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  1. The original ps3's had actual ps2 hardware inside to make them read the older gen games. I personally hate how they removed that feature because I have one of the newer ones and my friend had the original.
  2. Sorry it took so long but here it is I hope you like it. If you want anything changed please PM me.
  3. Sure I will get right on it. Sorry but I can't finish it for another hour or so because my family is moving stuff.
  4. Sorry I have been getting started at anew school so my life has been a little hectic so I will work on these. first nine done.
  5. I agree that they don't quite do it for me. To me it seems that they are just a bit to flashy and they look like word art not the usual stuff they come out with.
  6. I will start with pokemon #1 and work up from their just so everyone knows and we don't make the same pokemon twice.
  7. I think the flames might look better in black because they add to much color as their original ones.
  8. You will need a ips patcher and you then run that program adding the rom and the ips patch to it. the program will then patch the file.
  9. That's what I was asking for thanks. When I return from my vacation I will get started on changing the spirits.
  10. Well that is an intriguing idea and do you have a list of images of all of the Pokémon coloring for shadow Pokémon?
  11. Dragonite.Luv I added your name and cleaned up some of your edges around Dragonite. So here it is:
  12. That would be great for HG/SS and I do the standard national dex order. The last box is my pokesaved competitive teams.
  13. China blocks some sites because when I was there I couldn't go on the old forums (those were the current ones then). I didn't know they updated the game I will have to try that to see what they use for spirits.
  14. It sounds like they just hacked a save game and charge $80 for it. You could do that for almost free with a computer and a flashcart.
  15. I really like your avatars that are outside of the standard box, it even inspired my current avatar and sig.
  16. That stinks but Espeon did the same for me I only trained Umbreon because it looks cooler in my opinion.
  17. PPSE IS Pokemod. Sorry I was not thinking straight but thanks that explains a lot to me.
  18. Well if they use the GS ball like the classic ribbon where you can't trade it over the GTS, but instead to non-HG/SS games by just trading. This might be an interesting way of keeping the ball in just HG/SS games and not D/P/Pt.
  19. I really like the Mew it looks nice with the tail wrapping around the back.
  20. that just gives me a new standard to work towards. That is truly amazing, even if it is so simple it was put together very well(by simple I mean not to congested like some of mine are).
  21. You are defiantly getting better but try Narwal's method and that should help tremendously. I give this on a 7.5/10.
  22. This is great I hope that you Guested continue with these great projects.
  23. A shiny overworld spirit does sound very likely because of the PC pichu and the red garyados.
  24. If you are using Photoshop you can use feather to clean it up, but I don't know with other programs.
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