your Time My Fellow Trainer , But really Does AnyOne know what Is This " Normal NDS or GBA A-B-C-D " ?? << I Know I'm Asking A Lot Sorry :'(
  12. As you can see this milotic is from an event but when i checked it my LegalityChecker it says hacked event ? why is that ??, Also my Platinum Articuno Has " Normal NDS or GBA A-B-C-D " ?? What Does That Mean ?? And Thanks For Any Help :} Milotic ( Timid ) VGC09.pkm Articuno (Platinum).pkm
  13. Can some1 at least tell me what is this----->"Normal NDS or GBA A-B-C-D" ?? and thank you, :}
  14. First Hi to every1 in this forums, second...i just downloaded some GBA events from pokemon database or something.....and i hope some1 will help me edit them slightly ....v Ho-Oh----->Adamant Nature +Switch the Attack IV With The SpAttack Iv Lugia----->Sassy nature + Switch The HP IV With The Attack IV + Reduce Speed To 17 LATIAS---->Modest/Mild Nature + HP to 22 +SAttack to 24 (IVs Ofcoure) LATIOS---->Timid nature + SpAttack to 23 + HP to 25 (IVs Ofcoure) And also what is this "Normal NDS or GBA A-B-C-D" ?? And Lastly Plz if you can make it as they were migrated to Sinnoh (Platinum) Plz Do !!....... Thanks, Sarutan PS:If You can't do what i said above just make them appear legal or edit that stupid hidden value..... PSS: When i said switch i meant to it like this ( Spd IVs= 31 / HP IVs= 20 ------> Spd IVs= 20 / HP IVs= 31 ) Get It ?? EDIT: I give up !!, I think i'll stick to HG/SS.....<<< GBA EVENTS.rar
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