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Found 67 results

  1. To simplify the process of requesting a Wi-Fi Battle and to keep your thread organized, use the form provided below. Copy, paste and fill-in the blanks. You can refer to this post if you are unsure of the differences between a legit, legal and hacked Pokémon. Please be honest with your opponent about the integrity of your Pokémon. Additionally, please add the tag "battling" and set it as the post's prefix. If you are replying to a Wi-Fi Battle request, please use the form above by copying, pasting and filling in your own information.
  2. Does anyone want to battle in B2W2 anymore? Me, @Sabresite, & @evandixon would certainly like to run a WFC server similar to that running on http://pkmnclassic.net/ If anyone is interested in such a server, drop a post here.
  3. I'm looking for somebody to battle with, & I need some experience in online battles first (I've only ever won one online battle so far). Can someone battle me so that way I can get used to online battling? I've got a decent team on me. Please note I'm on Pokémon Omega Ruby so make sure you use a Gen VI game when you go to challenge me...
  4. Somone? 6vs6 lvl 100. -No Ubers. Hax are allowed. But the Pokemon can just have tms and hms they can learn, so no "Pidgey with EQ." My FC:0732 2650 1530
  5. Hey, Im new to the forums, but i want to battle someone. My Pokemon are Tyranitar lvl. 70, Suicune lvl. 70 Scizor lvl. 70, Shiny Gyarados (Traded for it) lvl. 70, Tropius lvl. 70, and Pikachu lvl. 70. My friend code is 4769 2593 4804. Please challenge me.
  6. I'm looking for people willing to do a unique pokemon battle in which your entire team is focused around one type. Ex. Focusing on Fire: Infernape (Fire/Fighting), Charizard (Fire/Flying), Magcargo (Fire/Rock), Camerupt (Fire/Ground), Magmortar (Fire), and Heatran (Fire/Steel) Only rules would be that all Pokemon on your team must have a similar type, and only one legendary Pokemon per team; as well as no cheap Pokemon like Wondertomb (Only looking to have fun; not really competitive) If you are interested, please message me or reply back so we can set this up. When you message, keep your info on your team discreat. We will go into battle completely random, and you must act on your feet. Looking forward to hearing from people on any questions and challenges.
  7. If this isn't the right place, instead of warning me could you tell me the right place? i really can't find it. lol 1934 3717 0875
  8. Anyone want to battle? i want to try out my new pokemon. aim is starcraftkorean THANKS contact me anytime ill give friend code there. and is anyone willing to offer a manaphy for something?
  9. Well, any takers? I originlaly used Platinum for battles, but now I use Soul Silver for that. Just want to inform people. Also, I have a Mono-Type Team and my Regualr Battle Team. You can choose which one you want to battle. You can PM me to battle as well.
  10. Welcome to TERRA#493' Battle Stadium! I'm accepting all challenges usually, because only with practise, one can be get the best. I prefer UU/NU-Battles but OU-Battles are okay too. Please notice that, when you challenge me, Yanmega is OU and Latias is 00ber, which means that you only may use Yanmega in OU-Battles and Latias only in 00ber-Battles. No D/Cs, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Evasion Clause, Item Clause (except Life Orb and Leftovers), No Luck Items (Bright Powder, Quick Claw). etc.. If you are a nice guy, try to use no Weather-Team, because they are all the same, and that's boring. But you can use it, if you demand on one.. If i'm feel like, i'll record my Battle and upload it on YouTube, if you don't agree with that, don't challenge me!
  11. Trainer Card Name: Lucas ID: 40854 FC: 0990 0694 8690 Battle Style OverUsed UnderUsed/BorderLine NeverUsed Clauses Sleep Clause OHKO Clause Evasion Clause Species Clause Challengers Battle Stadium Record Wins: Loses: Just post the style of battle and we will commence our battle. =]
  12. Okay, I'm new to double battling and made a team more of "for the lulz" than one properly made for serious competitive battles. I want to see how well it can actually do. Rules: -Double Battle, four against four. -I don't want my team disclosed while I'm still testing it, so try not to name them by species while discussing it here. - I'm actually lenient on rules. Only thing is that all Pokémon must be able to legally exist in game. So no illegal eggmoves, stats, etc. I don't care too much species or item clauses. No AR codes either. - No ubers, for now. FC: 2793 6437 7301
  13. hi anyone wana single battle on wifi i want a good challenge, fc:0216-6673-6486 i will be waiting for a single battle ---------- Post added at 03:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:14 PM ---------- all most forgot free single battle thats the type of single
  14. Okay, I'm new to this whole thing and I've read a couple of guides and stuff and have made myself a team, but I'm not sure if I've done it right and just need a little feedback. Team: Ninetales - Shuffler Jolly Nature Charcoal 252 Speed/252 Defence/4 HP Will-O-Wisp Roar Flamethrower Toxic Salamence - Physical Sweeper Jolly Nature Life Orb 232 Attack/24 Spec. Attack/252 Speed Dragon Dance Outrage Earthquake Dragon Claw Alakazam - Special Sweeper Timid Nature Synchronize Ability Choice Specs 252 Spec. Attack/4 Spec. Defence/252 Speed Psychic Focus Blast Signal Beam Hidden Power - Fire Vileplume - Sunny Solar Timid Nature Heat Rock 4 HP/252 Spec. Attack/252 Speed Sunny Day Solarbeam Grass Knot Sludge Bomb Magnezone - Shock Dancer Timid Nature Sturdy Ability Damp Rock 4 HP/252 Spec. Attack/252 Speed Rain Dance Thunder Zap Cannon Gyro Ball Slaking - Physical Sweeper 2 Adamant Nature Choice Scarf 252 Attack/120 Defence/136 Speed Earthquake Ice Punch Shadow Claw Thunder Punch
  15. Hey everyone I am stuck in an odd situation and each time I try to battle my friend wirelessly with my shiny hoopa the comm error screen pops up while we are choosing are pokemon. From what I can tell it seems pretty legit to me but I may be overlooking something. I have tried multiple times with many multiple combinations of memories and still I cant get it to work. Anyone have a ekx file that does work? Thanks in advance also here is an example of a hoopa I have attempted to use but like I said I tried several different variants; Moveset: Psyshock Shadowball Hyperspace hole HP Fighting. Met route 2 OR cherish ball modest level met 100 memories : Hoopa met Bicentennial at... a riverside road. Bicentennial threw a Poké Ball at it, and they started to travel together. The Pokémon remembers that it got nervous. Hoopa became Bicentennial’s friend when it arrived via Link Trade at... somewhere. The Pokémon remembers that it had fun. Thanks in advance as I am off to bed and any help will be extremely appreciated !
  16. -Double battle, Double cup. -No legendaries -Dragonite and Tyrainitar are banned. -Legit pokemon no hacked. Basically VGC 09 tournament rules. This is my first NOOBattle so if I missed any thing just tell me. Code:0302-6489-6053
  17. The Title says it all... anyone wants to. Fc in sig........ Good luck :biggrin: Standard Rules (OU, no Ubers) 6v6 Doubles You could hack but with legit stats and moves.
  18. Just looking for some battling. Totally cool with battling anyone and anything (other than MAJORLY Hacked Pokemon, e.g. Wondertomb). My name and FC are in my signature (I prefer Platinum, but will battle with Diamond) . Please add me, and message me back when you can battle. I'm good just about any time. With all that said... BRING ON THE BATTLES!!!
  19. so im looking for a good fight. im thinking a 1 on 1 battle with 6 pokemon each no legends no hacks. my friend code is in the sig:bidoof:
  20. OU Tier Legal Pokemon Only - Pokesavs are fine so long as they aren't illegal. 6 v 6 Please don't run. 1934 - 3717 - 0875
  21. Anyone wanna battle Lvl 100 6v6 All pokemon allowed friend code in the Sig \/:p
  22. Looking for a single battle Name: Mario FC: 2707-7817-6192 any pokemon allowed:bidoof:
  23. We'll exchange friend codes via messaging. Here's my rules: -No Super Legendaries (Like you can have Heatran, but not Palkia; the Battle Frontier rules suffice) -Single Battle -3 Different Pokemon - Legit Pokemon, mine will be level 100 each - Good Luck, you'll need it > ---------- Post added at 01:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:55 PM ---------- I always mix up legit and legal, whichever can be pokesaved but is possible in the game is cool for this battle!
  24. I'd like a battle with anyone. Timezone= GMT-5:00. From today to sunday(my time) I will be on 1-5 and probably more. You are allowed: 1 wondertomb/ sableye with guard any lvl pokemon with any stats any pokemon You cannot: have 2 or more wondertomb or sableye with guard 1 wonder tomb and one sableye with guard use the 'catch any pkmn' cheat to defeat me MY TEAM: Magikarp lv1 porygon z lv 100 arceus(dragon) lv 100 wondertomb lv 100 ho-oh lv100 lugia lv 100 DO NOT underestimate me. FC- 2148 5981 9852 PM me if u want battle.
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