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  1. Intro Since there isn't any information posted about how the C-Gear is planted within the save file, I might as well just explain how one would edit it. PokeStock is capable of editing the skin, but it's a pretty weird standalone program -- people may want to have their own program (in english) that can edit it. Plus it's good to know how it works! Background Information The C-Gear Skin is stored inside the save file as a .psk file ("poké-skin") after it is downloaded or edited. It's a pretty big portion of the save file, coming in at 9.50 KB of data -- that's around 2% of the entire save file's size. Visualizing it as an actual image is different, the .psk file format is not a .bmp or .jpg, and this is beyond me... PokeStock is able to visualize it and save it as a view-able image, however. Documentation of Save Structure for C-Gear Skins: 0x52000-0x545FF Contains the .psk data. Calculate Checksum of this region, call it checksum(1). 0x54603-0x54604 Contains the checksum of the .psk data. Overwrite the current value with checksum(1). 0x1C024-0x1C025 This is a Checksum Reference to the .psk checksum. Overwrite the current value with checksum(1). 0x1C02E-0x1C02F This is a Region Checksum of the reference checksums, which must be recalculated. Calculate the checksum of the region 0x1C000-0x1C02B, call it checksum(2). Overwrite the current value with checksum(2). 0x23F40-0x23F41 This is a Checksum Reference to the previous reference checksum checksum. Overwrite the current value with checksum(2). 0x23F9A-0x23F9B This is a Region Checksum of the nearby reference checksums. Calculate the checksum of the region 0x23F00-0x23F8B, call it checksum(3). Overwrite the current value with checksum(3). 0x54700-0x54702 This is a Checksum Reference to the previous reference checksum checksum. Overwrite the current value with checksum(3). 0x54712-0x54713 This is a Region Checksum of a dword which comprises of checksum(3) and zeroes. Calculate the checksum of the region 0x54700-0x54703, call it checksum(4). Overwrite the current value with checksum(4).
  2. I want to edit the female hero's sprite that shows up on the trainer card. I already edited back sprites and mugshot sprites. I couldnt find any tutorials so im asking for help.
  3. Hello, I've been looking into making a code to allow lvl 100 or lvl 50 6 vs 6 battles on wifi, and maybe even c-gear. so far, I've managed to dig up this info by looking at battle replays with different modes in Pokemon Black (US). here are my findings: 0x0226B032: 00-Battle Subway, Single 00000000 01-Battle Subway, Double 00000001 04-Battle Subway, Multi 00000100 18-Colosseum Single, No Restrictions 00011000 19-Colosseum Double, No Restrictions 00011001 1A-Colosseum Triple, No Restrictions 00011010 1B-Colosseum Rotation, No Restrictions 00011011 1C-Colosseum Multi, No Restrictions 00011100 28-Random Matchup, Free Single 00101000 29-Random Matchup, Free Double 00101001 2A-Random Matchup, Free Triple 00101010 2B-Random Matchup, Free Rotation 00101011 38-Competition, Single, Launcher Off 00111000 39-Competition, Double, Launcher Off 00111001 3A-Competition, Triple, Launcher Off 00111010 3B-Competition, Rotation, Launcher Off 00111011 68-Random Matchup, Rating Single 01101000 69-Random Matchup, Rating Double 01101001 6A-Random Matchup, Rating Triple 01101010 6B-Random Matchup, Rating Rotation 01101011 98-Colosseum Single, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011000 99-Colosseum Double, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011001 9A-Colosseum Triple, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011010 9B-Colosseum Rotation, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011011 9C-Colosseum Multi, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011100 B8-Competition, Single, Launcher On 10111000 B9-Competition, Double, Launcher On 10111001 BA-Competition, Triple, Launcher On 10111010 BB-Competition, Rotation, Launcher On 10111011 0x0226B033 seems to be 02 if the battle is a flat battle, otherwise it is a zero? (bits are 1 for the left most, and 8 for the right most) first bit appears to be what determines if the launcher is on second bit appears to be for rating? third bit seems to be for random matchups and competitions only fourth bit appears for only colosseum and competition fith bit seems to determine if the battle is a battle subway one bits 6-8 seem to be the mode: 0=single 1=double 2=triple 3=rotation 4=multi I want to try and search these after selecting a battle mode, but I cannot get the game to connect to wifi through the emulator. if someone else could use this data to find a code, that'd be swell
  4. Hey all My last thread where I attempted to ask this got removed from the general B/W thread because it didn't apply (grumble), so here goes. So, I've been wondering The GTS system has changed enough that, from what I understand, sendpkm, HGTS, and the like can no longer distribute. As such, I was wondering if someone could tell me how far we are from a new working system (or link me to the main thread?). Also, I have been attempting to open some of the new .pkm files in pokesav. what i have found is the result of opening a victini.pkm I got in a mass zip file (attached below) of all the pokemon from this generation except for 3 (forgot where I found it, but I did not make it). pokesav recognizes old moves. however, it does not know what pokemon #494 (victini) is, and therefore cannot read it. As such, it would be possible to make a new gen pokemon, as long as you had a preexisting file. you could then maybe edit the ivs a bit, etc, but you would not be able to edit in any new gen moves, you would not be able to max the stats because pokesav does not know the actual pokemon also, the area caught becomes turnback cave instead of libery garden. this is because ( I believe) this area has the same corresponding area number in DPt as liberty garden has in Black/White. obviously, if you want to do any major .pkm creating, this would not work due to the aforementioned limitations, which leads me to my last question anyone know when there will be a program that can edit 5th gen .pkm files without these limitations? --hedgeberg 13277-Pokemon Black & White 2.rar
  5. When I want to pass the Pinweel Forest,I can't go to the Skyarrow Bridge. Here is the video: [video=youtube;oB5FlBD28Hs] Can someone hack or do something on my savefile to make it can pass the area. I've completed the game and found all sages. I'm playing pokemon Black right now. Here is the savefile: http://www.mediafire.com/?zicvzm39mtfib7z Mybe I should restart the game.........
  6. I have been trying for a while now to make these pokemon legal for pokemon white nintendo wi-fi connection. However, every time I send them to my ds and attempt to use them in random matchup, they do not pass the hack test and i get the "There was a problem with your pokemon, and they could not participate" message. I followed every guide I could find and made sure they followed the guidelines. The problem probably has something to do with the info in the "Met" tab of pokegen. That or the fact that a few of them have dream world abilities. **Note maybe the custom moveset smeargle I made can just never be legit... None of them have any wierd glitches that wouldn't be legit (like the Zigzagoon one), although the Reuniclus is shiny. I know it is probably something really simple, but it has reached a point where I could never figure it out myself... The files are under attachments, and thanks in advance!
  7. I'm starting my own region. It's called Hihntunova. It's my best combination of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. It will have 10 gyms and 4 Elite Four Members. A battle Frontier will be included as well. Your Pokémon may hold ANY item, as long as it isn't hacked. Oh yeah, that reminds me; NO HACKS!!! Although, I have one hack exception: Shinies ARE allowed. Also, no teams with more than 1 legendary. Discuss rules with the leader you challenge (such as switching out, or possibly needing to quit if you don't finish in time.) Once a challenger beats every Gym Leader and Elite Four Member, in order, can then challenge me. One last thing: I must test you, to make sure you're worthy of my league you must include the team you use in the email ( Name, Stats, Moves, and Lvl). If you want a position to apply for, use the exact format I have provided for each position. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HELD ITEMS!!! Provide your name and friend code when registering. And when I mean "name," I mean GAME NAME, not your real name, unless your game name IS your real name. The prize is ANY POKEMON OF YOUR CHOOSING (and position IF THERE HAS BEEN more than 3 reported problems with a leader). WARNING: If you switch out Pokémon during battle or quit/turn off your game without warning, the leader has every right to report to me.!!!* Note: All battles are single! Here's my info: Mike FC: 4598-9380-1449 Email: iMikeM2017@aol.com Games You May Use For This League:* -Diamond -Pearl -Platinum* -HeartGold -SoulSilver -Black (I'll use this) -White Gym Leaders : Leader must have 6 Pokémon of the same type. Challenger can have up to 6 Pokémon of any type.* 1st Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 2nd Gym Leader Name: Team:* Type: FC: 3rd Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 4th Gym Leader Name: Team: Type: FC: 5th Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 6th Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 7th Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 8th Gym Leader Name: Team: Type: FC: 9th Gym Leader Name: Team: Type: FC: 10th*Gym Leader Name: Team: Type: FC: Elite Four : Member must have 6 Pokémon of the same type. Challenger can have up to 6 Pokémon of any type.* 1st Elite Four Member Name: Team: Type: FC: 2nd Elite Four Member Name: Team: Type: FC: 3rd Elite Four Member* Name: Team: Type: FC: 4th Elite Four Member Name: Team: Type: FC: Champion : Champion can switch their party around at any time. Name:Mike (Me) Team: ?????? Type: ?????? FC:*4598-9380-1449 Battle Frontier : Frontier Brain must have 3 Pokémon of any type. Challenger can have up to 3 Pokémon of any type. Battle Power Plant* Name: Team: FC: Battle Fábrica* Name: Team: FC: Battle Utopia Name: Team: FC: Battle Mansion* Name: Team: FC: Battle Vault* Name: Team: FC: The Battle Braniac -Braniac can switch his team around at any time. Name:Mike (Me) Team: ?????? FC:*4598-9380-1449
  8. On the japanese PGL, starting as off today the 13th june, there is a new musical background ! But a password is needed ! Thanx to this http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_smash/news/index.html#101914 and since I don't know japanese at all I figured out how that work : First of all put ポケスマ!ミュージカル in the caption box and click OK ! On the next picture figuring a theater curtain, clic on the little black triangle similar to the "play" symbol ! The symbol become 2 vertical bars, the "pause" symbol and the background will change, as if the lights were cut off ! Now click OK and you're done ! Enjoy ! :grog:
  9. Okay so I was wondering if I needed to use the hex values to make a legit pokemon like on the platinum pokesav? If i do how do I do it on pokegen for heartgold/soulsilver? I don't see it at all like you would on Pokesav... So can anyone help me out?
  10. Greetings, Im actually new on project pokemon forums, but, lets just get to the point... I have a save with a Lvl255 -----(#000) with maxed manual stats, buggy name (more than 12 question marks) and some kind of weird looking grey pkrs, I was wondering if its possible to turn this pokemon into an AR code, its not actually that simple, sense its a invalid specie for pokegen + if I swap the specie (for example: bulbasaur) it will lose its Lvl 255. any help or at least attention on this post is appreciated. I will provide a basic B2/W2 save file with the pokemon in the first slot. thanks in advance. PD: Im not sure if this is the correct forum, it was kind of confusing. [ATTACH]13809[/ATTACH]
  11. I have come to a roadblock in the development of my project. You see, I want to add move legendary pokemon encounters into the game, but if the species isn't already registered as a special encounter, e.g. White/Black Kyurem, Landorus, Musketeers, it will play the standard wild battle music by default. I have a couple questions: How do I indicate/program a special encounter marker? Do I have to edit over an encounter marker? Can I accomplish this easier through scripting? On a side note, If I were to edit the species of an already existing stationary encounter, how would I go about doing so? and yet another question: Can I add roaming encounters similar to Tornadus/Thundurus in Black and White? I know this is a lot to ask, but if this is possible, my project can be extremely better than it is now.
  12. Every egg that I have received through the GTS from PokeGen hasn't been able to hatch. I would understand if these eggs were corrupt as a result of wrongly filled out information, but I'm nearly positive everything I've entered in the program for each egg should have worked. Each of the eggs have been set as an Egg on the Main tab and on the Met tab. The eggs are matched to my trainer information (which I know is right), are set to the correct location (Route 3 - Daycare location in Black), and were encountered as: Egg/Pal Park/etc. I also made sure to give the eggs only egg-level and breeding-passed move sets, and 0 EV's. After looking up other troubleshooting forums on making eggs in PokeGen, I also tried switching from no nickname to 'Egg' and various happiness levels to try and make them hatch ( I tried 0, 1, and the happiness level the Pokemon should have had for appropriate hatching steps). I really can't figure out what could possibly be wrong with my eggs when all my information seems to be in place. The only thing I can really think of is that the PID's being generated from my information aren't working, causing my eggs to never hatch. So if anyone else has had this problem, or knows what I'm doing wrong, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!
  13. I'm trying to create a code in PokéGen for Pokémon Black 2 US. I'm using an Action Replay on DS hardware. I created a code putting 999 each of Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, HP Up, PP Up, & PP Max in that order in my Medicine bag. They appear at the top of the Medicine bag, overwriting any items at the top, which I know is typical, so I tried moving any items to the "Free Space" bag, but after I activate the code and go to the Free Space bag to move all the items back, all the items that are from the Medicine bag disappear. Here is the code that was created: I code the above code into the Action Reply Code Manager and uploaded it to my ARDS.
  14. is getting a random starter code possible with a physical copy and a ar dsi? ive been looking and havent been able to find one yet.
  15. Hi guys! So I'm running Windows 7 and DeSmuMe 0.9.6 (I also have 9.8 but a lot of people say it's glitched, so I tried 9.6 too) and the latest PokeGen. I'm using a Pokemon White 2 fully english ROM. I do the following: 1. Save ingame. 2. Export back up memory. 3. Load .sav in PokeGen 4. I go to edit a Pokemon in my boxes; let's say an Umbreon. I want to change it from level 35 --> level 45. 5. I do so, and save the .sav file after setting the Pokemon with changes. 6. I import backup memory to DeSmuMe, and when I reset the ROM to get to the title screen, after I click continue, I get something along the lines of this: Save file will be deleted due to corruption or damage. I have also posted this on DeSmuMe, to see if they can help. Is this something with PokeGen? Am I doing something wrong? (Same thing happened in both DeS version.) Help would be appreciated.
  16. For a while now I've been using the AR code for pokemon black that allows a person to encounter every pokemon, 1-649, in every area (not including water). I've started to notice, though, that this code isn't as random as one might expect. Some pokemon seem to spawn in certain patches at much higher frequencies than others, while some I haven't seen at all. 'Random' is a rather tricky word so if anyone can explain how the code randomizes the finds I'd be most grateful. Here's the code: 923FFFFE 00000001 62250010 00000000 DA000000 02250010 D4000000 00000029 D7000000 02250010 D3000000 00000000 82250010 00000289 D4000000 FFFFFD77 D7000000 02250010 D2000000 00000000 923FFFFE 00000001 123FFFFE 00000000 DA000000 02250010 C0000000 0000001E D7000000 02250014 DC000000 00000002 D2000000 00000000 A2257010 00000000 923FFC3C FFF00000 923FFFFE 00000000 123FFFFE 00000001 D2000000 00000000 Also, this code causes wild double battles to always consist of the same two pokemon (levels, gender, etc. are not always the same). Another note is that in patches which only initiate single battles the same wild pokemon can be encountered in quick succession two or three times i.g., moving a single square into another patch after a battle with one pokemon will trigger another battle with the same pokemon. EDIT: I've found that the code seems to 'reset' upon entering and exiting a route. That is to say that pokemon with lower or nearly non-existant frequencies are encountered the longer I stay and search in the route. While the dozen or two I usually see don't always appear in the same order they still spawn first.
  17. Hellow, i'd like to know if someone could help me resolve this problem. I have been using pokegen for about a month now and havn't had any issues untill today when i tried to load my Pokemon Black sav file. (I use Desmume) Before Pokegen would load the save without any issues but now it crashes as soon as i load my pkmn blk sav. The only changes i have made from before are using Pokegen for Heart Gold which seems to still work perfectly fine, and getting Pokegen's latest update. I Also noticed Pokegen won't load my Pkmn Blk 2 save either, which also worked before. Only Pokemon Heart Gold.
  18. So I missed the Keldeo distribution from Gamestop, but found his .pkm file on the internet. I haven't dealt with transferring pokemon via the GTS exploit since HGSS. I downloaded shiny2 and placed the keldeo.pkm file within a folder that I then specified in shiny2. My problem is I can't seem to edit the internet settings on my copy of Black2 because my router doesn't support an encryption type that the DS can work with. I tried editing the 3DS internet options but I'm a little lost as to what to change. help would be greatly appreciated. In a nutshell: I downloaded a pkm file that I want to transfer to my copy of black2 using my 3DS.
  19. Ok, so I recently bought a new copy of Pokemon Black. I played it up until the first gym, then I decided to change the date back to when the game was first released, 3/6/11, and get all the wondercards since then, so it would look legitimate. After completely beating the game, I noticed that my trainer card says that my first gym badge was received on 5/25/2013, and the rest say 3/7/11. Is there any program or manner that I can change the first gym badge received to 3/6/11? Any help would be much appreciated because I haven't found anything anywhere that may help solve this problem.
  20. have you gotten the black trainer card yet i will post a video of mine on youtube sometime soon. it took me 111:00 to get it.
  21. Hey, guys! I'm now taking Pokesav requests!! I can make any Pokemon or Egg, however you want! However, I cannot make Shiny Eggs!! My Pokemon White FC: Hilda 0604 6136 4073 Please fill out this form for your request (copy/paste into your post and fill out): ----------------------- Pokemon (English name if you can): __________ Level: ___ Pokemon Gender (if applicable): ______ Poké Ball: ____________ Nickname (optional): __________ OT Name/Gender: _______ Trainer ID (maximum of 65535): _____ Secret ID (optional): _____ Egg (Yes/No): ___ Approximate Egg Steps (multiples of 256, please!): _____ Shiny (Yes/No, for non-Egg Pokemon only): ___ Ability: ____________ IV's (31 max): __ HP, __ Attack, __ Defense, __ Speed, __ Sp. Atk, __ Sp. Defense EV's (255 max): ___ HP, ___ Attack, ___ Defense, ___ Speed, ___ Sp. Atk, ___ Sp. Defense Pokerus (Yes/No): ___ Place Met/Obtained (town/city, Day-Care Couple [egg only], Pokemon Event, etc): _______________ Moves: 1. ____________ (PP Ups [3 max]: _) 2. ____________ (PP Ups [3 max]: _) 3. ____________ (PP Ups [3 max]: _) 4. ____________ (PP Ups [3 max]: _) Ribbons (optional): _____________________________ Pokemon Black/White (choose one): _____ Happiness (non-Egg Pokemon only, 255 max): ___ Party/PC (choose one): _____ ----------------------- Limit ONE (1) request per day. If you don't know what something means or aren't sure about something, feel free to let me know. Also, I can either give you an Action Replay code, OR we could exchange Friend Codes and trade through WiFi Club. Again, my friend code is: Hilda 0604 6136 4073 By the way, I'm really a guy, not a girl.
  22. I'm setting up a team w/a baton passer for my PKM White Team, but I can't decide which pokemon overall. Plz I need suggestions, and make sure to add pokemon from Black/White. (And make sure its a pokemon that can learn moves w/ multiple stat buffs if you can[ex]: coil, hone claw, calm mind, etc.)
  23. Im looking for a .sav file for pokemon white (completed) with the complete pokedex, the elite four has been beaten, and all items. Please Help. :3 PREASE.
  24. Does anyone know the cheat or could make one for me please? The event will end 31st May and I'm getting my Pokemon Black on 8th June.
  25. I did everything I could, but Excavalier isn't passing random wifi battle. What's wrong w/it?(I used PokeGen)
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