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  1. I chose charmander every time I started over both red and FireRed versions
  2. It appears that you forgot to change the met location from caught in a building to Egg/PalPark/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin, and the Cherish Ball is an event only pokeball that is not legal for a hatched Pokemon. If this is not your issue please tell me and I will look again.
  3. What ribbons are you referring too? And what event Pokemon are you attempting to transfer?
  4. My first shiny Pokemon was a torchic that I fully leveled up to 100 without realizing it was shiny. I always wondered why the color seemed darker than the images online. Suffice to say I was very surprised to learn what it was.
  5. bear831

    I'm Back

    So I have been gone from the community for over two years and now I will be slowly getting back into it. A lot has changed over the past two years. I went through medical hell and have been focusing on getting my academics back to where I want them. I am no longer swimming competitively. Finally, I have gotten into web design as well as starting to learn Java and C++. I missed this community and I hope to contribute to it again.
  6. My favorite part of the game is the 3d aspects they added to the game.
  7. Hey Narwhal sorry I haven't been on in a while but my health still sucks so almost a year now with my pain but you know I will be back online as soon as this is resolved.
  8. Hey sorry I have been gone for two weeks but my health has gone down hill again so I will be doing minimal requests. I am sorry I didn't post this a while back.
  9. Wow can't believe I saved those as jpegs. I must be an idiot. Cuti4 and Pingouin7 use these instead of the last ones!
  10. Mewkid I could not for the life of me figure out what you wanted so I skipped it but if you clarify it I will make it. Cuti and Pingouin sorry that it took so long to have these done for you but with the Holiday season I hope you understand.
  11. It's nice and simple but I agree with Greencat on the renders.
  12. This is my setup on my windows 7 desktop. I have gotten into all of the GAIA stuff that has been put out this year.
  13. oh some fonts I don't have thanks I will use these a lot now.
  14. Have you interupted here date at the end of the point? if not that is what you need to do.
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