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  1. Maybe there'll be a real version in the future.
  2. Maybe I'm trying too hard to notice details, but Doesn't Arceus also have a yellow mark on its head?
  3. They might be fake: From Pokecommunity There's a possiblity that the evos are fake. :biggrin: EDIT: Also EDIT2: But then the scan with Aloe in it shows Pokabu's evo, so they might not be fake. :frown:
  4. From Pokecommunity. Now I'm convinced that they're fake.
  5. On Serebii it says that there's a slim chance that they might be fake. They're supposedly confirmed to be real.
  6. I wonder what the typing of the final evos will be. I hope Pokabu's evo won't be another Fire/Fighting.
  7. Will Charon have a Rotom or will his team be based on the other Galactic members' teams?
  8. #000? Would that mean that it might be #494 in the National Pokedex instead of Tsutaja?
  9. The grass starter, though I think that it's too much like Tropius. They're both grass type reptilian Pokemon.
  10. Is it possible to use a japanese sav file on an american ROM for HGSS? When I load a japanese sav everything works, but when I click on the continue thing the screen turns black. Is it possible to convert it? Or is itsomething to do with the ROM? EDIT: NVM it works with Rudolph's new patch
  11. Maybe a RPG like Colloeseum or with customizable characters like in Battle Revolution? That would be awesome
  12. Thanks. I didn't trace it. I just tried copying from the Sugimori concept art
  13. Thanks! I didn't colour because I find that my drawings are btter without colour. But that's mostly because I stink at colouring
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