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Found 7 results

  1. As the last three games are now complete, we have three different ideas to base future rounds or games on. For Staff v Members 1,2, and 3, see their threads for more information. Hit and Give Legendary Pokemon also has a thread, but is older. Every pokemon has x lives, and you can give lives to your favorites and take away lives from the ones you dislike. Hard Counters is a game where you must make a pokemon set (you can use B/W stuff as well) that can destroy the previous poster's set. You cannot repeat sets! In Find the Error, users are divided based on the first letter of their usernames. You must post a sentence with an error (grammatically or a falsehood) and find the previous poster's error. If you pick 'Other,' remember to specify IN YOUR POST what you think we should do! Remember, you can vote for more than one option! Vote for your top two choices!
  2. Lockerz.com is website where you can get free stuff. It is a invitation only site so post your email here for a invite
  3. http://www.csdgn.org/files/savhax.7z http://www.csdgn.org/files/savsender.7z Basically yeah, its stuff I compiled/wrote for you people who wanna get your HGSS/save on or off your cart, the savHax is undocumented so I will give a short explination on how it works. The savsender included is a heavily hacked down copy for your enjoyment it also 'should' work. This is all assuming the info I got was globally correct. Its the standard savsender, slot 1 only, friendly. Untested. (hope?) Slot 1 Flashcart: savhax requires some sort of extended ram (3in1, opera ram, etc etc etc). 1. Start savhax. 2. Pull out your flashcart and insert your retail cart. 3. Select "EEPROM --> SRAM" and let it do its thing. 4. Put your flashcart back in the DS. 5. Quickly restart your DS (turn off and then back on) 6. Start savhax again. 7. Select "SRAM --> FILE" 8. Assuming it comes up with the correct size, your done! Slot 2 Flashcart: Not tested.... (not sure if it even works in slot 2 device) 1. Start savhax. 2. Select "EEPROM --> SRAM" and let it do its thing. 3. Select "SRAM --> FILE" 4. Assuming it comes up with the correct size, your done!
  4. I just recently transferred a Pokémon from my SS file and I was going to look at it and see some similarities, when I found that 86h values are used by HGSS. I just posted it here for some added info... here's a .pkm. (it's a party pokemon btw) HGSS.pkm
  5. Update: Link to my DA account, which is currently being updated at a slow 56k pace. (I'm not at home, and its killing me x.x) It has more art than featured here, plus photo's (I didn't take) from throughout my life so that family members would stop asking me for them, and would have access to them whenever they liked. http://the-devils-corpse.deviantart.com/ ----------------------- Here's some of my junk, along with some descriptions or explanations for some of it... I used to customize (Sculpting, Painting, etc.) action figures, sometimes for money, sometimes for myself. But I have since stopped once money became tight, and some of these things were expensive to track down. These images are of new ones I never finished, since I can't show any of the ones I did finish a long time ago. (I stopped using AOL and didn't know they took away the FTP servers when I went back to try and find them) And here is some of my traditional art, tablet drawn or in a regular medium. A lot of it is from a comic I was wanting to make, but my Photoshop skillz in inking and coloring a traditional medium drawn piece are VERY limited. :frown: Now I mostly just doodle and don't put much effort into any of it, lack of inspiration i guess. Then there is also some sprite work. I still do this on occasion, but not near as often as I used to. I'm also a bit of a photographer, but they aren't works I'm exactly proud of, so they never make it to the eyes of the public. lol
  6. :bidoof: hiyall im like so looking for people to battle me cuz i want to play pokemon again um i just bought a used platinum with a bunch of lvl 100 pokemon rare candied um i finished ev training 3 and won my first rushed pokemon battle with them haha well if any one would like to battle and has aim please messege me anytime I WILL ACCEPT! like .o1% i wont my aim is starcraftkorean just add me and messege im on right now so yea ;D BATTLE AWAY!!!
  7. As I said in my intro, I learned VB Express in school, and did really well. I decided to try to make a pokemon program. Anyways, I got up to displaying the OT, but I'm lost now. I know where the OT is in regards to the offset, but I'm stumped how I would convert it. For one, I have no clue what it converts to, maybe Unicode or ASCII. So if someone could help me with that, I'd be grateful.
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