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Found 8 results

  1. OK! So since I closed my Poke Walker Thread I will now make lovely avvies for all you crazy PP users. I will do both Avatars and Siggys. Fun Fun :3 All you have to do is post what you would like in your avatar or siggy. It can be detailed or simple. Either works for me. I tend to make my Avies 100x100 unless you would like larger. Avatars in process: none Avatars complete: Signatures in progress: none Signatures complete: Want to help advertise my thread? Use this in your Siggy!
  2. Welcome to the Avatar Creation Thread! Here you will find a group of talented artists dedicated to serving the Project Pokemon community through their creation of avatar art. Avatar Artists Artists are listed in alphabetical order. The pokemon icons next to their names correspond to the thread badges Okami has created for them, if any individual does not have a pokemon shown, they have not gotten back to her about the badge, and therefore she cannot put one here, either. :] A reminder to the Artists~Make sure you switch your thread badge to this thread from the old one!! Illithian ~ On leave until July 30 Kiku Naru-Chu Narwhal pokemonfan ~ Having computer issues skaterman1995 Toffeuy Previous Artists Artists that are no longer working for this thread and have been asked to be removed from the "Avatar Artists" listing. (In leaving order) kunaidude34 telos Okami bear381 Sample Work Artists – Please send one or two brand-new samples of your work, using general Pokemon names, to Okami. Do not let their size exceed the Project Pokemon size limit for avatars! (120x160 pixels or 512.0 KB) Thread Rules – please read! To help keep the thread clean and uncluttered, we are asking that all artists turn off their signatures to reduce the page stretch length. It would also be helpful if the requesters did this, too. (Simply uncheck “Show your signature”) Requesters are to look at the sample work and choose up to three artists to make their avatar. Please be as specific as possible in requesting your avatar; if an artist is confused about your requirements of your request, they will ask for clarification. To further reduce clutter in the thread, please post comments on avatar pages (And/or userpage Visitor Message (VM)) This is to help keep this thread on-topic at all times. Attention Artists – To help keep the thread uncluttered, avatar “deliveries” are NOT to take place in the thread! Instead, upload the avatar to your album and private message (PM) the requester their avatar. Please use a variant of this format: Frequently Asked Questions If you have a question about the art or the group, please see our FAQ thread in the Avatar Artists Group. We will take the time to answer all questions and place them here as we see fit. Fan of the Avatar Creation Thread? Looking for a way to support the artists here? Well now you can! Simply add this image into your signature. [url="http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3113"][img=http://projectpokemon.org/forums/picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=1014][/url] Thank you for your cooperation! ~ The Avatar Artists
  3. Welcome! After awhile of thinking, I have finally decided to create an Avatar Request thread! Hopefully I am able to make many of you happy by giving you avatars. Hello there! There will be rules that go along with the requests. Here are the rules: Please specify what you would like clearly. Avatars may only be up to 120x120 pixels. I am unable to use smudges as properly as I would like. Please do not request Avatars with smudges. Not necessary, but I recommend you go on the site's IRC so that I make it the way you want it. You may either PM me or post here for requests. I will not always get it done fast. I usually take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes or more. Be patient. You may also request for the .xcf file of the project incase you would like to study it or edit it to your liking. I do not create avatars that include anime or manga. Sorry. And as for notes: I am usually off and on between 11am and 6pm. Any later and chances are I won't be able to make it. I am Pacific Standard Time. I use GIMP, so please don't expect me to do as well as someone on Photoshop. Not required, but please also add the following Userbar to your signature to help promote the thread : You can always go here for a page of work I have done. I will list a few examples here, though. Please note that the above signature was done in 6-7 minutes. Here are some recent work in the the thread as an example: This section will be used for all the work I have made in this thread for others as an archive. It will also be used as a list of requests needed to be done. Codemonkey85 - Complete CuleX - Completed Flootenkerp - Complete damio - Complete Toffeuy - Complete Naru-Chu - Complete Godzilla231 - Complete Guested - Complete Okami - Processing
  4. yes, i hate the movie Avatar. watched it twice and i just dont understand why people are so amazed about it. as i have said before in some other thread: its ferngully's storyline brought to a star trek-ish version of the jurassic park island with weapons from Matrix and the videogame Halo. the ONLY thing the movie has is the 3D.....period · if you see the movie behind the 3D effects you'll see its like any other sci-fi movie. the difference (and the only thing that caught my eye) is the way the natives communicated with the forest, thats it. an aunt of mine told me that many critics say its like the star wars of our era.....BULLSHIT. star wars is much more original than this: the story, characters, lots of different alien species, many different vehicles, different planets. "but look at the animals of the forest!" you mean those dinosaurs with feathers and colorful skins ??? its like pokemon or any other story where there are fantastical animals. they're just that, normal animals twisted in the opposite way around. like this pokemon (sorry for so much relation with pokemon, ive been playing a lot ): its a turtle, but instead of being of water its of grass. lol, my point with this pokemon resemblance is general, not only for avatar: non fantastic animal is original (maybe chewbacca ) thnks for reading folks =) *NOTE: i wrote this in some other forum, i copied it and pasted it here exactly as i wrote it there
  5. this is my brand new avatar thread. it started when someone requested an avatar on Narwhal's and illithiann's sig thread. i made and re-made it 3 times. after it was done, i put it up for the last time. but then Narwhal said that it was a sig thread not a avatar thread.so now i'm opening a avatar thread. so feel free to request a avatar. also, im an artist on Narwhal and illithian's sig thread. so feel free to also request a sig as well. artists: kunaidude34 Telos pokemonfan Narwhal bear831 Okami Illithian naru-chu
  6. It has been decided that the avatar thread will make a banner.The artists of the thread have decided to make banners and let you the public decide which is best via a public vote here are the entries, Telos, Narwhal, pokemonfan, Enkidu, Bear831, All entries are now in! Please say who is your favourite and/or why and vote for them on the poll I urge anyone who looks at this thread to vote for there favourite!
  7. The idea has been circulating softly through the artists of this community. Some want to be given a Helpful Member's badge, for their creations of avatars and signature banners. But here's what I'm suggesting. Maybe more than just the badge given for being a helpful member to the community, there should be a badge for the creativity of the individuals behind these projects. But that doesn't just mean this badge would be given to anyone who posts a piece of artwork and calls it a day. No, this badge would be more of one of honor and dignity for the true artists, like any other badge given. For the artists here that work hard to impress and please those requesting these small pieces of art to treasure and call their own on these forums and around the community. I've brought this up before, But I think it deserves more than just that, it needs some healthy discussion. So, what I guess I'm asking, suggesting, whatever this is...would it be possible for this badge to be instated? Should these hard-working people be given the credit they feel they deserve? Here's a look at what the badge could be: Editted by yours truly. :] I've talked to several people about it already, but it's time to see what you as a whole community think. Yay or nay, Project Pokemon?
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