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  1. yes that would be correct. The program still won't let me select the card type, How do I do it?
  2. Dang great time for my AK2i's sd slot spring to break..., does anyone know how to fix this? Its fixed, I ripped the cart apart and taped it together. Half of the cart is gone but it works, sort of.
  3. 3in1' opera are slot two expansion packs that let you backup files to the pack. This is mainly used for GBA emulation and backup/restoring of roms and saves.
  4. Here is my egg that I just received, it is a party pokemon. Good luck using it. Mareep event egg.pkm
  5. For me it failed so I hope he can use the information to fix it. I will gladly try out his programs in the future.
  6. Hey I will test this with my SS game and post back my results. Okay you a very big bug a least for me that is. When I click on NDS EEPROM-- GBA SRAM it says "unsupported EEPROM. Aborting! Press A". But when I click NDS cart info it shows up as: Game ID: Pokemon SS EEPROM: Type: 0 Size: 8192 Extended Data: c00: FF c03: 00 c05: c9F: 00
  7. I can't get this release to work can you tell me how to do it? I have a AK2i and I keep having it hang with the red and white screens do I not have a file need to run it? any help would be appreciated. EDIT the problem was that it can't download onto a mac.
  8. Well the carts look very cool they are now black instead of grey. I prefer the Platinum sticker more due to it being holographic. I hope someone can hack these new carts so I can use it on my AK2i soon.
  9. I use Lugia a lot on my uber teams because of his stats, I just prefer him to blissey.
  10. My SoulSilver is in the mail from Japan, I can't wait for it to arrive. I have been playing Crystal nonstop.
  11. Same I thought it hadn't been made yet, but if they did it for the GBA why not for the DS? One thing I find weird is that I don't see any mention of it online(I could have missed it).
  12. Well my computer went and exploded so I have t use my mom's computer that doesn't have Photoshop and I lost all of my work and Can't get it back. I think i am cursed on this project.
  13. I am stuck at four and it is the flag event I need to complete... I spent like four weeks trying to get all of the pokemon over the summer, it was hard but I have them now(only my event pokemon are hacked).
  14. Hey if you would add me to the Previous Artists list that would be great. I haven't been able to work on avatar's and my health is not great so I will be leaving the artist community for now. I am getting better but I hope you all will continue to make amazing works of art.
  15. Hey if you would add me to the Retired Artists list because I have not been an active sig creator for some time(life gets in the way). I hope all of you are enjoying making the sigs, and good luck.
  16. Thanks this release is great. I can't wait to see what comes next. Thank you for picking this up again.
  17. I also have the same problem. Maybe their will be a patch for the 3in1 backup tool soon?
  18. Thanks man my PC isn't working this is just what I needed.
  19. Once the HG/SS changes are added to shoddy a huge amount of Pokemon will receive gravity. Pokemon like Alakazam and Metagross. I believe once these changes are added the use of gravity will go way up.
  20. From what I have seen through pokesav the HG/SS games only use the 46h, 85h, and the 86h. I was wondering from all of this do the old hex values still mean the same for the values?
  21. okay I will work on those later. Should I edit the shiny or regular pokemon?
  22. I don't know either, but that may be the case. If that is true that will be problematic.
  23. dang I just saw this now I have to start over oh well. How far are you?
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