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  1. Welcome back all. It is great to hear from all these old members.
  2. great I am getting the english game soon(I have the Jap. version).
  3. yah deep save file checking is bad for people who go o tourneys.
  4. Proves how great pokesav is and how much better pokemod will be.
  5. I miss the old setup of the forums but this is still nice.
  6. Yeah that stinks for DP but is PT compatible?
  7. This is a great help to people without pokesav to grow berries
  8. I have a hetran lv.X from the pack and tin.
  9. I choose Chimchar because I always chose the fire starter and I like its evolutions.
  10. I just rejoined the forums, but I wish I could keep my old post count.
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