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  1. Hello Guys, Sorry if this has been asnwered to from a different post. I have started editing Ultra Sun and when I started rebuilding .3DS file i kept getting a fault. I have narrowed it down to when I replace typing of the pokemon or adjusting there stats. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks
  2. Gallery Bot


    From the album: 722 Type Null

  3. Gallery Bot


    From the album: 722 Type Null

    Official artwork for 722 Type Null
  4. Hey everyone, With the new PKHex update I noticed a ton of my GEN 3-5 mons have some errors "Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch" and "Invalid: Can't have ball for encounter type. I've tried the latter with different Pokeballs and it still wont work, and I have read about using RNG Reporter and I downloaded it but I have no idea what to do with it, can anyone please explain how to fix my mons? I have like a hundred or so that need fixing. Also, will PKHex be adding the gen 3-5 algorithm?
  5. Hehe, this is one of those generic forum questions, but I love, love, love, love music, and I find the type of music a person likes says a lot about them. Personally, I'm big into gothic-metal. Not sure why, but a few of my favourite bands, Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Leaves` Eyes, are classified as "goth-symphonic metal". I guess I just dig singers with opera voices. >.> And I've been listening to Sara Bareilles a lot lately. Gravity is one of my new favourite songs, it kinda fits the mood I've been in lately. .-. So, what genre of music, or artists, do you like?
  6. In pokesav's PID/IV, type 1 is Normal nds or gba, type 2 is wild nds or gba, 3 is uncommon gba, 4 is common gba event (unrestricted), 5 is never seen this B-A-D-E (unrestricted), 6 is never seen this B-A-C-E (unrestricted), 7 is very rare gba, and 8 is never seen this B-A-E-F (unrestricted). So, my question is what type should starter pokemon, roaming legendary pokemon, anniversary pokemon, wishmaker jirachi, faraway mew, and rotom (in tv) be. thanks in advance!
  7. A lot of you are probably thinking, "Type Wild? What is that?". Well, to answer your question, I'm not talking about the song from the anime... I'm talking about a fan-made 2d fighter set in the Pokémon universe. Why did some of you just cringe? Oh, I said "fan-made". Right. Well, to ease your concerns, this was made by one of the animators/clean-up artists of the Pokémon anime. This thing has quality. Still not convinced? http://www.pokesho.com/battle You won't find the download link on there - for some reason, she takes the self-extracting exe down after a short period of time. You can probably find it by google'ing around enough, though. Beta 4.3 was released a little while ago, and since then I've been playing off and on. The graphics are downright beautiful, and it's extremely detailed right down to the backgrounds. It's still somewhat small of a game, but it's quite the amusing distraction. Take a look sometime. For those of you that have played (or will play) this game, does anyone else have a hard time playing as Gengar, or am I just inept at technical characters? It feels like his counter-attack is slightly too hard to pull off, and I end up just messing myself up whenever I try.
  8. What is your favorite type? Please post a comment and only one vote please.
  9. Is it possible to hack Pokemon types? If so, I'd like a shiny and non-shiny ???-type Arceus both with at least curse. Those are really the only requirements so the rest can be whatever would be normal for an Arceus Trainer - Jonvi ID - 31712 Secret ID - 62479
  10. What's Your Favorite Pokemon? The good ol' classic question: What is your Favorite Pokémon? Since I'm sure most of you have several favorites, this is going to be done slightly different. First I'm going to post a Type and you can comment on your favorite Pokémon of that type. The current Pokémon type will change after a few days, so post your favorite quickly. You may also save the Arceus pictures that have been recolored. In case you are confused, here is an example: Current Pokémon Type - Dragon Person #1 chooses Dragonite Current Pokémon Type - Dragon Previous Types: Fire Dark Grass Water Psychic Fighting Flying Electric Ghost Ground Ice Rock Steel Normal To Learn How To Post Sprites, Click Here.
  11. Hey I'm trying to Pokesav an UXIE that I can use for the E-4, and it always ends up saying that it's a hacked pokemon in the legality checker. How do i get around this, to make it appear legit? is it the hex values that im messing up on? help would be most appreciated. thanks.
  12. In my Pokmeon Upload bin web application, my serevr is set up so that files need a MIME type to be downloaded. For now, I am using application/pokemon for the extension .pkm. Is there a different one in use already?
  13. In pokesav's PID/IV, type 1 is Normal nds or gba, type 2 is wild nds or gba, 3 is uncommon gba, 4 is common gba event (unrestricted), 5 is never seen this B-A-D-E (unrestricted), 6 is never seen this B-A-C-E (unrestricted), 7 is very rare gba, and 8 is never seen this B-A-E-F (unrestricted). So, my question is what type should starter pokemon, roaming legendary pokemon, anniversary pokemon, wishmaker jirachi, faraway mew, and rotom (in tv) be. thanks in advance!
  14. I've got it from trade, it's pal parked from Emerald, everything like trashbytes is valid, but it shows as "Unknown GBA Type" in legality checker. Is it all right? I've checked a normal navel rock Ho-oh from this site and it's "Normal GBA or NDS"
  15. ok, apparently if you hack a gba pokemon, then pal park it, you get unknown gba type in the legality checker. but i swear it said something were if i evolve it (an unhacked gba pokemon) it can sometimes go to unknown gba type? and unknown gba tpe doesn't mean it's a hack and nothing else? it could be legit? so i could evolve my hacked pokemon, and people might think it's legit? it is legal by the way, just not legit. thanks, ifyfg.
  16. I'm looking for people willing to do a unique pokemon battle in which your entire team is focused around one type. Ex. Focusing on Fire: Infernape (Fire/Fighting), Charizard (Fire/Flying), Magcargo (Fire/Rock), Camerupt (Fire/Ground), Magmortar (Fire), and Heatran (Fire/Steel) Only rules would be that all Pokemon on your team must have a similar type, and only one legendary Pokemon per team; as well as no cheap Pokemon like Wondertomb (Only looking to have fun; not really competitive) If you are interested, please message me or reply back so we can set this up. When you message, keep your info on your team discreat. We will go into battle completely random, and you must act on your feet. Looking forward to hearing from people on any questions and challenges.
  17. Hi! well...i was wondering how to create a non-'Type: Hacked Pokemon' pokemon it seems as if everytime i create a pokemon, it says 'hacked'. So i would appreciate knowing what i am doing wrong. =P Thanks! Here's one of my failed pokemon =( *Edit: oh yeah...i'm also wondering how to make a valid munchlax found from a tree... Eevee1.pkm
  18. I've migrated Pokémon from my Ruby, and I ran them through Legality Checker and got this as a result: Type: Unknown GBA Type. Is this legal/legit?
  19. I have a question. When running a .pkm of a migrated Pokémon, what type is it? For example, I run a Pokémon through, it gives me "Normal NDS or GBA".
  20. hi, when i try to load my pokemon platinum save file in my pokesav, a msg pops up saying "wrong file type". i loaded my .SAV file, wut am i doing wrong? ---------- Post added at 06:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:03 PM ---------- bump, anyone help plz
  21. Since people wanted legendarys in my last poll, here is an improvement front my last with more choices. Post why you like them when you have voted. ---------- Post added at 07:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:39 PM ---------- sorry I made two can someone delete one of these
  22. Since people wanted legendarys in my last poll, here is an improvement front my last with more choices. Post why you like them when you have voted.
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