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Found 6 results

  1. The goal of the team Sweep with lucario after revealing and clearing out counters using the other pokemon Uxie @ Choice Scarf Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/106 Def/152 Spd Impish nature (+Def, -SAtk) - Trick - Stealth Rock - Yawn - U-turn The lead for this team was a tough decision. Nothing on the team is weak to stealth rock, so stopping it wasn't a priority. Setting up my own stealth rock on the other hand is almost necessary as lucario misses several key OHKOs without it. Another thing I wanted to achieve with my lead is scouting, so uturn would also be great. Statusing an opposing pokemon would also be really handy. All that considered I went for a scarf uxie. Not a common set but very effective in this team. EV'd to outspeed Aero and scarfloom. Against both of these I just SR and take the sleep/wasted taunt Against a lead which is going to use SR i'll trick, forcing them to switch and I can SR on the switch. If they switch in something that is going to set up i'll yawn, and uturn next turn to scout, just like that I either know half their team or they have a sleeping pokemon Its EV'd for bulk and it has one hell of a lot of it, theres not much that can OHKO it (especially not moves run by the common leads) So, a lot of the time uxie survives these initial exchanges, but has limited use in the later stages of the game. Sometimes I use him to yawn some more and rack up switches, sometimes he just becomes death fodder and allows me a free switch. However, his main use later in the game is to play 'mess around with the items' Lucario (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Inner Focus EVs: 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Swords Dance - Close Combat - Crunch - Extremespeed The main sweeper and general focus of the team. Chosen because of its power to OHKO things after SR even if they resist its attacks (e.g. skarmory) In order for the team to achieve its goal, Lucario's counters need to be removed. Usage should be fairly obvious, swords dance and then CC/Crunch things which are slower than you, ES things which are faster than you and proceed to win the game Common counters for this set are - Gliscor - Gyarados - Celebi - 'Mence - Magnezone - Heatran All 5 of these counters are also drawn out by Scizor, which has U-Turn access for scouting, so along comes... Scizor (M) @ Choice Band Ability: Technician EVs: 244 HP/252 Atk/14 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Bullet Punch - Superpower - U-turn - Pursuit Once again, another pokemon with fairly obvious and standard usage. The switch-ins against lucario and scizor do tend to be very similar so bringing in scizor and immediately using U-Turn tends to draw out a counter, most of which are either dealt with by the following 2 pokemon. Scizor can also act as a backup sweeper in the late game. with bullet punch mopping up for things that Lucario didn't manage to take out Starmie @ Choice Scarf Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Modest nature (+SAtk, -Atk) - Hydro Pump - Ice Beam - Thunderbolt - Trick Gliscor, Gyara and 'Mence are all weak to one side of boltbeam, my personal favourite way of boltbeaming is choice scarfed starmie. Who also has the added advantage of trick to cripple a wall and hydro pump for an exceedingly powerful STAB. Nothing enjoys a scarfed hydro pump, even with things that double resist it sometimes taking as much as 20%. While this isn't the best method of scouting it has proved effective, sometimes even scoring a 2HKO (easy to pull off because of the scarf) Heatran (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Flash Fire EVs: 4 Atk/252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Substitute - Fire Blast - Earth Power - Explosion The second 'Luke counter killer' is this adorable little puppy. Celebi not only commonly carries HP Fire but is also weak to fire itself, heatran makes so much sense for this team especially as Will-O-Wisp is also used commonly against lucario/scizor and heatran's synergy with scizor is amazing I've opted for the substitute version of heatran, as its going to cause switches and can even act as a decent backup sweeper when behind a substitute Rotom-h @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/168 Def/88 Spd Bold nature (+Def, -Atk) - Thunderbolt - Shadow Ball - Overheat - Hidden Power [Fighting] Having 3 steels makes magnezone a pretty big problem (even though scizor can U-Turn away) The double earthquake weakness from Heatran/Lucario is also something that needs to be dealt with. So for this slot I was looking for something that either resisted or was immune to ground attacks AND can take out magnezone This came in the form of Rotom-H, it is immune to earthquake, resists all of magnezone's common attacks and can OHKO the magnet with overheat. When Magnezone isn't on the other team Rotom is also useful for the handy resists, loads of bulk and coverage support
  2. A move I think would be standard as rain dance if it had an item to lengthen it's duration. I posting this team if anyone has knowledge on gravity and can help with this team and to show that gravity is a great move WHAT GRAVITY DOES: The two most alarming features of gravity are... 1. All pokemon who are a flying type or have levitate are hit by earthquake and are effected by toxic spikes and spikes 2. Attacks accuracy are increased by 1.67 (so a 55 accuracy move like grass whistle or sing have 92% accuracy Jirachi @ Leftovers Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP/4 Def/252 Spd Lax nature (+Def, -SDef) - Stealth Rock - Gravity - Thunder - U-turn Info: Lead Jirachi, great versatility, and the best lead gravityr imo (not a lot of pokemon know gravity) Stealth rock first team if I'm able, gravity next then U-turn to go to my next pokemon. Thunder for it always hits with a 60% para --- Skarmory - Brave Bird - Spikes - Whirlwind - Roost Info: Standard Skarmory to finish off a skarmbliss combo, standard stuff here, but it's worth noting all oppenents pokemon are effected by spikes with gravity on --- Clefable @ Leftovers Ability Evs: Help? 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 SAtk Gravity Blizzard Calm Mind Thunder Info: Any suggestions for a set will be appreaciated, for now I'm running a calm mind supercharge boltbeam combo with gravity on the side. Maybe sing instead of calm mind --- Heracross (M) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Guts EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Megahorn - Close Combat - Stone Edge - Earthquake Info: Finally I get to ultize my favorite pokemon. He resist earthquake, Megahorm becomes the most common attack I will use because of gravity raises it's accuracy, the same deal with Stone Edge, Close Combat to finish off it's legengary twin 120 attacks. Earthquake instead of night slash because of gravity --- Blissey (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 80 Def/252 SAtk/176 SDef Calm nature (+SDef, -Atk) - Gravity - Softboiled - Sing - Fire Blast Info: My second gravity user, with this toy it's too easy to get off gravity. Bring it to someone it walls (a special attacker) Then gravity up. Softboiled is the mandatory heal, sing for that 92% sleeper, fireblast is for that 60% burn on incoming physical attackers --- Heatran @ Choice Scarf Evs: 252 Satk 252 Spe Ability: Flash fire Role: Revenge Killer Modest Nature - Magma Storm - Earth Power - Dragon Pulse - Explosion Shaymin wasn't fast or strong enough, so heatran is my solotion! It fires off stronger earth powers than shaymin. And I can use it's signature move Magma Storm. Dragon Pulse is a good check agaisnt dragons and explosion to end off with a bang. Pretty standard bar the magma storm OLD POKEMON Shaymin @ Leftovers Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 252 Spd/252 SAtk Modest nature (+SAtk, -Atk) - Earth Power - Seed Flare - Grasswhistle - Aromatherapy Info: If only I could use sky-form... Anyhow this is my special earthquaker (who resist Eq). It can OHKO a skarmory with Earth Power (Of course with gravity on) Seed Flare for the powerful perfect accuracy stab attack. Grasswhistle is the 92% sleeper, Aromatheapy for statuses (Because Blissey can't have aromatherapy and gravity on the same set, egg moves) Starmie @ Life Orb Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Blizzard - Thunder - Hydro Pump - Recover Info: With gravity all attacks gain 100% accuracy. You know where I'm going with this Dugtrio --- I'm also thinking of adding skarmory to finish off the skarmbliss combo and do a gravity spike combo. But who to replace (Not heracross he's a penament member) Suggestions appreaciated
  3. The Team Intro: Basically this was my first team and i wanted this team to be as balanced as possible... i know every team should have a plan but i really did not have one specific plan i just wanted Scizor on the team to pass Swords Dance and sweep a team lol(but i guess thats a plan in a way haha). But yeah i started off with Scizor because it has always been my favorite pokemon and its just cool! So yeah this team which i continuously worked on has gotten me many wins and i finally found a pokemon to glue this team together so i thought i would post this up to see what everyone here thinks of it. Changes Will Be In Bold Closer look: Swampert (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Torrent EVs: 240 Atk/252 Def/16 Spd Impish nature (+Def, -SAtk) - Earthquake - Stealth Rock - Ice Punch - Roar Swampert. My favorite lead. Getting Stealth Rock up as soon as possible is important and it also negates the effects of Focus Sash which could otherwise be a pain so it is usually my first move unless i can predict a taunt. I now run 240 Attack and instead of setting up rocks With Electric attacks being a problem for Gyarados and Fire attacks for Breloom and Scizor, i needed to have something which could both: a) take down Electric/Fire pokemon and b) take on most Physical threats effectively. Swampert can do both. STAB Earthquake/Waterfall provide great coverage and with a base 110 Attack it makes great use of these moves. Ice Punch comes in handy with Salamences and Flygons. In the old days, Skarmory was once my Defensive Wall but it came with so many weaknesses that i just could not deal with that scrap metal anymore haha. Swampert's synergy with Gyarados forms a solid defensive strategy and is my secondary physical wall. Grass type attacks will ALWAYS be directed to Blissey, but can go to Scizor and Breloom. --- Gyarados (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Intimidate EVs: 156 HP/100 Def/252 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Dragon Dance - Waterfall - Taunt - Stone Edge New Bulky Gyarados. With Max Speed Gyarados will be be able to effectively utilize the SwordsDance from Scizor. Taunt stops any attempt to status or Roar/Whirlwind Gyarados. Dragon Dance for a potential sweep. STAB Waterfall + Stone Edge for some nice type coverage. Gyarados. A vital member of my team and probably the pokemon i rely on the most to bring a good and clean sweep. Since I don't have a Rapid Spinner, and Gyarados is my only Stealth Rock-weak Pokemon, i figured Rest + Sleep Talk would be a good combination to give Gyarados a solid form of recovery and Sandstorm/Hail are dealt with Leftovers. With the ability to rid itself of status, Gyarados became my status absorber. While they attempt to status my Gyarados i simply brush it off and benefit from the extra Dragon Dance. I also use Gyarados' ability to intimidate stall so it can come in on their weakened attack and set up. Gyarados serves as my main counter to most physical threats and handles them nicely. Gyarados also deals with Scizor, Breloom, Lucario, Heracross, Heatran, and many other pokemon that would sweep me in a heartbeat. So with that Gyarados is my primary physical wall in this team that also poses an serious threat. Electric attacks can be directed to Swampert Flygon and Blissey. Rock attacks are directed to Swampert and Flygon --- Scizor (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP/76 Atk/4 Spd/176 SDef Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Baton Pass - Bullet Punch - Swords Dance - Roost Scizor. My main revenge killer and team supporter. First of all the given EVs allows Scizor a balance of offense and defense and with only one weakness it is easy for Scizor to switch into many attacks and threats to force them out. At full health it also takes 87.21% - 103.49% (lol its not going over 100) of damage from a Timid ScarfZone's HiddenPower Fire giving me enough time to always Baton Pass out to another team member. Pokemon that usually stop Scizor such as Vaporeon Swampert Starmie and Gliscor etc are actually mere set up fodder for this Scizor. I constantly switch between Swords Dance and Roost while taking around 30-40% damage from most of these pokemon's attacks to easily get to +6 and sweep an entire team. Now Scizor's purpose does not stop their, with Baton Pass i can pass the massive attack boost to all my other pokemon so they can pick up where Scizor left off. Scizor provides great support and power to this team and once Magnezone Rotom's Celebi Gengar and Heatran are removed Scizor should have no problem setting up and sweeping. I was considering using a Pursuit user such as Tyranitar to easily remove these threats, but my other pokemon can handle them. So Scizor is essentially my main offensive pokemon and revenge killer / supporter. Fire attacks can be directed to Swampert Gyarados Flygon and Blissey. --- Blissey (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 252 SpD/252 Def Bold nature (+Def, -Atk) - Softboiled - Thunder Wave - Seismic Toss - Counter Blissey.The best Special Wall in the game. Not much to say here lol. My Blissey is unique though and sports Counter so non Fighting-type attacks on Blissey will easily be returned for the OHKO and all trapping Dugtrio will fail. I chose Thunder Wave because it supports the team more as most of my pokemon are slow and could use the speed handicap. Seismic Toss for some offensive. Softboiled for some recovery. There is no need for Wish as most of the team has a decent form of healing. I tried a double status blissey but it failed ultimately to Heatran so i substituted it out for Seismic Toss. I honestly have no idea how to EV spread Blissey correctly to fulfill its purpose the best so i simply went with the 252SpD/Def to handle incoming special attacks. Blissey is the team's special wall and T-Wave inducer. This set is completely walled by Rotom forms so i could use some advice here. Fighting attacks are directed to Gyarados only. Rock attacks are directed to Flygon and Swampert. --- Breloom (F) @ Toxic Orb Ability: Poison Heal EVs: 44 HP/252 Atk/212 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Spore - Substitute - Leech Seed - Focus Punch Breloom. Bring this in on slow pokemon Spore them to sleep and set up and sweep unprepared teams easily. Substitute + Focus Punch or Substitute + Leech Seed stalling which works even better if the pokemon is Paralyzed by Blissey. This may not have as much synergy with the rest of the team, but it almost ALWAYS gets the job done when used correctly. Fire attacks and Ice attacks are directed to Swampert Flygon Gyarados and Blissey. Psychic attacks go to Blissey. --- Flygon (F) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Outrage - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Fire Blast Flygon. My team lacked Speed so i chose a Scarfed Flygon to handle threats. It has a a resistance to Stealth Rock and a 4x resist to fire attacks, which comes in handy. I packed Fire Punch for Steels. I Max out on Flygon's Speed for several reasons, if Scizor is to pass a Sword Dance to Flygon an Outrage is capable of sweeping an entire team. Flygon's speed also helps in revenge killing. It has a 4x weakness to Ice type attacks which with simple prediction can be worked around. Ice type attacks can be directed to Swampert Gyarados or Blissey. --- Please help any suggestions comments ANYTHING will be helpful, i spent a lot of time with this team and i want to make it as great as it can be Thank you for reading!
  4. Hello indeed. You may have noticed the team name, inspired by some smartass on Shoddy who had a field day after I sweeped someone 5-0 twice in a row. This team is designed to be very offensive and to keep pressure at all times. I've refined it and refined it, switching out pokemon from my original team and refining movesets. The original team can be found here if you wish to see it. Anyway, here's the lineup: [sprite]376[/sprite] [sprite]212[/sprite] [sprite]373[/sprite] [sprite]380[/sprite] --- Metagross @ Lum Berry Ability: Clear Body EVs: 252 HP/170 Atk/80 Def/8 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Bullet Punch - Explosion - Stealth Rock - Earthquake / Meteor Mash Metagross is my favorite lead so far, and he has yet to fail me in a big way. His incredible bulk almost guarantees setting up stealth rock. Considering the small batch of common OU leads, its extremely easy to predict what one will do; for example, for an Aero, its obviously a starting taunt, which makes for an excellent opportunity to switch in, say, Celebi, or Latias, to kill it. Not only that, but with proper prediction, Metagross can suck up a ton of damage in the early and midgame, while returning from his 382 attack. Bullet Punch is a clear choice. Not only does it make up for his pathetic base speed, but its brilliantly useful for taking out the lead sashers. And with STAB, it ends up being Meta's attack of choice against many opponents over EQ; considering the amount of resistances and immunities to EQ there are in the leads. I personally would prefer Meteor Mash over Earthquake. However, I ran Meteor Mash to start with, and it ended mostly in disaster whenever I faced fellow Metagross leads. The unfortunate thing is that generally, it was extremely useful against most all other leads. For example, Gengar are OHKOed by it, Swampert take heavy damage, Azelf are 2HKOed with Metoer Mash + Bullet Punch. However, against fellow Metagross's, Earthquake is a clear choice, and it can be useful. Stealth Rock is fairly obvious. Explosion is the prediction move of choice here, and is the reason Metagross is so effective; most suicide leads can't really do much aside from set up rocks then explode in your face. However, Metagross can take an Explosion from pretty much anything in its stride, taking less then 60% from the average Azelf and less then 50 from the average Metagross lead. Not only that, but once a sweeper switches in, Metagross does a fantastic job of taking them out with Explosion; or, if its something like Infernape or Heatran, I can switch out to something safer. Lum Berry is what allows this set to function with no hindrances. The reason for it over the obvious Occa berry is because: A. for most experienced players, they won't use a fire attack because occa berry is so expected. and B. for players who don't predict much, its easy to switch out of the predicted fire attack. Secondly, Lum Berry enables Metagross to eat status that would normally cause big problems for other members, and simply eat up status like sleep that often comes towards leads. Scizor (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/6 Def Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Bullet Punch - X-Scissor / U-turn - Swords Dance - Brick Break / Superpower Scizor. The incarnation of overused. The definition of a revenge killer. This classic set perfectly suits my great enjoyment of prediction. I do not like choice; I feel it ruins the point of predicting. Scizor is already powerful enough to do his job as a revenge killer to near perfection without a +1 boost to attack from a Choice Band; a x1.3 boost from Life Orb is plenty good enough, and considering how many switches he causes and his plentiful defenses, getting off a Swords Dance isn't the most difficult thing in the world. Bullet Punch is totally self explanatory and is the key move in this entire set. Swords Dance enables Scizor to make full use of the freedom of moves, along with the ability to elevate his already high attack (394) to broken levels, and allows Scizor to use Superpower with impunity. U-turn is the lategame move that barely ever gets any use. The coverage provided by Bullet Punch and Superpower rarely requires its use, but in the lategame, it can sometimes get used. Finally, Superpower. Brick Break is what I was using for a long time, and frankly, I got tired of the lack of power. Superpower allows him to score so many more OHKOes such as Tyranitar, and with Swords Dance, its quite usable. Life Orb is an absolute must. The rest is self explanatory. Rotom (Rotom-h) @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/168 Def/88 Spd Bold nature (+Def, -Atk) - Thunderbolt - Hidden Power [Grass] - Overheat - Will-o-wisp / Shadow Ball The toaster. I used to hate that horrible orange blob with oven gloves, but I fell in love with it the moment I used it. Quite possibly one of my favorite pokemon I've ever used on Shoddy, behind Porygon2. His fabulous typing and utility cannot be ignored. Not only can he switch in from Metagross on virtually every lead in the game, he can also counter them, all, with moderate effectiveness. Azelf is almost guaranteed to explode after having set up rocks and taken some damage, so with prediction (my favorite word) this guy can eat it easily. Same goes for Metagross, Snorlax, and all other exploders. Thunderbolt is the bread-n-butter STAB move that eats away at opponents and can quickly check Gyarados, Starmie, and more. HP Grass seems an odd choice over HP Fighting. However, with a little bit of testing, the only person I use HP Fighting on is Tyranitar, whom I probably wouldn't keep Rotom in on anyway. Blissey is a quick switch-out since HP Fighting does pitiful damage to it anyway, so I have yet to find a threat that HP Fighting covers that HP Grass couldn't do as well. And, HP Grass enables him to switch in on Swampert and literally kill them. Overheat is the reason Rotom-h exists, and why my friendly toaster oven is so unbearably useful. It checks so many threats, its ridiculous. And, it enables a quick switchin to RS Forretres and OHKO them if they're stupid enough to stay in. Finally, Will-o-wisp. I'm extremely dissapointed in its use as of late; I simply don't have a turn to waste to set it up, and most of the time, I can be far more effective by using that turn to switch to an appropriate counter. As such, I've opened a consideration for Shadow Ball. Not only does it allow Rotom to deal considerable damage to both stall pokemon that ruin my team into little pieces (Cresselia and Dusknoir), but it would also provide some STAB coverage against stray Azelfs that havn't exploded yet. In any case, discussion is open. I am considering a more offensive EV/nature spread to better take advantage of his attacks, but I'm worried it will stop him from checking Gyarados. Salamence (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Intimidate EVs: 2 HP/252 Atk/220 Spd/36 SAtk Naive nature (+Spd, -SDef) - Dragon Dance - Outrage / Dragon Claw - Fire Blast - Earthquake The most basic, most obvious, most classic DDmence. The simple perfection offered by this set is that 95% of the time, I don't ever switch him in. He is my lategame everything. Not only does he effectively counter pretty much anything, but with Rotom-h to take care of steels, I don't actually need him to do all that much in the midgame. This enables me to easily setup a DD for a lategame sweep. Dragon Dance is the essence of the set. Fire Blast enables Salamence to preform an excellent job in ridding me of irritating Bronzong, Skarmory, and Scizor. Next, we get to Dragon Claw. Outrage is the obvious better choice for the lategame, but the freedom to switch moves in Dragon Claw is exceedingly useful. However, the base power difference is extremely difficult to overlook. I've been effectively using Dragon Claw for some time, and I'm reluctant to use Outrage. Still, it may be a better choice. I'll need time to test it. Finally, Earthquake. Simply, it allows Salamence to complete his lategame sweep quite sucessfully and if he comes out in the midgame, rid me of quite a few different threats. Suicune @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/6 SAtk Calm nature (+SpD, -Atk) - Calm Mind - Ice Beam - Surf - Roar CM Suicune is my replacement for Celebi. Whilst it takes out my best Swampert counter, I believe he will work better then Celebi did. His purpose is do shuffle pokemon around as much as possible to inflict SR damage; use Calm Mind to form a reliable special wall; and proceed to deal as much damage as possible with Surf and Ice Beam. Latias (F) @ Life Orb Ability: Levitate EVs: 6 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Modest nature (+SAtk, -Atk) - Surf - Recover - Draco Meteor - Thunderbolt Finally, Latias. Ironically, Latias serves as my most powerful early game sweeper. I love Latias beyond measure; I have used her to full effect in almost all my battles. Her natural bulk is incredibly abusable and enables her to easily take fire attacks directed towards Metagross or Celebi, along with levitate past Earthquakes and Earth Power (heatran). She simply fills a niche role in my team thats invaluable. Surf is the bread'n'butter move for Latias, scoring SE on a suprisingly large batch of pokemon and dealing pleasing damage to everything that doesnt resist it. Recover enables Latias to stay in even longer, and considering how early I bring her out, its extremely useful. Draco Meteor is the reason this set is just so effective. Yes, it hinders her ability to stay in. However, STAB brings it to a jaw dropping 210 base power, coupled by her above average special attack, enables it to deal fatal damage to a great majority of the threats in OU, and if not fatal, deal extremely heavy damage. Because of stealth rocks, Latias can guarantee an OHKO on the standard Zapdos with Draco Meteor. Thunderbolt rarely gets used for me, but it does occasionally get some anti-Gyarados action. The most dangerous foes for Latias are Mamoswine and Tyranitar by an extreme far. Both are easily checked by Scizor, although pursuit-tar is an issue. DDmence is a big problem, as modest Latias gets outsped by it even without a DD, but Rotom and Celebi can quickly take care of him. --- Please, rate. Suicune offers a needed water type, but Tyranitar would be extremely helpful in this team, aside from the fact that he would hurt half the pokemon in it and would cause big problems for Mence (SR + LO + Sandstorm = dead fairly quickly).
  5. ok so this is one of my many teams that i have made but is on a losing streak atm and i just want to know what i should change.... At the glance: Weavile , Porygon Z , Kingdra , Scizor , Dusknoir , T-tar :bidoof: The Lead Weavile @ Focas Sash Ability: Pressure EV's: 4 hp,252 atk 252 speed Nature: Hasty(+spe -def) -Fake Out -Counter -Nightslash -Taunt Ok well they story on Weavile is pretty simple i tested a ton of leads/anti-leads before and found that a fake-out lead was amazing so i tested a few and found weavile to be the most usefull with counter.. The Special sweeper.. PorygonZ @ Choice scarf Ability: Download Ev's: 4 def /252 spA/ 252 speed Nature: Modest ( +spA - atk) -Tri Atk -Thunder bolt -Ice beam - Hidden Power Fighting Well this is a strange story with porygon Z.. i was with my old team and it lacked a special sweeper so thats when I started using it and it is amazing, i love this ugly duck -.^~. The Dragon Dance sweeper... Kingdra @ Leftovers Ability: Sniper Ev's: 4 hp 252 atk 252 speed Nature: Adamant( +atk -spA) -Yawn -Dragon Dance -Outrage -WaterFall Well in this case i used to have a gyarados instead but later used a kingdra ( i forgot why but i did) anyways it has been good but i dont know if i should put back gyarados or something different x.x; The Choice Banded poke' Scizor @ Choice Band Ability: Technician Ev's: 248 hp/ 252 atk / 8 speed Nature: Adamant(+atk -spA) -U-Turn -Bullet Punch -Brick Break -Pursuit Scizor i have used a long time and i mainly it as a pursuit'er sometims bulletpunch is usefull and U-Turn for celebi but pursuit is what i mainly use it for..... If I should change it then i dont mind so much o-o;. The Wall/Tank Dusknoir @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure Ev's: 252 hp, 28 atk, 228 def Nature: Impish(+Def -spA) -Pain Split -Wil-o-wisp -Shadow Sneak - Fire Punch hm.With Dusknoir I lacked a wall and wanted one to also be offensive so thats why i chose it. Painsplit/Shadow Sneak Combo is extreamly effectiv and helpful... anyways it is a good pokemon to have and thats pretty much it.. Wil-o-wisp is for pokemon like t-tar and salamence where Fire Punch wont help....yeah thats pretty much it, lol.. The Physical Tank o_o Tyranitar @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Stream Ev's: 6 hp, 252 atk, 252 speed Nature:Adamant(+atk -spA) -Crunch -Stone Edge -EarthQuake -DragonDance Well i like t-tar alot... it is just so epic...anyways after a Dragon Dance This thing Kills anything in sight...anyways i would change it if needed.. Anyways please rate it and give me a good reason to change if needed
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction: ------------------------------------------------------------------ I personally like offensive play as well as offensive teams, when played correctly offensive teams can end matches very quickly for me. My goal here (was) is to have immunity and resistances to: Spikes Toxic Spikes Stealth Rock In a way I have accomplished most of those, which me only having one Stealth Rock weak Pokemon and one Pokemon hit by Spikes / Toxic Spikes. My second goal is to try and have an alternate win condition, Azelf is my main late game attacker as well as my back up card in case Salamence or Scizor somehow fall early game, with this offensive team I can't really play around as one wrong move can potentially end the game for me, then again I have gotten better at playing with offensive teams. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Offensive Team Line Up ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ My opinions plus summary ------------------------------------------------------------------ From the current line up things are looking decent for me, this team is not afraid of and entry hazards (which could screw me over) also the type coverage is excellent when you look deeper into things I tried to have as many resistances as possible while using some of my favorite Pokemon, though Swampert is not really one of my favs he does help this team out from time to time I am liking the line up, I have a lead that set up Stealth Rock reliably while dealing with most leads and common threats. ------------------------------------------------------------------ In-depth look ------------------------------------------------------------------ Jirachi @ Choice Scarf Ability: Serene Grace Nature: Jolly (+Speed, -Special Attack) EVs: 80 HP| 252 Attack | 176 Speed U-Turn Trick Stealth Rock Iron Head ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Swampert originally was here in place of Jirachi, but seeing I hate Swampert now also the fact that he is affected by Toxic Spikes means he need to be replaced. Anyways, Jirachi himself is a marvelous lead, being a lead that achieves setting up rocks effectively is a plus while having Choice Scarf means I have a great weapon against the likes of Scizor (if I decide to ditch Trick) Salamence (Ice Punch) while adding a bit of hax into the game. I made some small changes to the moveset, removing U-Turn completely and adding Trick into the mix, even though I hardly ever feel the need to use it, having it there can help at times. The EVs are borrowed from a set on Smogon, 200 Speed EVs makes it so Jirachi hits 429, which outruns lead Aerodactyl and Azelf (non scarfed), then I split the EVs in half giving Jirachi a bit of health and attack respectively. Jirachi being a steel combos well with Latias and Salamence, but also gives my team triple ground weakness, which I am not too bothered about. Though I am having problems with what to add, if I add Fire Punch then Scizor is defiantly going down, if I add U-Turn then I have some scouting, but that is assuming I have Trick here, I might go with Fire Punch as I really don't like Scizor. ------ Salamence @ Life Orb Ability: Intimidate Nature: Naive (+ Speed, - Special Defense) EVs: 16 Attack | 240 Special Attack | 252 Speed Outrage Draco Meteor Brick Break Flamethrower ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Salamence is by far the most controversial Pokemon I have used, but now he seems to be working extremely well for me. Salamence has near un-resistance coverage to everything, this helps with his great speed and nice distributed stats, Salamence on a whole is the best member here as he does not need one turn to cause hell for anyone. Salamence's moveset can go either way here, if I need the extra power then I keep Fire Blast and Earthquake, but here I am minizing risk, so Brick Break and Flamethrower is the best choice for me, Flamethrower hits the same thing but has better accuracy and brick Break hits Blissey incase I am saving Outrage for late game, it also scouts Skarmory switch ins which are taken care of by fire just incase he decides to stay in predicting an Outrage, Skarmory is not getting past Salamence. ------ Scizor @ Choice Band Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, - Special Attack) EVs: 248 HP | 252 Attack | 8 Speed Bullet Punch Superpower Pursuit U-Turn ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Scizor with Choice Band is an excellent addition to any offensive team that needs a raw revenge killing Pokemon, with Choice Band + Stealth Rock you are looking at killing alot of Pokemon denting enough to be killed by other offensive pokemon. The key to this set is making sure you are not predicable, this means most of the time you are going to need to use the odd pursuit, but I mainly stick to U-Turning *** scouting is a massive help, with U-Turn I can plan what my next move is gonna be, though this does not work against his main counter that being Heatran, a well predicated Superpower decimates his ***, and if it is not Scizor I am still doing hells worth of damage providing a ghost does not come in and kill me. This is also the perfect trapper imo as well as the best set for Scizor, Choice Band + Bullet Punch will indefinitely deal with Gengar, and if he decides to switch out, Pursuit deals with him, Gengar as well as everything that is weak to Pursuit is in a no win situation when in the same ring as Scizor. ------ Latias @ Life Orb Ability: Levitate Nature: Modest (+Special Attack, - Attack) EVs: 80 HP | 252 Special Attack | 176 Speed Surf Recover Psycho Shift Draco Meteor ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Credits to Panamaxis for the set. Latias has been placed here as not only does she deal quite a bit of damage but she also deals quite a bit of damage to opposing teams but she also deals with something that can screw over any offensive team, that being Status moves, PS absorbs all Satatus aimed at party members and sends it right back to the opposing Pokemon, which can win you matches. Now this is a vital member, I need some way of stopping Infernape, where according to most people, every team is weak to, Latias with her bulk and type deals with Infernape effectively, with her reliable recovery and decent special attack, she is normally one of the last Pokemon to die in battle. ------ Infernape @ Life Orb Ability: Blaze Nature: Naive (+ Speed, - Special Defense) EVs: 252 Attack | 64 Special Attack | 192 Speed U-Turn Close Combat Mach Punch Overheat ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Though this set is not as deadly as the Lucario set I had, Infernape (physically based) can still provide my team with as much offensive power checking many threats that are extremely annoying (them being Agility Empoleon) The set itself is not generally fast for my liking, but with U-Turn and Mach Punch in his set, speed is not an issue for me, the main thing about this set is that Infernape is able to take down Lucario and Empoleon with ease if they happen to switch in and set up on one of my Pokemon (Scizor is usually set up on) Mach Punch strikes first always dealing great amounts of damage to those two while U-Turn is used as my secondary scouting move if I correctly predict a flying switch in or Latias, who loses half her health from U-Turn. Infernape being similar to Lucario in terms of offensive power can function as both an early and late game attacker, in fact, even though I enjoy using Lucario I prefer Infernape over Lucario as Lucario opened me up to a fire weakness. ------ Suicune @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure Nature: Timid (+Speed, - Attack) EVs: 40 HP | 252 Special Attack | 216 Speed Calm Mind Ice Beam Hidden Power [Electric] Surf ....................... Comments & Suggestions: To solve my issue with Gyarados which pretty much sweeps my team I decided to sacrifice spikes immunity for dealing with him. Suicune acts are my only set up Pokemon, being able to deal with threats in the game while dealing with my biggest problem which is Gyarados, after Stealth Rock Suicune is able to one hit KO with or without a Calm Mind boost, this is added by Life Orb. Though Suicune is a tank, I believe this set with Life Orb is powerful, I was thinking of using Leftovers but I decided that the extra power with Life Orb was more important than recovery. The EVs may look weird but I swear it works, with 172 HP Suciune's life is prolonged while the rest have been distributed evenly to give Suicune a bit of power and speed, though I am considering going with the standard eV spread for him, right now this spread is working fine for me. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Change Log: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Changed Swampert with Jirachi. Changed Lucario with Infernape. Changed Latias spread. Gave Salamence Earthquake and Flamethrower over Brick Break and Fire Blast. Gave Azelf Flamethrower over Thunderbolt. Gave Jirachi Trick over Fire Punch. Gave Jirachi Ice Punch over U-Turn. Gave Jirachi Fire Punch over Ice Punch. Gave Salamence Brick Break over Earthquake. Changed Azelf for Suicune. Gave Suicune Leftovers. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Threat List ------------------------------------------------------------------ Green means they are not a problem for me. Orange means they can cause a bit of trouble. Red means they are very difficult to take down.
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