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Found 15 results

  1. Hey, guys! I'm working on programming a new Pokemon fan game from scratch (not a ROM hack or RPG Maker game, or I'd have posted this in one of the other forums). It's called Pokemon Gemini, and I'm developing it using GameMaker Studio and documenting the development process in a YouTube series. Hopefully this will build up some hype about its progress; you can watch the development as it happens from this playlist: (Also, wow, the embedded videos here are large O_o. ) While I'm good enough with coding, I am terrible at artistic work, especially organic forms like Pokemon! So I need some people who love Pokemon and also have any semblance of artistic skill to help out and create the custom Fakemon that this game will feature I have no money to pay you for it, but you will get full credit in the game (along with any in-game promotion for yourself that you want, within realistic bounds)... which I know isn't as good as cash, but hopefully you're excited by the project enough to help out? If you want to be a fully official Spriter, that's great! But if you just want to submit one or a few evolutionary lines, that's great, too! Either way, you'll get full credit for your work The Concept The idea behind Pokemon Gemini is to try and create a slightly more realistic Pokemon story, while still retaining the fun Pokemon feel. And to use all custom Pokemon, characters, etc. so that if the Pokemon Company sends a cease and desist, I can just re-theme it and re-release Its main theme is duality: rich vs poor, life vs death, corruption vs purity, urban vs rural, etc. So this is the story as it stands currently: So that's the story, and some of the mechanics. The game is in early development days right now, but making steady progress; the more Fakemon art we have, the more expansive this game can be I just need the front and back battling sprites for them; they don't have to be animated, and I don't need overworld sprites (unless you want to make them ) I already have some ideas for two Fakemon lines, if anyone wants to give the spriting a go: The Magic Trio Prestid: Psychic/Dark legendary. 100% male. Based on a stereotypical magician (you know the type: top hat, coattails, wand, flashiness, etc.), but not human. If possible, try and incorporate the magician outfits into the Pokemon's biology rather than having it look like clothing, like how Mr. Mime's gloves are actually its hands. And since he's dark, don't make him look too happy Ijitay: Psychic/Fairy legendary. 100% female. Based on a stereotypical magician's assistant (i.e. sparkles and dresses and stilettos galore), also not human. To represent having been "sawed in half" (that old trick), her body is literally separated into two disconnected parts at the abdomen, kept floating together by psychic powers alone. Ilusi: Psychic. The baby Pokemon version of the two legends. Early in the game, if you explore side content, you can find a Mysterious Orb, which looks like a crystal ball. If you level up Prestid or Ijitay while they're holding a Mysterious Orb, the orb will disappear and you'll be given Ilusi in its place. Specifically, you'll get an Ilusi whose gender is the opposite of the parent holding the orb; male Ilusi evolve into Prestid, and female Ilusi evolve into Ijitay. In this way, if you explore throughout the game, you'll be able to get *both* legends in the same game without trading. Reapers Chareap: Ghost-type "static" Pokemon. Its name comes from Charon and "reap". While these are not legendary, you can only encounter them as overworld Pokemon in graveyards throughout the region. Based on the Grim Reaper, their signature ability is Reaper: if a Pokemon with Reaper is in your party, and not fainted, when another Pokemon in your party faints, Reaper will activate and you can choose to fully heal/revive that Pokemon at the cost of instantly fainting the Reaper Pokemon. In other words, "oh, your other 'mon died? I'll save him, but I'll die in the process." Except, you know, not death, but fainting. Grimmwar: Ghost/Dark type. Evolved from Chareap; some graveyards later in the game may have static Grimmwars instead of Chareaps. Note that if you fail to catch a Chareap or Grimmwar, they will reappear at a random time later, but only if you leave the graveyard and return. And of course, you are encouraged to come up with your own designs! The more Fakemon, the merrier! So, anyone excited about helping develop Pokemon Gemini with me?
  2. Here are some sprites that I used but have no more need for: Shadow Triad:
  3. Hey kids, If anyone's interested, my friend John who is an incredible graphic artist is doing an art giveaway on his Tumblr! The prize is a 15" by 22" POKeBALL print. Below is the link to the giveaway: http://johnengcheng.tumblr.com/post/48831652462/who-is-john-eng-cheng-john-eng-cheng-is-a-los You can check out more of his stuff here: http://www.johnengcheng.com/ Cheers!
  4. PM Narwhal PM Toffeuy PM Sabeta How to set up your signature:
  5. [||| Welcome to the Thread! |||] Hey there, everybody! This time I was a bit less active with it, because I took a brief, unintentional hiatus from PP. I'm also still trying to figure out how to get a higher quality scan of my drawings that don't make it look completely screwed up. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated, however, I'd prefer it if you kept such things to PM only. Thanks for reading, time to get drawing! [| My DeviantArt Profile |] [| What I prefer to draw |] Usually, I'll be drawing science fiction stuff like alien worlds, starships, cities in mountains, etc. But I'll also draw random fantasy environments and creatures, and the occasional 'something Pokemon'. [|| Specific Projects - OFFLINE ||] [| Extra Stuff That No One Actually Cares About |] I only accept constructive criticism. Please do not flame, and I appreciate any help I can get to improve. Feel free to comment! I do not accept god-praising, or hate comments. God praising does nothing but help to make artists and writers cocky and egotistical, ruining the quality of their work, and hate comments serve no purpose other than to demoralize artists and writers. So, don't do it. Thanks. [| Extra Stuff That People Probably Care About |] - I promise to have a new update every week, whenever possible. It may be a little difficult, because this is NCEA year for me, but I really need to get cracking and draw lots 'n lots if I want to become a concept artist. So please, bear with me! - The 'Specific Projects' part is when I'll be working on something 'big', and it'll probably be important to me in some way. For now, that section is 'OFFLINE' because, I got no major projects or anything, so, yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have a nice day!
  6. I would hope every pokefan knows about this site, but if not; here ya go. (unsure of all info on his page seeing as its hiragana/katakana and i can't read japanese... -__- ) Drawings of every poke with a little anime'd person dressed liek the pokemon. The list of pokes are on the left side in a nice neat list. The art is great and they are quite cute/awsome. have a look. http://www4.atwiki.jp/hitec/pages/1.html Edit: I suppose a few would be considered 'adult' themed, but theres no nudity. just an fyi... >__>
  7. Heres some of my art that i drew! Some of them are drew and some of them are photoshoped! More to come but they are just a few!
  8. Yeah, pretty much just doodled this up as an excuse to create this thread. Better art coming later. I have more but... Hm. It uses one of my personal characters. "Realistic" Charizard... First time attempting flames. For a BS'd picture, I think it came out pretty well. Decided to see if you guys prefer him with or without the blue reflecting off his nose. Reflecting background colours is supposed to give the affect of being "in" the place they are in, instead of it just being a background but I'm not sure if it really looks better or not. In case you're interested, one in a state without scales, and the other without outlines (also missing the outline of the eye). The third both no outlines or blue. Old sketch of a cyborg Charmander. Oh, and a DP/Avie I made of a photo of a drawing I doodled in a book...If you recognize this, you now know who I am. (I might find the high res version later.) Managed to salvage it. http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa265/Zafurra/e3fd512d15b6eda81a9fdf4b6280c29d.jpg The Quilava in my sig was also edited by me... Even though it's imperfect.
  9. It's been a while since last using Photoshop. After making my avatar, I decided to make an Armored Mewtwo based trainers card.A Mewtwo in armor is just full of win so why not. I feel that I did decently, but I really need to find/make a better background and nicer font... Don't mind the red edges, I've yet to figure out how to transparent them without ruining the image quality. Kuro Experiments with newly learned Orbs! Kuro Meets Sonic. One of my favorite characters, why not? Logo
  10. Anyone have any tattoos or piercings to show off? I figure this would go better here than Off Topic since it has to do with art. So show your pictures and tell us the symbolism, if it has any :] That was taken on the day I got it, six months ago. I'll hopefully get a newer picture soon. In a very basic form, this image represents my life and all the things I believe in: the thorns of temptation and trial, the heart for revitalization and love, the flames of strength and passion surrounding the three crosses, representing power over the Fall, over life itself. In one word to sum it up: freedom. It also is in dedication to my two favorite organizations, To Write Love on Her Arms and HeartSupport, both of which helped me through the deepest struggles of depression. It is for self-injury awareness, to show that pain is not the end, sometimes only the beginning. Into the end-spring/early-summer time of the year, and my wearing more and more short sleeves, I get so many people asking "Is that a real tattoo? ... Did it hurt?" Gosh, I have friends getting annoyed by those questions, they've heard it so many times too. So how about it guys? Any of you have anything to share with us?
  11. *** This is an archive of Narwhal and Illithian's Sig Thread. *** If you would like to request, go here. Welcome to Narwhal and Illithian's Sig thread! Please specify what type of font you would like, what it should say, what kind of background you want, and the Pokémon and/or other main image in it. you may post an image link for the images you would like us to use. As you probably know, there is a sig cut-off (in some skins/themes). Beware of this fact when adding one of these images into your signature. Rules: We will not use art that you do not have permission to use. I will not accept friend requests for making you a signature. Nothing inappropriate. Please do not request more than one signature in a day. If you don't have your sig within 3 days of your request, post in the thread again and we will make it as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy our thread. Our artists, in order of activity: Toffeuy (moderate-high activity) Narwhal (moderate activity) oni link (moderate activity) Naru-Chu (moderate activity) Mr. Swalot979 (moderate-low activity, novice artist) Illithian (moderate-low activity) bear831 (low-no activity) Retired Artists: telos Loading kunaidude34 If you would like to become an artist, PM Narwhal. Featured Signature: Please support us! Put one of these banners in your sig: PLEASE READ: We will not tell you how to set these as your signature if you ask. Here is a guide: If you would like your sig in a spoiler, follow this guide:
  12. Welcome to my little exhibition. Although you probably wouldn't guess it by looking at my very bare avatar and signature, I used to be in the habit of making pretty good signatures, renders, ect. I discovered the joys of Photoshop in June of 2007, not long after I joined my first forum. I managed my own pokemon-art club for nearly a year before deciding to move into the more mature art community on DevART. Around this time, June 2008, my priorities underwent a sudden shift when I discovered the then-new forums on pokesav.org. Rather than developing my creative skills to the level when I could produce original works as I had planned, I got more and more active with event-collecting and just the general workings of pokesav.org. You can guess the rest. So here I am today, showing you works that are almost all from days long past. Whether I will ever find the time to improve my skills I don't know. Ironically, my first (rather shitty) banner was for (yet another rather shitty) "hacking" club that I started before my art club. I was a noob, and it failed epically. Moving on. These two banners, which I made almost back to back, were my entry into the world of signatures. I think they're pretty good for a beginner. These were requests I did for a competitive battling team, Team Eclipse, over the course of my art phase. I was experimenting with some drip effects, and when I came up with the hex "blood", I just had to do this. This is one of my few non-pokemon works, and also one I did without the aid of material from outside sources. Around the time SSBB was released, I went on a rendering binge. There's not many images from the official site I didn't render. You can see the rest here. (Yes I'm aware this has a black background, it was necessary to show off the transparency.) This was just a random request, but I really liked the way it turned out. Ode to oldskool. A request by our very own fenzo. This was done a few months after the above. I'm still proud of the flame effect. I gotz pumkin carving skillz 2! This was done for Halloween 08. At the request of my dad, I did a little mirroring and made this nice wallpaper. Every now and then I will do a TCG render, I actually find it quite relaxing. This is something I did pretty recently. I was experimenting with vector styles so I redid some TCG art to make the above. High-res sugimori artwork must be rendered! That's all for now, I will post any new stuff. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment on anything.
  13. More@Photobucket No, I don't do requests. ( If you ask it, then yes ) If you use any of my stuff ask for permission en give credits!
  14. Hm, I actually like this one so much ... My other junk:
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