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  1. Hi, I want to set up a game cart to give to someone. It would be nice if I put on some wondercards like event pokemon, or special items to unlock event pokemon. Is it possible to delete the old save, and add the wondercards to the save (via pkhex), and then start the new game save keeping the wondercards so that they can be redeemed later? I know I could start the game and set up the save for the person I'm giving it to, and just add the items to the inventory (and have a few wondercards added) - but that wouldn't be as nice as starting the game from fresh, choosing your gender and name... etc If I do this, is there any difference to adding Member's Pass/Azure Flute/etc directly to the inventory vs unlocked through the real wondercard? (I think Gen 3 and Old Sea Map needed the event, not just the item hacked in...?) I can backup and restore ds save files, so no problems there. Thanks
  2. Hi, ok so thanks for PKHeX. Funny story, I added the shiny beldum wondercard to my save, then realized I can get it myself via wifi. So I went to edit my save and remove the wondercard (that worked), and then remove the wondercard in the 'received' box (so I would be able to download it myself). But even when I click on the X to remove the wondercard in the lower box, it does not save when I press save... I go to wondercards again, and I still see the wondercard id there. Surely this is a bug? I'm on a JP game, using the latest 20150101 PKHeX. Thanks for all the effort
  3. maybe you should also add here (Retail Games are supported via: SD Card Battle Videos // PowerSaves/Cyber Gadget) that you can dump your card using gateway's loader, and extract your save from the dump anyway, thanks for the update
  4. ifyfg

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    ok, i have my 16.sav and 26.sav, i got the resulting .bin file from that when i broke it using keysav2. - now i can extract my pk6s right. i have a wondercard in this save that i want to extract. BUT i can only load my save using pkhex if i use powersaves, and do the 999 masterballs thing? i don't have powersaves. exporting the wondercard from pkhex would be the easier way, but, am i right in that i cannot do it this way in my situation? how else can i do it i read about XOR etc, i have never XORed anything before (although, i know what the operation does ha, but i'm not doing it bit by bit) thanks - it's a wondercard that is not uploaded here yet, so i want to contribute it
  5. thanks downhill, just what i was looking for!
  6. does a re-obtain starter pokemon code exist? thanks -edit, i put it here since i think all 're-' events are cool. i found the code was requested/posted a few months ago i think downhill made it. Reobtain a Starter Pokémon (Start ; Select) : 94000130 FFF70000 B2101D40 00000000 20000ECC 00000000 DA000000 0000102E D3000000 00000000 D7000000 02000010 A2000010 FFFB0000 D4000000 0000FFFC B2101D3E 00000000 D7000000 0000102E D2000000 00000000 94000130 FFFB0000 B2101D40 00000000 20000ECC 00000004 DA000000 0000102E D3000000 00000000 D7000000 02000010 92000010 FFFB0000 D4000000 00000004 B2101D3E 00000000 D7000000 0000102E D2000000 00000000
  7. i'm surprised that the bonus content is accessible without the bonus disk, and even on the non japanese release, very cool
  8. it's great all that this much progress has been done. i'm curious as to why we need to use powersaves to apply the x999 item code though? is it just for powersaves to do it's 'magic', and not dependent on the code itself?
  9. how does that work? if they can't be read, how can they be used?
  10. a problem with the private one that the public one didn't seem to have, when selecting a save file to open, it only lets us select .bin files, sure i an just rename it .sav, but i don't think the public version had this little problem also, when i go to save k2, it saves as the same file name as k1 did. (although i just choose to save it as the correct name anyway) ok, so using the keysav from the first link, i can get my key1, key2, and blank files. it seems that the keyfiles are not working with the private keysav. with the old keysav, using the blank.ekx file got from the old keysav works. using the one from the new private one works too. using the old keysav, using the k1 from the old keysav works, using the new one from the private keysav does not work. i entered タマゴ as the name of the egg, since my game is japanese. with the new massdumper, i give it a save where all 31 boxes are empty, and the new Blank.ekx from the private keysav, and it created the KS 1-31 file, but when i load the concatenated key file 1-31 in the box dumper tab, i get 'incorrect boxkey file size loaded', and it doesn't work. if i give it the same save with 1-31 empty, but tell it to give me a KS of 1-30 instead of ending at 31, the resulting file works perfectly with the box dumper... using the old massdumper with the keys1-30, save file, and blank.skx that works with the new massdumper, i get no output, so maybe it should be taken down? anyway, thanks for all the work on this i understand this isn't supposed to be the most user friendly and bug free program in the world i have my 1-30 keys and it seems to work for all 3 of my boxes on this save, so i'm happy
  11. yes i saw something about making sure the 'selected region' is correct in a message box, but i did not see any option where to set my region etc...? and the blank.ekx file works for box 1 and 2, it seems, at least, i am able to dump those boxes... so it really has an error? i don't understand how it all works though
  12. if that is true, then would the key streams be the same for my personal dump of my cart played as a back up? maybe at the moment probably not because on firmware 4.5 the real save encryption is not used, maybe in the future on a higher firmware?
  13. anyone who has a ds mode flash cart and if their 3ds is on version 4.1-4.5 can download the 2.1 gateway loader, you need the gateway card to go into 'gateway mode', but you are able to boot up the menu and dump your 3ds games without the gateway card. the save file is inside the dumped rom, and once you have extracted the save from it you can use it with things like keysav, etc etc
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