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  1. I would love to get these pokemon for my collection.
  2. I like your new style Narwhal its great. I wish I had photoshop working on my windows 7 computer.
  3. Sorry how about after a few more releases.
  4. I like the idea for the new background. What if we could choose a background from a few preloaded ones
  5. Same with me, got an error so any new ideas. I am very grateful that you are still working on this.
  6. I think that would have been a good idea but that would have probably ended the series.
  7. I revamped my team and I hope these changes help.
  8. Thanks I will revamp my team with these recommendations in mind.
  9. Ahhhhhhhhhh the horror!!! :kikkoman: I like it a lot. 526 from a NU Pokemon awesome never seen anything like this. the absence of roost is sad. I like this set but I would never use it.
  10. I like this move a lot as it takes time to power up and then it is unstoppable.
  11. 1. Fire blast 2. Psychic 3. fly 4. extreme speed ability: levitate
  12. My team is built around hitting hard and fast but I have a few weaknesses I need addressed. So here is my team. Old Team New Team I know my team has many holes but I have trouble seeing them myself. Any helpful comments would be appreciated.
  13. After beating the game twice already (beat red a few times then restarted) I can say my favorite is to have Snorlax fallow me around.
  14. Same for me but I will then have my completed National Dex
  15. He is using us as his testers because he doesn't own the game. The game cost me $60USD and took 3 weeks to arrive and since it will be in the US by the spring some don't see the point in purchasing. Also only Chase is working on this and receives no pay for this. Now I don't know about you but a I fully appreciate this contribution to the hacking community. I could wait two months for the full version. Time is a precious thing in life I have very little free time in my life and I think most will agree it is important to take time in your life to do other things in your life not just work on programming for people who don't appreciate it.
  16. How do I get to chose the type?
  17. I made a mistake you get it after defeating the elite four and entering the harbor in olivine city. Oak then gives it to you.
  18. As far as I remember form my play through all you needed to do was beat all 16 gym leaders not finish the johto dex. I think oak gives it to you in Pallet town.
  19. This is my favorite so far that you have made:biggrin:
  20. I never had a problem with 15 so I kept it at that, 16 crashed my game.
  21. It didn't work it gave me a 8kb save file but it did rip it so that is an improvement.
  22. You are able to only input 15 pokemon per code and I lost my old set of them. I once did all 493 pokemon but lost that set.
  23. I forgot about that it is very nice.
  24. it works with my ak2i with the ez 3in1 in the gba slot.
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