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Found 10 results

  1. So we all know that somehow this world we all live in today, the entire universe came to be. The complexities of everything right down to mitosis all had to happen somehow. So how do you think that it happened. Darwin's theory has something to do with ooze that became X which became X which became X which became X and so on and then X turned into us or humans. The bible states that God created everything in 6 days on the 7th day he rested. I think those are the two main ones on the subject of creation. Please post your opinion and back up your answer...now for mine... You see I believe in the bible. I think it makes more sense and I believe the bible to be 100% truth. The actual probability that over billions and billions of years the universe fell into the precise location it lies in is just inprobable. The actual idea that over billions of years the earth formed into the exact location it is now in order to sustain life. If our planet was just a little bit off where it is now life would be unable to exist! The actual theory that life came from inanimate ooze that was zapped by who knows what is just well 0. The scientists that back this thing say that miracles are impossible because they dont see it and it is not able to be replicated. Well....what about your ooze! Did you see it? "well know it was X years ago no one was around..." is it able to be replicated? "Well know it is a once in an existance thing it can only happen once..." well then you are incorrect by your own basis. Well you know how they say that the ooze goes to X and then X well then how come there is not a single legit fossil record of a transspecies creature? Your answer-because they dont exist. The whole theory in my opinion is nonsense and the guy who made it up and his offspring are now filthy rich because of it and because of money no one is able to stop them. There are a lot of wholes in the theory and the earth does not top 10000 years of age. The bible has the answers and I believe to be the greatest historical record in the history of man kind. The whole evolution thing just has to many wholes to believe in. Ok, there is my argument. Now what do you say?
  2. I Just beat White and decided to go back to playing SS which i had not finished yet, BUT i decided to start over and customize my team from scratch from the start of the game. Basically what i want to do is choose my 6 Pokémon for end-game at the very beginning so i can level with them and kind of create a better bond with them so-to-speak (corny i know). Now i do not want to cheat with these guys at all (well maybe a Shiny or 2) so i want them as legit as possible. I want to have these Pokémon in the box for when i get to the first Center so i can pull them out then. So my question is how do i create a new character at level 1 (or 5 for my Munchlax mentioned below) in Pokesav HG/SS and keep the info complete and legit for that specific Pokémon? Any help will be appreciated. My final team isn't 100% complete yet, but here are the ones i plan so far. Snorlax (Munchlax until it Evolves of course) will take over for my Totodile and be my level 5 starter. (He's my all-time fav) Then it's between Nidoran (male), Abra, Anorith, Horsea (for Kingdra), Numel, Electrike, Murkrow, Riolu, and a couple more.
  3. OK! So since I closed my Poke Walker Thread I will now make lovely avvies for all you crazy PP users. I will do both Avatars and Siggys. Fun Fun :3 All you have to do is post what you would like in your avatar or siggy. It can be detailed or simple. Either works for me. I tend to make my Avies 100x100 unless you would like larger. Avatars in process: none Avatars complete: Signatures in progress: none Signatures complete: Want to help advertise my thread? Use this in your Siggy!
  4. I've been playing with PokeSav for a while now but usually only to add a few items or a rare Pokemon to my game for the Pokedex entry. I wanted to try making my first legit Pokemon as a request for a friend, so I followed the guide, checked the file with legal etc and everything said it was ok. When I load my game up, I notice the Pokemon is in an egg and it says "Bad Egg". I've attached 2 images in the spoiler above, if anyone has time just to have a quick look to see what the error is I would really appreciate it. :smile: P.S. Friend wanted a light ball so I attached it to Larvitar, and he wanted to be able to level it up twice so he could get all the Pokedex entries.
  5. Welcome to the Avatar Creation Thread! Here you will find a group of talented artists dedicated to serving the Project Pokemon community through their creation of avatar art. Avatar Artists Artists are listed in alphabetical order. The pokemon icons next to their names correspond to the thread badges Okami has created for them, if any individual does not have a pokemon shown, they have not gotten back to her about the badge, and therefore she cannot put one here, either. :] A reminder to the Artists~Make sure you switch your thread badge to this thread from the old one!! Illithian ~ On leave until July 30 Kiku Naru-Chu Narwhal pokemonfan ~ Having computer issues skaterman1995 Toffeuy Previous Artists Artists that are no longer working for this thread and have been asked to be removed from the "Avatar Artists" listing. (In leaving order) kunaidude34 telos Okami bear381 Sample Work Artists – Please send one or two brand-new samples of your work, using general Pokemon names, to Okami. Do not let their size exceed the Project Pokemon size limit for avatars! (120x160 pixels or 512.0 KB) Thread Rules – please read! To help keep the thread clean and uncluttered, we are asking that all artists turn off their signatures to reduce the page stretch length. It would also be helpful if the requesters did this, too. (Simply uncheck “Show your signature”) Requesters are to look at the sample work and choose up to three artists to make their avatar. Please be as specific as possible in requesting your avatar; if an artist is confused about your requirements of your request, they will ask for clarification. To further reduce clutter in the thread, please post comments on avatar pages (And/or userpage Visitor Message (VM)) This is to help keep this thread on-topic at all times. Attention Artists – To help keep the thread uncluttered, avatar “deliveries” are NOT to take place in the thread! Instead, upload the avatar to your album and private message (PM) the requester their avatar. Please use a variant of this format: Frequently Asked Questions If you have a question about the art or the group, please see our FAQ thread in the Avatar Artists Group. We will take the time to answer all questions and place them here as we see fit. Fan of the Avatar Creation Thread? Looking for a way to support the artists here? Well now you can! Simply add this image into your signature. [url="http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3113"][img=http://projectpokemon.org/forums/picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=1014][/url] Thank you for your cooperation! ~ The Avatar Artists
  6. This is where i will post my art or whatever you want to call it, if anyone wants i will make then somthing yeh thats how bored i am:bidoof: My first ever thing made in photo shop, its like a meltalic sorta effect no brushes where used. The avatar to go along with the enti sig, this was my second avatar. done with just with a render and brushes. i like ithis one alot one i made for gallade im becoming very competitive agianst telos lol i didnt mean to make this but hey made for bob i like the "Aura" of this one meh More to come!
  7. i need help making sigs. if some one would like to tell me the basics of how to make sigs and what qualifies, i would appriciate it. ---------- Post added at 05:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:39 PM ---------- also appreciated if u would tell me good programs to use.
  8. We all know there is a Mewtwo... ... But what if there was a Celetwo!? Shiny | GSC Sprite | Normal
  9. Greencat's Creation Thread I'm going to make just one thread so I don't have to keep making new threads each time I make something new. ;P Basically, I made this thread because sometimes I need the opinions of others, need ideas, want to post my creations and may need help/tips. Note: This is not a request thread. Please do not ask for requests from me. Rules 1. Send all Avatar requests here. 2. You may use the images found in "Renders/Recolorations" . 3. You must ask me for permission to use anything else. 4. Please be honest when rating. 5. Not a rule, but if you have any awesome signature tutorials, link me please. Renders/Recolorations Avatars/Signatures Me Style: I prefer a clean, simple style. Although, I do like it explosive and different in my signatures. Favorite Color: Green. Colors Preferred Often: I like using Green, Blue, Teal Turquoise, Navy Blue, Olive Green and vibrant colors. Programed Used: GIMP. Currently Using: Photoshop CS5 Extended. Favorite Brush Type: Fractals and Grunge.
  10. Ok, so you know how project pokemon has their own wiki. Well do you also know that on the main Page of Project Pokemon there is a link to a pokedex yet there is nothing there yet. Well I'm not sure how in the whole scheme of things where that falls on the to do list but I know it is important to me. So the faster the people of PP have the information needed the better for the faster it can be released. So I was thinking that us as members should band together to create a pokedex worthy of recognition in the archives of worthy pokedexes. Yet it would be the best a Pokedex 2.0. So that means an entry on all 493 pokemon and something in detail. So this entry should include: Level up moves TM moves HM moves Egg moves What it says in the pokedex entry in game: it is different for all the games so use as many game entries as possible Stats like: Egg group Color Steps it takes to hatch exp points to get to 100 Also where we will find this pokemon in the wild Also, is it seen in anime. maybe include an anime discription. Plus pictures! Pictures pictures pictures! They spice up the reading and make it more enjoyable Now remember we want to be original here so don't use other fan sites to find this information example:bulbapedia, serrebi net, pokemon marriland no none of that stuff. You can use it to see what content they have to see if we have more but dont go like this: tm tm tm tm tm Its a list of tms a pokemon can know and you copy and paste it right onto our page. No that is for one:illegal, for two: that gives us a bad reputation. so dont copy them. I'm not sure if you can get images from the web on like a public image site like photo bucket. I'm pretty sure you can but maybe someone could double check for me. If you do want to join this project PM me and tell me you are going to be working on the ___ page so like the squirtle page. I'd really prefer if this was worked on in the national pokedex order. If you don't have the national pokedex yet you can go here to see the pokemon in national dex order so you can create pages for them here.
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