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  1. You have to much free time on your hands if you have them all at level 100 without cheating. I only got to 136 on my game without cheating and only 8 or so are level 100 not 151.
  2. Wow that took a long time for you to get there:) I always chose the fire type and that sucks for FRLG and HGSS, but I enjoy it so you know if you like grass types why not use them? Well I thought the E4 in Plat was awesome as I sometimes breeze through them with my misconceived teams.
  3. Well I play on my Japanese Platinum cart and then export it to my flashcart for pokesav edits. The only time I really use my flashcart is for ROM edits and homebrew.
  4. Yeah but I don't have an Action Replay(it broke) and I can't rip the rom from my cart yet as Chase-san hasn't fixed his new tool and apposed to downloading games as everyone should be. So I trade it to my Platinum backup and then check it from there.
  5. The homebrew gba backup tool by Rodolph is the only way I know of to rip GBA saves and it is quite reliable. Just about any slot-1 flash cart for the ds will do this for you, just make sure you have a non-dsi system for obvious reasons. I hope I have answered your questions.
  6. If you put the program on the root of your card it should work. Make sure you have the latest version downloaded. IF these do not work send a bug report to Chase-san
  7. Well I hope yoir work load goes down soon so you can rejoin:(
  8. Your welcome, you don't know how great it is to be back on the creative scene.
  9. I didn't know about the ditto bit. I really need to learn Japanese so I don't have to trade to dp to check the IV's...(I have a Japanese platinum and Soul Silver game cart no English copies)
  10. Just upgraded to CS4 yesterday and I am so happy I did:) Because I have 4GB of ram on my pc it runs fine for me.
  11. the world ends with you (album)- Takeharu Ishimoto
  12. Your welcome, I thought about doing a rocket themed sig with Lugia on it for you but I couldn't figure out how to do it.
  13. I will take a stab at it but the first problem I see is that the logos on the box covers up some of the characters. EDIT: I've finished both of them and they turned out better than I thought they would.
  14. Blissey is now one of my favorite pokemon to put on my team and it usually goes on first fallowed by whatever team I am using at the moment. I have found that it is the most reliable pokemon on my team right now.
  15. Thanks it's good to be back, but my skills need to be developed to what they were a few months ago. Also here is a halloween sig for anyone who wants it for today or even next year.
  16. I think they just want more money because the wii sales are down with the price drops of the ps3 and xbox 360. I don't know anyone who would want this personally and I even struggled with upgrading to the dsi myself, and I did because of it's smaller size.
  17. Are you sure you have the master code activated? I know that the gba games all needed them. But good luck with the translating. If you ask some of the people who translated the pokesav program how they did it they might have the answers you are looking for.
  18. I need the practice so if no one here objects to it sure. I will get started on it right now. EDIT here it is:
  19. I can confirm this because I did it and the transfered my pokemon over to plat and checked it out. My result was the same as the links result. Also I just noticed serebii has this as well.
  20. Okay so first you need the radio card upgrade from the president of the Kanto radio tower(make sure you have fixed the power plant). Then after receiving the card you can now use the radio in Kanto. After arriving next to the Snorlax open your radio in the pokegear app and move the scanner to the top area until you find the secret radio station. After this step exit the radio and click on snorlax the battle should then commence.
  21. No I believe that the method for the wireless communications changed with the hardware transition.
  22. Nice tutorial I might use those brushes myself. Thanks please make more tutorials in the future.
  23. Well I decided to try a spin on your style with a twist of my own and I like it. So my problems with my health is getting better so soon I might try to rejoin the sig community. but I hope you like my new sig.
  24. So I have recently lost all of my collection of accumulated brushes and styles for Photoshop and I am wondering what people would recommend or just plain love. So post all your favorites right here.
  25. Good luck on your midterms and no rush as long as you can figure it out at some point.
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