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  1. Nice find(s)! I would bring this to Kaphotics' attention so he can include it in pkhex. You can submit a new 'issue' here and label it 'enhancement'.
  2. There's a bit more info from somebody that was using an arduino to read raw IR data here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?34104-Emulating-Wifi-(Subdiscussion-of-Pkx-The-New-Pokemon-Format-For-Gen-6)&p=189158&viewfull=1#post189158 As for your approach, I'm not sure a phone will have the kind of low-level access to the IR unit that you'll need... You'll have to try it and see. EDIT: With unsigned code/homebrew now possible on the 3DS it may be possible to use the native 3DS IR libraries and see the data at a higher level (which means probably more coherent/recognizable/understandable). You can even use a leaked CTR SDK tool called IrCommunicatorChecker to capture some basic information. Documentation attached.
  3. I can't speak for Kaphotics, but IMO messy and ugly open source is better than closed source (no matter how beautiful). If you can integrate it with PKHex at all you should (especially if your existing code isn't out on github already); at least that way it's out in the open. Someone will come along and make it better. Maybe even you!
  4. As you admitted PKHex is the more expansive of the two. On top of that it's open source (I'm not sure what ever happened with PokeGen's source but I don't think it was made fully public). It probably makes more sense to expand on PKHex than PokeGen. If you have any experience with programming you can even do it yourself. If not, continue lobbying I suppose.
  5. Can you find the location in the ROM where this table is stored/loaded from and modify that for persistent adds?
  6. This is a great idea. The old way of ROM patching has become very unwieldy in the new age of ROMs with multiple levels of archived/compressed/encrypted directory structures. Forgive me for not digging deeper to answer these questions for myself, but how are you handling patching? Maybe you're already doing this, but I think the best way to accomplish it would be to dearchive/decompress/decrypt every constituent file in the ROM to it's logical end point (the raw data for one file) and apply patches using conventional delta methods to those files only. A "mod" could be a zipped collection of patch files in a file tree matching the original ROM along with MD5 hashes of the unmodified file for the sake of sanity checks before applying the patch. There could also be some type of config file detailing added/deleted files for the mods that go beyond edits to existing files. Obviously you're going the game-specific route here, but I think a generic version of this without all the fancy game-specific features that could work on any decrypted 3DS ROM would be very well received. EDIT: AFter another look though maybe I'm wrong about the game-specific part. Saw the screenshot and assumed with the sprites and whatnot that you were limiting it to the PMD games.
  7. In general if you have to ask something like this you're proving that you're not willing/able to follow through--because you're lacking the basic foundation of knowledge that you'd have to build off in order to do so. Normally I don't point this out because it comes off rather insensitive and elitist but it is an unfortunate truth. I guess I pointed it out today because what you're describing sounds an awful lot like a way to get an edge over other (unknown) players while online which is--with good reason--frowned upon around here. On the off chance I'm wrong about all the above, you have to start by finding a way to view the plaintext communications between your 3DS and whatever relevant domains it connects to. With the plaintext you can (probably with some effort) reverse engineer a client.
  8. Interesting. If I recall correctly this is much bigger than the last couple patches then right?
  9. In the past certain members here (can't recall exactly how now but the usual reverse-engineers, etc) have released a short summary of which files in the ROM have changed. This can give a much more specific idea of what changes Gamefreak made. Keep in mind that they have to support a pretty large online infrastructure. Not every change is gonna have any user-facing effects. That doesn't mean they're unnecessary. I'm a professional developer and I push out changes like that all the time.
  10. For what it's worth, NDS flashcards can be had for less than $10 shipped and they open up a whole world of opportunities. Well worth the money.
  11. I've gotten custom patches to work on Pokemon Bank. It should be possible with X/Y/whatever. I'd imagine that merging the patch into the ROM would work too (assuming you update some version strings and delete any legacy data on your system) but I can't say I've actually tried. When you say exinjector worked with OR, was that using exinjector on the patch or the game? To the best of my knowledge exinjector won't work for anything you have to install through devmenu because it breaks all kinds of signatures and hash checks. What I did with bank was hand-create my RSF to match it's original exheader parameters perfectly and build it as an unencrypted NCCH in makerom. Honestly using these premade game-agnostic RSFs everywhere is not really best practice; everything you need to create a perfect RSF can be read from the original exheader. There just aren't any tools out that that will do it for you.
  12. Damn this is an impressive find/solution for a 8 year old game. Props.
  13. Downgrading is only possible if you're already on an exploitable firmware (9.2.0-20 or lower for now).
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